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I Don’t Have To Like Or Trust What Anyone Has To Say Or Write . . . I just Want the Absolute Right to Say or Write What I Want to Say or Write, and the Incontestable Right to Question what Others Have Said or Have Written.


But Not Just Censorship . . . A Compliant Media which Provides Propagandized News on Behalf of the Government is Just as Culpable of a Government Censoring the Truth as is a Media Decision to Withhold Truth from the People by Not Reporting It.

We Must DEMAND The Right For All People To Hear, Read Or See What Others Have To Write Or Say.

One Week Before President Trump Closed America To People From Wuhan Province, I Wrote About The Pending Disaster.

I Wrote On Galganov.com In January 2020 One Week Before “Trump’s” Travel Ban . . . that What’s Happening in China with this Not Yet Named or Revealed Virus, Because of Intelligence Reports I was Able to Discern & Ascertain, That We Had A Great Deal To Worry About.

And I Worried Even More After the Original Intelligence Reports, which I Read from Several Reliable (Military) Sources became Classified & Scrubbed from all Parts of the Internet.

The Mainstream & Social-Media Were Silent . . . And Even Attacked President Trump For The Action The President Took.

Before the People Woke-Up to the Real Anthony Fauci . . . I Called Fauci “That Little Prick” For Good Reason. Here was a Smug Piece of Work who Beamed before the Cameras of the National & International Media, Always Displaying His Magnificent Arrogance . . . As The All-Knowing Authority On The Lives Of The People Of The United States Of America & How Their Lives Should Be Lived.

Before Hundreds Of Thousands Of Young People Started The National Chant “Fuck Joe Biden” . . . I Told You It Was Coming.

I Never Predicted The Chants, since the Wording of the Chants were a Surprise I Guess to Everyone, But it was in the Swiftness that the Chants Streamed Across America & How Aggressive they are that it was to me . . . The Greatest Surprise Of All.

I Told you that it will Only be a Matter of Time Before the People who are NOT WOKE . . . Will Wake-Up & Realize the Consequences of their Voting Stupidity, and that Conservatives will Stop Being so Polite & Start Becoming More Aggressive.

But What I Didn’t Foresee Happening . . . Was that the Counter-Revolution Against America’s LEFT, would be Manifested Amongst America’s Youth from Rallies All Across America at all Events . . . Football Games, Concerts & Gatherings In General.

And Once This Genie Is Out Of The Bottle . . . There Is No Putting-It Back-In & The Protests Will Only Grow.

When Biden Bragged About His Recent Afghanistan Drone Assassination . . . I Wanted To Know & Asked Who Was Droned?

Why Should I Believe A Media . . . Any Media that has Demonstrated Critical News Bias, even Amongst Fox News, the Pretend Fair & Balanced News Provider who in its Quest to Always Demonstrate How Open Fox News is to Varying Opinions, Provides Media Credibility to People (Men & Women) who are Proven Liars & LEFTISTS, Yet Occupy Uncontested Seats of Media Privilege on the Air of Fox News?

In An Editorial The Day After The Celebratory Droning Incident I Asked . . . Who Was Droned? What were their Names or Positions in the Hierarchy of the Afghan Terrorist Groups since the Government of Joe Biden was Not Forthcoming? And Now we are Finding out that the Victims of Biden’s Droning were Probably an Aid Worker and his Civilian Family. And They’re Still Not Forthcoming.


Global Warming – AKA Climate, Change Isn’t About The Science . . . It’s About The Politics & It Affects All Of Our Lives.


That’s Billion With A “B” . . . Do we Know How Long the Global Temperature of the Earth Been Changing? . . . How About 4.5-Billion Years?

How Did A Mentally Challenged Scandinavian High School Dropout Become The Face & Absolute Truth Of Global Warming?

And How Can People All Of A Sudden . . . Especially Lay-People Become so Secure in their Knowledge that the Earth is About to Die Because of Global Warming? What About Global Cooling? How Do we as Mere Human Beings Control Solar Flares (Sunspots) which have a Tremendous Effect on Planet Earth? Or the Gravitational Pull of the Moon, which is Responsible for Earth’s Tides & Currents, which are Responsible for the Oceans Heating & Cooling, which in Turn are Responsible for Global Hurricanes, Droughts & Floods.

The Forest Fires . . . Just in California Alone, will put More CO2 Into the Air than all the Carbon Emissions COMBINED from all the Cars in America over a Period of just One Year. How do we Measure the Amount of CO2 Emitted from Volcanoes Worldwide?

Do You Know What OIL SEEPS Are? . . . I Bet Not.

