It’s Going To Get Better & Then We’ll Kick-Ass!


How Many Times Have We Heard Cuomo Passionately Declare . . . WE NEED! WE NEED! WE NEED! . . . Where’s The Ventilators – Etc?

Now All Of A Sudden – All Is Good. And New York State No Longer Needs. What Happened – What Did I Miss? How did New York State go from One Day being in a Dire State, to the Next Day – Being Fine With What They Have?


In Canada . . . We Don’t Talk About What We Need, because as Far as I can Discern, Canada has Nothing Anyway – Other than Daily Prepared & Rehearsed Press Releases from Canada’s Prime Minister, whose only Real Job Before Becoming Canada’s Liberal Party Hack & Prime Minister . . . Was As A Part-Time High School Drama Teacher.


So, As I See It . . . According to the LEFT (American & Canadian), who are Beginning to Ramp-Up their Political Propaganda Machine to Levels No One has Ever Seen Before, it is President Trump Who is the Reason for all the Deaths in America as a Result of the Virus, as if it was President Trump who Spread the Virus.

The LEFT Understands . . . That this is Not their Last Best Chance to Make America Into a Socialist State, and a Member in Good Standing of the LEFT’S Dream of a One World Government.

What The LEFT Really Understands . . . Is, that this Isn’t the LEFT’S Last Best Chance . . . THIS IS THE LEFT’S LAST CHANCE . . . PERIOD!

If President Trump Is Not Stopped Now . . . By Hook Or Crook, which Includes Propagating the Most Egregious Lies about the President and the President’s Supporters, and by Using Every Opportunity to Cheat at the Polls, Using Illegal Immigrants to Vote, to Voting Illegally by Means of Mail-In Ballots . . . There’s Nothing Too Low To Which The LEFT Will Not Stoop . . .To Win Power.

The Good News For Conservatives . . . “IF” . . . President Trump Does Win-Back the White House as I am Quite Confident He Will, if the Democrats Can’t Cheat-Him Out-Of-Office. And If the Republicans Hold On-To the Senate, as I also Assume they will by Beating the Same LEFTIST‘S Cheating Parameters.

If The House Can Fall To The Republicans, which I have Every Confidence that it Can & Will, the LEFT will have No Choice but to Kiss their Sorry Collective Socialist Ass-Goodbye.

And When This Happens – As It Will . . . Because, in Spite of all the Decrepit Anti-Trump Media Coverage by the LEFT and the Deep-State-Insiders who have Been Trying Desperately (Thus Far Unsuccessfully) to Bring Down President Trump, His Entire Family, Associates, Friends & Administration – The Real Numbers, Not The Phony Poll Numbers, Are Rushing Towards (In Favor) President Trump Like A Tsunami.

The Left Are So Into Their Own Narcissism . . . That they Actually Think the Caterwauling of Legends-In-Their-Own-Minds like Barbara Streisand, could Move the Needle to the LEFT, when the Likes of Streisand and all the Barbara Streisand-Types, are the Elitists . . . WHICH REGULAR FOLK DISLIKE THE MOST.

Let the Jet-Set Hollywooders, TV Actors, Late Night Talk Show Hosts and the Self-Important Jerks like the Dummies on “The View” – Keep Spreading their Socialist Narcissistic Philosophies to People who are Desperate to Get from One Day to the Next, While The Likes Of “Queen” Streisand Effectively Tells The People To Eat Cake.

THERE IS A SILENT MAJORITY . . . And I Think The Time Is Now That We’re Going To Hear It.

On November 4, 2020 – The Day After Mostly Conservative Republicans Sweep the Congress (House & Senate), will be the Beginning of a New World Order For America, and For any Other Country, which Does Not Want to Get Left Behind – Including My Canada.

THE NEW WORD – IN THE FREE WORLD . . . Will Be “MERITOCRACY”, where you Earn what you Get, whether it be Revenue, Position or Stardom. Where the Earning-Curve will be Based on Value-Based Performance. Where the People Paying all the Freight through Taxes, will No Longer Answer to the Privileged Bureaucracy as if the Bureaucrats, who are Living Grandly on the People’s Money, will No Longer be the Boss of Their Employers (The People).

I Happen To Think . . . If President Trump & His Conservative Congress Win It All On November 3, 2020, the LEFT, but Specifically the Democrats, will Have – No Shortage Of Reason To Fear The Day After, which is Why Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Soros and all their Ilk, Will Do Whatever They Can To Win On November 3, 2020 At All Costs.

And as Much as I’m Convinced that the Democrats will Stop at Nothing, Not Even Short of Insurrection to Unseat President Trump, Don’t Think for a Second that the President and all of his People Aren’t Making as many Provisions as Possible . . . To Meet The Threat & Send The LEFT Packing.

Just like This is the LEFT’S Last Best Chance to do their Billy-Bad-Ass-Routine . . . This is Our Last Best Chance . . . To Make Sure They Don’t.

I Can’t Even Imagine The Volume Of Names On The Trump Comeuppance List.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You must be on some serious hit list for telling the truth, when that is the last thing so many powerful people in this world want to hear

  2. So refreshing !! Your honest talk … your forward thinking is JUST what we need. GO AMERICA!!

  3. I see you included our Canada. Our Canada will not follow the US, as we are already lost to the Socialists. Have you seen how our media has sh— all over Trump for trying to keep 3M masks for US citizens? Trump is not responsible for Mr. Socks incompetence in not having enough supplies for Canada. And Dr. Tam is a complete China stooge. She has been wrong on almost everything she has said. Sad, sad, sad!

