Get Real – The Strategy Is Saul Alinsky


Ignorance Is The Stepchild Of The Wicked & The Tool Of The Hateful. Saul Alinsky (1960’s), the Father of Modern North American Organized Anarchy, Wrote the Blueprint to Destroy what is Good in Order to Replace it with What is Evil.


Stalin Forbid Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Travel & Freedom of Religion . . . Mao Tse Tung Forbid All Dissention.

Where Are We . . . On This Road To Tyranny?

Today . . . November 10th Is The 83rd Anniversary Of Kristallnacht (The Night Of Broken Glass), which was a Two Night Orgy of Extreme Violence Against German/Austrian Jews, When Germans & Austrians Smashed Every Jewish Owned Window & Shop they could Throw a Brick at.

Non-Jewish Neighbors & Non-Jewish Friends Stood-By Helplessly . . . as their Jewish Friends were Dragged out of their Homes & Shops to be Beaten & Murdered for the Crime of Being a Jew.

Jewish Girls & Women Were Also Beaten & Raped On This Day & The Day After . . . Only Because They Were Jewish.

And I am 100% Positive, if you Ask 1,000 High School Students in the USA or Canada, to Describe What Kristallnacht was all About, I would be Shocked if 1% Of The Students – Would Even Have a Clue.

Ashamedly . . . I Don’t Think Many Jewish High Schoolers Would Know Either.


Tomorrow . . . The Civilized World Will Come To Attention For Veterans Day In The USA. In Canada we Call-It Remembrance Day, where we Memorialize all of Canada’s Military who Gave so Much for us to be Free.


Anne & I Each Wear A Poppy.

Tomorrow . . . At 11-AM. Anne & I Will Observe a Moment of Silence as we Stand at Attention with Other Like-Minded People. The Problem Is . . .  whether in Canada or the United States of America, we will be in the Minority of People who will Recognize November 11th as a Special Day for us to Give Memory & Thanks to the Huge Number of People who Fought, Sacrificed, Bled & Died for our Freedoms.

We Are Forgetting . . . And Many Of Our Progeny Were Never Taught . . . And The New Immigrants Don’t Care.

In the Case of the LEFT in the United States of America and in Canada, Our War Sacrifices are Shunned, Since Academia has Twisted our History to Forget the Evil of the Century and to Forget the Patriots who Sacrificed-All to Fight Against that Evil . . . As If Neither Had Ever Happened.

Ask The “WOKE” Mob To Relate To Pearl Harbor, The Doolittle Raid, Iwo Jima, The Invasion Of Sicily – Etcetera . . .

Ask A Canadian Student To Describe The Non Military Merchant Marines & What These Canadians Did To Help Win The War? The Answer you‘ll get will be a Blank Stare.

Ask the “WOKE” Idiots to Name One or Two Concentration Camps, or even if they Know what a Concentration Camp Was? Ask them if they Could Describe what a Concentration Camp is Today in Communist China & What’s Happening There?

Ask The “WOKE” Fools . . . What It Is That Makes Cuba Great? And How many People Did Che Guevara Lift Out Of Poverty . . . so Guevara Could Get them Freedom? Ask if they Knew that Guevara was Nothing More than a Murdering Thug?

When Teachers At All Grade Levels In High School & College . . . Ask their Students to Debate & Write About the Holocaust – Showing Both Sides Of The Holocaust . . . How Much More Imbecilic Can It Get? . . .

For Educators to Encourage Debate On The Side Of Mass Genocide . . . and all the Ugliest Components of Human Torture & Experimentation as an Academic Exercise, Demonstrates Just How Far We’ve Sunk Into The Abyss Of Depravity.

America’s Politicians Remember the Slave Trade in America, which Ended More than 150-Years Ago . . . AS IF IT NEVER ENDED, Culminating in Monumental Strides for Black People to Relish in Freedom, Equality & Opportunity through State & National Regulations (Voting Rights & Civil Rights Acts) and Affirmative Action, Which Willfully Discriminated Against All Americans Who Were Not Black . . .

