70-Years & Still Kicking


When I Turned FIFTY, it seemed to me to be a Really Big Number. I Wasn’t even Sure if I would Make-It-To SIXTY. Then I Turned SIXTY, and figured Maybe it’s Time to Sell the Farm, Sell the Motorcycle, Stop Riding Horses and Pack-It-In with the Hay Making Shtick.

And Now . . . Today – February 12, 2020 – Here I Am At SEVENTY.

We Sold the Farm, Boarded-Out the Horses, I Don’t Make Hay any Longer, We Bought a Few RV’s, Built a Spring/Summer/Autumn Private RV Park for Ourselves on Land we Rent – I Kept The Motorcycle . . . And This Is The Sixth Year We’ve  Spent 6-Months In The Warm Winter Sun In Texas.

And I Get To Write This Blog Almost Every Day With An Occasional Podcast . . . Tell Me If This Isn’t Being Blessed?

This Is A Simple Message For All People Of My New Age & Older . . . We’re as Good as we Think we Are & Want to Be. And in Spite of the Aches, Pains, Arthritic Fits & Starts in the Morning & some Memory Lapses . . . We Have Plenty Of Living Ahead Of Us Until We Believe We Don’t . . . AND WE MATTER.


We Older Folk Have Paid our Dues. We Created what the LEFT wants to Tear Down, and have EARNED our Opinions Far More than the Opinions of the Jerks who think they’re so Much Smarter than Us.

DON’T FORGET . . . It is Us who Have Given To Them. And it is Them Who Want to Take From Us.

So Please Help Me Celebrate My SEVENTIETH Birthday By Feeling As Important As You Should  – No Matter How Much Over The Age Of SIXTY-FIVE You May Be.

Remember – Everything We Built . . . We Don’t Have To Let Them Destroy.


I’m Watching With Confused Interest, how the LEFT are Trying to Pick a Party-Leader from A Gaggle Of Losers, who are Focused on Selling to the People Who & What They Are Not, while Hiding Who & What They Really Are . . . Which Includes those Who’ve Lied, Cheated & Deceived to Get as Far as They’ve Gotten, while all of them (Less The Few Billionaires) have been Feeding Heartily from the Public Trough.

The Most Interesting Of The LEFTIST Mob . . . are the Media, which is 100% Behind any Democrat who Could Best Scum-Out President Trump, by Inventing Untruths & Half Truths about the Man in the White House, who has Actually Made America Great Again In-Spite of all the Obstacles the Insiders Threw President Trump’s Way.

What Is Most Confusing To Me . . . is how the Democrats who are Running for the Leadership of their Party – Have Just One Single Plank In his or her Platform, which is Common to all of them with the Most Important Thing Above all Else . . . “Beating Trump”.

You Would Think . . . that More Important Than just “Beating Trump” Would-Be & Should-Be Making America an even Better Place Tomorrow than it is Today . . . But That’s Not It At All . . . It’s All About “Beating Trump”, and which of the Sad-Sack Democrats has the Best Plan to “Beat Trump”.

For the Few Front Runners with a Vision for America After their Sick Ambition of “Beating Trump” . . . its all About Creating a One World Communist Society, where the Politicians, Bureaucrats, Entertainers, Public Sector Workers, Unions, Ultra Rich & Powerful, will Create their own Shangri-La on the Backs of the Real Working Class, before the Jobs & Opportunities Disappear With The Makers Who Will Much Sooner Rather Than Later Stop Making.

I’m Old Enough to have Seen for Myself what Socialism Brings – AKA Communism, where Societies are Managed from Start to Finish by the Government . . . where the Proletariat is Hoodwinked into Believing that the Government can Cure all Social Ills, when in Fact – The Government Becomes The Major Social Ill That Needs Curing.


It’s Great for the LEFT to Sell the Lie that there will be A Chicken In Every Pot & A Car In Every Garage, that there will be Free Healthcare for all, Because I know Better, Because I Live in a Society (Canada) where Healthcare is Free For All Unless you’re Dying & Willing to Wait Seemingly Forever to See A Doctor at a Hospital Emergency Center . . . But Don’t Hold Your Breath.

Free Education. Free Tuition. Forgiven Student Loans . . . Bull-Shit – Nothing’s Free – Someone’s Always Got To Pay.


