How I Disdain Thee . . . Let Me Count The Ways


I Wanted To Write Yesterday . . . But Decided Rather To Watch The Impeachment Trial In The Senate.

At One Point, I Became so Disgusted with the Regurgitation of the Democrat Talking Points, which the Democrats Repeated Over and over Again, as if the Same Garbage they were Spewing would somehow become Relevant, Substantive or even True, that I used the Mute Button Every Time a Democrat Took to the Microphone.


The Greatest Show On Earth was Not the Creation of The Ringling Brothers’ – Barnum & Bailey Circus. Nor were Grimm’s Fairy Tales the Greatest Fairy Tales Ever Told.

No Sirree . . . The Greatest Show On Earth and the Greatest Fairy Tales Ever Told . . . are What’s Happening Right Here & Now, before our Eyes & Ears in the US Senate as Democrat Politicians Perform Fictional Academy Award Quality Performances for the Cameras & Microphones . . . Of The World.

I Place A Special Emphasis On The Words . . . OF THE WORLD – Because the Whole World is Watching this Travesty being Perpetrated upon the US Constitution in Full View of a Mostly Ignorant World, Run by People who would Love Nothing More than to See America Take a Real Kicking . . . which they Don’t have to Administer.

If You Believe for a Second, that even Canadian . . . or European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Chinese or Russian Media are any More Honest then American Media . . . Than you also Probably Believe that the WWF & Santa Clause are Real Too.

What’s Happening In The US Senate . . . is Not Lost on the Medias of the World, Nor the Politicians of the World who are Relishing the Vicious Attacks being Made on the SOLE MAN (President Trump) who has Made America Great Again – who is Endeavoring Non-Stop to KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

What The Democrats Are Doing . . . Is Nothing Short Of Treason.


If President Trump Did what the Democrats are Accusing President Trump of Having Done with his Relationship Between Ukraine and the Biden’s . . . SO WHAT?

BIG FRIGGING DEAL . . . If the Bidens were using Vice President Biden’s Elected Position to Get Rich . . . Don’t you think that Would be Something Worth Knowing?

And the Fact that Joe Biden Wants to be the Man in the White House, who has Already Become Rich, only because of his Past Entitled Positions . . . who, if he Became President of the United States of America, would have his Pen on the Check-Book of the United States of America . . . Shouldn’t That Be Of Some Real Concern?

As President Trump is Negotiating Major Trade Deals with Canada, Mexico, China, South Korea, Japan, the European Union – Etc . . . The Democrats are Doing Everything they Possibly Can to Diminish the Man, who the Rest of the World Already Loves to Hate.

As President Trump Is Dealing With Real Existential Enemies . . . the Likes of North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Islamists, Hezbollah, Hamas and a Host of other Global Bad Actors – The Democrats are Besmirching & Weakening the President of the United States of America, Not Because of anything President Trump Did, but Rather, because President Trump will Be Re-Elected on November 3, 2020, as President Trump will Carry a Conservative Senate & House to Victory.

In The Meantime . . . Without the Endorsement of President Trump, Brexit would have Never Happened. And without President Trump Promising British Prime Minister Boris Johnson the Best Trade Deal England will have Ever Received once they Leave the LEFTIST Globalist One World European Union Government, Great Britain Would Be at the Mercy of the European Union Parasites.

In Addition to the High Crimes & Misdemeanors Carried Out Against Donald Trump and President Donald Trump, by the Deep-State . . . Justice Department, FBI, CIA and only God Knows who Else, under the Jurisdiction of the President Obama Administration, which I believe will Lead Directly to Barack Hussein Obama and all of Obama’s Affiliates.


So . . . When I Write That The Democrats . . . All Of Them – If they Go Along with this Treasonous Impeachment Travesty – Are Traitors . . . I Don’t Say It Lightly, because, from Even Before Donald Trump Took his Oath of Office – The Long Knives Were Out To Get The President.

