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Your Right To Say What You Think? Or The Governments’ Right To Tell You What To Say?


Are We Already There . . . Especially In Canada – When I Write that We’re Living in a Freak-Show Society . . . where Biological Men think they’re Women, Biological Women think they’re Men, and Biological Men & Biological Women think they’re Either Both or Something Else?

As I’m Writing Or Speaking About It – Am I Breaking The Law?

When Did it Become Illegal Worldwide, but Specifically in the United States of America & Canada for Doctors & Scientists to Practice Only what the Government Said they Could Practice & Say What they Think. . . When, Where & To What Degree?

When Did We Morph Into A Society Where Debate Has Become A Threat To Democracy?


When, Why & How Did It Become Illegal To Question Authority & Have An Opposing View?

Some Laws Need To Be Broken . . . Such As Speaking Ill of Our Leaders, which in Canada is Also Breaking the Law, Depending on Which Leader Finds Certain Comments “Legally” Offensive.


In Other Words . . . In Canada – Can I Say With Impunity . . . That my Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) is a Jerk who Conned his Way into Power with Neither the Knowledge or Skills to Guide Canada Successfully into a Future of Freedom & Meritocracy? . . . And that I believe Trudeau is a Closet Communist In-Spite of his Protestations? . . . The Answer Is Not Really.

Can I Say Or Write . . . That Trudeau Acted Against the Constitutionally Protected Will of the Canadian People, when Trudeau Enacted the Draconian Emergencies Act on February 14, 2022 . . . that Effectively Stripped the Rights of all Canadians from their Freedoms of Expression, Assembly, Association and the Right to Protest . . .  which Invoked a Form of Martial Law Against Peaceful Canadian Demonstrators (Truckers), which in my Opinion Puts Trudeau on a Parallel with Living International Thugs like Xi Jingping, the Ayatollahs, Putin, Maduro – Etc?

The Answer To That Is . . . Possibly, Maybe & Probably Not.


The Simple Answer To That Question Is No . . . Not as Long as a Huge Portion of the American People Don’t Understand the Meaning of Freedom Beyond the Media & Democrat Hype . . . That Promotes Election Corruption By Lies And/Or Silence.

Elections Have To Be Made Simple To Override The People’s Question Of Corruption.

As Long as there will be Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, Unrevised & Non-Updated Voting Lists, No Mandatory Citizenship ID, Only In-Person Voting (No Drop Boxes), No Third Party Ballot Harvesting & No Extended Vote Counting-Days After the Election Date – There Will Never Be A Fair Election In The United States Of America.

What Does It Mean That There Will Never Be A Fair Election In America?

Simply Stated . . . It Means – That America has Already Become a Banana Republic without the Bananas. It Means – That America Has Become a Nation of Pretense Where the Population Believes the Lie that America is Somehow Still a Constitutional Republic by Being a Democratic Nation . . . Which Is The Antithesis Of What A Huge Number Of Americans Think Democracy Is All About.

Let Me Remind You Again . . . Hitler Was Elected Under The Guise Of Democracy.


Canada is in the Process of Seizing all Legally Owned Firearms by as Little as a Parliamentary Executive Order. Canada Arrested & Imprisoned Peaceful Demonstrators Under the Guise of Democracy. Canada Seized Thousands of Private Bank Accounts Under the Emergencies Act (Martial Law). Canada Stripped-Away the Right of Ownership & Employment.

Where’s The Democracy In That?

Canada Arrested & Imprisoned Religious Leaders for Tending to their Flocks When Various Governments Forbid the Constitutional Bedrock Rights of . . . Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association & Freedom of Assembly in the Name of a Virus, which Forced Mandates the Canadian Governed Lied-About.

Before You Can Fix What’s Broken – You Have To Acknowledge That It’s Broken.


The Answer Is Yes . . . As Soon As People Realize That Freedom Is Greater Than Stuff That’s Free.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’re on fire with this one! Time will tell what people realize and are prepared to do in the name of democracy and justice.

  2. As long as we have an electorate who watch the evening news and believe every word of it, we will be in trouble. The past two elections have proven that the majority have not learned a thing. Too many people look at their favourite party and vote accordingly, with never a second thought. People still pay crazy money to watch the Leafs play and the team has not won the Stanley Cup in over half a century. THAT is the same mentality used at election time and it is destroying the country.

