If You Have To Ask For Your Freedoms . . .


STOP ASKING FOR YOUR FREEDOMS . . . If you have to Ask for your Freedoms & Constitutional Rights – You Don’t Have Any!

Dr Fauci Says We Might Be Able to Open Our Sports Again . . . Why Should We Give A Rat’s Ass To What This Little Prick Says? WHO ELECTED HIM TO CLOSE DOWN NORTH AMERICA?

STOP APOLOGIZING . . . to the People whose Income you Pay – Who Supposedly Work for you – Who are Collecting Great Public Sector Salaries, Perks & Expenses, while you’re Wondering where your Next Meal is Going to Come From. And Stop Listening to the “Experts”, because . . . why we’re where we’re at . . . Is Because Of Those FRIGGING Experts.


I Heard Dr Nicole Saphier on Fox News Today (April 18, 2020), when she was Asked about a Report Issued from the Food & Drug Administration Saying – That Food Purchased at Grocery Stores Including their Containers Do Not have to be Wiped Down or Prepared Differently than Before COVID-19, because the Virus Cannot Live on those Surfaces. Read The Up-To-Date FDA Report For Yourself.

When Asked Near the Outbreak of all this Madness, how she (Dr Saphier) Suggests we should Handle Bought Fruit, Vegetables & Packaging – Her Response was a Cheery . . . When my Husband and I come home with the Groceries, we Enter the House through the Garage, we Take-Off all of our Clothing, and WIPE-DOWN all the Packaging and the Food.

Now When Asked About The FDA Report, And If She (Saphier) Still Wipes Everything Down? Her Answer Is NO!

But – Because of Saphier’s Dramatic Initial Answer, MILLIONS of People – Made themselves Crazy Wiping-Down Fruit, Vegetables & Packaging, as if this Whole China Virus Mess Wasn’t Stressful Enough.

Nicole Saphier is a Very Attractive, Well Spoken Woman, with a Tremendous Smile, Media Appeal, Great Persona, and Medical Degrees to Give her Real Credibility. And because of all that Going For Her, She’s Believable. But in Truth, Just Like the Rest of them, Dr Saphier Wants to be a Media Superstar Projecting Knowledge (Opinion) Above & Beyond what she Really Knows.

Saphier Should Either Stick To The Medicine She Knows . . . Or Become A Full-Time Television Host.

Last Night . . . Late Last Night – ‘Cause Who Can Sleep These Days? . . . I Read what was a Fascinating Report Issued by Stanford University, that Said – The Projections are so Wrong about the Lethality of the Virus, that as many as 50-85 Times More People have Been Infected by the China Virus than Previously Thought, which Essentially Means . . . 50-85 Times That Number Of People Will Not Die As A Result Of COVID-19.

And Now I’m Reading . . . that the Projected Death Toll According To Smiley-Face Fauci, who is in my Opinion a Real Piece Of Work, has Fallen from a Worst Case Scenario of 2.2 Million Americans . . . to Perhaps as Few as 60,000, which is Akin to a Common Flu During a Bad Flu Season.

As A Result Of All This INSANE Media Coverage . . . Really Bad Information & What I Perceive To Be Near-Criminal Projections from the Medical People we’re Supposed to Turn to for Guidance, the Government has Stripped From the People their Rights & Liberties. The Government has DESTROYED the Greatest Economy ever Recorded on the Planet . . . And The Government Is Making Criminals Out Of The People Who Finance The People (Government) Who Are Killing All Of Us.

I Went For A Prescheduled Blood Test The Other Day (Nothing To Do With The Virus). So, first I went to the Small Community Hospital where I Live. And outside of some Chronic Patients . . . No One Was There.

I Couldn’t do what I needed done there, so the next day, I went to a Much Larger Regional Hospital (Hawkesbury General Hospital), which Conducts all Manner of Medicine, INCLUDING Tests & Hospitalization for COVID-19 Patients.

