Save Your Conspiracy Theories For Yourself


I’m Not Going To Get Into A Debate To Vaccinate Or Not Vaccinate . . . So Don’t Use This Blog To Do-So Either.

I’m Not An Expert On Health Or Science . . . But I Am An Expert On Me. And just like the Vast Majority of People in North America & Around the World, I am Being Bombarded with Information that Runs from The Roof Is Falling . . . To – Don’t Worry Be Happy.


But Stop Promoting Fear & Anxiety For The People Who Want To Get Vaccinated.

I Have Said & Written this from Day-One, when the Vaccines were First Introduced, Anne & I Reserved Judgment Until we Saw What the After-Effects were for Ourselves. And Neither of us Believe for a Second that there is some Kind of Global Conspiracy to Vaccinate the Entire World to Create Birth Control or Anything Else.

I Do Not Believe Now . . . Nor Did I Believe Then – That Big Pharma & Big Government Are Out To Kill Us.

I Do Believe that Big Pharma is Out to Make as Much Money as it Can & Governments of all Sizes are Out to Give Themselves as Much Power as they Can Get Away-With.


I Don’t Necessarily Believe in Big Pharma Nor In Big Government . . . So Don’t Ask Me or Any of the Readers of to Believe in Conspiracy Theories Either.

People Read . . . Because I Write About the Things I Know & What I Can Prove. And I Question What the Government or Any other Entity Can’t Prove, which they Far Too Often Try to Shove Down our Throats.

I Write About the Media, Honesty, Integrity, Constitutional Laws, Ethics, Morality & Education – Plus So Many Other Value Based Issues . . . Without Laying Claim To Being An Expert On Any Of The Preceding.

In Essence . . . People Read What I Write Because It Offers Some Balance In A Very Unbalanced World.


Virtually . . . All The People I Personally Know Have Been Vaccinated, Save A Few For Whatever Reasons They Haven’t.

And People Who Have Chosen Not To Be Vaccinated Are Not My Business . . . Anne & I Do Not Hesitate To Shake Hands, Give People a Hug or even a Two Cheek Kiss (Quebec Style) Whether They’re Vaccinated or Not. And as a Matter of Course . . . Neither Anne Nor I Ever Ask Anyone If They’ve Been Vaccinated For Us To Be Near Them.


Several of the People I Personally Know have had Moderate Aftereffects Once Being Vaccinated. One Person I Personally Know has Had a Difficult Time for One Month After the Vaccination, which is Just One Person of Many. I’m Sure There Are More.


If The Government Wants To Divide Us . . . There’s No Better Way Than Social Distancing, Mask & Vaccine Mandates.

The LEFT . . .  Especially in the United States of America, has been Arduously at Work Dividing Americans Based on Race, Gender, Education, Wealth & Location for More than a Generation . . . And Now It’s All About The China Virus.

The Other Way We Can Be Divided . . . is with People Sending Contrived Information as Fact Over the Internet, Making all Manner of Unsubstantiated Claims about Vaccines and the People who Choose to Take Them.

Just Because You Read It On The Internet Doesn’t Make It True. There’s No Shortage of Lavishly Published Professional Looking Crap on the Internet, which Appears Indisputable, But Is Actually Tripe.

Including Anne & Myself, Other than this One Person Anne & I Know Personally, Have Not Suffered Anything of a Substantive Negative Effect as a Result of Taking the Vaccine. That’s Information I Can Tell You Personally . . . With 100% Confidence.

Anne & I Have Good Friends who Came to us who were Not Vaccinated & Didn’t Want to Get Vaccinated, who all of a Sudden were Placed in a Position where they were Required to Get Vaccinated if they Wanted to Participate in a Special Event, who Asked us for our Advice.

All We Told Them Was What We Decided For Ourselves & What Were Our Side-Effects. The Rest Was Up To Them.

So Please Stop Telling . . . that Millions of People Have Died, Become Comatose or are Forever Crippled in One Way or Another because they were Vaccinated, which Makes those Claims Less Believable than so much of the BS we’re Fed from the Governments Day-In & Day-Out.

It’s Tough Enough To Make Real Life Decisions . . . Based on What we all Have to Deal with just to Survive Each Day, Without Bloggers Linking-Onto BS Websites To Spread More Unfounded Fear & Doubt.


And Perhaps In The Much Larger Scope Of Things . . . While we Focus, Debate & Argue about to be Vaxxed or Not to be Vaxxed, the Global LEFT is Charging Forward Every-Day to Bring us all Closer to a One World Communist Government.

This Virus Is Going To Dissipate . . . But The Loss Of Our Freedoms Won’t.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I agree that peoples’ decisions for themselves, in all matters, are up to those individuals. AND Biden’s dictatorial mandates have been stopped in all 50 states by a Federal judge. Businesses are finally fighting back as well as states against gov’t overreach. I think we can all agree that’s a good thing. A friend spends a lot of time an “off-the-wall” website & believes what they spout. I continue to say, “I’ll believe it when I see it, or it happens.” They want it to be true so belie

  2. We are 74 and did vax. However I agree it is a personal choice. We are personally debating booster shots as the virus off shoots maybe weaker. That said. I stand behind those who refuse vax. Some have said business can have a dress code so a vax code is no big deal. One tells me what to put over my body and one tells me to put something in my body. Not the same.

  3. I have chosen to not get vaxxed; my husband got his first 2 shots. We disagree on this entire subject on many levels. All that being said, people should be allowed to live their lives the way they want (within the laws of a civil society of course), and not be forced to put something inside their bodies under government mandates. An analogy is like putting food into our bodies: some eat Big Mac’s and french fries every day; some of us eat salads and take vitamins; it’s called freedom.

  4. Azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin were all proven to cure the china virus but have been suppressed by the leftist news so that big pharma can get super rich with greed with the vaccines. In Africa, it was noticed that the cases of the china virus are minimal probably because they take daily doses of hydroxychloroquine to fight malaria. Finally super happy that chris cuomo was fired by the compost clinton news network. That made my day. Now for don lemon & rachel maddow of mslsd !!!!

  5. Moderna stock price on 2/14 2020 $20 on 9/10 2021 $449. Now its $265,if we can talk people into jabbing down to 5yrs. old every 5 months who knows the sky is the limit? That would be child abuse just like the masks as if anybody cares or should I say dares to care?

  6. Read, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ by Robt. F. Kennedy Jr. As far as I am in my reading the author mentions Trump in a bad light and is loathe to give him any credit for many of the positive steps Trump took regarding Covid. He’s barely referenced Biden, obviously avoiding that trap. The book appears to be very well researched and is quite revealing, even for those following the issue, and supported by many of the world’s top doctors whose comments have been suppressed by the media. A must r

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