  3. We are definitely living in a Freak-Show Society! Various Sexual groups have been quite successful at Creating & Assuring their Existence! The saddest part of it all is that the Children are being Exposed & Affected by this Freak Show! Christianity & the Truth must Return to America & Canada while it’s still possible. People are being Bought with Free Stuff vs. Realizing that their Freedom to be able to Speak & Debate are being threatened. Wake up people before it’s too late! Go Trump! Amen!

  4. I share your exasperation. Trudeau has literally announced to the world that he “admires” communism. His eulogy to Fidel Castro was sickening. He is spending Canada into bankruptcy. Obiden performs his Manchurian duties like a robot programmed by the Chinese Communist Party. Everywhere I look people seem oblivious to reality, brainwashed, living dream-like in an alternative universe. Unrelenting leftist propaganda has turned millions into automatons unwilling to question authority.

  5. Both our countries are in a mess. US elections are bought, Why would 400million be spent on a Senate election? Who gets the money. If Canada gives up their weapons without a fight, they will be at the mercy of the Criminal/Gov’t. The US has bought into the Marijuana Trade to dumb down folks, beginning with the young. We are on the edge of Civil War. Media is pushing it, Commercials of LBGT+ are sickening put them on their own station so normal folks are not exposed to this rot.

  6. Biology 101; Drop your trousers and look in a mirror, how simple is that. Trans FOOLS!

  7. This is nothing but wedges driven between people and communities to separate them. All these absurd notions of boys allowed in 14 yr old girls’ locker rooms, etc. is nothing but a contrived sham to rip society apart, forcing close people to take extreme sides against each other. It has nothing to do with rights. THE FEELINGS OF A SINGLE INDIVIDUAL DO NOT TRUMP THE FUNCTIONING OF A WORKING, GOOD COMMUNITY. PERIOD. It is all a crock of garbage to destroy the fabric of a proper society.

  8. All Trudeau had to do was face the truckers in an amicable exchange to end the dispute. But No, …the coward with the totalitarian agenda could not.

  9. WOW! Have you really knocked the ball out of the park! I have been wondering if I could dare to even “think” many of the topics that you touched on let alone put them down on paper. We are in a real mess in the whole world. I, as a Bible-believing Christian, realize that “satan” is alive in this world seeking to destroy! He is doing a “bang up” job. We all need to back up this so-called civilization and get back to some basic caring about our fellow man!

  10. Alan Fraser is absolutley correct. Satan is alive & he is doing a bang up job of messing this planet up. But we do have a more stronger more powerful God than that piece of dirt. Our Lord is waiting to see what we his children are going to do, we ask him for his mercy. Do we want this planet to be like what is going on between Russia & the other country.? What is left to say? What is left to do start a civil war throughout the whole planet? Good God help us.

  11. I tend to agree with the NO there will never be a free election. I believe we are too corrupt on both sides of the government. We hav given them way too much power and they will never let go of. What have they done to correct the corruption of elections except in a few instances. Not enough to make a significant difference I am afraid. I will not vote unless I move to Florida.

  12. The Creator God, Jehovah has already acknowledged there will be more obstacles than allies. He has chosen his soldiers throughout history by their commitment to good, not popularity, little guys slew giants. There are still some, like Trump, although not politically correct, can get the job done. Washington is full of sellouts, let’s replace them with God’s committed servants. This is no less than a war, that we cannot afford to lose in 2024. ID, in person and a closing of the poles, that d

  13. Extraordinary editorial, as usual! However, let’s face the facts and maintain context: God, satan, heaven, hell, etc. are imaginary. Praying is doing nothing and believing one is being helpful.

  14. I backed Trump and still will for 2024. He may seem to be an egotist and say things that people don’t want to hear, but I still like him. 2016 was the start of 4 great years and stupid people didn’t realize how great they had it. Do any of you Biden lovers ever think how it all played out, or are you too stuck in your big rut to know the difference? Prayers for 2024 and hope smart people will put on your conservative thinking caps and vote for the best one possible.

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