Brian Kemp Will Endorse Trump In 2024 – Why?


SESSIONS IS WHY KEMP HAS ALL OF A SUDDEN BECOME A TRUMP ACOLYTE . . . Because No One – Including the Current Governor of Georgia (Brian Kemp), Thought Trump would Rise from the Ashes after all the Impeachment Crap & Efforts at a Coup D’état (In Other Words – A Real Insurrection) Against a Duly Elected Sitting President, which President Trump Endured During President Trump’s Full 4-Years of His Presidency (And Before) . . . Would Survive.


Long-Time Sitting Senator . . . Jeff Sessions of Selma Alabama, Welcomed the Position to Become Donald Trump’s Attorney General, but When Push Came to Shove & Sessions Had to Take a Principled Stance to Stand with His President, Sessions Folded Into The Swamp Like A Cheap Suit, Which Wasn’t Lost on President Donald Trump.


Jeff Sessions Turned-Out To Be Nothing More Than A Swamp Creature, Who Served The Swamp Rather Than The President.

And When it Came Time for Senate Seat Primary Endorsements in Alabama (For The 2020 Election), the Once all Powerful & Extremely Popular Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions, had his Ass Served up to him on a Platter, Only Because Donald Trump Supported Sessions’ Adversary Tommy Tuberville, because of Sessions’ COMPLIANCE To The Swamp & Treachery To His Boss (President Trump).


The LEFT Took Their Best Shot & Cheated Their Way Into The 2020 Presidency, Same As The Complicit RINOS.

And Now that the Full Scope of What the Neo-Communists are doing to America and to the Rest of the World all but Guarantees that in 2022, the House will Belong to the Republicans by a Huge Margin, with the Likelihood of the Senate Following Suit (Going Republican).


But What I Do Think, That Is Not In Doubt, Is That President Trump . . . Whether Candidate Trump in 2024 for the White House, or Perhaps Candidate Trump for the House to Replace Pelosi & Become Speaker of the House in 2022, which Would Place Donald Trump in Full Control of the Nation’s Spending . . . And Then Another Run At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, has to have all the Swamp Creatures In An Apoplectic Tizzy.

And Even If Former President Trump Does None Of The Above . . . There is No Question in my Mind, None-Whatsoever, that “Trump” will be the King & Queen Maker of the Republican Party for 2022 & 2024, which Also Explains why Mitch McConnell, all of a Sudden Re-Found Trump Religion – After Eviscerating “Trump” after the Failed Anti-Trump Impeachment Sham.

I Guess That Even A Denizen Of The Swamp Like McConnell Can Take His Thumb Out Of His Ass Long Enough To See In Which Direction The Wind Is Blowing.

(The Preceding Two-Line Statement Is Courtesy Of My Sweet Wife Anne.)

In Spite Of What The Media & American Neo-Communists Want Everyone To Believe . . . The Republican Party Is In No Way Near Splitting.  In Fact . . . The Republican Party Might be More Focused & United Amongst Conservatives Today, Than at any Time Since & Even Before the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The American Media & Communist Disciples Have Stirred The Beast & Are About To Feel The Wrath.


It’s Just A Matter Of Time . . . When there will be Real Competition Against Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and all the Other Big-Tech Oligopolies, Coupled with Long Needed Trust-Buster-Type-Regulations, which will Neuter the High-Tech Beasts . . . Where It Will Hurt Them Most.

The Mainstream Media is Already Trying to Figure-Out What Side is Up & What Side is Down . . . While Conservative Social Media Is All Hands On Deck, Damn The Torpedoes & Full Steam Ahead.


As Bad As It Looks Today . . .  And It Is Bad – It Looked Much Worse In 1776 & Then Again In 1860.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I love Anne’s two line statement – Perfect!!! The cowards who turned against Trump when the going got rough should be replaced – they won’t change. Weaklings not good lawmakers and definitely not leaders.

  2. Daily, I hear Libs complaining about what Biden and Pelosi are doing. Higher Fuel, food, labor costs. taxes, insurance and so much more. You all cheated to get him in, and look what he is doing to everyone not just conservatives. I hope that our true president can do what we believe he can do, get a whole bunch of trash out of Washington by his influence. Rinos are the worst kind of liars and cheats, give them your money and support and they will screw you over in a blink fore sure.