And Within Hours . . . of the Democrats being Sworn-In to the House Democrat Majority on January 3, 2018, Rashida Tlaib of Detroit Spoke for Most if Not All Democrats, when Tlaib’s Opening Comment was . . . “We’re Going To Impeach The Mother-Fucker”.

How Badly Are These Ingrates & The Impeachment Harming President Donald Trump?

On January 28, 2020 . . . President Trump Will Hold A Rally In Wildwood New Jersey (A Democrat Held State), which is More Than a Week Away, yet there are Reportedly More than 100,000-People who have Asked for Tickets.

While The Democrats Work Overtime To Disrupt America . . . The American People are working Overtime to Rally with their President.

Nothing More Needs Be Said Or Written . . . The Democrats Will Speak – The People Will Vote.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It’s easy to become wealthy as a Congressperson or a Senator!! “Here’s a little birthday present for your son/daughter”, or “My friend works for that bank and they have assured me “You Got the mortgage at 6 points less than prime!” Am I a cynic, or a realist? Your call folks ABSOLUTE TERM LIMITS, that are realistic and reasonable ones Limits! If it takes 6-8 years to learn the system, Then CHANGE THE SYSTEM!! It’ TOO damn complicated!!

  2. Nancy Pelosi deserves the Oscar for Best Actress of the year. Schiff and Nadler should share Best Actor. They and the rest of the Demorrhoid elites are traitors and deserve punishment far worse than impeachment.

  3. What did we see on TV recently that brought back a vivid memory of a scene from the Peters Sellers movie “The Mouse that Roared”? Although the movie was released in 1959, the recent picture of the House Managers in solemn procession to the Senate to present Articles of Impeachment reminded me of the marching militants led by Sellers to demand a declaration of war against the USA, with a subsequent surrender and hope for foreign aid. Is the ongoing impeachment drama in DC becoming another satire?

  4. President Truman, when asked how someone could become rich while in Congress said, “The only way to become rich while in Congress is to a crook.” That’s how they do it.

  5. Besides term limits, I feel lobbying should be done away with–make illegal. Let bills stand on their own merit and not be influenced (w/$$) by lobbyists. It is businesses/corps who have the big bucks to throw around in Congress via lobbyists who benefit from getting their desired bills passed. That and investments by members of Congress due to upcoming bills they know will pass is how they become millionaires. Maybe that’s one reason so many reputable Repubs are quitting now.

  6. What the democrats, media and the deep state characters are doing is simply TREASON. Pure and simple by definition. In times of war these guys and gals would be executed. We are at war as so sayeth and so declared by Iran and by the activities of Russia, China, North Korea and ilk – I think.

  7. While all this nonsense is going on, our President is busy Making America Rich Again! He is ALWAYS working for the good of America and the American people. Tell me again why I would ever trust another democrat in anything?

  8. WOW & another double WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those who have made a money earning life, living by being a Politician … Are not the worthiest in their elected position! They are the worse of the worse, even worse than Lobbyists. They have spent our money on their position on issues, many, many times not even considering their constituents. Most of them are simply selfish, narcissistic bottom dwellers in the sea of life.

  9. Notwithstanding ( love that Canadian constitution word) to find ‘dirt’ on th Bidens that would benefit President Trump, wouldn’t it behove a President to investigate serious allegations about corruption, n misdemeanours of last Vice President under Obama. Noting particularly this same ex-Vice President is running for the democrat Presidential nomination. This being said, there was no Quid pro Quo, misdemeanour, bribery or high crimes committed by President Trump. And I’m no lawyer to see that.

  10. You’re right Howard, Democrat Congressmen in this bogus impeachment inquisition remind me of your average Anti-Israel anti-Semitic pro-Islamic day; with the world’s invertebrates festering at the UN and within its rotating Security Council. Obviously Democrats AREN’T better than that.

  11. Howard, it is a disgusting waste of Taxpayers funds, and revenge motivated servade to try to influence the 2020 Election . The leaders are forever Politico’s out for their own economic gains and power.

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