Stop Fracking. Kill The Oil & Gas Industry. No More Petroleum-Powered Cars Or Trucks. What about Pleasure Boats? Privately & Corporately Owned Airplanes. Would we still be Allowed to Buy Meat? And Could we Buy Fish from the Ocean? What about Dairy & Cash Crop Products for which the Farmers Need lots of Diesel-Fuel for their Tractors, Discs, Plows, Rollers, Seeders, Cutters, Conditioners, Tedders, Rakes, Balers, Combines, Flatbeds, Hoppers, Dryers . . . And Much More?

All The Left Is Selling Is Lunacy On Steroids . . . Where they have Become so Adept & Compulsive at Lying, that they Lie with Pathological Conviction – Enough-So, as to Convince the Ignorant Public that their Lies Are Truths. Where in Fact, the LEFT & their Complicit Media Allies are Leading the Population Down the Path to Armageddon.

THE NAZIS SAID IT BEST . . . Make The Lie Big Enough – Tell It Often Enough & The Lie Becomes The Truth.

Thank God for Older People, Who Have Seen-It, Lived-It & Know Enough Not to Buy-Into the Lie . . . And To Call It For What It Is.

Age Does Have Its Benefits.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • I still keep saying to my friends “I thought getting older would have taken longer!” I know it’s not an original thought, but, it keeps ringing in my head. Another saying I live my life by, as I am self employed since 1974—“I am the only A-Hole I can work for!!”

    Charles Adamson, Torrance, CA, United States
  • Happy birthday Howard! Thanks for all of your editorials, it’s so nice to read someone who tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words. Please keep it up as long as you are able to. We need you. God bless you and Anne.

    Alondra Labute, London Ontario, ,
  • Once again you are spot on Howard. Katie Simpson CBC, (AKA CNN of the north), is covering the U.S. election. She was responding to questions about how the primaries work but also was asked why she enjoys following politics. Her response was “I don’t know how I first got into it, but there’s something about accountability journalism — I very much believe in that,” she said responding to listener Eddie Bone. This made me laugh as she is FAR from accountable in her journalism.

    Arlene Burch, Haliburton, On,
  • Happy Birthday and enjoy in good health the many years you have left!

    Dave Amsel, St. Laurent, Quebec,
  • Happy Birthday Howard, from the Great White North. I’ve got a decade on you and still going strong. Appreciate so much your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Calvin Bjorgan, Radium Hot Springs BC, ,
  • Here’s to many more. You deserve them. When Nasty B. Lousy tore up the speech she reminded me of the crazy mullahs who shout “Death to America.” This is our last, best chance to send the fascist Demorrhoids packing. I say last because we old guys with common sense are a dying breed. We’re being rapidly replaced by useful idiots who can’t understand how socialism murdered 100 million people less than a century ago.

    Barry Jackson, St Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Hey enviromentalists: Each person breathes out 10 lbs of CO2 per year. For everyone on earth that’s 89 million tons per year. For China alone that’s 20 million tons per year. China could honour the Paris Accord by forbiding, on pain of death, its people from breathing. Good stuff – I think. Anyone else want to make a likewise contribution?

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • Happy Birthday Howard, enjoy your day.

    Bob Daugherty, Stockbridge, Georgia, United States
  • Happy Birthday and may God grant you many, many more! God Bless

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • Happy birthday, young fellow! (Good Lord willing, I will reach 90 next month.). Please keep on doing what you’re doing. We need you, both in Canada and in the USA.

    William J. Laux, Great Falls Montana, ,
  • Happy Birthday Howard, and many more.

    David Eaton, Litchfield Park, Arizona 85340,
  • Have a very Happy Birthday, Howard and wishing you many, many more!

    Jeannine Whatley, Kilgore Texas, ,

    Barbara E. Brooke, Staunton, Virginia,
  • Fortunately if you are married your wife reminds you of birthdays and your limitations , daily . And yes my younger “friends” tell me they are anxiously awaiting “our” generation’s departure : Saner Gov. and of course less costs for medical and “elder” care . I am a very vindictive guy , I hope “they” get everything they wish for and more , they deserve it.

