While We Struggle To Survive – Let Them Eat Cake


This Will Be A Shortish Editorial . . . As Anne, Tavor & I Make Plans To Leave British Columbia Tomorrow Morning.

We are Looking Forward to Hitting the Road for our 3,600-Mile Journey Across the Few Contiguous States of America, Anne & I Have Not Yet Traveled.

And as we Travel, Anne, Tavor & I will be Staying all the Way at KOA RV Parks, where we will Have Full Hook-Ups, Electricity, Water & Sewage. We should Also Have WIFI, but Just in Case we Don’t, I Have Set-Aside 70-Gigabytes of Cell Service, which will Enable me to Continue Writing & Publishing Galganov.com, while we Pull-Over at Wherever for the Night.

And Perhaps More Important than all the Hook-Ups in these RV Parks for Anne & Myself, are the Assured Dog Runs for Tavor, so Our 92-Pound German Shepherd Dog can Get to Stretch his Legs after Some Long Hours on the Padded Back Floor of the F-250, even Though Tavor Commands the Whole Back of the Truck to Himself.

Because Of Travel Induced Time Restraints, The Editorials Will Be Somewhat Shorter Than Normal.

And Even Though There will be Fewer Editorials, which will Probably be Somewhat Shorter, I Promise they will still be Pertinent, Succinct & Well Researched.

Also – For The Readers Who Are Interested . . . We will be Heading South Along Interstate-5 from the Canadian Border to Grant’s Pass Oregon. From Grant’s Pass we will Swing a Hard Left (Geographically – Certainly Not Politically) to Denio Nevada, And Will Then Follow The 140 To The 95 To The 80 . . . All the Way Past Chicago, Winding-Up in Elkhart Indiana, where Anne, Tavor & I will Meet-Up with Friends from our Southeastern Ontario Neighborhood, who will Convey Home with us with their RVs.


As Trudeau Imposes Unsustainable “Carbon” Taxes Upon The People Of Canada, Making Fuel Near Unaffordable . . . In Places Like British Columbia, About $8-Dollars Per Gallon, which is Driving-Up all Costs of Sustenance, in Addition to the Other Costs of Living, Trudeau and his Government just Awarded Themselves a Huge Salary Increase for Doing Literally Nothing.


Not Only Didn’t Trudeau & his Political Cronies do Anything to Deserve that Raise which they Voted for Themselves . . . For The Past Two Years . . . Canada’s Politicians Didn’t Even Sit In Parliament.,

And Even If They Had . . . They Don’t Nearly Deserve The Money They’re Already Getting.

So . . . As we Fret over the Costs of Cereal, Milk & Eggs, and Food for our Pets, let Alone Gas or Diesel for our Cars, SUV’s & Trucks, the Bastards who are Responsible for our Severe Hardships, are Voting Hefty Raises for Themselves from our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars.

Marie Antoinette, Smothered In Privilege & Wealth Supposedly Said It Best Before She Lost Her Head – “Let Them Eat Cake”.


That Millions of Immigrants Flooded the Borders of Europe, All Of Europe, Under the Governance of the Recently Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Now in the United States of America Under the Tutelage of Joe Biden, Guided by Biden’s Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security . . . Alejandro Mayorkas, What Happened Throughout Europe is Happening Throughout America (Canada Too) – Which Is No Co-Incidence, And  Is An Indictment To All The Politicians & Media . . . Who & Which Pretended It Was.

As I Wrote From Day-One Of The Illegal Surge Of Immigration At The US Border – IT WAS BY DESIGN!


I’m Not Pointing Fingers – OK I’M POINTING FINGERS . . . Never Mind the Full-Throated Voice of Governor Greg Abbott . . . Why Did Abbott Wait Almost A Year & A Half To Decide To Finish Trump’s Wall?

And What’s Abbott Really Doing About The LEFTIST Insanity In Cities Like Austin & Houston? But He’s Not Alone.

I’ll Go Further . . . The Republican Members of the House and the Senate aren’t that Stupid, Ignorant or Blind Not to Have seen & Known. And Neither are the So-Called Conservative Media like Fox News . . . They Knew The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth From The Very Beginning . . . Yet They Played Dumb.

I Know This, Because I’m Not So Stupid As To Think That None Of Them Knew, Especially That All Of Them Didn’t Know.

