“What A Tangled Web We Weave . . . As We Practice To Deceive”


Before Getting Into The Following Editorial . . . All News Pundits – Associated with Major Purveyors of the Media, have a Slew of Fact-Checkers, Editors, Headline Writers & Such, to Supposedly Guarantee Quality & Accuracy – I DON’T.

Instead . . . I Have Anne, who is very Bright, Educated & Well Read – Who Reads each Editorial I Produce Before it is Sent-Out. And Never Once, has Anne Read one of my Editorials without Finding an Error in Grammar, Punctuation and/or Spelling.

HOWEVER . . . That Said – I have Thousands of Editors & Fact Checkers Besides Anne, for which I am Extremely Grateful.

No Matter How Hard I Try To Get It Right . . . Mistakes do Happen. And Even Anne Slips-Up Now & Then. But The Readers Of Galganov.com Don’t.

In the Last Editorial, I got the Date Wrong (The Year Actually), of when the British & French Evacuated from the French Beach of Dunkirk at the Beginning of WWII.

I Wrote 1939. I got the Month and the Days Right . . . but the Year was 1940, as Two of the Readers of Galganov.com let me know in the Comment Section. It was a Mistake, an Honest-To-Goodness no Mal-Intent Meant Mistake – We All Make Them, for which I Apologize.

If I Want To Be Believed 100% Of The Time . . . Then I Have To Be Right 100% Of The Time. I Don’t Have the Right to Make Mistakes such as Dates & Places, even in Honest Error.

So Thank You For Making Me Appear . . . To Be Better Than I Really Am.

Speaking Of Mistakes In Time, Dates & Facts . . . One of the News People on Fox News Kept Referring to Canada’s Forthcoming Federal Election Date as this November. The Date is OCTOBER 21, 2019 . . . And this Fox Newsman has a Bevy of Fact Checkers.

ALSO . . . I’m thinking that the New Galganov.com Podcast is a Success. We still have a lot of Work to do to Make it Better – But We are Really Doing Our Best.

I Always Take Your Comments, Criticisms & Suggestions Seriously.

I’ve Been Considering Speaking About Personal Experiences on the Galganov.com Podcast . . . Mixed-In with Real Current Social & Political Issues. Hopefully that will be of Interest & Benefit to the Listeners. And if you have any Reasonable Requests, Ideas or Suggestions for the Usage & Appearance of the Podcasts, Please let me know by Email or Comment.

THE TITLE . . . “Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave . . . As We Practice To Deceive” (By Walter Scott), is as Appropriate Today, and Perhaps Even More-So, than it was when it was First Written in 1808, in Walter Scott’s Poem – “Marmion”.


What Makes The Title of “Marmion” More Appropriate Today, is by Today’s Means, that we all have at our Disposal, of Disseminating Information On A Global Scale – Especially the Big, So-Called “Reputable” News Media & Social Media Networks (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter – Etc), to Misinform Unintentionally, Intentionally, and by Grand Design as Government Propaganda.

What Is Most Terrifying In All Of This . . . Is that Our Educators, from Pre-Kindergarten to Post University, have DUMBED-DOWN the Current Generations, to the Point that Far Too Many of our Children & Young People (Millennials), Certainly in North America, are Absolutely Ignorant of History, Economics & the Real Dog-Eat-Dog World, where there are No Safe-Spaces & where Freedom Of Expression isn’t Contingent on Who Has The Right To Speak.

Our Young People Think They’re Special . . . I’ve got news for them. No One’s Special. They also Believe they’re Entitled. They’re Not. No One Is Entitled. And in the Real World, People “Might” get what they Actually Work For, with a Heavy Emphasis on the Word “Might”. Nothing Is Guaranteed.

There Are Three Certainties In Life – Birth, Death & the Struggles In Between . . . All of Which are Lost on Most of our Youth, because they were Taught (Trained) By People Who Never Left School.


Make No Mistake About It . . . By & Large – Teachers Are Entitled Socialists.

Imagine This . . . Your Children Are Being Taught By Adults, Who Never Left School. Who Have No Life Experiences in the Real World. Who in Far too Many Cases Never Had (Have) to Worry about a Salary, a Job, a Promotion or a Full Pension Paid by the Public, which in many ways are More Generous than what the Working People Earn, and Can Hope to look Forward to in their Working Salaries, who Pay for these Pensions.


Since Our Children Are So Poorly Educated . . . They Don’t know or Can’t know the Difference Between the Truth & Hype; and are Heavily Inclined to Buy Into the World of Propaganda, Myths, Slanted Truths, Conspiracy Theories, Exaggerations, & Outright Lies.

Hence . . . The “Tangled Web We Weave . . . As We Practice To Deceive”, has Come Into the 21st Century through our Education System, to Sufficiently Dumb-Down our People, Enough-So, as to Weaken our Respective Countries to Inside & Outside Threats.

I Apologize When I Don’t Get It Right 100% Of The Time . . . The LEFT Apologizes When They Do.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The answer is very simple PRIVATE, or PAROCHIAL schools where the PARENTS can. Have a Real voice in things, NOT the literal School Unions and Teachers!!

  2. Sam and I didn’t have kids – we found out he brain cancer, then ran out of time. I look back and wish I had kids, but when I think of the world stage and what is happening with the push for “a one-world government,” I’m glad we didn’t. However, that is the easy way out. If we don’t have kids and pass on the morality, right-from-wrong, respect, etc. who will be left to run the country and the world? Patriotism starts at home. We need more kids being raised to know/respect the Constitution.

