This Is A Coup Against The People


Until Recently, I Believed the LEFT Were Doing all they Could to Sufficiently Destroy the Bedrock of the American Dream, to the Point that Even if Conservative Patriots would Succeed in Taking-Back the House & Senate in Significant Numbers, the LEFT’S Destruction of Capitalism (Freedom) . . .Would Have Become Irreversible.

I Don’t Believe That Anymore . . . Since The Global Conspirators Of A One World Government Don’t Believe That Either.


The LEFT Are Not Incompetent . . . We’re Incompetent – Because We Let Them.

The LEFT’S Goal From The Outset . . . was to Destroy the Very Foundation of our Freedoms, to the Point where we Would Beg them (The Government) for a Semblance of Order & Safety at the Cost of our Liberty.


The LEFT Accomplished Four Major Battle (Political) Strategies . . .

1 – The LEFT Captured Academia (The Education Of Their Future Shock Troops).

2 – The LEFT Took Control of the Media (Propaganda).

3 – The LEFT Control The Rule of Law (Justice).

4 – The LEFT Won Sufficient Control of the Government To Negate the Bi-Congressional/Presidential/Judicial Balance of Power.

Biden is Only an Empty Vessel Manipulated by the Puppeteers for them to Scheme from Behind their Curtain . . . But Unlike the Dunce Biden who is Without Thought or Purpose . . . The Schemers Are A Collective Who Have Invested Several Lifetimes To Get To Where They’re (We’re) At.


What We’re Living With Today Didn’t Just Start Yesterday . . . For Many Millenia, there have Been Global Elitists whose Goal was World Domination, Where in their Sick Egotistical Minds, they Saw & See Themselves as Philosopher Kings, which Thousands of Years Ago was Laid-Out by Plato . . . As Those Who Believe They Possess The Best Philosophical Minds . . . Would Be The Best Rulers For All Of Mankind.

For Several Thousand Years Until Recently . . .  It was Organized Religion & the Realm of Royalty which Ruled Humanity Together, but since and even Before WWI, it has Become the Mega Corporations whose Interests were Solely in Creating Wealth . . . And The Unions Whose Interests Were In Creating Control.

And Now We Have The Confluence Of Both – Wealth & Control Equals Power.

While We Debate The Constitutionality Of The Actions Of The LEFT, The LEFT Doesn’t Give a Rat’s Ass what we Debate Between Ourselves, since the LEFT has Inculcated all Manner of Society with its Agents of Change . . . The LEFT Does What It Wants To Do, while Bought & Paid-For Faux-Conservative Simply Bluster & Complain in the Likes of Lindsey Graham.

I Suspect there are as Many Republicans who have Been Indoctrinated (Bought & Paid-For) by the Mega-Captains of Industries & the Unions of Power, who call themselves Conservatives, much Like Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Adam Kinzinger, Lindsey Graham – Etc, as if they are True Conservatives at all Levels of Government & Public Society, which they are Not.

I Fear . . . As I Deeply Suspect The LEFTIST Handlers Fear, that if their Job is Complete or Not, by National Congressional Election Day (November 8, 2022), the Hemorrhaging Will Stop Because of Trump’s Conservative Strategy – To Drain The Republican Congressional Swamp Of Pretend Conservatives From The House and the Senate . . .

It Will Set-Up The Return Of A Very Angry President Trump In 2024.


I Fear The LEFT Is Planning A Circumstance To Cancel The 2022 Election Knowing That Their Defeat Is Imminent.

1 – The Left are Purging all Known Conservatives from Any Influence Within the Military.

2 – Federal Agencies Including & Perhaps Mostly the FBI & IRS are Being Politicized to Do the Dirty-Work of the LEFT.

3 – The Justice Department is No Longer Independent and has Become an Active Arm of the Democrat Party, which is a Continuation of the Obama Justice Department, which was Run by Eric Holder and is Now Run by Merrick Garland in the Same Vein.

4 – In Spite of the Dire Consequences Caused by Black Lives Matter, Antifa & Defund the Police . . . Where’s the Voice & Outrage of the Republicans . . . as Things go from Bad to Worse?

5 – More than 75-Million Americans who Voted for Donald Trump in 2020, are being Deemed through the Media and the FBI as Domestic Terrorists.

6 – The January 6, 2021 Capitol-Hill Riot, which was NOT an Insurrection by any Measure, which Very Probably was Inspired, Aided & Abetted with Federal Help to Create the Right Political Conditions for the LEFT to Pursue a Non-Existent Crusade Against All People & School Children Parents Included, who Dare Question Authority . . . As Domestic Terrorists.

