Despising The Government(s) Makes Good Sense


I Don’t care if you’re A Canadian or American . . . and Outside of Israel, I Really couldn’t give a Damn what country you’re from, because as far as I’m concerned, None of them are worth a Hill of Beans to the Life of Me, my Family or Friends.

In All Reality . . . Countries in Asia & Africa Are Far Removed From Me . . . & European Socialism Is An Assault On My Freedoms.


In Less Than 2-Months, Canada is going to the Polls to Vote for a New Ruling Government, which could see the Return of the Canadian Liberals, led by the Worst, Inept & Most Incompetent Leader (Justin Trudeau), which has ever Disgraced Canada’s Parliament Hill.

While Canadians Languish in Debt & Uncertainty, Trudeau is Doing all he Can with Canadian Taxpayer Dollars to Buy Love, wherever Trudeau Can from around the World, as Trudeau Champions the Greatest HOAX the World has ever Known . . . AKA – Climate Change.

The Single Greatest Tragedy To All Of This . . . Is That Trudeau Might Get Re-Elected.

IN ALL OF CANADA . . . You would Imagine, that out of some 35-Million People, Canadians could find just one Decent Man or Woman, who could Lead this Country out of this LEFTIST Liberal Disaster. BUT NO. Instead of Finding a Real Leader Amongst Conservatives, the So-Called Conservative Party of Canada, chose a MILK-TOAST in Andrew Scheer, who I will Vote for Anyway, Only Because Scheer Is Not Justin Trudeau.

Besides – In Canada, We Vote Party Not Leader. The Leader Is Voted-In By The Party.


I’m Watching the Democrat Wannabes Vying for the Leadership of their Party, which Resembles a Skit from Monte Python’s Flying Circus, as the Likes of Kamala Harris, who seems to have Screwed her Way to Fame, Fortune & Politics, Struts the Campaign Stages looking to Say whatever she Thinks anyone with a Pulse wants to Hear.

Then there’s Joe Biden, who can’t Remember what State he’s in, or what Happened or didn’t Happen when he was Vice President, whose Opinions & Policies Wave like a Flag in all Directions, as if Biden is Constantly Caught in a Tornado.

We Can Easily Forget Bernie Sanders, because, even American Left-Leaning Voters aren’t that Stupid to Elect the Communist, who, whether he likes to Admit it or Not, is Jewish, who was Too Disruptive & Lazy, who got Kicked-out of an Israeli Kibbutz, when Israel Needed As Many Hands-On-Deck in the Early Years of the Rebirth of Israel, as Israel could Get. That Says Something.

And Now . . . Amongst many of Bernie’s Promises, is Bernie’s Promise to Send the US Embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem, Renege on Recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli Territory, and have the USA, once again Become the Palestinians’ Sugar Daddy. And that’s the Least of what Sanders would do if he were to Win the White House.

THEN THERE’S ELIZABETH WARREN (AKA – POCAHONTAS) . . . Unless an Outsider with a Brain, some Charisma and a Proven Track Record Steps-In, Warren will most Likely be the Democrat Primary Nominee.

Imagine This . . . Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren, who Lied about her Ethnicity to Gain Access, Privilege & Special Rates to Universities, Jobs & Politics . . . who Never had a REAL Job, Never Built Anything, Never had to Worry about Competitive Quotes, Receivables, Payables, Quality . . . & Never had to Deal with a Payroll where Warren was Responsible for Signing the Checks, since to the Best of my Knowledge, Warren Spent her Entire life Receiving Checks from the Public.

AND SHE HAS A PLAN . . . But not just One Plan, Pocahontas is Deluged with Plans about Everything Warren Knows About, which is Good for America and the World.

For a Woman who has Never Run a Business, her Own Business or someone else’s, she somehow Knows how to Negotiate with some of the Toughest Business Leaders on the Planet.

For a Woman who Never Planned a Business Budget, Elizabeth Warren will Control the Budget of the World’s Single Largest Budget & Business on the Planet.

SO – WHAT DOES ELIZABETH WARREN KNOW . . . If Lying about Who you are and what you Really Know, is a Criteria for Running a Country, Especially a Country the Size & Scope of the United States of America – Pocahontas Is Perfect.

Elizabeth Warren . . . Also Knows Everything one must Know about Climate Change. Warren Knows that Working Americans have to Turn-Over their Hard-Earned Money to Her, because Pocahontas Knows much Better, than the People do, who Pay her Salary, and How to Spend the Money these People Earn.

Pocahontas . . . Also Knows that Everything should be Free – Including College Tuition, Student (Loans) Debts & Healthcare. And that America’s Borders should be Wide Open to all who Wish to Enter the USA . . . Qualifications Be Damned.

And Those Are Just A Few Of Warren’s Munificent Plans – ‘Cause Pocahontas Has Plans.


It’s Honestly Hard to Know, which of these Groups are the Most, or Perhaps the Least Detestable, since I wouldn’t Trust, Virtually any of them to Clean-Up after my Animals’ Poop. And they all Think they’re Qualified to be the Leader of the Free Word.

