They’re Terrified Of Kathy Barnette


Listen To The Democrats & The LEFTIST Media; You Would Never Imagine There’s A Critical Baby Formula Shortage.

This Is No Joke . . . This is as Critical and as Deadly as it Gets for the Lives & Mental Development of Newborns, But what Else Would a Normal Thinking Person Expect from a Political Party that is Pushing Come Hell & High Water for the Supreme Court and/or the Congress to Codify into Law, The Murder Of Children Right-Up-To & Even Beyond The Birth Of A Baby?

My Major Concern In The USA & Canada, is that the LEFT is Realizing that this is their Last Best Chance to Destroy our Society in Order to Have it Remade in their Sick Communist Mindset.


I Wasn’t Impressed With The Debate Format, But I was Impressed with Three of the Leadership Candidates. I will Have a Vote in the Nomination of the Next Federal Conservative Leader on September 10, 2022, which is a Ridiculously Long Time Away from Now to Have a Leadership Election.

I Believe the Long Duration of the Campaign was Set to Marginalize the Real Conservative Leader – Pierre Poilievre, in Favor of Promoting an Already Failed Not-So-Conservative Candidate, who was Already a Failed Conservative Leader Decades Ago and a Not-So-Stellar Provincial (Quebec Liberal) Premier.

So As A Voter For The Nomination, I get to Choose Three Candidates in Order of my Favorites. In the First Round, my Vote Goes to my First Choice. In the Second Round, if No Candidate Gets the Majority of Votes, my Second Choice will be Counted, and then my Third Choice if that’s the Case.

However, If My First Choice Doesn’t Win . . . I Will Put My Actual Election Vote, Blog Support & Money Behind Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada. who has Been 100% Consistent in his Real Conservative Views.

The Problem With The People’s Party Of Canada . . . is that as Much as I Would Love to Support Bernier, I Doubt that He or His Party Could Ever Win in a General Election, since He & His Party Lack the Money, the Media and the Organizational Ground-Game.

Here Are My Three Favorites In Order Of Choice . . . Pierre Poilievre, Roman Baber & Leslyn Lewis.


In The 2022 Republican Primary . . . Pennsylvania Conservative Kathy Barnette Is Scaring The Pants Off The Establishment.

If You Don’t Know . . . Kathy Barnette is a Real Conservative, who is a Black Woman with a No-Holds-Barred Strategy to Sell Herself, Her History & Her Platform to the American People, while her Two Primary Opponents (Oz & McCormick) are Doing their Best to Demean & Defame Barnette in a Deprecating Way.

Their First Attack Against Kathy Barnette As She Is Surging At The Polls . . .  was that Kathy Barnette was an Anti-Trumper During the 2016 Republican Primary, Where Barnette Supported Texas Senator Ted Cruz, while She Aggressively Disparaged Donald Trump.

If that Disqualifies Kathy Barnette from Being the Republican Choice to Face-Off Against the Pennsylvania Democrat Candidate in November 2022 . . . What Does That Say About JD Vance and a Large Army of Pro-Trumpers who were Aggressively Anti-Trump During the 2016 Primary, who Today Have Accepted Trump’s Make America Great Again Philosophy – Lock, Stock & Barrel?

What Does That Say About Me . . . Who Cajoled My American Friends To Finance Anti-Trump Republicans?


If you Want to Read what I Wrote About Trump During those 2016 Primaries, it’s all there in my Archives, where you Can Read my Editorials & Comments . . . When I Called Trump a Bully, Narcissist, Braggadocios . . . And Much Worse.

And Now – As I Can Glean From The Media . . . The Never Barnetters are Going After Barnette’s Military Record with a Vengeance, Digging to Find-Out Every Nuance of Barnette’s Service, to See if Barnette was 100% Accurate in her own Personal Military Assessment.

The Only Worthwhile Truth & Fact About Barnette’s Military Service Is This . . . Did Barnette Actually Serve in the American Military? And was Barnette Honorably Discharged? The Rest Is Political Bullshit & A Sign Of Desperation By Oz & McCormick.


When In Canada, the So-Called Conservative Party Needs to Rig their Leadership Campaign by an Extended Date . . . And in the United States of America, when Insider “Sort-Of Conservatives” Feel the Need to Pile-Onto the Military Service Record of an Opposition Candidate in Search of Meaningless Threads of “Possible” Malfeasance . . .

. . . It Says Far More About The Faux Conservatives – Than It Does About Their Real Conservative Opponents.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Barnette wants to stand arm in arm with George Floyd protestors (her words). Barnette wants to erect an Obama memorial statue (her words). She is no MAGA candidate, and she has no chance to win in the general.

  2. Wow Howard, Fascinating take on Oz bashing her and your ID of her. I don’t have time to dive into her and it all. I’m in So Cal, USA and we have more than enough problems I am focused on. BUT…I want the best conservative to WIN. I appreciate the Trumpers! But a TrINO ( Tumper in name only ) is just as bad as a RINO. Useless in realty. Here’s to the race and may the right person win! Thanks for what you do.

  3. You don’t find me disagreeing with you often, but I am right now. I feel that Maxime Bernier is not a team player and a sore loser. He would never get my vote

  4. The way you describe Kathy Barnette is like comparing her to Candace Owens or Kim Klacik, but some commentators above don’t seem to agree with you comparing her to a rino or a trino. Personally, I don’t know her, so I won’t comment further. About the Conservative leadership, yes, I agree with you that Sept 10 is way too long, and I don’t know yet if I will only put my first choice Pierre or put the other two candidates you support in the same order. If Pierre loses, it’s Bernier all the way

  5. There was a recall on an infant formula made by Abbott from last summer, which has been slowing things down. From the photos and documentation seen on Fox and the New York Post today, the baby formula… is sitting on pallets in illegal alien facilities in Texas; probably in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, too. So, if you’re short on anything (like infant formula, or probably other forms of food), it’s probably in a facility somewhere along the US/Mexico border.

  6. I guess us old folks raised on cows or goat milk lack the brain power of these babies needing formula. Folks are just plain lazy if they would allow a baby to starve because of lack of formula. Dr. are wrong all the time and change their minds all the time on what is good and bad for us. There are a few that are lactose intolerant, there are home remedies available. Barnette is like most politicians, they jump on the winning band wagon from the losing one. Don’t know her, I support Veterans.

  7. I was nursed on Tit, not baby formula and so were my kids. Is that no longer available? 😂👍🏻

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