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LET ME WRITE THIS . . . The most Important People to Our Society Today, even More-So than the Healthcare Providers, which is Hard to Believe, are the People who are Manning North America’s Food Supply Chain – From the Producers and the Truckers, to the Clerks at the Grocery Stores.

It Doesn’t Matter To Me – Canadian Or American – Our Enemy Is In Our Capitols.


The Other Day – When Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Decided to Invoke a 50% Increase on the Already Existing Carbon Tax, which Includes a Tax on all Fossil Fuels – from Gasoline, Diesel & Natural Gas, while Canadians are Begging for some Financial Relief, Including the Truck Drivers who are Delivering our Life-Saving Food – I Can’t Find The Proper Word To Describe This Demented Piece-Of-Work, and I Pride myself as to Having the Ability to Express my Thoughts Cogently.

SO WHY DID TRUDEAU . . . Decide to Foist this Insane Cost on the People and what’s Left of our Industries in Canada? In Trudeau’s Words . . . Even Though We Are Living With This Crisis (Corona Virus), We Can’t Forget The Enemy Of Climate Change.

It’s Fascinating – That Trudeau Puts the Phony LEFTIST Propaganda of Climate Change on an Equal Par to a Virus that is Set to Rampage the Country (Canada), which Trudeau Swore as Prime Minister to Protect, while the Rest of the World, Including Europe – is Stepping Further & Further Away from this Man-Made Global Insanity.

And Why Is Trudeau Pushing This Insane Propaganda . . . Because Trudeau Wants His Seat At The United Nations.

To Add Insult To Injury . . . While Canadians, who just a Couple of Weeks Ago were Working & Thriving, Wheeling, Dealing & Dreaming – Many if not Most of these Canadians, Who were Extremely Successful . . . Living in Beautiful Homes, in Beautiful Communities, Traveling, Vacationing, Eating-Out, Going to Movies, Concerts, Sporting Competitions . . . Etc – Besides Being Terrified Of Getting Sick & Dying . . . Are Now Just As Terrified To Imagine How They Will Be Able to Feed Themselves & Family.

And While The Average Canadian Is In Open Panic – Sick with Worry, about Money-Enough to Pay their Housing & Businesses, which No Longer Exist, Trudeau and his Liberal Government, with the Support of Canada’s Socialist NDP (New Democratic Party) Just Gave Themselves A Substantial Hike-In-Pay.

And In Case You Don’t Know . . . Canadian Members Of Parliament Are Paid Similarly To Members Of The US Congress.

The US House Of Representatives . . . also Contemplated Giving themselves a Pay-Hike, Built into the $2-Trillion Dollar Coronavirus Legislation Package, but even the Greedy Democrats & RINOS Knew Better than to Include Such a Distasteful Piece of Pork into the Bill if they ever Wanted to have a Chance of Getting Elected Again .


To The Great Credit Of Canada’s Conservative Party – Most Conservative MP’s (Members Of Parliament) Are Donating Their Pay-Hike . . . In Contributions To Charities.


During The French Revolution (Robespierre’s Reign Of Terror), Tens of Thousands of People were Murdered on the Streets by the Mob, while for the Delight & Morbid Pleasure of the Horde, Somewhere Between 2 – 4 Thousand “Privileged” French Aristocrats, Bureaucrats & Perceived Enemies of the People were Guillotined.

This Is A Message For The People We Elect To Do The Best For Us . . . Not For Themselves.

And Don’t Forget This . . . The Greatest Military Power In The World At The Time (Great Britain), was Defeated by a Start-Up Group of Individual Colonies, which Came to Become the Most Powerful Nation the World has ever Known, because the People of the 13-Colonies had enough with Tyranny & Disdain from their Masters. Today -The Masters Of The People Are In Congress.

The People Are Terrified . . . Terrified People Become Desperate. Desperate People Become Angry . . . And Angry People Are Capable Of Anything.


Here’s a Special Message for Workers . . . at Amazon, Walmart and Other Distribution Centers. I Can’t Begin To Say How Grateful We All Are For You Keeping The Supply Chain Going . . . But – also, Say Thank You for Having a Job when Most Today Don’t. And Don’t Use your Good Fortune in Having a Good Job, with which to Shake-Down your Distribution Center Employer . . . For Danger-Pay.

If It’s Too Dangerous To Be At Work For A Dollar – It’s No Less Too Dangerous To Be At Work For $2-Dollars.

As I Have Said Repeatedly To The Government . . .


