I Am Neither Homophobic Nor Anti-Multi-Gender


I Am Fed-Up . . . with the Constant Barrage Against People like Me, who are Under Non-Stop Assault by the LEFT because I Won’t Walk in Lockstep with their Stupid & Culturally Anti-Value System, which for Several Generations, the Multi-Mega-Billion Dollar World of Academia has Foisted Upon Us.


I Was very Much Cognizant of George Orwell’s Classic 1984, even when I was a much Younger Man, Teenager as a Matter of Fact, that Until a Number of Years Ago, I NEVER could have Predicted that Orwell’s Fantasy Novel Could Become a Reality.

Same Is Said About Ayn Rand’s Classic Atlas Shrugged – Where Today, we are all Looking for “John Galt”, who might be Donald Trump, To Save Us From Our Own Making.

At The Risk Of Pissing Off A Whole World Of Sick-Minded LEFTIST Control Freaks.

There Are Two Genders In The WorldMale & Female . . . And if You Happen to Fall in the Category where you Can’t Decide which One of the Two You Are, or which of the Two You Want to Be, TOUGH – Because That’s On You . . . Not On Me.

If Two Members Of The Same Gender . . . Want to Have Sex with Each Other, Be Married Together & Enjoy the Same Legal Marital Privileges of Heterosexuals . . . No Problem. Just Don’t Make a Big Issue About it and No one Else Will Either.

Why Should Gays, Lesbians & Other Non-Heterosexuals . . . Go On Full Display with Ribald “Pride” Parades, which Actually shows very Little Pride in Themselves, While Sucking-In Our Pandering Politicians To Get Into Their Parade?

Should There Be “Straight” Parades To Show Same Gender Values?

And as Far as Bernie Sanders & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are Concerned with their Moniker of “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM” Versus COMMUNISM . . . it has No Less Meaningful Comparison . . . To Being In The-Non Pissing Section Of A Public Swimming Pool.

If You’re A Socialist You’re A Communist . . . Stop Pretending You’re Not!


I Don’t Want To Live In George Orwell’s 1984 Or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

So I Won’t be Quiet. And I Won’t Watch My P’s & Q’s because “Big Brother” is Watching-Me. And if What I Write Offends Someone with Whom I Disagree, Free People Should Stand for Rights, Freedoms & Old-Fashioned Values against the Disagreeable, Let Them Shove-It . . . And Cry-Me-A-River.

In Canada . . . It Has Become Racist To Stand-Up To Natives “Defending” Their Reservation “Turf” by Blocking Rail Lines, Roads & Bridges to Get their Way. Then Call Me Racist When I Disagree . . . Because No Son of a Bitch, whether he or she Claims to be Native or from European/Asian Decent, has the Right to do Damage to this Country for their Own Selfish Economic Socio/Political Benefit.

Canada Has Provincial Police Departments In Ontario & Quebec. We have National Police ((RCMP), Royal Canadian Mounted Police throughout the Rest of Canada . . . And Unlike the United States of America, Canada has No Posse Comitatus Act, which would Forbid Canada’s Military from Taking Action on the Behest of the Federal Government Within Canada . . .

Therefore . . . If The Two Provincial Police Forces and the RCMP Can’t Remove these Despoilers of Canadian Freedom & Commerce – Send in the Troops, and let it REALLY Be Known that Canada is Not a Third World Country to be Held Hostage with the Likes of Natives Acting like Palestinians, who Take their Welfare with One Hand from Canadian Taxpayers, while Destroying the Country that Gives-It to them with the Other-Hand.

Canada Is Either A Nation Of Equal Laws For Everyone . . . Or Canada Is Nothing More Than A National Joke.


Why Isn’t McCabe Behind Bars? Same with Comey, Crooked Hillary and the Host of Others who have Lied to Congress and the Authorities? And why Aren’t the Millionaire Congressmen & Women also Not Behind Bars, who Came to Congress (House & Senate) with very Little to No Money, who Upon Entering The Valhalla Of Politics (Congress) – Have All Of A Sudden Become Millionaires From Their $174,000 Salary – But Cannot Otherwise Manage The People’s Money?


Tomorrow – Monday – February 24, 2020 . . . I Can’t Wait To See The Throngs Of Indians Lining The Motorcade Escort Route Of President Trump – On His Way To Speak To More Than 100,000 Indians In The World’s Largest Stadium In The City Of The Taj Mahal – Ahmedabad.

The Greatest Reason I ROOT-ROOT-ROOT For Trump, is Because President Trump Might Very Well Be the Last Man Standing Between World Freedom & A One World Communist Government – And Like I Wrote In The Preceding . . .

I Don’t Want to Live In Orwell’s 1984 Or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Again I completely agree with your timely comments. I am so tired of the supposed progressives pushing their views down my throat. I wish they would just pack up their tents and go back to where they came from and leave the rest of us alone.

