The Shameful Truth Of The Genocide Olympics


Do You Think The Chinese Communist Genocide Games Doesn’t Have Standing In History? If you Do, Think Again, Since what the Chinese are doing in February 2022, the Nazis & Other Tyrannies Have Done Over the Centuries and the Millenia.

On September 15, 1935 . . . Hitler’s Nazis Enacted The Nuremberg Laws, Which Disenfranchised Every Jew In Germany.

The Nuremberg Laws . . . Literally Stripped Every Jew in Germany, Plus Germans who Weren’t Jewish, but had Jewish Ancestral Blood Passed through their Veins by a Single Jewish Grandparent of all their Rights . . . To The Extent Where They All Lost National Rights & Eventually Their Lives In The Most Grotesque Manner Imaginable.

In All Essence – After September 1935, All Jews In Germany Officially Became Non-Persons . . . And In The Eyes Of The Government Sub Human (Untermenschen).

On August 1, 1936 . . . Hitler Himself Opened The Nazi Games To The Fanfare Of The World.

On March 13, 1938 . . . Hitler Declared Anschluss, Which Annexed Austria To Germany, to Thousands of Cheering Austrians as Nazi Troops Marched Through Austria to Vienna.

On April 10, 1938, the People of Austria were Asked if they Supported Nazi Germany & Germany’s Nuremberg Laws, To Which 99.75% Of The Austrians Who Were Asked Said Yes.

On September 29, 1938 . . . Hitler, Mussolini, Daladier & Chamberlain Colluded To Sell-Out Czechoslovakia (Sudetenland) to the Nazis.

On September 1, 1939 . . . Hitler Invaded Poland & WWII Was Declared.


It‘s No Less Shameful For Participants Of These Genocidal Olympics Than It Was For The Participants  Of Hitler’s Olympics.

Think German Jews & Think Chinese Uighurs. Think Anschluss & Think Tibet & Hong Kong. Think Czechoslovakia & Think Taiwan. Think Nazi Olympics & Think Chinese Genocidal Olympics. Think WWII & Think Of What Might Become Of Our Appeasement To Communist China.

Anyone Participating In This Communist Chinese Human Travesty Is As Bad As The Perpetrators.

I READ LABELS . . . It’s almost Impossible to Buy Much of Anything that Doesn’t Have Communist Chinese Fingerprints All-Over it, But I Go-Out-Of-My-Way To Read Labels . . . And Unless I Really Need what I Want to Buy, and if There is No Alternative to Made in China . . . I Won’t Buy It!


Think I’m Bloviating? I’m Not . . . Beside the Thousands of Trucks & Truckers, Tractors Driven from Far & Wide by Farmers Who Have Descended on Ottawa and as Have Many Tens of Thousands of Regular Folk Including People on Horseback . . . To Show Us That Our Great Reset Is In Progress, Which Is To Go Back To A Time Before The LEFT Took Hold.

This Massive Demonstration Of The People From Right Across The Country (Canada), Caught the Political & Bureaucratic Assholes Who Make the Rules they Want us to Live-By . . . So-Off-Guard, that the Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) Can’t Conjure or Evoke Nearly Enough Lies to Paint Regular Canadians as Home-Grown Terrorists, Racists, Anti-Semites & Misogynists who are Physical Threats to Society . . . for Trudeau to Rally People to the Side of his Tyrannical Government.

The Liberal Mayor Of Ottawa (Jim Watson) Just Declared A City State Of Emergency . . . What Emergency?

Is the Emergency Reflected by the Fact that the People of Canada Want to Tell the Government (All Governments) What To-Do . . . Rather than the Government Telling The People What To-Do? Or is it Because the People are Saying Clearly to the Government (All Governments) – You Work For Us . . . We Don’t Work For You.

This Liberal Mayor Of Ottawa Has Repeatedly Said That These People Don’t Belong In Ottawa.

Well Mayor Watson . . . You Can Kiss My Canadian Ass, Because the Last time I Looked, Ottawa is Canada’s Capitol, where all Canadians Have a Right To-Be, and as a Canadian, There Is No Public Place Where I Have NO Right To-Be.

And If Watson Would Take The Time To Read Canada’s Charter Of Rights & Freedoms (Constitution), Maybe this Panicked Liberal Bozo Would Know & Understand that all Canadians Have the Undisputed Right to . . . Freedom Of Travel, Freedom Of Expression, Freedom Of Assembly & Freedom Of Association With No Mandates I’m Aware Of That Say Otherwise.


Where Are The Trucker Riots? Where’s the Carnage, the Beatings, the Weapons, the Infernos, Lootings & Murders, which we all Bore Witness-To, just a Year Ago Caused in the United States for More than a Year, By Black Lives Matter & Antifa, as the Political LEFT Cheered Them-On, With Donations From Go-Fund-Me – as These LEFTIST Thugs Gutted the Essence of Peaceful “Democracy” Throughout America?


The Only Canadian Political Leader to Take a Hammer to Go-Fund-Me was People’s Party Of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier. Not One Conservative Leader in Ottawa or any Conservative Leader of any Conservative Province even Mentioned Any Consternation, As To What Go-Fund-Me Tried To-Do-To The Truckers.

But – God Bless Ron DeSantis Of Florida . . . and about a Half Dozen or So Conservative American Attorney Generals who are Taking Go-Fund-Me to Task for Fraud & Theft, Along with Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is Reading the Riot Act to this LEFTIST Swindling Operation.