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario, ,
  • Happy Birthday Howard. I just turned 82 a couple of days ago. Still going strong and running my business, so you can go many more good years ahead. We need your great comments every day to keep us going. This coming election is going to be an important one. Go Trump!!

    Arne Hansen, Santa Ynez, California, United States
  • A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Alpha Man! 70 Years young! You are just a puppy! We wish you the BEST! God Blessed us with your gifts! We love you, Boss and Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, CA Good, better, best. Never let it rest.”Til your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome, 347 AD

    Shirlee Sutton, Modesto, Californialifornia, United States
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD, now take the day off and celebrate your youth with Anne. 70 isn’t old, I’ve done most of the things you have, kept horses etc but didn’t do motor bikes seriously, or have an RV. However, at 83 I started Karate last October. If the mind is o.k. and the body is willing, life begins as a senior. I wish you all the best health and happiness today and for many years to come.

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario,
  • Happy Birthday, Howard! Enjoy your 70th Birthday with Anne, Stryker & April! When people have NO GOALS they are UNSUCCESSFUL! The Democrats are a PERFECT example of these words. Won’t it be a THRILL to watch Pres. Trump debate the Democrat candidate in the fall! WOW! Is this “person” ever in for a HUGE SURPRISE! Enough said!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI -,
  • Well said Howard and a very happy birthday! Yours has certainly been a worthy, well lived life.

    Ben Eby, Calgary, AB,
  • Keep up the GOOD work. I also know how time flies by, I worked all my life and paid my dues, and now am retired,and the years go faster each year, so be ready. I just hit 81 on Feb 8 so I know!,We are so Blessed. R.K.Greaser Sarasota FL

    Robert Greaser, Strasburg, Pennsylvania, United States
  • How wonderful for you to celebrate a birthday with Abraham Lincoln! Wishing you the best day and year.

    Patricia Carpin, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA
  • Howard I had a dream about you last night. You threw you name in the hat for the next to run the Conservatives here in Canada You could run your campaign from Texas That would be a hoot, eh? You might even WIN! I’m sure YOU could put Trudeau in his place Then of course I woke up, damn it! Wouldn’t it be Loverly?

    Edward Walker, Oakville Ontario, ,
  • Happy birthday Howard! Have a wonderful year filled with good health and peace.

    Lawrence Kalman, Montreal QC, ,
  • 1st-HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD.Growing up among the Immigrants in the 50’s, there were many things that stood out from them.These two things more; 1st-We’re grateful we’re here, we have the OPPORTUNITY to make something of ourselves and and give our children a BETTER FUTURE to build upon those who forged to make it so! 2nd- I am not an Italian, German, Polish, Hungarian, Jewish, Irish, etc American, I AM AN AMERICAN WHO HAPPENS TO BE FROM the before mentioned! Those were the Immigrants of the 50’s!

    Frank Canzone, Franklin, North Carolina, United States
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOWARD, All the very best to you, and Anne. Thanks for all you do.

    PAUL WILLIAMS, CLEARWATER, Florida, United States
  • Happy birthday ? old man from February 16th. 79.

    Perry E Poling, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
  • Happy 70th birthday Howard. Like fine wine…. Bist hoondret und tsvontsik!!! 🙂

    Perry Birman, Boca Raton, Florida,
  • Happy Birthday. I enjoy you wonderful insights into the BS of government. Keep up the great work. Charles Williams. Seadrift TX.

    Charles Williams, Seadrift, Texas,
  • First … Happy Birthday! Secondly….I now look at this period in my life (because of your editorial) and what it’s meant much differently. I just realized my FIGHT for this great nation is much bigger than my age!! Thank you!!!!!

    Sharon Stathopoulos, Blue Springs, Missouri, USA
  • Happy Birthday Howard, I will be joining you in our 70th year in October. We have lived through the Best of times and share the same outlook on life:)

    Nick Zaferis GDC1, Montreal, Quebec,
  • Looks like you’re not the only old coot on this site including me at 75 but I think I still look 30

    David Cameron, Lyndhurst, Ontario, Canada
  • Wished you an early Happy Birthday before; now I get to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY on The Day!! God grant a good day & many more in your future. Hope your day includes a really special meal and glass of fine wine, and a sweet kiss from Anne, a loving nudge from Stryker, and April in your lap as you snooze later. It’s your day and everyone in your life it to be special, including your readers. I’ll be 78 @ 3 weeks; seems most of your readers are 70+ (last common sense generation, right?).

