There’s No Cure For Narcissism


What Do We Have To Give Thanks-For, Especially in the United States of America with some Spin-Off for Canada? We Have To Be Thankful . . . For all that we Have. For our Loved-Ones & Friends. And for our Health, even as we Get Older & Creakier.

We Have to Give Thanks for the Socio/Political Politics of the Day, When Finally, we can See the Enemies for Who & What they Are . . . Which & Whom Have been Hiding & Lurking Amongst us for Many Generations.

We Have To Be Thankful . . . That Finally We Know Who We Need To Fight & Have Found The Courage To Do So.

There’s a Great Deal for all of us to be Thankful-For In-Spite of the Historic Challenges we’re Facing to our Freedoms which we are all Experiencing. We Have to be Thankful that Tomorrow In-Spite of How it Feels Today . . . Is Going To Be A Much Better Day Than Today.

We Also Have To Be Thankful That Most Of Us Have Finally Figured-It-Out – That Our Politicians & Media Are Not Our Friends.


IGNORANCE CAN BE OVERCOME THROUGH EDUCATION . . . But there’s No Remedy for Being Stupid, for Being a Narcissist or for Being a Zealot, Because the Only Thing the Stupid Person, Narcissist or Zealot can See or Understand in his or her Demented World . . . Is His Or Her Own Self-Professed Brilliance.

They Don’t Care, Because They’re Too Absorbed In Their Own Perceived Brilliance To Know How Much They’re Disdained.

Can You Think of Whom I’m Writing? If You Said Joe Biden – You’d Be Right. If You Said Justin Trudeau – You’d Be Right Again. And if you Said Nancy Pelosi and/or a Host of Other Narcissists – You’d Be Right On All Counts.


There’s the Idiot Who is Too Mentally Challenged & Self Absorbed, Who Lives in his Own Delusion of Grandeur, to Have any Concept of How Deranged he Really is, for him to Understand any of the Realities Surrounding Him – I’m Speaking Of Joe Biden.

Then there are the Narcissists Like Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau, Bernie Sanders, George Soros, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Boris Johnson – Etc . . . Who are the Zealots, Absolutely Convinced of their Own Supposed Infallibility, that they Possess the Most Perfect Minds in the Realm . . . Much Like The Philosopher Kings Of Old.

Unlike Joe Biden, who Probably Believes that he’s Still Loved by the People In-Spite of all the Polls to the Contrary, the Others Know that they’re Despised but Couldn’t Care-Less, Because they Believe in their Inevitable Brilliance . . . And Sooner Rather Than Later In Their Sick Minds – They Believe Everyone-Else Will See It Too.


Donald Trump Is Unique . . . Even Though Trump Is A Narcissist, He Has Great Accomplishments To Be Narcissistic About.

In Three Years-Time, Given that Donald Trump will Still be Sound of Mind & Body, Former-President Donald Trump-45 Will Become President Elect-47 . . . And Everything Trump-45 Did, which was Undone by Biden . . . Will Be Redone By Trump-47 In Spades.

But This Time . . . Donald Trump will Not be Entering (Re-Entering) the White House as a Newbie, Unaware & Unprepared for the Treason that Existed all About Him from Trump’s 2017 Inauguration Until the Day President Trump Left Office – On January 20, 2021, Even Until Now.

You Can Be All But Positive . . . that Donald Trump, with Literally an Army of MAGA Loyalists by the THOUSANDS . . . are Taking Names of those Trump Can Trust & Names of People who Would be Smart to Become as Invisible as they Possibly Can Be in 3-Years.

When Donald Trump Resumes Being the President of the United States of America in a Bit over 3-Years . . . Trump-47 will Have a Really Strong Conservative House & Senate . . . And will Hit the Ground Like a Juggernaut – Leaving No American Socialist/Communist Left Standing.

Why Do The LEFT Have This Maniacal Fear For The Return Of Donald Trump As Much As They Do? – For Good Reason.


In-Spite Of It All – Most Of Us Have A Lot To Be Thankful-For.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We do still have a LOT to be thankful for.

  2. I wish I had your optimism Howard. I think there’s an excellent chance that America is on it’s last legs and is heading in the same direction as all failed empires. Elections are won or lost on a 5% difference of political affiliation. America has become so dumbded down by design that 1/3 of America actually believes that the corrupt, senile, unaccomplished pathological lying Biden is a great president. That in combination of massive electoral fraud could mean it’s all over.

  3. Then Wuhan wet market bat out of hell, Vaxine Waters, can scream “Impeach 45 AND 47” to no avail.

  4. Happy holidays to you and yours. At age 91, I have more for which to be thankful than most others. I am thankful for the age during which I was born. I am thankful that my parents survived the Great Depression. I am thankful that even though we were destitute, we did not suffer. I am thankful that I was born to parents with morals. J am y family and I have not had to bear the hardships that our ancesters endured. I am thankful that the God who created me provided for me

  5. I ordered through Amazon, and just received, my “2024, Make America Great Again, Trump” Cap. It is really a well made and great looking cap. I will start wearing it soon, especially if I know I will be around “woke leftists”. When I wore my 2020 Trump Cap, I received mostly thumbs up. But some leftists made a point of getting right up into my face, to tell me what a loser I am for supporting Trump. That’s when I knew, mission accomplished? Poking at a Leftist makes my Day.

  6. What it all depends on is the mid-term elections of 2022. The Democrats will have voter fraud again and no Republican will win. What can we do about this, nothing as the Democrats will still be in charge? By the time 2024 rolls around our country will be a bamboo republic with no more elections. We will have a dictator running America and it will not be Biden. We will maybe be owned by China or even worst ruled by Obama, as Obama is still calling what is next. Our future doesn’t look good.

  7. Wishing you & your family a great Thanksgiving we can thank the Native American Indians for it. We do live in a up side down world now, but there are still good people in it. You Anne:& Tavor are three among them & I am proud to know you even by your great Editorials you write to us. Thank you all three of you for working so hard to help us all out. I am sure our Lord smiles down on all of you for it. Take care be safe & keep well. Have fun on your get away from home right now., :))

  8. You know things are bad in the USA when you start seeing “Trump 2024″ and ” Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Trump” flags in rural Vermont. People in Vermont have been cancelled for less ( such as asking their TV Provider for Fox News Channel).

  9. We do have much to be thankful for here in the U.S., although Biden (and most democrats) is not one of them. But I am thankful for patriots who will not let us succumb to the evil ones who want to destroy this country. I thank YOU, Howard, for keeping us informed and giving us hope.

  10. Yes, ‘for some things, there is NO TREATMENT’, for example, the TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME (TDS) disease! Also, YES, everything which O’Biden UNDID which TRUMP-45 had initiated, WILL be REDONE by TRUMP-47! When re-entering the White House, TRUMP-47 will be VERY PREPARED to get rid of ALL those who ARE, and HAVE CAUSED, America’s DECLINE! He, ALSO, will be sitting at his desk and SIGNING all NEW DIRECTIVES! The political STORM is coming soon! Be prepared! “LET’S GO BRANDON”! GO TRUMP! AMEN!

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