  3. Your comments on mistakes reminds me of something – the difference between mistakes and bad judgement. We all make mistakes and do our best to not repeat them. A friend of mine once said, “There is no such thing as an isolated case of bad judgment!” Those with bad judgment will continue the unrestrained exercise there of. And know that we all appreciate your constant due diligence in the search for accuracy and truth.

  4. Howard, I may be mistaken,but I don’t think it’s the teachers,I think it’s the UNIONS that are destroying America ALL UNIONS.keep the most uneducated so they keep getting their FREE stuff.

  5. Something for you to comment on in the future. Another example of “dumbing down”: in Canada, our Environment and Climate Change Minister Katherine McKenna, recently stated that Canada has a “climate emergency”. Wayne Stetski, MP for Kootenay Columbia BC, just sent out a flier asking for suggestions to combat Canada’s Climate Emergency. This is simply a scare tactic, as there is not a shred of evidence to support this statement. They should both be sued by the Canadian taxpayers for fraud!

  6. You’re right. Higher Ed “teachers” are proud life long students who don’t want to leave the sanctuary of the classroom, where conjecture & supposition become gospel to children who don’t have any concept of an ordered creation, beginning with a disciplined family who has a Godly husband/father as the head. (Sorry for sentence length.) I only speak of what I know. Yay for homeschoolers!

  7. You are correct. Many of my friends and relatives have taken to Home Schooling for this reason. They want their children, grand children & great grand children to KNOW REAL History, Facts & Truth. They also want them better prepared for ‘Society’ so they can make GOOD DECISIONS. They want them in an environment where there is RESPECT, Morals, Manners and Interaction. My Grand Son was home schooled & just graduated college. By Jove it WORKS!

  8. A knowledgeable, and, hey, an experienced high level official at NASA (good old days), nevertheless with a modicum of frustration stated and I quote ” all government institutions should be burnt down every 10 years as they quickly lose their motivation and reason for entering these institutions”. From my experience I would add ” including the peoplekind inside “. I also extend this work statement to the Universities. But not technical colleges. I think this is my philosophy !

  9. How in HELL did we get to this point? I guess we haven’t learned from Sodom, Gomorrah or Noah’s flood.

  10. You are so right on so many counts. Too many teachers have never functioned anywhere but in school. I wanted to be a teacher from age four! To my good fortune, life interrupted my progress and I spent twenty years in the real world in real jobs. Then, I spent eight years as an at-home mom, returned to school and, finally, back to school and finally became a teacher. My real world experience was so important that, when I trained teachers, I always told them to spend some time in the real world

  11. Just yesterday, at the gym, I tried to explain to a retired university professor….exactly the point you made. Not possible to relate the whole conversation here, but the short of it is: he kept ‘talking over me’ saying: “things are different now”; “everything in our lives is different”…even brought up…’different climate’…blah, blah.

  12. Mistakes, nothing to apologise for Howard. We must assume anyone reading your editorials is intelligent and can gloss over the rare spelling or date mistake. Personally I admire your immense compendium of words and sometimes have to look one up. BTW I spell apologise the English way before anyone makes comment. Climate Change is a cash grabbing HOAX

  13. Like I keep saying over and over again, the sheeples will wake-up when it’s too late!!!! Always wanted to ask, why do you write with almost all words with a capital letter except for pronouns?

    Only Because I Like To. I guess it’s a Writing Style Unique to me.

  14. It was Marx or Lenin (or both) that planned world domination through educating the children. They also said that the children belonged to the State not to the parents.

  15. Our schools and institutions are riddled with this socialist cancer. They are putting out more and more puppet idiots. The battle between right and left has only just begun. We must teach our kids to be prepared for their new world. Donald Trump is paving the way for us to fight this idiocy. It is now up to us to act. Sadly too many people are already brainwashed and unable to act.

  16. These days, when kids graduate from college & get a job, they want to become BOSS before they LEARN how to WORK! Thus, they want to feel IMPORTANT!The LEFT has used Community Organizers to FORM YOUNG GROUPS to PROMOTE their AGENDA & they have been very successful at doing so by BRAINWASHING their followers. The RIGHT needs to FORM their OWN groups to EDUCATE its followers & to SPREAD the TRUTH about SOCIALISM which is RUINING our Country! PRES. TRUMP fully needs the CONSERVATIVE SUPPORT! AMEN!

  17. I had a discussion today with a Canadian who was not aware of Mike Rowe. We were discussing the lack of respect that so many people have for those who get their hands dirty every day. Without them, society would fail in no time at all. As an aside, I had to laugh at a recent article that claimed that Heterosexuality is the oppression of women. Somehow, I think that it has worked fairly well for millions of years.

  18. Nikita Khruschew-1960 “We cannot expect Americans to tum from capitalism to communism. Bu we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have communism.” America’s demise was planned long ago. How sad for all of us – in the World.

  19. I remember the American movie series (1973) originated by Tom Laughlin entitled: “BILLY JACK”. His wife Delores Taylor ran a School where any boy or girl could learn ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. They could discuss the world and keep an OPEN MIND about people + politics, etc…A School where they taught you Horseback Riding + How To Swim + How To Sail A Boat+ How To Scuba Dive + CPR, etc…A School where they encouraged you TO BE ALL YOU CAN BE + seek your DREAMS and SPEAK THE TRUTH. :>) Brucester

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