It’s Tuchus Offen Tish Time


As Jews were Migrating from Eastern Europe, Escaping Anti-Semitism to Discover Freedom in North America, Specifically in the United States of America, but in Canada Too, Many of the Jewish Immigrants Went to Work for the Heavily Jewish-Owned Shmata Trade (Clothing Manufacturing – Garment Trade), AKA Sweat Factories, where the People were Overworked in Abominable Conditions for Slave Wages, Since they Couldn’t Speak English & Needed a Means to Shelter & Feed Themselves & Families.

And Just as in Europe, but Somewhat Less Severely – Anti-Semitism was also Rife in America, which Meant Poor Jewish Immigrants were Literally Forced to Work for the Only People who Would Hire them . . . Who Were Jewish Factory Owners, which Brings me to the Definition (Translation) of the Title of this Editorial – Tuchus Offen Tish.

I’m Not Proud Of My Jewish Co-Religionists For This . . . But It Will Explain A Lot About This Editorial.

In The Garment Factories, there are Many Components of the Manufacturing Process, all having a Common Theme, which are the Elongated Tables used for Fabric Measuring, Cutting & Assembly before Sewing, where After Work Hours, Many of the Factory Owners or Managers would Literally Coerce their Dependent Jewish Female Workers who Wanted to Keep their Job or Whatever . . . To Put Tuchus Offen Tish, which Literally Translates to . . . Putting Your Ass On The Table – where the Despicable Factory Owners/Managers would have Unwelcomed Sex with their Female Employees.

In This Day & Age It Would Be Called Rape.

This Practice . . . Which was Not a Proud Part of our Jewish History, Became Known as Putting It On The Table, which Literally Meant . . . Put-Up Or Shut-Up – And That’s Your Only Viable Choice.


For the Longest Time, our Politicians in all Parties were Doing Under the Table What they Would Never Get Away with Doing Over the Table.

HOWEVER . . . Because Of President Donald TrumpIt’s Now Tuchus Offen Tish, where the Democrats & RINOS Can No Longer Do the Things They’ve been Doing & Hiding for Generations Without Accountability.

And for the So-Called Centrist Democrats and the Soft Republicans to Have Even a Modicum of a Chance to Win Anything at the Academic, Municipal, State or National Political Level . . . They No Longer Have any Option Other than to Put It all on the Table (Tuchus Offen Tish).

It’s One Thing To Pretend. But when Pretending-Time Is Done, and the Culpability & Damage of What the Democrats & RINOS are Responsible-For is No Longer in Question . . . Their Malfeasance Is Laid-Wide-Open For All People To See – Including Democrat & Independent Centrists Who Today Are Democrat Voters Of Remorse.


Not Only Will It Get Worse . . . It Will Get Much Worse Beyond Our Imagination, as was Shown Through the Recent Absurd Ignorance of the Three LEFTIST Jurists on the Supreme Court, to the Point Where the LEFTIST Side of the Supreme Court of America has Become a Laughing-Stock, Instead Of The Trustworthy Above Politics Constitutional Third Rail Of The American Government.


Very Few People Have Faith Or Trust In The House & Senate. And The White House Has Become An Embarrassment.

And When it Comes to the Media, Virtually all the Media, Including Hollywood . . . Trust & Respect are No Longer Credible Options. So What Is?

When You Go From Being Derided To Becoming The Community Joke – It’s All Over.

The Only Option for the American People is the RESET, which the LEFT was Pedaling During the 2020 Election, but Not the Much Ballyhooed RESET the LEFT was Expecting.

This RESET Will See The Re-Emergence Of A Government Of The People, By The People & For The People.

I Don’t Particularly Trust Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy . . . But Even McCarthy had to Lay-It-All on the Table just a Day Ago, if (When) the Republicans Take-Back the House & McCarthy is Voted to be the Speaker of the House in January 2023, that McCarthy will Move the Government Hard to the Values of Conservative America, where the Government will be Answerable to the People Instead of the People Being Answerable to the Government.

In Essence . . . It’s Tuchus Offen Tish Time For All The Politicians.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hmmm, maybe that’s where we get the term ‘tookus’ (meaning one’s butt) from. It would be better if someone other than McCarthy were made Speaker. He’ll be little if any different than the last 2 GOP speakers we had. We need a genuine conservative, not a middle-of-the-road one. Those types slide to whatever party is in control so actually do nothing for either.

  2. I’m waiting for some kid to say “The President has no brains” because no editor has allowed any journalist to say it. Not enough voters pay attention to the news to change their ignorant choices. Our freedoms are circling the drain so I hope you’re right about a Republican win Howard.

  3. I know McCarthy isn’t way far to the right but I didn’t know he was a democratic.

  4. For those of us living in NY State, I loved the indirect reference to our home town Shmata business in Montreal, although there was probably less table schtupping north of the Metropolitan than in NYC ( unless those beautiful Sephardic women at the sewing tables in the Chabanel district were in the process of stealing their bosses away from their unsuspecting Ashkenazi wives).

  5. You wrote, “I Don’t Particularly Trust Democrat House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy”. I think you probably meant Republican house minority leader.

  6. My heart is sadden to have read what they did to the girls who worked in the factories. What horrible men to have done this to hard working ladies. I hope that in the long run these animals were punished one way or another. As doe the rest of your great Editorial sorry to say Howard but I dislike the Democratic so much I cannot even write about them. They all stink as far as I am concerned. Just get that nutty Nancy P. out of there and all her ladies who follow her. Hope you and Anne Had a won

  7. From the beginning of time, Bullies have taken advantage of weaker folks, women and children seem to be the easy pickings. People who use their position of Power for sexual pleasure are the worst kind of Bully. But on the other foot, folks who use their sexual prowess as a weapon to gain favor are not much better. This has worked in Politics seems forever if I believe all of history. Slave owners, business owners, and just plain bullies have dominated the weak. They will answer for it in the end

  8. Howard, almost all Nationalities, that came to America faced the same problem, maybe not as severe, but the Irish were almost in lock step w/ the Jewish people. including the Holocaust. A little known fact, but it is in the Irish history books. When Cromwellen landed in Ireland he slaughtered over 3million old men and women pregnant women and children, a large majority of them were forced over a cliff alive and Here in the USA. signs in windows “Help Wanted , Irish or negro’s need not apply

  9. You are correct to be suspicious of McCarthy. I don’t trust him at all. He’s a RINO and if Trump wins in 2024 I think he will work behind Trump’s back, as did Boehner and Ryan.

  10. Howard, the Speaker of the House doesn’t necessarily have to be a sitting member of Congress. The Republican members of Congress can nominate and elect Donald Trump as Speaker. That would mean he would be third in line to the presidency. Biden is removed for dementia, the Republicans successfully impeach Harris, then Trump would become president. All done by the existing rules. All done constitutionally. Won’t that bite the Democrats on the tuchus.

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