7 – The Draconian Method & Unconstitutional Arrest & Imprisonment of People NOT Charged with an Insurrection, Much Less Anything More than Illegal Entry & Vandalism, is Counter to Everything the Constitution of the United States of America Stands-For . . . No One In America Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent.


The Question No One Can Answer . . . How Far Will The LEFT Descend To Stop The People’s Charge For Freedom?


No Matter What The LEFT Does Between Now & 2022 . . . Trump Will Stop & Reverse In 2024 – Once The LEFT Loses Congress.

By Howard Galganov

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  1. The book rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky Hillary and Obama both wrote thesis on Saul Alinsky..As for the Republicans who are (nebichals) and. Cannot come back to put a proper government dems spit on them and they say it’s raining. That country must fight back hard of which I doubt they should take the starch out of their dickeys. Worst will come.. discusting Fox News cannot get it, News Max has a little stronger attitude. I am 82 and never saw more bull with a Bufoon for President.

  2. The one thing that the left can bring about to stop 2023 election is riots in the streets (as before but more) and declare martial law. That would not allow a “changing of the guard” of presidents. They will (as they did Jan 6) create the riots (already planning it I suspect) before mid-terms. They will be the cause of another civil war. You’re right that this has been in the plans since the USA was being set up from 1607 thru 1776 with the Constitution. The real power behind it all is satan.

  3. Thank you for courageously telling it like it is. The elites are not about to give up what they’ve worked hundreds of years for. I’m convinced they will never allow a 2022 election, much less an honest one. I’m not sure how they’ll do the deed but I fear we’re woefully unprepared for how drastic it may be. They’re well organized and rapidly executing their long-term plan. We need to be unified and organized but too many of us are still asleep at the wheel.

  4. If they decide to abort the 2022 election, they’re going to see what an enraged people can do. Antifa and BLM are nothing compared to what’s going to happen.

  5. I and friends here in Calgary Alberta have said this right from the 2020 ‘election’ results that this has been planned for years and Obama was put in to start the ball rolling. The election was rigged and Biden was the patsy…Trump was to slow in cleaning house in the intelligence agencies and justice department.The pandemic has been in the works for years and Fauci was to scare people so governments globally were to take advantage to control.You were to nice trying to put a positive spin on it.

  6. I now feel that we may be lucky to even have mid-term elections in 2022. The Democrats now know that they can not win an election of any office in the USA with an honest election. Biden won with a very dishonest election. This year an honest election was held between a truck driver and a Democrat and the truck driver won. Almost any Republican can win an election and the Democrats know this so as they are now in charge their next thing will be to not have elections.

  7. As you talk about Alinsky you should also mention Ann Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as to the direction this country is heading. My wife was watching a news segment that was talking Equity. She is concerned that the Lib gov’t will try (and I say try) to take property from hard working people and redistribute it to LAZY non ambitious people. This will start a Civil War. The Vaccine Mandates are causing good people to lose jobs and create hatred amongst good people, if you take away jobs look out.

  8. HG, you’ve clearly identified America’s POLITICAL & FREEDOM status!The ONLY ADVANTAGE which America presently has is the SUPREME COURT. Time goes by VERY quickly, so 2022 will be here in no time! VA & NJ were GREAT examples of how the PEOPLE have AWAKENED re: O’Biden’s, et al, EVIL TACTICS & their various VICIOUS attempts to CONTROL the people.Not much will be done before Christmas by the Conservatives.It’ll begin in JANUARY 2022. They’re in the process of building their own TROJAN HORSE. AMEN!

  9. where is the voice and outrage of the “good guys”?? buried in the sand no see no voice, if that remains we are sunk!!!!

  10. I take exception to one thing. Please leave SC Senator Lindsey Graham off your RINO list. He is responsible for passing the Taylor Force Act which under the Trump administration stopped American tax payer dollars from being used to fund the monthly stipends to the families of deceased and imprisoned Palestinian terrorists who killed Israelis or Americans (Google Taylor Force).Therefore he gets a pass. Please replace his name with Mit Romney who is more deserving of this derogatory term.

  11. Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest RHINO’S of them all. He only does enough to look like he is a repub. He is the worst kind of snake, just like Trump spoke of in the story he told at his rally. He does just enough so the Left still backs him. Benedict Arnold on steroids. Sure he does something good once in a while, but, when it really matters he dissappears. See his record on the Russia Investigation, and the Judges he is currently pushing into the courts. HE IS A MAJOR SNAKE!!!!!!!!

  12. The Left will use Antifa and BLM to their advantage over the Rittenhouse trial! Win or lose, there will be riots!

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