When The Republicans & The Pretend Conservative Media Were Screaming – Why Doesn’t Biden Stop This? . . . Do you Really Believe that the Above Mentioned Actually Assumed that the Illegal Immigrant Invasion WASN’T Carefully Contrived by Design of the LEFTIST One World Government Strategy?

And Now That Title 42 Is About To Be Rescinded, America’s Border will be Wide-Open on the Southern Frontier to all who Wish to Invade the Once-Upon-A-Time Bastion of Constitutional Freedoms.

In A Day From Now, Anne, Tavor & I will be Crossing Into the United States Of America with all of our Certificates & Documents, which Include Covid Vaccine Passports, Canadian Passports, NEXUS Cards, Rabies Document for Tavor, Truck & RV Registration, Motor & RV Insurance Certificates and no Unwanted Food-Stuffs like Citrus Fruit.

Can You See This As An Act Right Out Of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. No truer words ….just called my wife to show her your editorial’s similarity to what I discussed with her last night. Nobody cares, nobody does anything, all talk no action. Republican / Democrat no difference. Only Patriots: Trump and Desantis !

  2. This poor planet is in one heck of a mess. There are no words. I’m sitting here like a deer in the head lights!!!! Safe journey, Howard. Thanks again for all your great articles, research and hard work.

  3. Absolutely amazing, Howard, the difference between you coming across the northern border with all your papers/ documents/ registrations, et al, while the southern border is open to anyone/everyone, regardless. Yes, it’s all by design. I am excited you will be seeing my beloved western Oregon! I hope your drive through this state will be pleasant. The Willamette valley should be especially beautiful this time of year.

  4. Complacency is rampant in the USA along with the attitude (let the other guy do it). We have open southern borders w/62,000 coming in per week and more expected starting in May. I just don’t understand the ‘attitude’! It we The People don’t DO THE NECESSARY no one else will. A Safe and Uneventful Return Trip to Canada!! Wave as you PASS Michigan!! BTW> Federal House & Senate vote themselves raises also. We gotta get that stopped! God Bless.

  5. Safe travels. May God be with you as you travel.

  6. In Canada, our immigration department can complete fully about 20 to 30 thousand cases per year. We take in 400 thousand a year. There is a backlog of 1.8 Million cases still not resolved. Close immigration for a few years, clear the backlog and when it’s re-opened, only let in what the department can handle in 1 year. Immigration while closed should be partially open for crises like the Ukraine war to allow in real refugees. WW 3 is coming and a major civil war is coming to the U.S.A. & Canada

  7. Have a safe trip back home! America is in deep “doo-doo”! Let’s hope and pray that the “swamp” will be “cleaned out” in November! AMEN!

  8. Have a safe journey. You mentioned Citrus Fruit. Many years ago I was at the N.B./ Maine Border heading for Florida in an old RV. The agent asked. Any citrus Fruit? I responded yes, Sunkist Oranges. He sad you can’t cross the border with that. I got and orange and brought it to the window and said “READ”. It says Sunkist. It came from Florida and I’m taking it back home. He gave me a glare then said, have a safe trip. Cheers.

  9. Have a safe trip, be cautious of the idiot drivers that occupy the US roads. We are heading for WAR, the cards all show that the idiots in charge want a reason to declare Marshal Law. Went into Costco yesterday, it was a shoppers nightmare, people with large carts buying up most anything necessity wise. The pallet of Survival Food in a 5 gal bucket was nearly gone. I have enough dry goods to last about 6 months. My Ex Navy Rescue Diver neighbor and I are ready for the 4 of us to live and defend.

  10. Prayers for you and your family’s safe return to your home. Praying for our world too!

  11. Safe travels to you, Anne and Tavor. I believe I have squirreled away many items that MAY be needed should there be a crisis. I think I have enough to share with family members if needed. But I worry about those who really believe that all is well. As you have mentioned the media has lied & obfuscated many of the problems in both America & Canada. Sadly so many people believe what MSM tells them is the absolute & final truth. Mostly I worry about our kids & grandchildren & GT- grandkids.

  12. Thanks again as usual for a great blog. It is too bad that you are not going through Alberta on the way home. Kenney has removed the fuel tax to offset Trudeau’s tax. He is far from perfect but at least he is trying. Maybe fuel is cheaper south of the 49th though. Politics continues to be a “dirty business”! You are more than aware of that. Safe Travels!

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