But That Wasn’t Enough . . . The Race Baiters Won’t Take The Win, ‘Cause Racism Is Good Politics . . . Damn National Unity.


There Is No Question That Europeans Took The Land Of Canada About A 150-Years Ago From Native Tribes . . . But there’s Also No Question that the Native Tribes Weren’t the Idyllic Protectors of the Flora & Fauna as they are Portrayed, who Lived in Peace & Harmony with their Neighbor Tribes, Since In All Reality, the Natives Engaged in Perpetual War, Slavery & Murder Against Each Other.

In Canada . . . Canadian Natives Have Every Opportunity To Excel In The Greater Canadian Culture, or Choose to Live a Simpler Life or a Life in Poverty & Ignorance on the “RES” (Reservation) on Welfare, In Spite of the Many Billions of Dollars & Services Offered Annually to the Native People by the Non-Native People of Canada, where Much of the Money Winds-Up in the Hands of Corrupt Natives.


Today & Tomorrow Are Monumental Days . . . But The “WOKE” Won’t Know It, Because They Weren’t Taught-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. And I am 100% Positive, if you Ask 1,000 High School Students in the USA about the founding of our country, they would totally ignorant. And I am also sure they could not even pass the civics test given to people who want to become citizens of this great country. I would wear a poppy if I could find one (they used to have them in various places for a donation, but I haven’t seen one in a long time). Kristallnacht is a stain on humanity especially Germany.

  2. In addition to Saul Alinsky add Cloward & Pivens (Overwhelm the system) and we are in deep Doo Doo! I am praying that we haven’t slid so far into socialism that we cannot reverse it. The 2020 elections have not encouraged my optimism. And, as a Vet, yes, I will be handing out Poppies on Thursday.

  3. 5 years ago, I had the honor of being on the U.S.S. Arizona memorial at 11:00 am on November 11th. It was a very moving time. At that place and time, there was reverence and remembrance. I fear you are correct in your assessment. It is up to each of us to correct this failure.

  4. Come on Howard about what you said will Canadians remember that November 11th is a day to remember our war heroes. You know that it doesn’t exist. Halloween is over and now it’s already Merry Christmas. At least if the mainstream media would make commercials about November 11th but they don’t, they have already started the Christmas commercials. Same in the U.S. Like I said, 80% of the population are too dumb to stay informed and should not be able to vote, PERIOD !!!!

  5. As someone who worked at the Pentagon for nearly 10 years, and the widow of an AF veteran who served 20+ years with a tour in Viet Nam, Veterans Day is a special day. My hubby is buried at Arlington National Cemetery (where I too will lie one day). When vets get together it’s a special time. We remember and thank them all the time, but most especially on Nov 11. And we thank those serving today as well. They are all so very special being willing to serve & if needed to die for their country.

  6. In reference to the Natives. They seem to forget that their forefathers traded lands for beads and Whisky. Have you heard the term, “Indian Giver?” They have been well compensated for their inconvenience, although the Chiefs seem to keep most of the compensation for themselves. By the way, They are now claiming half of New Brunswick. Until our Government leaders(sic) get some intestinal fortitude, this charade will go on forever.

  7. You are always grousing about what your federal government is doing to you. As I read it you have State by State nullification of onerous laws passed by the Federal government, and the right to a Public Referendum for Secession. So why don’t you get after it. By the way you might want to read about Judah Benjamin (SP), I believe he was a Jew also.

  8. Its kind of ironic how people in Canada who believe you don’t have a right to choose ( unless its about abortion ) ,will be bowing before those who died fighting for freedom on rembrance day….

  9. As a Vet, I do remember a time when we were given ” thank you” greetings regularly. I can also remember being Spit on at airports in 72. My dad, being a WWII vet, tried to shield us from as much of Hitler’s War as he could. He would not share but a few of his experience in Germany. In all of the World, Slave trading went on in every know way possible. Most Africa tribes raided each other to sell slaves. It is not all just “Whites to blame”. Biden is acting in ways similar to Hitler, JOB LOSS

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