Tomorrow – I Will Write Why I Believe The World Is Blessed To Have President Trump.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Am almost at the point that I feel it’s going to turn out that the Covid-19 isn’t any worse than the annual seasonal flu. If that’s true, then we’ll KNOW this was designed to destabilize multiple nations’ economies & for multiple reasons. China’s attempt to benefit? To depopulate? To kill the economic success of Trump? But agree, fix it as quickly as possible & get people back to work; $1200 once is only a portion of what families need to stay afloat & fed for 1 month, much less 2-3 mos.

  2. We run an independent supermarket/hardware for a small, low-income community in the California desert. Our staff have been busting their buns to keep products in the store in the face of the broken supply chain. Additionally, the cashiers and front end people are under human relations pressure as we try to serve our community in specific hours and limit purchases to reasonable quantities so that everyone gets some, especially our locals. They are real heroes!!

  3. Congress should give up there paycheck since they are not in Washington doing the Countries business.

  4. Trudeau is a mentally sick man and needs to go! Nancy Pelosi is right there with him. She wants to eliminate the $10/20 thousand cap (STEM) on property and local income taxes in order to directly benefit the rich. And she has the gall to say President Trump is only helping the rich and not the middle class. This benefits her directly. She is definitely the wicked witch of the west!

  5. You want a fair election next time in Canada? Do like the senate election in the U.S.A. No matter the size of population in every state, they get 2 senators. Re-design our electoral map like this. Each province gets 10 MP’s. Divide each province into equal size no matter how many people in it. When people vote it will be fair and the election won’t be decided only by big cities. 130 MPs in Ottawa is enough. They work 1 week in Ottawa and 1 week in their riding. If the riding is big, subdivide it

  6. I simply can not fathom the stupidity of Trudumb!!! He may want to go to the UN, but in the process, he is literally killing the people in his own country!!! May G-d please intervene with this man’s plan. Finally, the Governors, Mayors, & City Councils are starting to set their own plans to help combat the virus. The President must lead, but the local governments must be the ones in control of each state, county & city, within their state. This is how it is supposed to work, believe it or not.

  7. I’ll simplify it for everyone: Trudeau is a blithering idiot; totally unfit for the office he holds. He does as he’s told to do and shows up at social functions to play with the big kids.

  8. I shopped at Costco yesterday after a 2-week quarantine. The staff were extremely well organized and all the shoppers graciously respected the expedient of social distancing. How many people realize that, as the covid contagion rages, not a single government employee will be fired? On top of that the MPs gave themselves a raise???!!! We the taxpayers are hurting badly while the coddled public service laugh at us. It’s time the Official Opposition grew a pair and did the job they’re paid to do.

  9. If we stay on the current path of shutting down the economy, there will be many more deaths from suicide, alcoholism, drugs, mental health cases, etc. Isolate those who are elderly, those with health issues, and let the rest go back to work, and school. Shut off all air travel from countries with high rates. Maybe a few more deaths than total shutdown that is happening now, but far fewer in the long run, and our economy not destroyed. And stop buying anything made in China.

  10. Well said HG dead on . Gov employees working from home , full pay & benefits , House gets a raise , Goodale the Un-elected MP is back in the Gov ., the rest of us pay additional Carbon tax on heating our homes , and fueling our vehicles for our once a week reprieve from lockdown to shop for overpriced groceries, provided the Gov who put us out work “gives” us some of our tax money back to do so . What a Great opportunity to Fully CONTROL our lives while assuring us it’s for our own good !

  11. Governor HalfWhit in Michigan shut down the whole state where my business is located She’s clueless I’m in Florida now where governor DeSantis is managing the problem and keeping construction moving this state will come roaring back long before Michigan

  12. I salute you as always for what you write. I don’t know if U have Wal Mart in Canada but here in U.S. before this virus hit us a year or more ago they started to raise their prices on everything. A bottle of Coke at the ck. out counter was 89 cents now it is 1.89 cents every thing went up & still goes up, an guess where most their things come from CHINA or Asia countries. So I take my hat off to the workers getting what truckers can get to us for they are with the people day by day. Bless them.

  13. My wife and I went to a small local golf course yesterday. Easy to keep our distance from everyone, made tee time over phone and just waived at the Pro when we showed up. WE then went to lunch, using the drive thru. Young man was so polite, we complimented him on his demeanor. He said, “I am happy to be able to serve in this crazy time.” Some are not handling this situation well and some say it is a Government Hoax. Life is hard and real hard if you are stupid, John Wayne.

  14. Anyone reading survived previous virus attacks, is this the first shutdown? Economy self destructing, time people testing negative went back to work. Isolate the sick, it’s insane to isolate the healthy, let them go to work. $$$ help for the sick only, ramp up mass testing, it works, check South Korea. List all people, trades etc working and ask why you are not working. Trudeau doesn’t care about you, only Roxham Rd., sends planes for Pakistan & Morroco M liberals, not to Florida cruise people

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