The Sick Joke’s On Us


There Was No Insurrection. There Was No Armed Revolt. The Only Person Murdered Was An Unarmed Protestor.


What Makes January 6, 2021 So Infamous & Egregious . . . It is the Blatant Politicization of the Judicial System from the US Attorney General to the Beat-Cop, to Federal Agents, to the WOKE American Military – To the Point that America’s Free Government is Cascading Down a Path to Tyranny.

The Real Threat To Democracy (I Hate That Word) . . . or More Correctly Stated “Constitutional Republic”, are the Democrats who Have Militarized the Government’s Apparatus for their Own Political Benefit.

When Merrick Garland Spoke Yesterday (January 5, 2022) – Stating . . . (To Paraphrase) That the Most Important Judicial Issue in America Sitting on his Desk Right Here & Now, is Prosecuting Every Person Who Had a Hand in the January 6, 2021 Attack On The US Capitol Building . . . Whether They Were There Or Not, will be Found & Prosecuted to the Fullest Extent of the Law.

What Does That Mean . . . Whether They Were There Or Not?


Does that Mean, that Anyone who Had a Curious Public Opinion on the Validity of the 2020 Presidential Election Result Could be Charged with Sedition for Questioning the Presidential Outcome?

Does that Also Mean Indictments will be Issued Against Sitting Members of Congress who Didn’t Accept the Results of the 2020 Election – for Encouraging Sedition by Opinion, which Led to the January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill Riot . . . Meaning Their 2022 Re-Election Bid Would Be Invalid Because Of DOJ Indictments?

And If You Think That’s Not A Real Possibility – Think Again!


The Democrats Have Engaged In Theatrics To Create “The Tail Wags The Dog” Narrative, Which Is A Dangerous Game.

As It Has Been Attributed to Abraham Lincoln . . . You Can Fool All The People Some Of The Time, Some Of The People All The Time, But Never All The People All The Time.

Whether President Lincoln Said the Preceding or Not is Irrelevant to the True Meaning, Because in the Final Analysis, the American People are Smart Enough to See the Light in the Darkness, as is being Evidenced Everyday by the Abysmal Ratings of Legacy Media and the Explosion of New Social Media to Compete with the Likes of Facebook, YouTube & Even Google by the Competition of Gettr, Gab, Rumble, DuckDuckGo, Parler and a Huge Host of Others.

The American People Will Take A Lot Of Abuse . . . But Being Lied To Isn’t One Of Them.

The January 6, 2021 Witch-Hunt, or Perhaps More Succinctly Defined as a Democrat Inspired Monkey-Trial is an Insult to all Thinking Americans, who are Still Politically Savvy Enough to Understand the Difference Between Truth, Fiction and a Plethora of Political Bullshit.

Perhaps The Biggest Problem With Washington Is That The Denizens Of The Capitol Have Lost Total Touch With The People.

It’s like Hollywood & the Legacy Media . . . Both of which and whom Have Become so Deluded with their Own Fairytale Excellence, that they Have No Idea what the Real World is Like.


A Former FDA Commissioner & Current Pfizer Board Member Just Stated A Truth Many Of Us have Known From Day-One.

Virtually from Day-One, when the Governments and the Media Started Touting the Efficacy of Mask Wearing to Beat the China Virus, I Railed Against the Idiocy of Stopping the Spread of the Virus with Paper Masks that are Akin to Stopping a Mosquito with a Chain Link Fence.

Finally . . . The “Experts” Who Have Been Lying To Us For Almost Two Years About Masks Have Fessed-Up – Whoop-Dido.

Whatever the LEFT has Told us to Do to Mitigate this China Virus has Been Untrue, Divisive, Damaging Economically, Spiritually, Intellectually and Incalculably Damaging to our Global Physical & Mental Health . . . To The Point Of Years Of Cultural Armageddon.

If Political Lying Was Righteous . . . Our Capitols Would Be In Heaven.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. What is the difference between watching the demon rat’s never-ending witchhunts and the comedy show Bewitched? Ah yes, one was a comedy and the demon rat’s one is a tragedy full of lies and zero comedy. I would rather watch Bewitched.

  2. Thank goodness Garland never made it to SCOTUS. But he’s doing as much/more damage as Atty Gen. Just finished an Epoch Times article, Jan 6: Legacy of Troubling Questions. I’m sure the info will make it no further than The Epoch Times, never in MSM or even the courts. Thank you for pointing out we are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. The Dems/progressives/leftists started calling us a democracy many decades ago & it stuck…repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth kind of thing.

  3. Yes!! We are a “Constitutional Republic” the Dems are trying to “Brainwash” the ignorant people of America all the way to the Gas Chambers!!!!

  4. I have been following this topic closely and it is clear that what is being pushed at us relentlessly by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and their cronies on the far left is pure unmitigated BS. I just watched the trailer for the recently released documentary “Capital Punishment” and decided to get a copy. I’m hoping it reveals the truth about what actually happened on January 6th and more people wake up to what this administration is up to.

  5. I think it was the circus promoter PT Barnham not Lincoln for the quote. It does not make it less valid.

  6. Asto your statement about uselessness of mask, my return is: about as useful as a tit on a bore hog.

  7. To me the evidence is overwhelming that the election was stolen from Trump. Even a third of Democrats agree. All you hear from the left is that’s a conspiracy theory. If true then the Democrats commited treason which all Americans should protest. The Democrats did what they always do, blame the right for what they are doing. They call the right traitors and call it an insurrection when they in fact are the traitors and slander the protesters, the patriots, and keep them in prison.

  8. All you have to do is watch the news, new DA in NY is changing what Crime is. You can get away with just about anything as long as you do not shoot someone. Robbery, drug sales, mugging, trespass, all are now minor crimes that you can walk away from jail if arrested. But if you piss off the wrong Politician you will be in deep do do, if you are a white male. Say the wrong thing, even if it was 20 years ago and it could bite you. We are heading down a very bad path that leads to a civil war.

  9. What I hope is happening is—the Demoncrats have finally revealed their alliance with SATAN and their complicity in destroying America–Never forget that this is a battle against evil!

  10. Howard, you are seeing tyranny in its purest form and in full operation in the U.S. today, I am surprised that there has been no real uprising, but, I think there will be one if the commie’s mess w/ the upcoming election, and I would not want to be in a Democrats shoes if there is.

  11. I never cease to be surprised how some “so called” smart people fall for this baloney. I do know they never go outside of their beloved TV stations and believe everything they say is “true” . I hate that we can’t have a reasonable debate on how things are happening and why. Thanks HG for great editorials.

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