Guess What? – There was Staff There. But No Tsunami Of Patients. And because of the Virus, even though the Test Center that Takes Blood Samples – Etc was Open, for some Unexplained Reason, the Test Center was only Taking Samples from Emergency Patients. And my Need for a Blood Test Wasn’t an Emergency. That Said, I didn’t See any Emergency Patients Lined-Up for Testing . . . How Screwed-Up Is That?

In The Meantime – Prime Minster Trudeau Tried To Grant Himself War Measures Powers, which would have Succumbed Canada to Martial Law. Trudeau was Stared-Down by the Opposition, for What it’s Worth, which is not all that much. And now, Trudeau is Introducing Legislation, which will Allow the Government, his Liberal Government, to Decide what is Appropriate Free Speech and what is Not Appropriate Free Speech During this Crisis.

I Wonder If The Government Will Let Me Write This Blog From A Jail Cell?


The Government Is Talking About A Gradual Return To Work . . . Screw The Government, the People Know what to do, WE DON’T NEED BIG BROTHER, just Open the Sluice Gates Back to Work & Get Out of the Way so we Might Win-Back some of What we Lost.

Because we Caved to Tyranny of the Bureaucrats, When we should have Stood our Ground for our Freedoms . . . We The People Participated In Destroying Our Countries.

When This Is  Over – “If” The Government Decides To Hold Future Elections . . . Vote  These Smug Self-Important Bastards-Out!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. WHO first told us the mortality rate was 3.4%; then they revised it down to 2.0% and then to 1.0%. But the Stanford antibody study implies that the 1.0% is overinflated by at at a factor of 10 which means covid-19’s mortality rate is about 0.1% which is seasonal flu territory, confirming what was obvious since the Diamond Princess. We’ve shut down the global economy due to a mild case of the seasonal flu.

  2. “Vote these smug self-important bastards out”, I agree. I will always fight for my GOD given freedoms.

  3. Again, I will reiterate that if only the 80% of sleeping sheeple in Canada, the U.S.A. and all the Western world could and would read your blog, we would not ever have been in this mess in the first place and this coronavirus COVID-19 would have been treated no different than the regular seasonal flu, like you said. Hope what happened in Michigan starts to spread all over because this is what is truly needed, “A REVOLT” and throw all present politicians, top bureaucrats at all levels in jail.

  4. getting a little sick of that idiot gov.of new york every morning on Fox news,change channel immediatly.

  5. When I owned my insurance agency, I jokingly told my staff to call my son’s veterinarian if I should collapse unexpectedly. (Dr. Larson saved that cat’s life WAY too many times!) I had no idea how perceptive I was! Fauci would have told my son that his cat was issued only ONE life instead of NINE and that’s why my son’s cat died in his clinic!! Fauci should have been a “sanitary engineer” rather than a notable physician. Good grief: no wonder we have so much medical malpractice!

  6. Faced with the facts that the west is posting numbers so small that economic shutdown is not feasible but now totally wrong, he wants return to work and a semblance of normalcy SLOWED DOWN. Ontario and Quebec , his power bases, have close to 85% of the cases. If the west moves forward ahead of them, his credibility would be jeopardized. Actually the surprising point of that statement is that he has any credibility at all in Ontario and Quebec.

  7. If people check the web they will find out that was designed by China and the USA labs to do what it is doing! We helped China’s military lab, and they controlled the process, and it was tarted before Obummer and helped a lot by him, the WHOplus anyone else that started to stick there noses into it!

  8. To answer your question. I say yes, but it’ll be hard with out the pen, paper or internet.

  9. Howard, I hear your stress and I’m right there with you. I have a small auto repair shop in CA. USA. I have been on the front of the programs and my bank US Bank, after almost 20 days, has FAILED me 100% to get PPPL funds. I applied for the $10k last month…ZERO. I fear you are slipping from Pro Trump…I feel he was misled and cornered a bit. I think he’s still our man. Take pride in the Canadians pushed one round back on Trudeau! Love ya brother…persevere.

  10. I live in a large coastal county on the Outer Banks. Permanent residency of 66,000. We have 20 cases in the entire county, two deaths the first of which was a woman from Virginia who came to live with her children because she was unable to live alone and take care of herself. The second was a local in his thirties with three comorbid issues before he got the virus. Folks “from off” didn’t understand why the beach communities closed all short term rentals to outsiders. We take care of each other.