  4. As much as I admire everything you say, Howard, I will remain a Thomas until November 4th. I truly hope and desire that what you say comes absolutely “TRUE” but I will not sell the bearskin before I kill it or cross the bridge until I get to it. Never underestimate the “LEFT”, they are the mafia at its worse and I don’t want to wake up with a horse head in my bed. I will continue to be positive with you in my corner, nothing should or will go wrong. GO TRUMP GO !!!!

  5. Beautifully spoken, clear and concise. I’m with you all the way, Howard. My one fear is that the unrelenting, 24/7 media smear campaign, frenzied, vicious , nonstop for the next 8 months, will bear fruit for the treasonous and irredeemably corrupt Demorrhoids.

  6. I am hopeful of a return to whatever normal will be. In all of the increasing hype and hysteria manufactured by the Leftist MSM there is one problem. No one seems to be talking about resumption of business plans? Just throwing money at the loss of business. While the multi nationala get all of the business that small businesses used to provide? NO one is talking about Resimptios of Business plans Incitement is arrestable and prscutable under Emergcy Measure Legislation i

  7. Howard, you are absolutely on the money. When push comes to shove, Americans will stand up for America and I have to believe that Americans, regardless of party preference, are fast growing sick and tired of the desperate antics of the Democraps and their ilk. They will turn to Trump in increasing numbers, because the Left whines, complains and obfuscates, but offers no practical solutions other than surrender of our national individuality.

  8. A man with foresight, forbearance, and a will to live. Thank you. I stand with you and President Trump.

  9. Don’t forget the 16 tons of medical supplies our dear leader sent to China recently. Also the money sent to middle east countries. He wants a seat for Canada on the Security Council of the Useless Nations so badly that he can taste it.

  10. Of the many reasons why I love your column, Howard, I think my favorite is your using the words, “We” and “Our” when referring to the United States. It makes me very proud that you. a Canadian, consider us “Yours”, too. And thank you for continuing to fight for us.

  11. It is vitally important that Trump supporters get out to vote. He will not win if people just assume he’s a shoe-in because the Left is too wacky. Many don’t understand the Left’s wackiness and will blindly vote for them. That is why it is crucial that people make a concerted effort to go out and crush the Left on election day, or it won’t happen.

  12. I agree with you but what Donald trump is trying to do bring the size of government to a sensible size is almost an impossible task. These people are all unionized and carry a lot of weight. They will always be able to stonewall anything that threatens their little empire. I’m with the president all the way. Good luck and God bless. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  13. Howard, you forgot to state that the ONLY thing the Prime Minister of Canada had as a credential was his fathers surname, “Trudeau “. No one on this earth would have voted for him if not for the name.

  14. When Japan attacked the USA, it was proclaimed by Admiral Isoroku Yomamoto “I Fear We Woke A Sleeping Giant”, BUT since then that Sleeping Giant Went Into A Coma. God Willing We Americans That Have The Same Faith, The Same Spirit, The Same “Chytzpah” (Hootzpah) Will Rise Up And VOTE, Vote for a Man Who’s Shown a Heart & Love For His Country and ALL Americans, That Has Not Been Shown In Quite Some Time! TRUMP 2020! SEMPER-FI OooooRah

  15. The Left war machine is active like no other time. My hope is that Our President can win and get the support he needs to right this sinking country. Remember the Right had the House when Our President was elected, and the Rinos did not help him. We have some lousy people that claimed to be Republican also. What our country stands to lose is “EVERYTHING”. So vote, vote, vote and tell everyone you know to vote.

  16. That second term, with no future term available, President Trump will be able to do so many things without worry of recourse. My favorite is that he will take whatever power he has and force Citizenship Cards much like our SSN and Driver’s license. You only get one with PROOF of citizenship and can only vote if you have one. No more driver’s license voters. Even my Mexican National friends vote in our elections and taught at us.

  17. I sure hope your right, Howard. I worry about all the illegal voting that may go on.

  18. What happened in New York? A 75% decrease suddenly? What happened was the US Military Hospital ship arrived & THE TRUTH had to come out! Makes one wonder if #s have been fudged all along – was all hype. I’d read of planned ‘swamp creature’ arrests in US & Europe perhaps before Easter. Any chance Covid-19 was released on purpose to stop or at least delay that happening? I hope it still happens; can’t be soon enough. Wouldn’t be surprised, Especially This Close to Nov Elections–GOP sweep!

  19. FYI—My IP Address was BLOCKED by a FIREWALL when trying to re-access your last Editorial—was able to get out of it.HOLLYWOOD & its actors live in a BUBBLE/DREAM-WORLD! The SATAN GROUP [LEFT] FEARS Trump, but they “ain’t seen nothing yet!” In NOVEMBER, Michael, the Archangel, will OVERCOME Satan! CITIZENSHIP CARDS are definitely needed to LESSEN FRAUD VOTING & people MUST VOTE!Notice that the words, PRAYER & GOD, have become more APPARENT! Having FAITH is also most important! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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