Oil Seeps are a Natural Occurring Release of Fossil Fuels (Natural Gas & Oil) that Seep into the Oceans from the Ocean Beds Worldwide by the Millions of Tons Every Year. Yet we are Panicked by Offshore Drilling, where “some” Oil could Leak, which Doesn’t Measure to Even a Blip in Comparison to What Naturally Occurs.

And The Biggest Bugaboo Statement Of All . . . “The Science Is Settled” – Guess What? Science Is Never Settled.

You Won’t Get any of this Information which Affects Every Part of our Daily Lives from the Conventional Media. What You will Get as we are Always Getting . . . Is A Constant Harangue That The Sky Is Falling & Trust The Science Until They Don’t Trust The Science.

But For About 5-Billion Years . . . The Sky Is Yet To Fall.

In Spite Of What The Germans Want Us To Believe . . . Do You Know that Germany, the Sweetheart of Anti-Global Warming is Jettisoning its Dependence on Windmills & Solar Panels for Germany’s Energy Needs, which is in Critical Health?

Do you Know that Germany which is Lecturing the World on Green-Ness, is Becoming one of the Biggest Users of Coal Fired Electric Plants in Europe, if Not the Biggest User of Coal in Europe to Keep its Lights-On and the Heat Heating?

Did You Know That The World Is Consuming More Coal Than We Are Producing?

Did You Know that England is on the Brink of Economic & Industrial Collapse because England Put Most of its Eggs in the Basket of So-Called Green Energy, and Now the People of England are Terrified that they will Either Not be Able to Heat their Homes this Winter because of a Lack of Availability . . . And/Or Affordability?

And Did You Know That Some British Manufacturers Are Considering Using Private Generators To Continue Producing?


As Winter Approaches, And European Union Leaders are Debating European Freedoms Based on the China Virus & Virus Variants, Many within the European Union & Amongst Populations just Removed from the Scope of European Union Control, are Just About to Resurrect the Massive & Very Often Violent Protests of the Yellow Vests.

When you Couple the Draconian & Helter-Skelter European Chinas Virus Rules, Regulations & Lockdowns to a Faltering European Economy and the Self-Defeating Insanity of Global Warming, Europe could Easily Find Itself Embroiled in Multiple Regional Acts of Supreme Civil Violence.

You Ever Wonder Why The Globalists Hate Trump?

In-Spite Of So Much Of What We’re All Hearing About China’s Ascendency – Except From People Like Me . . . China is in No Condition Financially, Socially or Otherwise to Bully the World the Way China is Attempting to Do-So with our Cowardly Leadership Compliance.


I Don’t Expect People To Do What I Do In Terms Of Research, Analysis, Writing Speaking, Publishing & Broadcasting.

I Also Don’t Expect People To Pay The Financial & Psychological Costs I Pay To Do What It I Do . . . But I Certainly Hope that there are Enough People who Read What I Write & Listen to What I Say . . . To Help Me To Financially Lighten My Load . . . For me to Continue to Do What I do with the Greatest Amount of Support Possible.


And Unless We’re Careful Beyond Words . . . Freedom Of Expression Could Soon Become A Lost Spoil Of Neglect.

So, As I Ask On The Fifteenth Of Every Month, If you Appreciate What I Do, and if you Find Value in What I Write & Say, and if you Can Afford to Support this Blog Financially . . . Please Click Here To Know How.

As Always . . . Thank You In Advance For Helping To Lighten My Load.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. In Canada the msm dismisses you as an “ antivaxer “ if you believe in the freedom of choice , and what you alone decide to put in your body. The censorship in this country to maintain a left wing socialist agenda is stifling. Personally, I decided to get vaccinated , and why i did so is nobodies business but my own. Canadians have drank way to much cool aid. Max Bernier needs to be heard.

  2. Howard~ We so appreciate all your research and analysis, and your succint conclusions. You educate me on a daily basis: thank you!

  3. I was reading today that the economy of China is in worse shape than that of the US. Much of the agricultural production has been damaged by the late summer rains that they had. Xi wants to be the 21st Century Mao and he is doing a good job of it. Mao destroyed China economically in the same manner that Stalin did to the USSR. Now is the time to be strong against China and not be a weak Biden.

  4. I’m not sure about Canada, but the US is being bought up slowly by China. Southern CA properties, farms and businesses are being taken over by Chinese Nationals for a price. An example is the “Micro Chip” market, try buying a new car, wait times are in the months. Batteries for electric golf cars are nearly impossible to find, made in China? Uncle Crazy Joe is letting this all happen on his watch. How much money are the Washington Elites making during this mess, they don’t go without? No winners

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