The Democrats’ Political Race To The Bottom



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A One Party System Cannot Stand & Is Contrary To The Pursuit Of Freedom.

It Galls me to Hear or Read Pundits who Refer to the USA as a Democracy . . . To The Best Of My Knowledge . . . The United States Of America Is Not A Democracy, but is Rather – A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, Which Is Unique In The World Of Politics.

Anne & I Live In A Democracy Called Canada . . . where the Rule of Law is Created by the Majority, and very Often by a Plurality, which is the Majority of People who Vote, but not Necessarily by the Majority of People who Could Vote, or by the Majority of People who Vote Heavily for One Party or the Other in Specific Ridings (Districts).

In A Democracy . . . It Is Rule Of The Majority, which doesn’t Mean the Real Majority of the People. For Example . . . Prime Minster Trudeau’s Liberal Party is the Majority Party in Canada’s House of Commons, which Effectively gives Trudeau and his Liberals Unfettered Governance over Canada, as the Prime Minister Decides what’s Good and what’s Not Good for the Country. There Are Very Few Checks & Balances In Comparison To The USA.


THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT . . . The Prime Minister of Canada and his Liberal Party Won a “Majority” of Seats in Parliament by Winning LESS THAN 40% OF THE NATIONAL VOTE . . . Yet, the Prime Minister Makes Policies & Spends as much of the Nation’s Tax Dollars as he and they (Liberals) Decide for 100% of the People of Canada. Where’s the Fairness In That?

A Parliamentary System Is Not Of The People, By The People & For The People.

In a Parliamentary System . . . It is the Government, which Creates the Rules, Laws & Regulations for the People to Follow. Not the other way around, as it is in a Constitutional Republic.

In The American System Of Being A Constitutional Republic . . . It is the Constitution which DICTATES the Rules, Laws & Regulations, which the Government Must Follow. Also, in a Democracy, the “Majority” Decides who has Rights, and how many Rights certain Classes of People should have and Shouldn’t have.

For Example . . . The Unrestricted Use of the English Language in the Ethnocentric Province of Quebec Is Against The Law because the Government Decided-So. But in the Rest of Canada, in some Provinces such as Ontario, the FORCED USE of the French Language on Commercial Signs are Mandatory through the Courts, because the Government Won’t Govern to the Contrary.

In Canada . . . There Is No First Amendment – Thus it is Illegal to Write or Speak Despairingly Against Gay Rights, Gender Identification, Islam – Etc. Because the Government Says-So.

There Is Also No Second Amendment In Canada . . .

. . . Because the Government Doesn’t Trust the People to Own Guns, and because the Shrill Minority of Voices Say-So, and I also Believe the Government is too Fearful of the People being Able to Stand-Up Against Government Abuse.

Every Time I Read, Hear & See Pundits & Politicians Refer to American Democracy, I have to Wonder if they ever Took a Civics Class they Understood.

It Is True That The LEFT Want To Make America Into A Democracy . . . Because, if the USA ever became a Real Democracy, it would Mean that the Rights of the People, would all of a Sudden . . . Become The Rights Of The Government.

I Don’t Know Of Any Nation In The World . . . Other than the United States of America, which has been Constructed By The People, Of The People & For The People . . . TO BE RUN BY THE PEOPLE.

What Truly Makes America Great Is The Bill Of Rights & The US Constitution.

Those Two Documents . . . Melded To Become One In The Same . . . Which All But Guarantees – Unless Overthrown – A Citizenry Government, which was Established by the Constitution in September 1787 – Before The Election Of America’s First President (George Washington Elected 1789) Which Became The Foundation Of What America Represents.

In Short Speech . . . The American Constitution Was Created For A Republic . . . Not A Democracy, Before The Government Chose Its President, and not as a Result of the Government & its President, where the Rights of the People were Endowed Beyond the Reach of a Corrupt Government & Presidential Avarice.


What The Democrats & The LEFT . . . are Attempting to do, is to Remake America into a Democracy, Opposed to a Constitutional Republic, where the People will be Subservient to the Government, Rather than the Way America was Created.

And that will be a Very Sad Day Indeed.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Yes if the left gets its Way Goodbye USA and Canada Hamilton Ontario is starting to look like Bagdad so many Muslims sCARY

  2. Hi Howard, Further to my recent email when . I advised that I was not receiving your editorials, I can now advise that I received the editorial dated July 31st. I checked my trash and all other locations and I have never received any editorials since July 17th. I note the one I received today is under your new email format. I am now a very happy camper getting your editorial to read with my coffee. Thank you so much. Best regards, Roger

  3. The founding fathers who wrote the DOI and Constitution were far from perfect–some owned slaves, some drank to excess, some fathered children with their slaves and other men’s wives, some used foul language and stole from the king and their neighbors. What they produced was a unique foundation that even they admitted could only have been inspired from GOD. I firmly believe that the hand of GOD is still guiding America for his own reasons! Read “To try men’s souls” by Newt Gingrich and see if you can’t relate it to our current President being elected against all odds.

  4. We still have the 2nd Amendment and it is going to be difficult for the government to take away 300 million guns. The purpose of the military is to protect the citizens, not the government. So if perchance we become a democracy the citizens will have a score to settle with the minority, who wants to rule the majority.

  5. What does that tell you about Democrats and their “values”? They love stray dogs and cats, but they hate unborn babies and the death penalty. These people really ARE INSANE!!! God save……..THE QUEEN!!??? No offense, Liz. Love that Lady.

  6. Greetings HG: Beautiful job on the new look!!!! Lots of hard work, I’ll bet!

  7. Canada is still governed by the British feudal system, established when upper and lower Canada came into being and continued once we became a country, the control of all is by decree from the government of the day. It sure would be great to have control of our politicians, maybe change our system to having a 6 year term with a 3rd being elected every 2 years

  8. Dear Howard and Anne, We are having a hard time reading your new format as it is small print and not black.We love the editorials and comments as very few people today have common sense and tell the truth.Thank you,

  9. How true this is. If America became a Democracy, that would be the end for America. How many people really know the difference between a Democracy & a Republic?

  10. Enjoyed this Editorial, also like the new format. The Democrats have ‘Lost It’, but most of the American People KNOW what we are facing IF Democrats are THE choice. The LEFT has definitely LOST IT. I am NOT following THAT Pied Piper. God Bless

  11. Thank you for all your hard work putting a new editorial together. As always what you have to write and talk to us about makes the best great common sense. We the people can only get out there and vote for Trump again to save our country., God help us on this and after he is no longer in office.Friday was the second editorial I received from you not complaining just letting you know. Thank you once again you and Anne for all your hard work putting them together for us. Have a wonderful week end

  12. Howard, thanks for all your clear insight on what is going on. I would also like to request that you increase the type size, as the new size is difficult for us youngsters to read.

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