The Manchurians


In The Circumstance That You Do Not Know Of The Manchurian Candidate Or Need A Refresher . . .

The Manchurian Candidate was a Fictional American Soldier, who was Captured by an Elite Russian Intelligence Squad During the Korean War, who was Subsequently Brainwashed by the Communists to Enter the Political Process in the United States of America, Infiltrating American Politics at the Highest Level, where he was Programmed to Create Havoc & Mayhem.


Biden & Trudeau Aren’t Formerly Captured Individuals By The Communists . . . At Least Not Physically. But I am Absolutely Convinced that the Communists Have Captured their Minds through Extensive Propaganda & Enough Psychological Research & Analysis for the Communists to Determine which “Democratic” Leaders would be Most Susceptible to be Pliable to Communism, and the Least Likely to be Competent Nationalists to Defend the Interests of their Own Countries . . . To Their Death.

In Biden & Trudeau . . . The Enemies Of Our Freedoms Found Their Marks – Even If It Took Them A Hundred Years – They Did It.


There Is No Question In My Mind, that the “Manchurians” in Charge of Canada and the United States of America (Trudeau & Biden) will Wreak Far More Damage to our Societies and the Comforts of our Lives before they’re Done . . .

But Once They’re Done – Given Perhaps that they Won’t be Able to Find a Way to Brazenly Stay in Power, by Use of a Contrived Threat to our “Democracy”, which will Enable the LEFT to Suspend Elections “For The So-Called Common Good”, at Least Until they Can Ring The Bell That All Is Safe (Safe For Them To Destroy The Opposition), Much like the Palestinians, who Haven’t Had an Election in the West Bank for More than 17-Years (Since 2005), When Elections were Mandated to be Held Every 4-Years . . . because, According to the Palestinian Government, The Times Haven’t Been “Right” For An Honest Election For 17-Years. Yet they Still Call Themselves A Democracy.

Are We Going To Become Palestinians? . . . Because That’s The Only Way The Democrats & Liberals Can Maintain Power.


Why Do You Think The LEFT Hates Trump In America & Poilievre In Canada? And Now They’re Hating-On DeSantis.

The LEFT Hates These Men, Because these Men are Not Part of the Sold-Out North American Political Class, who have Been Infused with the Insanity of Communism and the Ridiculous Proposition of a Non-Existent Shangri-La, Where Everyone is Supposedly Equal, and there Will be a Chicken in Every Pot.

And The Only Way To Stop Any Of These Men Is To Keep Them Off The Ballot By All Means Possible.


In The United States Of America . . . The LEFT is Doing all it Can to Dirty-Up Trump to the Point of Bringing Criminal Charges Against Him & Against Prominent Conservatives who Support Donald Trump.

In Canada . . . The Liberals are Doing all they Can to Make it Appear that Poilievre is Canada’s Trump, Hellbent to Destroy Canada’s Democracy, who is a Purveyor of Fascism, Racism, and all the Other Isms they Can Invoke.


LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, AGAIN & AGAIN . . . Unless the Republicans Really Screw-Up Between Now & Election Day (November 8, 2022), the Republicans will Win as Many as 70-Seats in the House of Representatives & Enough Senate Seats to Have a Comfortable Margin in the Upper Chamber.

And If The Republicans Don’t Blow-It After Winning The Two Chambers Of Congress . . .  Trump or Someone Like Trump will Overwhelm the White House & Finally . . . Drain The Swamp Of Democrat Communists & Republicans In Name Only (RINOS) In November 2024.

If Trudeau Can Last Long Enough As Canada’s Prime Minister Until The Next Federal Election In 2025 . . . Trudeau will Continue to Cause Massive National Consternation . . . But In The Final Analysis – Trudeau and his Liberals will be Politically Slaughtered at the Next National Canadian Election . . . And Whatever Trudeau Breaks . . . A Competent Conservative Government Void Of Canada’s Civil Servant Insiders Can & Will Fix.

That’s What Scares The Piss-Out-Of The LEFT & Brings A Cheek To Cheek Smile To My Face.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, Thanks for your optimistic future vision. I did not live this era…but What you describe sounds like the honest joy the North American MEN enjoyed WITH their women, post WWII. A National time of great peace after epic destruction. But what was in the homes…I don’t think it was the sex you find under duress or one-night stands for the lonely. It was adults MAKING LOVE while being SAFE. Much had been lost, the world and home would never be as it was yesterday. I hope 4 that peace.

  2. Forgive me for commandeering an old-but-true quote—–From your mouth to GODS ear!

  3. Excellent analogy! We can only hope and pray that Canada and USA return to a state of normalcy by kicking the current administrations to the curb and ending this current wave of destruction permanently!

  4. Howard, one of your best articles yet, but I would suggest the real Manchurian Candidate if there ever was one, was Barack Obama, who was raised and mentored by Marxists and elevated into power out of sheer obscurity by the institutional left. I would also suggest he is still very much involved in playing the puppeteer in pulling the clown’s strings in the White House, using the Cloward-Piven playbook to bring this country down.

  5. 100% agree with your assessemt. In Canada it is know that Trudeau is a pliable dimwit acting under the direction of a socialist cartel. It appears the Americans have a similar situation with Biden who is only the front man. In his role Trudeau has been responsible for inflicting much economic hardship on the nation. Many believe his usefulness to the cartel has nearly run its course. It is expected he will soon be turfed and replaced with the manifestation of evil, Mark Carney, a NWO proponent.

  6. Great article. However I’m so glad that at the end of the day God is in control. Mathew 24, I believe talks about these days describing accurately what is going on around the world. And then in verse 37 it explains “as it was in the days of Noah”. If you study and research what was going on in those days you get to see that same picture in todays going on.

  7. The Manchuria candidate was programed to kill the President in response to a trigger word as I recall – Biden is a second rate politician who was on the take from China and provably others and offered the Presidency if he did exactly as he was told while Trudeau is a son trying to follow his Cuban father’s glory in creating a Marxist society- I don’t believe they are linked but they do share a wrecking ball as you quite rightly describe

  8. Howard, I love your optimism —— and pray for it to come true. I would love to see Trump back “in the driver’s seat” in 2024 because he now “knows his way around” Washington. And he would surround himself with better advisor’s next time. Those are lessons DeSantis would have to learn. Nevertheless, I will support!

  9. I too find your optimism uplifting & hope your predictions come true in Nov & again in 2024. How about Trump in 2024 & DeSantis in 2028 & 2032 – though I likely won’t live to see 2032+; no one in my family has lived past 86-87. But that would have me here for DeSantis in 2028 at least. So hoping & praying you are right on this Nov to start the conservative–Republican ball rolling. Indeed the swamp is made of up career civil servants (servants =misnomer) & extreme difficulty to oust.

  10. B & T both brainwashed but by WEF. Both are members led by Klaus Schwab trying to replace capitolism with OWO. Recall T said the pandemic was ideal opportunity to facilitate THE GREAT RESET. T tried a coup & failed, took many guns, made people poor, dependant on Gov & recently The Emergency Measures. That was a big mistake, quickly rescinded because it revealed WEF plan for Digital Currency freeze a/c’s, population control. Deputy PM is WEF Member too. Pandemic is not about health or virus.

  11. We can all guess at what is happening. Drugs, Sex, theft, crime against others and hatred of religion all are being rolled into one giant mess. The Left is pushing us towards Civil War at which time they will declare Martial Law and with the help of NATO Blue Helmet troops will attempt total gun control. At that point, Biden will be at the head of the table doing what ever he is told by the Cabal in Washington. Like Palestine, no more elections only War against believers.

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