The Slaughter Is On The Way


For Far More Than A Half Year, I’ve Read the Tea Leaves & Have Written & Said How the November 8, 2022 Congressional Election was Going to be a Huge Red Wave.

In Fact, the Words I’ve Used to Describe What I Believed was Going to Happen on November 8, 2022 Were . . . Red Tsunami & Slaughter . . . as I Just Used in the Title of this Editorial.


I Told You So! – I Told You So! – I Told You So!

I’ve Written that the House was Going to be Republican all the Way, and that Even Though the Senate would be Somewhat More Difficult, I was Pretty Certain that the Senate would Also go Red.

I Think The Senate Has Every Opportunity To Become 52 & Very Likely 54 Seat Republican.

And Now That The Campaigning Is Done, and the LEFT Had their Chance to Lie & Pretend that America is a Mess Through No Fault of their Own, Even Though the LEFT has Held 100% of the Levers of Power for Almost 24-Months . . . The Truth will be in the Ballots, As Long As The LEFT Can Be Held To Minimal Cheating.


I Can’t Imagine . . . How The LEFT & Their Supporters Can Be So Unashamed . . . to Know that at Least Half the American People, with Justification, think that their Democrat Party & Democrat Government . . . Are Thought-Of As Liars & Cheats.


When The Republicans Win Their Massive Number Of House Seats . . . Many of those Seats will be Filled by Hardcore Conservative Unabashed American-Firsters, Who will be there Because of Trump, which will be a Serious Message to the RINOS & Kevin McCarthyWho I Don’t Necessarily Trust.

But That Said . . . The Projected Republican House Committee Leaderships Are Quite Encouraging.

If The Republicans Win The Senate, Especially with those Trump Endorsed Candidates, who According to the RINOS and the NEVER Trumpers who Claimed Could Never Win . . . It Will Be – “Katy Bar The Door”, Because that will be the Sure & Final Sign that Donald J Trump is Not Only the King Maker of the Republican Party, But Also The Undisputed King Of The New Republican Party.

And If Trump Republicans Take The Senate . . . Especially Because of Trump, Retirement Might Seem the Best Venue for the Future of Mitch McConnell, who Has Been on the Wrong Side of America & Freedom . . . As The Aider & Abettor Of Chuck Schumer Now & Harry Reid Before.


Nothing Has Been More Important Politically In My Lifetime.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I surely hope for an HONEST result. If so America can start to climb back to a state of significance once more.

  2. The election of November 08, 2022. The second most important election of my life. The most important election is November 05, 2024. These two elections are world changing events. A future world of either Freedom or Tyranny. The clock is ticking.

  3. This is a momentous day! Trump has been THE Leader of the America First movement! I believe the Democrat’s actions and words have aided and abetted the Conservative Republican’s hard fought battle to a gigantic win in the House and the Senate – we’ll see it tonight. I’m so excited to take America back! Trump all the way!!! I’m hoping the Republicans will “step up” to Make America Great – it won’t be time to lolly-gag around and pat each other on the back – it’ll be time to get to w

  4. Don’t count out the Democrats yet. They have the FBI, DOJ and the media on their side. The media and the Democrats have been lying to the public for the last 6 years and the people believe it. The public have been brainwashed into believing the Republicans are evil and must be smashed. Hopefully enough will see that it is the Democrats and their leadership are liars and that they are responsible for everything that is wrong in the US today.

  5. I hope its a red sunami , but like Canada the USA has never been so divided. Its why there are still so many close races. It’s now the Blue team vs the Red team , policy be dammed.

  6. Today doesn’t end our interminable election season.  Democrats need time – days, WEEKS – post-Election Day.  To determine how many additional votes they need to…find – to overcome their deficits.    this is NOT democracy at work.  This is Third World-banana republic nonsense at work.  Serious countries with serious governments – count all the votes day of.  

  7. I hope you are right Howard. However, assuming you are, there will be 2 years of stalemate. Biden will veto everything sent to him that he doesn’t like, or just because he can. It takes 2/3 majority vote in both House and Senate, to override a Presidential Veto. So until such time as Republicans gain more Senate seats, hopefully in 2024, and a Republican Presidency, not much will be accomplished by Republicans. For example, Keystone Pipeline won’t get built. But hey, it’s a start!

  8. The communists (formerly democrats) need only corrupt 4 states voting to retain the senate to act as a shield against the house. I Hate the smell of cordite.

  9. It’s 11:35 MST and already there’s election poll glitches being reported.

  10. The Swamp is in full action this morning. Our scanners in Wickenburg Az (Maricopa County, Phoenix area) are rejecting about 80% of the ballots. We hear this complaint from other polls in the area. The only option then is to drop the ballot into a box that will be re scanned after the polls close. If the scanners reject them again they will be sent into Phoenix to be ?? Hobbs, a Democrat, who is running for AZ Governor is and has been in charge of the voting now and for the past several years!

  11. Can’t wait until all is counted…… expecting the best results, brings to mind when I worked for Goldwater….”in your heart you know he’s right” better days are here !!!

  12. Trouble in Arizona w/ a voting machine. don’t be too surprised if the Republicans do not pull it off, polls have a habit of being deliberately posted falsely to throw people off, and the pollsters are not always honest either. PA. Nevada and Arizona are the ones to watch.

  13. Pray that the slaughter is huge, effective and understood by the bastards on the left.

  14. Tonight will be an historical world changer, whether it goes red or remains blue. The polls cannot be believed to guarant a win either way. I’m optimistic, fair to say more hopeful but very concerned this election could be rigged by the liars, cheats & evil Demorats. We know much about how 2020 was rigged by the Biden team and they have had two years to refine the skullduggery. I hope you are 100% right Howard but I wouldn’t take bets this time around. Wishing and and watching for a red wave.

  15. God I hope and pray you are right!!!! What this Democratic Party and their followers have done to our once great country is unforgivable!

  16. Well, in the last election the guy managed to get more votes than Obama… and he spent a good chunk of the campaign not-campaigning… So with Obama actually campaigning for him… the results ought to be spectacular… no?

  17. Well where I voted in Virginia, they said voting was up 25% over 2020. Don’t know the population in my precinct but the total number when I voted @noon seemed low so obviously a LOT either aren’t bothering or they’ll vote in evening after work. So were majority of Arizona ballots not accepted by machine for Kari Lake? Hobbs should have recused herself from overseeing the election since she’s on ballot; will be even more suspicious if she wins. Can’t trust Dem politicians at all, & some GOP.

  18. My only fear is a middle of the night revelation of miraculously found votes dumped into the mix to revive DemoRAT hopes and doom America.

  19. I pray we win – if we don’t we are in serious trouble. Not confident of Arizona. Our Secretary of State (D) in charge of clean elections bungled the primaries in August – misprinted ballots for red districts, shortage of Repub ballots in red districts. Today ill-printed ballots that won’t scan, tabulating machines rejecting ballots for no reason, polls closing for technical issues, voters turned away. She’s also running in heated race for Governor Need I say more?

  20. Well, New Mexico is a bust. One of our congressional Reps (Yvette Herrell) won her race. We had some really good candidates but only Yvette won. I sat in on interviews for most of them some were really impressive, but… NM is very crooked and biased. No white privilege here!! Since this woke garbage started, young “adults” are often not very nice. Sometimes NM is the armpit of the known universe!!

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