What’s Truly Frightening . . . Is That So Many Others Do As Well.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Political life in Canada is NOT better than in the USA. It’s of zero consequence re any affairs. No country in the world , including i.e. Uganda wants their country to be like Canada (a refrain to music). There , at least in the USA , is a fight for the morality of their Constitution. Thanks to Trudeau(s) we have NO constitution or perhaps an oxymoron to be politically polite. Actually I don’t want Canada to be like Canada – Chocolate pudding with lumps. I think.

  2. Gloomy for Canada (my sympathies) but best news I have heard for USA!! Can’t wait for debate between Warren and Pres Trump!!! I think the dems know they have already lost so they have a mouth piece saying what left dems want to to hear so 2024 still has an idiot base. I would bet even some gov’t dems vote P.Trump when the curtain is pulled. I don’t believe the left paid news on dem support, even some south FL Jews smarting up ! Shaping up landslide. Hillary jailed and a wall would seal it.

  3. Like you, Howard, I will vote for Andrew Scheer… only because there is NOBODY ELSE to vote for… AND Scheer is NOT Justin Trudeau. I still do NOT understand our Canadian Constitution which includes a NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE. Any Province can DISALLOW a person’s Rights + Freedoms so long as the Province uses this NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE. Good luck to Anglos and Minorities (ie: Muslims + Jews, etc…) living in the Province of Quebec (including Montreal). You’ll need it !!! :>( Brucester

  4. It is a sad situation I find myself in … after many elections at all levels of government … the single question I ask myself to determine where my “X” is made … is what person do I believe will do the least amount of damage …

  5. You say America is worse. Maybe our democrat party is worse as it is made of idiots, but America is not worse. We have Trump for as long as we choose to keep him or term limits eliminate him. Maybe by then we can find some similar. The way you describe Canada you don’t seem to have anything like Trump. We just have to Keep him!

  6. Is the Canadian gene pool in Canada so small that Canada cannot find a Prime Minister from outside of Quebec?

  7. ROFLMAO!!! Sorry Howard but the way you expessed yourself today, just had me laughing out loud! It was either laugh or go into a deep depression. Both Canada & the US are in major trouble with our up coming elections. I pray Trump wins with a Conservative Congress & I do mean REAL Conservative Congress, not just a bunch of RINOs!!! Otherwise, the US is truly dead! The political scene HAS to change for both Canada & the US for the FREEDOM of the world to continue. Great editorial today.

  8. An Albertan said today that he hopes voters east of Manitoba elect 100% Liberal MPs on October 19. Westerners would probably opt to separate during the ensuing Trudeau shakedown. That way, he said, the West would have a say in how it gets screwed .

  9. There is no allegiance on part of gov’t employees to the office of the President of the US. Bureaucrats within each Dept now run things & that’s where their allegiance lies. They don’t feel answerable to Dept Head much less the Pres. These are the swamp & they are still alive & well. No wonder Dept head picks by Trump aren’t staying long; they find they “can’t beat city hall” as saying goes. Since they’re career employees, it’s virtually impossible to get rid of them. Their agenda is obvious.

  10. Howard, I sincerely believe our upcoming election will result in a few surprises: i.e all three (Libs – Cons and NDP) will lose support. The Green party will increase support but the People’s Party of Canada (PCP) will be the major benefactor AND CARRY THE BALANCE OF POWER. PCP leader Maxime Bernier has shown his leadership qualities by having Party Representative elected in each of the 330 ridings in Canada, while the Liberals have not completed such a task with only weeks before the election

  11. I will be supporting Conservative/Andrew Scheer in faith, principle and fairness. In faith that he will do his best for all “CANADIANS” , and not cherry-pik one province against another. And where is it written that all PM’ s must come from Quebec? In fairness what’s wrong with having a leader/Prime Minister from the West? Aren’t we a French/English Country??? Florence Dickinson,West Vancouver , British Columbia

  12. I’m with Max. He’s the one one who has a platform and talks about it, not afraid of the media. No matter, he’s the only one I can vote for.

  13. Both America & Canada have ongoing serious issues; however, Canada is much worse because it doesn’t have TRUMP as its leader! CONSERVATIVES MUST win back CONGRESS and maintain SENATE control. Trump won the presidency, due to his promise of building THE WALL and controlling ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Although SLOWLY and WITHOUT much cooperation, he is doing VERY WELL at trying to accomplish this ARDUOUS TASK. PRAY for Pres. Trump’s SUCCESS in defeating the RADICAL LEFT in 2020! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  14. What I don’t understand here in Canada is when there is 2 wanna be Conservative parties, there is a split in the voting assuring it seems a return of the fiberals to power but right now we have 3 hard-left parties to the extreme left, so why aren’t we talking about a voters split there also? The way I see it, we are looking at a minority government which means back to an election within 18 months or less from which party still to be determined.

  15. I’m with the PPC camp as well. It is the only party that will truly represent the people and not special interest groups, organizations etc. Step out of the UN would be nice and stopping corporate welfare. Overhaul of our immigration policies and law etc. Putting Canada and its people first and only help other countries that experience disaster but not socially or politically. PPC is the only party to accomplish these.

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