A Great Unexpected Consequence to the Truckers’ Rally is the Demise of National Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole, who Conned the Conservative Party Into Believing he was a Conservative, where in Fact, O’Toole was a Trudeau Ass-Kisser.

And As A Result, the Conservative Party has Appointed a Real Conservative Member of Parliament, Candice Bergen from Manitoba, Not to be Confused with the LEFTIST American Actress (Candice Bergen) . . . who Supports the Truckers and all Things Conservative, to Become the Conservative Party Interim Leader, Until the Party Picks a New Leader.


And For The Cherry Atop The Whipped Cream . . . Hard Core Conservative Party Member & Firebrand – Pierre Poilievre, who has Proven Beyond any Shadow of any Doubt that he is Not Politically Correct, Has Decided To Come Off The Bench & Run To Be The Party Leader.

I’ve Been Writing For Quite A While That The Comeuppance Is Soon To Be On The Way – Guess What?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • What the CCP is doing to the Uyghur minority is wrong on every front. However, I am having a hard time feeling sympathy when members of one totalitarian ideology abuse the rights of the members of another totalitarian ideology. Google “hindu holocaust.”

    Tony Kondaks, Mesa, Arizona,
  • We need to put our full support behind Pierre Poilievre. And that means Bernier needs to figure out how to amalgamate with the UPC. We don’t need more vote splitting in Canada, which only helps the Marxist Liberal and NDP parties.

    Don Bos., Thorhild, Alberta, Canada
  • I support Pierre Poilievre 100% and I am sure that he is the leader to take over from the Liberals. My worry is that the Canadian Media will go out of their way to downplay Pierre in anyway possible. Interesting that on last nights CTV News, gave him less than a 30 second time slot and a very short piece of his reason for running against Liberals.

    Jock Macrae, Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Please keep on. We are having to wait till NEXT YEAR when the new House and Senate come into power. We are horrified at what the evil Democrats will do between now and then. We need a similar “convoy” that causes defections and retirements of the nasty people. The trouble is the media and dark money holds these people up. So, what’s to do?

    Alan Seeling, Buena Vista, Colorado, United States
  • The Liberal Party’s greatest fear is Pierre Poilievre. They pulled all stops to try to discredit him in the last Federal election.. Although I live in N.B. I chipped in a few dollars to help him fight off the crap that they spread throughout his riding. He won big time and he will put Canada back on the rails as PM of this country. All Canadians need to step up and support him in any way possible. He is , more than likely, our last hope to remain a free Nation.

    Ted Ross, Miramichi, N.B., Canada

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • To me Max is the only true conservative leader we have left in Canada. The policies the PPC stands for and upholds are true conservative. Although Poillievre is a well spoken politician and not the problem, the parties hierarchy, executive and establishment is rotten to the core and have aligned themselves with the Globalist and over time have slowly eroded the true principals of conservatism and in the process have muzzled or expelled anyone that does not sing their tune.

    John Loosdrecht, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada
  • Want to know how to catch pigs, put up a 3 sided pin with the front open, put in free food, in time add the 4th side with a gate and continue the free food. when the pigs enjoying the free food are not paying attention close the gate. You have pigs ready for slaughter. Same with the Socialist agenda, give them free stuff until they rely on it, slowly take away their rights and you have a generation ready for slaughter. Obama was good at this, Biden is a dense old man puppet. Clinton fingerprints

    Azevedo, Star, ID, United States
  • The fascistic Go Fund Me should be ashamed, condemned and sued for not allowing fundraising proceeds to go to rightful owners. Luckily a new fund is setup at Give Send Go and they already have collected $4.3M as of this morning (Feb 7)

    Jim Pope, Phoenix, Arizona,
  • Pierre, as well as his Drama Teacher son, Justin, are bought and sold by the Chinese Communist Country. Read the book “Red Handed” by Peter Schweizer Trudeau Family is China’s Gift to Canada. Canada has been fooled to long.

    Carol Ann Taylor, Pompano Beach, FL, United States
  • Thank you. I am the same for buying anything from China for 20 years now, nothing from China if possible. As for Candice she went through WEF school dont trust her. CPC lost me when theyvputvthe Toole in bue bue, let’s go PPC and Max

    Erle, Barrie, ON, Canada
  • For 6 wks, Trudeau & other politicians were okay with Down pointing backhand index. Billions in costs, thousands laid off, rail signals damaged, tracks sabotaged, fires set, private property damaged. Who kept the country going?

    Carol Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Hey Howard. Trudeau is working on a Marx/Hitler playbook to implement his totalitarian state by initiating demonizing isolated segments of the population. His first target was gun owners and now it’s truckers. The trucking mandates cited “for the greater good” are stupid and unnecessary and will not affect the spread of Covid and are not defensible for any intelligent reasons. Next target is free speech because the media is co opted and refuses to question him.The convoy must succeed.

    James Moffat, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
  • I have not watched one moment of the “O’s” —– will not. A few minutes ago (11am, Monday) I got a bad news message that the truckers in Ottawa are going to arrested and hauled away —– why is that NOT a surprise —-???

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA, Small Retailers/Resellers, USA
  • Just love Azevedo, Star, ID’s analogy regarding the ‘recruiting of pigs’. China has been very successful via introducing their virus from their Wuhan Lab. It has caused America’s DECLINE in many areas, e. g., the economy; job status; adult and children’s mental health status; educational system; loss of some Freedoms; etc… They have recruited “many pigs” thus far. Let’s PRAY for a successful CONSERVATIVE Congress & Senate WINS in November 2022 to be able to REVERSE this trend! AMEN!

    Pauline M Demers, Woonsocket, RI, US

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