  11. “In The Meantime – Prime Minster Trudeau Tried To Grant Himself War Measures Powers, which would have Succumbed Canada to Martial Law” Fortunately, 10 provinces and 3 territories stood up against his evil plans. Premiers are doing a heck of a job given circumstances. We can never say anything like that for Trudeau.

  12. ARE WE FREE OR NOT??? .We need to get back to work , and NOW ……bloody governments bankrupting private business globally , destroying our livelihood with fear mongering, bs…while parasites in government all over Canada, quebec, ottawa get full pay, nice eh???…sick!, sick!! Do not believe anything coming from governments and the MSM, all full of it, every day…they have a vested interest to keep people living in fear, stress, worry, anxiety…control, control…$$$…do not buy into it.

  13. I have heard that every cloud has a silver lining. In these times of government exerting unjust regulation of the citizens, we see those citizens beginning to take to the streets. It is just the beginning and is a huge wake-up call to the politicians. Today it’s groups – tomorrow it’s throngs – it certainly could escalate to those politicians losing their jobs. Hopefully, that will be the case in quite a few cases.

  14. I agree, back to work! .I feel for the people with families and struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on that table! Haven’t heard what other countries are commenting on who is responsible for this madness of Corvid-19? Pray for Trump November!

  15. I wonder how much those 2 “expert docs.” are getting paid? Hmmmmm ….. I betcha’ they could pay every small business’s unpaid “gift” …….. or is it a loan????? Barb

  16. All of us never should have been sequestered. We simply should have lived our lives & worked. Last week I saw a map of the US. I thought it was official & it listed Georgia as having 5, 2++ dead!!! Then 2 days later, I saw the local news & GA was listed as having 525 deaths!!! BIG difference. So, all of this was truly to get Trump to look stupid & tank the economy, so that the Dimwits could win in Nov.! I am praying that it didn’t work & that Trump does win & we move forward.

  17. In Japan only number that counts & tells the story is how many died from anything. In Canada 1470 to date & half of those in Senior Care Homes & little life expectancy left (I’m ~84) with all due respect. 38,000,000 pop & lets say 800 deaths, that’s only 1 in 47,500. Puts thing in perspective & sort of subdues the lethal killer Corona propaganda. This pandemic is no worse than Flu & no reason to lock people up for weeks. It’s a conspiracy folks, time to wake up, get back your freedom and work

  18. Without trying to minimize the VIRUS situation….like everything else, “This too shall pass!” The LEFT & certain individuals don’t really care as to what’s happening to the PEOPLE. Most of them are too BUSY ATTACKING TRUMP! AMEN!

  19. I agree with Pauline D. and Barbara Brooke. we are under ruling from our Governments how does it feel people? I dislike the little Dr. he is close friends with Hillary that should tell us all something. Yes there is a dangerous virus out there but who put it there & why did they ? Why is the News not talking about anything else? Why is this all being pushed down our throats? Did you see the little screen he talked about the Dr. to use under our skin? NO Way . Take care Howard & Anne :))

  20. This editorial sounds like you wrote what I was thinking and saying at every opportunity except perhaps the less gracious words . Needless to say I am in total agreement with everything you said. WE do need to TAKE back our freedom, certainly not Ask for the gov’t to give it back. Is this a GOV’T OF THE PEOPLE or not?

  21. What I have failed to understand right from the beginning was the absence of any believable cause of the outbreak. The governments weren’t called out by the media to even pretend to give an explanation. I found this to be more than strange. Although there were rumours about laboratories being involved rather than just outdoor animal stalls, only recently have the laboratory explanations gained real traction. Still, nobody is being held accountable. If nothing else, we must find out the truth.

  22. WOW, we have rights??? It seems that over the past eighty years or so that I have been aware of politics, our rights have been gradually eroded. Taxation has been the biggest grab of all. We are taxed on our income, then we are taxed or whatever remains when we spend it. If we own our home, Taxes over the years eats up what should have been our equity. The government has the ability to change the rules at any time without our consent.

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