Democrat Little Leaguers Who Want To Finish The Job


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To a Republican like President Trump, the Question is . . . What Can I Do To Make Things Better For Others & Improve Our Country Of America?

To Any & All The Democrat Contenders For The White House . . . It’s – What Can I Do To Empower Myself?

And Now The LEFT Is Turning On Their Not So Far-Removed-Savior – Obama.

In The Infamous Words Of Obama’s Former White-Hating, America-Hating, Israel-Hating, Jew-Hating – Black Liberationist Chicago Preacher, Pastor Jeremiah Wright . . . “The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost”.

Don’t Believe The Polls For A Second. . . They’re LEFTIST Propaganda.

FAR MORE AMERICANS . . . Believe in the United States of America, and the Capitalist Freedoms Thereof, than they will Ever Believe in the Insanity of a Repressive, Depressive, Socialist Philosophy.

It Is Indeed True . . . that in all Socialist Societies, where Socialism Promotes Individuals to be Uninformed, Uneducated, Ignorant, Stupid, Lazy, Greedy & Socio/Politically Suicidal, that Society will Never Last, which Includes No Shortage of these Numbskulls, with Unfounded Opinions who have the Right To Vote.

But . . . Whether The LEFT Wants To Believe It Or Not – There are More Americans who Treasure the United States of America for Being the Capitalist Freedom Loving Country that it is, which has Positively Inspired all Nations of the Globe . . . Then There Are Idiots Within The USA Who Wish To Tear America Down.


While It Is True . . . that Voice, Sound & Image in this Day & Age can Easily be Created & Altered by Computer to Promote Lies Through Disinformation. It is also True that We have the Ability of Thought & Educated Choice through Real Debate, Research & Real Opinions to Question what we Hear, Read, & See, Until we Know What we Need to Know – The Truth.

I Saw . . . We All Saw the Front Of the FOX Theatre, where the Democrats Staged their Last Debate . . . Before, During & After, where the Media Cameras Showed No People Lined-Up to Cheer-On the Democrat Candidates . . . Not Even A Favorite Candidate.

But The Night After (Thursday August 1, 2019) – We Saw more than 17,000 (Seventeen Thousand) People Crammed into a Capacity Crowd at an Ohio Stadium . . . Hollering, Clapping, Chanting & Cheering for their Republican Champion President Donald J Trump . . . With Thousands More Outside The Stadium Who Couldn’t Get In.

If That Doesn’t Tell You Everything You Need To Know – Nothing Will.

President Trump isn’t Promising Free Stuff like The Democrat Socialists (Communists), for them to Chisel their Way Into Power . . .

. . . President Trump is Promising To Keep America Great – by Making America Great in a Competitive World at Home & Abroad, where the Playing Field Should & Must Always Be Level & Even.

President Trump Is Playing The Part Of The Diplomat . . . as he Says Nice things About & To Tyrants like Kim Jung-on of North Korea, Putin of Russia & Xi Jinping of Communist China. But behind the Sweet-Talk & Smiles – President Trump Is Kicking Their Collective Ass For The Benefit Of The American People.

SO HERE’S PART OF WHAT THE LEFT HATE ABOUT TRUMPISMS . . . American Exceptionalism – Mega-Strong Military – Booming Economy – Real Fair-Trade – Depleted Government Control Of Regulations – Controlled Borders – Controlled Immigration – Less Government – No Hand-Outs – Individual Freedoms . . . ETC.

It Seems To Me . . . That All The Important Things President Trump Is Doing, President Trump is Doing to Empower the People of the United States of America to Go Out there and do for Themselves, in a Society at Home & Abroad, where the People can Create their Own Opportunities to Live the American Dream of their own Making, Substantially Freer than Whatever the Democrats are Trying to Sell in their Concoction of Socio/Political Snake Oil.

Freedom has been taking a Beating for a Very Long Time on the Altar of the LEFT, Without a Real Champion of our Own to Fight-Back . . . That Is Until The Day Of Trump.

Believe The Truth – The Rest Is Hollywood.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Speaking of polls, just like the 2016 election polls that predicted that hellary clinton had 80% of support amongst decided voters, was suppose to get 200 Million votes and win the presidency in a landslide. The problem is too many sheeples believe those polls and vote according to polls instead of voting on what candidates truly are and support and don’t do any research on their own to find out some sort of truth. Some sheeples are as dumb or dumber than the squad or trudeau and they vote.

