Trudeau’s Bridge Too Far


As I’ve Written Repeatedly, Virtually all of the World’s Tyrannical Leaders Eventually Don’t End Well. Trudeau Should Take Great Note, that Even with his Narcissistic Delirium, By & Large . . . The Majority Of Canadians Want Nothing To Do With His Quest For His Communist One World Government.

Trudeau Might Think That – Because The LEFT’S Dumbed-Down The Canadian Population – But It Ain’t  So.


Before the Trudeaus’ and the Greed of the People Who Made the Trudeaus’ Canadian Leaders for their own Selfish Financial Benefits, Canada Was Amongst The Great Countries Of The World . . . Where To Live.

But Because of the First Trudeau, who Lit the Spark that Derailed Canada as a Conservative Nation Built Upon a System of Meritocracy with Rock Solid Judeo/Christian Canadian Virtues & Values, Trudeau Launched Canada Towards A Slow & Steady Communist Trajectory.

And Now . . . The Son of Pierre Elliott Trudeau – Justin . . . is Doing all he Can to Complete the Sordid Job his Father Began – More Than 50-Years Ago, to the Point that Justin Doesn’t have his Father’s Smarts, Ability or Guts, Not that I Have Anything Positive or Good to Write About Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau’s Father Was Canada’s Most Divisive Leader Ever . . . Only To Be Outdone By His Useless “Son” Justin.


Because Of America’s 45th President (Donald Trump) . . . Who I Believe Will Become America’s 47th President . . .

Canadians Have Been Waiting for the Spark to Ignite the Inferno that an Ass-Wipe Like Trudeau Thinks He Can Extinguish, Simply by Pitting Canadians Against Canadians . . . Trump Proved Otherwise.

Let Me Tell The World A Little Something About Canadians . . . We’re Not Quite As Placid & Peaceful As You Think We Are.

Pussies – Don’t Face the Wrath of a Canadian Winter to Rally in the Frigid Cold. Snowflakes Don’t Venture-Out to Face the Force of the Government’s Armed Goons (Willing Police Government Accomplices). And Pansies Won’t Turn-Out by the Millions Across Canada to Rally In spite of the Unconstitutional Mandates that say the People Can’t Rally.


In Their Delusional Belief, that the People of Canada Have Become Socio/Politically Pacified, Trudeau & His Ne’er-Do-Wells . . . Have Just Come Face-To-Face with a Reality they Never Expected.

During WWII, My Father would Never Go into the Depths of what he Did in the War, but what He did Tell me Repeatedly, was When the Canadians were Assigned to Take a Hill, a Town or a Bridge . . . there Would Usually be just a Few (One Or Two) Artillery Shells Fired into the Enemy Position, Rather than the Type of Barrage which Led American & British Troops Before their Assault . . .

And When the Go Signal was Sent for the Canadians to Fix Bayonets & Start the Advance, the Royal Canadian 22nd Regiment from Quebec (French Canadians Known As Van Doos – A French Acronym For 22nd) would Attack Screaming Like Banshees as they Rushed Forward. The Kilted Canadian Black Watch from Montreal Hurtled Themselves Against the Enemy with the Sound & Fury of the Pipes & Drums Leading Them-On. And my Dad’s Maritime (New Brunswick) Regiment (Carleton & York) Came Straight-Up the Middle.

The Germans’ Blood Curdled when they Heard the Van-Doos, Saw & Heard the Black Watch, who they Called the Ladies from Hell Because of their Kilts . . . and Had to Stand Against the Relentless Assault from the Carlton York. That’s Who Canadians Were & Are.

Ask Any American Soldier Who Served With Canadians In Afghanistan? – Canadians Don’t Cut & Run.


But Don’t Expect Justin Trudeau to Know any of that, Because, as My Dad & His Brothers, Along with Millions of Other Canadians (French, English & Immigrant), who Fought the Nazis through Europe for 5-Long Years, Trudeau’s Father Pierre Elliott, who was Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth, was Busy Avoiding the Service, while Riding his Motorcycle through the Quebec Countryside Wearing Nazi Paraphernalia.