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA,
  • Happy birthday and may you have many more spent here in Texas. Question, If Bloomberg wants to cut down on murders, why is he not going after the manufactures of knives? More murders are done with knives according to the Federal Gov. than with guns. He simply does not want us to be able to defend ourselves from the government. The man has no knowledge of why the founders put the right to own guns in the Constitution. And this is being reported in the news. Blame teachers for the switch to social

    Charles E Matheson, Sr, Elgin, Texas, USA
  • Have a great day Howard and many more to a great man. I am 75. Learned years ago in working with seniors that “it is an attitude “.

    Bill Chandler, Cornelia, Georgia, United States
  • Happy birthday and have a great and hopefully restful day!

    William & Vickie McCoy, Leander, Texas,
  • Have a good time on your birthday. I believe birthdays provide us with a great reason to be happy! I try to do something everyday that is fun! Plant flowers, read a good book, call a friend, work on a project. 73 with diabetes, asthma, kidney disease, neuropathy, arthritis, osteoporosis, two herniated discs from a fall in ice & snow, scoliosis and stenosis of the back…still happy and feel like I can make it to 100. Positive thoughts and active mind and appreciation for all that I do have

    Judith Kay Ash, PRESCOTT VALLEY AZ, Arizona, United State
  • Happy, happy birthday and do what you love! I cannot put into words adequately how much you are appreciated. G-d bless you! Hope

    Hope Wozniak, Cleves, OH,
  • What!! The big 70! You are catching up to me 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAVE MANY MORE. Yes you are correct socialism is a grievous threat to our freedom. Sadly , to many of the younger generation do not see the threat.

    George Smith, Liberty Hill, Texas, United States
  • As usual, your editorial is right on! We have lived our lives, most of the young people will say, so leave things to us! Can you imagine what our world would be without us with some experience. I am 84 and still loving life and keeping busy, I have always said I would live to be at least 90! Have a Wonderful birthday and be well, be safe and enjoy life!

    Jo Doherty, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  • I just turned 59 and you give me hope for the future! Happy Birthday!

    Mary Johnson, West Plains MO, ,
  • Wishing you a most Happy Birthday. It sounds as if you have the greatest support system with Anne, Stryker and April. They are the ones that count. Keep doing the things you love and the things you love will keep you doing! ITo coin a phrase from Clint Eastwood: your comments “Make my day”!

    Beverly Coleman, Wilmette, Illinois, United States
  • Happy 70th birthday, Howard Here’s to many more filled with good wishes and good health

    Marlene leavey, London, Ontario, Canada
  • I join the many other followers in wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Keep up the good work. We support you best we can.

    June Harding, Williamsburg VA, ,
  • Happy Birthday Howard !!! Many more to come.

    Lee R. Hodges, Largo, Florida, United States
  • Bonne fête Howard!

    Yan Provencher, Drummondville, Québec,
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY…. Hope you had a wonderful day….

    Bud Liggenstoffer, Kiowa, Kansas, USA
  • Happy birthday and may you live another decade. We need your hope filled, common sense voice of reason. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us. God bless you & Anne.

    Cynthia Yarbrough, Little Elm, Texas, United States
  • Happy Birthday, Howard. May you have many more. 70 is not too bad, especially, if you have kept your body in good health, making yourself physically fit & have your brain fully working. With all of that, you will be happy at 70 & more years ahead. My family have been well-known Conservatives & supported the Republican Pary for generations. The only Dimwit I ever supported was JFK. If I was able to vote in 1960, I would have voted for him. Otherwise, I have always voted for a Republican President

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, Georgia, United States
  • Happy Birthday from a 87 year old! Madelene Gilligan

    Madelene J Gilligan, Plantagenet ON, ,
  • We wish you the Happiest of all Birthdays, Howard! We pray you continue to be blessed with health and wisdom to continue all you do. Ray, Judy, Pat, and I really enjoyed meeting and visiting with you, Anne, and Stryker.

    James Richard, Bastrop, TX, USA

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