The Mainstream Media Is The Problem


I Wasn’t Going To Write Today . . . I Wanted to Spend this Friday as a Day of Rest, Where I Could Catch-Up on some Fun-Work Around the Property – I also Have to see the Doctor Today over the Above my Ankle Infection – (It Sucks To Be A Diabetic), which has Been a Worrisome Bother Now for More than 1-Month. But It’s Slowly Getting Better.

I Wasn’t Going To Write Today But . . . Yesterday, Late Afternoon, I Made the Big Mistake of Watching The Five on Fox News, which is Usually One of the Least Objectionable Daytime Shows on Fox News, Until they Broke Away from their Normal Programing to Air Biden’s Medal Ceremony on the White House Lawn, for the Capitol Hill Police’s Response to the FAKE Insurrection On January 6, 2021.

I Usually Like To Watch The Chris Salcedo Show Over The Internet On Newsmax (5pm–6pm), which I Find to be More Informative & Far More Supportive of Conservative Values than Anything on Fox Daytime Programing, But Every Now & Then I Tune Into Shows on the Other Networks to See & Hear What’s Happening in their Programing.

So Here Was The Rub . . .

At Around 5:30pm . . . Fox News Broke Away from Its Normal Programing to Broadcast the White House Lawn Ceremony, which, as Aggravating as it was for me to See this Propaganda, I Realized that what was Happening on the White House Lawn was News & Needed to be Broadcast . . . HOWEVER – Once Biden Signed his Executive Order to Authorize the Awards and the Ceremony was all Done, Fox News Stayed on the White House Lawn Highlighting the Likes of Nancy Pelosi and the Cabal Destroying America for a Great Deal Of Time . . . For What Purpose?

Did Fox News Not Assume That People Like Me Were Not Sufficiently Insulted By Watching This Propaganda?

Not Only Was This Display A Piece Of Propaganda – It Was Also Inaccurate, Especially when Biden Claimed Thousands of People Stormed the Capitol Building & Claimed . . . 4-Officers Died As A Result.

Thousands Of People Did Not Storm The Capitol Building & 4-Capitol Police Were Not Killed By The Riot.

Forgetting that the Only Person Who Died (Murdered) During the Capitol Hill Riot Was an Unarmed Woman, Retired Military Veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was MURDERED by an Officer of the Capitol Police Detachment . . . Who For Whatever Reason – His Identity Is Being Protected By Nancy Pelosi & The Department Of Justice.

We Strongly Assume The Murderer Was Black. What If Babbitt – Instead Of Being White Was Black & Her Murderer Was White?


Yesterday Was Tavor’s 5th Month’s Birthday & The Day 5-Months Ago When We Decided To Relieve Stryker From His Discomfort.

Anne, Tavor & I Just Came Back from a Long Walk Through the Hay Fields on the Horse Farm Where we Keep our Horses & Lease Property for our Two RV’s, Covered Outside Kitchen & Dining Deck, Cabins, Anne’s Miata Garage . . . And Where I Keep my Motorcycle in my “Man Cave” Cabin.

The Last Time we Weighed Tavor at Four and a Half Months, Tavor Weighed 53-Pounds. I’m Guessing That Today, Tavor Is Close To 60-Pounds. We will Weigh Tavor Again in a Couple of Weeks when we Have to Work-Out the Dosage on his Heartworm Pills & Other Normal Medications.

So . . . In Answer to your Many Requests for Photos of Tavor, Here is One we Took Today on Tavor’s 5th Month Plus One Day Birthday .

Have A Great Weekend

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Tavor is a handsome and accomplished dog, Howard. Biden? Not even close.

  2. Thank God we get joy and comfort from our beloved pets (especially dogs!), as we sure don’t get comfort from the political ‘leaders’ nor from MSM.

  3. Does no one suspect something is awry that SOME, more than one, police officer(s) have committed suicide? Regarding a free and honest press the question remains. How can one have such a thing when the PM puts up huge amounts of money to assist the media counter electronic news? THAT. Doe not include the huge subsidy of over a Billion taxpayer dollars to the CBC. Are they going to be fair and even handed in reporting on someone who should in any way want to reduce or ultimately defund it

    You’re Right . . . Trudeau has Bought & Paid for the Canadian Media. However, in Terms of the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) which Receives about One Billion Tax Dollars per Year, is a Television Station very few People Watch – HG:

  4. Many, many decades of dumbing down society globally… MSM, government propaganda, brainwashing, mind-control …and here we are…what a mess…people cannot think for themselves any longer…well done governments – msm. Mission accomplished. Same mess here in Canada… just self-absorbed, brain dead zombies all around me. This government = banking controlled shutdown is not ending folks, why? UN – Agenda 21/30, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, central bankers /planners…go do some research.

  5. Regarding that “insurrection” at the Capitol on 6 January…. I believe that all the participants were unarmed. Who sets out to do an insurrection UNARMED? So much b.s.

  6. Tavor is just gorgeous!! Male or not, he is gorgeous!! We should be asking the question…WHY ARE SO MANY POLICE OFFICERS COMMITTING SUICIDE? Byrd was the Capital Officer who shot Babbitt. Yes, he is black. The video I saw, he just plain and simple SHOT HER. My opinion. The media is the worst propaganda machine ever. The $500 trillion lawsuit against the USA Federal Government is the BEST ever. They have a bigger voice than me & I support them. I pray for results. Amen ….God Bless

  7. If you hear/read/experience the same things, perhaps in slightly different ways, over and over and over again – year after year, decade after decade, it’s not hard to see how the USA got to where it is today. Whether understandable or not, the present is a direct result of the all the events leading up to now which is where we all are. Attorney(s) for Ashli Babbit’s family have identified, someone identified – the name of the officer now.

  8. I’m with you Mr. Silvestro! So many questions unanswered. Did those police officers really commit suicide…? If so, why? Its a down right scary world out there. You can’t say certain things or write certain things or you’re shutdown or your phone stops working correctly. Ì give Mr. G full credit and then some for the work he does.

  9. Dear Howard I had the pleasure of meeting you several years ago at dinner and motorcycle rally in Boca Raton. I have been following you ever since. I now live in a community in West Boynton Beach, FL. We have over 1000 homes. It is about 70% liberal. Thanks to the perseverance of one of our residents we have a Conservative Club. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a Zoom meeting with our members. Regards Mel.

    I would be Happy to do it if I Knew how to use Zoom – HG:

  10. We will never know who killed Ashli, they will prevent it. Biden is an idiot, President or not. The Cabal in Washington is a mess of Libs and Rinos that have made millions in pay for play and trades, while hard working folks suffer. The Bozos who think they can tell lazy, non working, folks they do not have to pay their Rent are destroying thousands of other people’s ability to retire on their hard work. It is all smoke and mirrors to Cheat on the next Election, Conservatives need to start fight

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