  2. I totally agree with your last two commentaries! I just want to let you know that the states and Provences are not being shown on the comments section which I enjoy reading immensely. I also like seeing where the comments come from. Just an FYI

  3. Noticed there was not one U.S. Flag on the Democratic stage this week.

  4. Howard, thanks for the info on type size adjustment. On my computer, however, there is no “A” , only the three vertical dots which when clicked on, bring out the adjustment for type size. All OK! One other item, suggest you reinstate the Province or State to be shown after the City in locations. While there probably is no Miami Lakes in Ohio, there definitely is a Miami. Same goes for Kingston, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

  5. Howard, first, thank you for the larger print and enjoying so much, plus your ‘new look!’ And your editorials are so interesting and have learned so much history from you. Agree that Trump is doing a good job of keeping America Great! You said it all…..go Trump go!

  6. I fail to understand how anyone with even a hint of common sense cannot see beyond the nonsense. Of course, there will always be that percentage if us, I suppose, who choose to sit back with feet up and outstretched hand, waiting for their “free stuff.” That percentage aside, however, my prayer will be that your assessments continue to be spot on, ’cause there are too few ‘assessors’ to trust these days. PS: Your new web page is impressive and, from this vantage point, seems less cluttered.

  7. Howard, congratulations on the ‘new look’ of, it looks great. Thank you.

  8. LARGER PRINT–JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Whoever thought of this should very proud, sure makes reading your stuff a breeze…thanx

  9. Like the new site–good job, H.G. et al! The LEFT has, thus far, greatly HURT itself via its last two debates. FIRST, they have PROVEN that NONE of their CANDIDATES can/could WIN AGAINST TRUMP, and SECOND, they have RUINED the DEMOCRATIC PARTY with their PROGRESSIVE TACTICS! They use VICIOUS and EVIL comments against the RIGHT, thus will SUFFER its suited REPERCUSSIONS. WHOEVER wins and has to debate PRES. TRUMP will be “put through the mill”. Talk about a REALITY SHOW…ha…ha…ha! AMEN!

  10. The IMPRESSION is that Trump will win easily in 2020. REALITY can be far different. Google admits that it can sway some 15-million votes to the Dems. The CLIMATE issue proves that millions of voters are Flat-Earth idiots who swallow the lies of the Dem lunatics. Michelle Obama may declare, and her media allies will go into overdrive. Fortunes will be spent to sway impressionable low-information voters. IMO the jury is still out.

  11. The Dem Debates in Detroit…all I saw was CNN posted EVERYWHERE. Then I looked for American Flags & there were NONE. At that moment I made my choice……I switched channels & never looked back! People really LIKE working & earning their own monies. NOT everyone wants FREE STUFF, only those who have made it a CAREER of TAKING & NEVER GIVING. Trump in 2020!!! I no longer use my FaceBook Account the ONLY thing I use is AOL. God Bless

  12. First of all, I like the new look. Looks very 21st century. At the current rate of commitments to off-budget programs the federal debt will grow by another $1.1 Trillion. Trump is on-track to increase the debt by a greater amount than Obama! So my question to the Democratic candidates is tell me how much you plan requires additional taxes and how much for my family? If they can’t answer that simple question, they are already beaten. Trump MUST start addressing the deficit.

  13. Growth of the economy is and has always been the ONLY chance to decrease the deficit—grow the economy and all economic problems suddenly become manageable!

  14. When was the last time Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris were in their Congressional offices to do any work? They have both been on the “campaign trail” non-stop for months, especially Warren. Their expenses better be paid from campaign funds and not Congressional perks. Are they showing up to vote on issues?

  15. LOVE the new site!!! For those who have trouble ‘seeing’ the print, almost all browsers have in their settings, a spot to enlarge the print. It is very easy to do. For me, Howard’s website & pages look crisp & clean. As for the Dimwits debates, didn’t see them, didn’t want to see them!!! I do not like the way they are doing the debates today. To me, the debates are all about the Moderators, not the real candidates. I personally think, the Debates should be shown in C-SPAN only.

  16. Excellent and right on as always! Happily I’ve had no problems receiving the information, nothing has been interrupted. Thanks for all your hard work! Trump 2020!

  17. I will say again thank you for all your hard work you put into your Editorials You give us the whole truth and it takes time. Time that takes away from Anne who loves you and would like to have this tine with you as well. So thank you Anne for sharing Howard with us.

  18. Hi Howard, New page is very good. I’m on vacation, in Nova Scotia right now, and great to be able to get your editorials. Best regards. Ken

  19. Howard, your new look site is great. Just like you !!! On a much sadder note, I wish to express my condolences to all family & friends of victims in the Texas & Ohio mass shootings. I am deeply saddened by this and I believe President Trump said it best when he claims HATRED & MENTAL ILLNESS fired the trigger….NOT THE GUN. Meanwhile, my thoughts & prayers are with the UNITED STATES right now… and I want all AMERICANS to know you are not alone. CANADA is crying with you. :>( Brucester

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