Trudeau . . . When You Don’t Know Who You’re Fighting – Don’t Expect To Win.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I was at the protest in downtown Toronto last Saturday…it was as euphoric as Woodstock! Canadians and Americans are the best, the bravest, and most dependable people on the planet…those of us with brains in our heads that is. Thank you to our American Friends!! Go truckers!!

  2. I think most USA citizens (not the Libtards, of course) are supportive of the Canadian truckers and ordinary citizens who are fighting for liberty for all of us. They are sacrificing a lot and we so appreciate what they are doing. By the way, just where is Justin hiding out?

  3. You are right. The big problem from my neighbors in Quebec and eastern Ontario is that most will liberal out of habit. They don’t understand the issues and and be bothered to find out. But if the liberals promise them some goodies, that will good enough. Don’t mention balanced budgets to these people, because that will mean nothing extra at the trough. It’s got to be a bilingual francophone who come Quebec. Ray Moscato. Calgary Alberta

  4. It’s a pretty sad state of affair, when the government is taking more measures against a bunch of individuals honking their horns downtown Ottawa… than they did when rioters were tearing down statue and looting stores… Railroad blockades?… No problems. Trucks parked downtown Ottawa… We better call the army. Ho well, maybe Ottawa protesters should be asking where all the foreign donations to the Trudeau fondation is coming from?

  5. I thought it rather cute the idea of freezing the fuel supply. Real smart. The vehicles run out of fuel and sit right where they are. Checkmate. Takes rather large tow trucks to move them; and their dogs aren’t even in the fight. But if they were it would take three months to move them to who knows where they would be impounded. Yeah, smart. Checkmate. Eddie Hnatko Texas

  6. It was only by the grace of God that no one was killed. Yet all the charges Zegarac is facing are tantamount to dangerous driving. The police are treating this incident like a run-of-the-mill hit-and-run rather than attempted murder motivated by hate. And, of course, the mainstream media is keeping their lips sealed. They would rather condemn peaceful truckers setting up bouncy castles and advocating to restore freedom to all Canadians than report on this story. Freedom For Canada.

  7. Hey Howard. The convoy is protesting the scientifically illegitimate trucking vaccine mandates to the Prime Minister at his supposed place of work, the Parliament buildings. Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa thinks it’s all about him and has declared a State of Emergency in Ottawa. So far, in spite of warnings from all media about violence there has been none. The truckers are peacefully exercising Charter rights while Trudeau and his minions and media continue to hype anarchy. Panties are twisted. Yu

  8. I guess my Father and 15 year old Brother were in the same outfit as you Dad. The Carlton York. Who knows, they may have met. They just arrested a senior in an SUV for blowing his horn. Wow, what brave and dedicated Police we have. Makes one proud to be on the side of the TRUCKERS.

  9. We are heading to a showdown with Obama’s operatives The next few months will see gradually increasing preparations leading to the above

  10. I believe I just saw how the US Gov’t is going to handle US truckers, Flying J has a diesel price of 4.45. They figure truckers will not be able to afford the fuel to Convoy. Both countries are on the edge of an Abyss with a bottom near HELL. My father talked of the Canadian Warriors of WWII, my friends that were in Nam talked of the also. Let’s hope the weak LIbs will cave before we go to Civil War as it will be one that their is no winner. China and Russia would love to see us in Civil War.

  11. When trudope mourned his communist “uncle Fidel” on behalf of ALL Canadians, I wrote a letter. I told him he did NOT speak on my behalf, since I already experienced the communist paradise in Hungary and I am just fine without Fidel. Just as an aside I would be equally fine without Justin as well but I don’t wish him harm. Just go back to being a bouncer and stay out of politics.

  12. Freedom Truckers, as a group, are becoming an International Movement ——- thanks to the spark of the Canadian truckers. If our freedom is to be saved, the spark has been lit. We must not let it die!!!

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