  2. Completely agree with everything you write. You should rant more often. And more people should do the same.

  3. It’s past time for the people to take back their country from an ever-enlarging government who’s more an oligarchy than a government of the people. Whenever Trump’s presidency ends, it is going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to find another strong patriot to follow in his footsteps.

  4. Trudeau said on Friday that he’s had enough of the protestors. Canadian MSM very happy. Justin is one tough dude, eh? Well…it’s Sunday. Nothing’s been done and it’s still the same. Groundhog Day again?

  5. Several points: 1) I agree Trump is darn close to “JohnGalt”,……but I also concur,….That ain’t the solution!!” 2) although a Roman Catholic, I can understand the recalcitrant efforts to “redefine” gender specificity” based on an individual “like” or “desire”,…..but it’s a fact there are only two genders, “MALE”, and “FEMALE” throughout the “animal kingdom”! 3) GET A GRIP PEOPLE!! Stop chasing “psychological” babble, versus “scientific reality” ! Get a grip,…..PLEASE!!!

  6. Progressives? How about friggin’ REGRESSIVES!!! They’re all intolerant, anti-science jerks.

  7. It’s time for the OPP in Ontario to take down the blockades in Belleville Ontario just like Legault did with the blockade in St-Lambert. What is Doug Ford waiting?

  8. Howard well said and totally agree with all of it. Maybe in Canada it has to come down to the military once and for all to concur the natives so it can be over once and for all. Not that I believe there is the political will with the balls in Canada to do this. One law for all people. What is next sharia law?

  9. I once asked why “S” wasn’t included with LGBTQ to make it more inclusive and was informed that straights are anti gay and I was a bigot. Apparently I am also a supremacist because I’m an old white guy. I guess the more officially inclusive society becomes, the more marginalized we are.

  10. I’m by no means a religous man, but I’ve come to the conclusion that had Hilary Clinton become POTUS, the planet would be unrecognizable and irreversibly liberalized by the time her 8 years controling the levers were ended. Donald Trump is not just the Last Man Standing. He is The Messiah.

  11. The gender thing all goes back to the lack of biblical morality. The Torah says that a woman should not wear men’s clothing, that two men shall not know each other nor should either a man or woman practice beastiality. These are absolutes. Hitler and the Commies of the USSR and China both wanted to first erase biblical morality. Once they could do this, there were no more absolutes only 50 shades of gray.

  12. I want to correct Ted Ross comment on your last editorial where he states that natives get $2,680,540,000.00 WELFARE in Canada per year. The natives get up to $12 Billion a year from the federal government which is way more than the $3 Billion stated by Ted. Unless he forgot the 1 before the 2, eh, to err is human, to really fouls things up, you need a computer. Your last 3 editorials are like usual, right on the money and you keep saying out loud what most people think out low.

  13. Excellent comparison to 1984 and Atlas Shrugged. 100% John Galt operated silently behind the scenes, hopefully there is a John Galt waiting in the wings to take over in 2024 when President Trump retires. Trudeau said Canada is a Nation of Laws but he does’t abide by them; he is the joke and others in his Cabinet are like him. President Trump is one tough man with incredible energy, tenacity and stamina who has withstood the slings and arrows of Schiff and his Cohorts. Go Trump, four more years.

  14. Most people do not fall into these asinine categories of “racist, homophobe, etc.” They are just a tool of the Left to label people who disagree with them, and to give the Left a reason for their out if control ire. It also gives them a sort of purpose to fight these (mostly imagined) problems as they are left empty by their valueless lives they have chosen.

  15. Yes, HG, there are only TWO genders in this world = MALE & FEMALE. Agree with Mr. Moffat above—why wasn’t “S” included with LGBTQ = “SLGBTQ” to include the STRAIGHTS? If anything, the logo could have been PLAIN & SIMPLE, such as “SQ” – “S” for STRAIGHT & “Q” for QUEER, which encompasses all the “other letters”! Wouldn’t it have been interesting to see what type of SCUTTLEBUTT those TWO LETTERS would have caused? Also, SOCIALISM/ COMMUNISM would destroy our Country! It’s already begun! AMEN!

  16. The only difference I see between socialism and communism is in socialism you do not have a gun pointed at your head “yet”. Remember that Hitler was a Democrat Socialist.

  17. Great article. I sat next to a Native American Woman yesterday on a flight from SFO to PDX. She was heading to a council to support Native American Rights. She a college Grad, 50 something, and very intelligent. Tiffany made it very clear that the government had stolen almost everything from the Native American and she was helping to fight and get back what is rightfully theirs, by any means possible. Against oil, water control, urban sprawl, and control anything Native. likes Casinos.??

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