  3. Anne, what a delightful surprise you are! In adversity is opportunity. Obiden’s fake presidency is offering the Republicans their best chance of claiming the moral high ground. They better not blow it.

  4. Love your editorial, as always, but Anne’s comment was the icing on the Trump supporter’s cake! I also love Jackson Barry’s comment where he referred to our fake president as “Obiden”…which we know is Obama’s 3rd term!! Haven’t heard that before but clever & accurate!! May God bless & save America & thanks, Howard…for your efforts in helping make that happen!

  5. Kemp will endorse Trump for 2024? Why? It doesn’t matter he lost Trumps endorsement for 2022. He also already validated everything that HR1 will make to enable future fraud elections. Friends in Georgia say everyone knows of Kemp’s validating hundreds of thousands of Fraud ballots and his instance on Dominion when Texas proved Dominion computers were suspect. Kemp and others are seen to have committed political suicide as well as inviting lead poisoning (seriously)

  6. There is no difference between a rhino or a democrat. Both of them will sell their wives. It is debatable which of them will deliver.

    It is Not Rhino – Rhino is an Animal – RINO is a Republican-In-Name-Only – HG:

  7. Why Anne you clever Rascal! Maybe this is the course of action that had to play itself out for folks to wake up & understand how corrupt the democrats are cause they sure as heck didn’t believe it before the election. Just wish Canada had somebody like Trump. I had my hopes up for Derek Sloan. Interested to see what End the Lockdowns Caucus will do.

  8. As a Georgia voter, Kemp knows his ONLY hope of winning again Georgia again depends on the coat tails of PRESIDENT TRUMP. He cannot win otherwise. I voted for Kemp and our SOS —— it will not happen again!!!! Kemp and our SOS are both “owned” by (slaves to) China. Kemp proved it twice: In Nov and again in January by allowing the D’s to win by fraud without a whimper for him!!!! The Dominion (voter manipulating) system and absentee voting were allowed by Kemp and our SOS!!!!

  9. McConnell is a YES man and Pres Trump knows it.I suspect Mr.Trump will put together a team of candidates to target and replace the “rinos” in the party…First step,then proceed with a full house of “like minded” to flood in 2024.

  10. Don’t think because Trump is gone that the attacks by the left will stop. They are now turning their attacks to the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, a rising conservative star. The democrats are anti conservative anti America, and will attack anyone on the right they see as a threat.

  11. Love your coverage, but I do have this concern that I can’t shake. The left has perfected election fraud and the courts will continue to stiffle any valid investigations. That continues to make be fear that the GOP will not win many future elections.

  12. Kari Lake ,one of the most popular news anchors in Phoenix walked away from her job Tuesday, and she obliterated the country’s biased establishment media on the way out. “In the past few years, I haven’t felt proud to be a member of the media. I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way. I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful, or only told part of the story,” she said. Will other journalists follower her example????

  13. Your Anne sounds as great as you are Howard. You two must be a hoot together. Great comment she made. As for the rest of your editorial as always it was right up there. My son said something to me last evening that Trump might run for Senator in Fl that would be great go get them Mr. President. Win Speaker of the house and then back to the White House. They all knew Mr. Biden was a sick man they should neve put him in there. Happy week end to you and your Anne.:))

  14. If there is no election reform to guarantee free and fair elections, and no court to back it up, there will never be valid elections again in my humble opinion. If you can’t win, you can’t govern. Right now, we don’t count the votes.

  15. Totally agree with you, Anne. As for future elections, since no judge or even SCOTUS would ‘hear’ any case against the election (even with forensic evidence) and as long as voting machines are still in place, every one will be like 2020. Saying masks are still necessary even after vaccine shows they’re planning on justifying mail-in ballots. Another ‘worse’ virus has been said to exist by Wuhan Lab (developed by for release), also for future justification. PUBLIC EDUCATION NEEDS DEMOLISHED too.

  16. Way to go Anne. Shows that the 2 of you were meant to be together from the get-go. You say “When there will be Real Competition Against Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and all the Other Big-Tech Oligopolies, Coupled with Long Needed Trust-Buster-Type-Regulations, which will Neuter the High-Tech Beasts . . . Where It Will Hurt Them Most.” Well, I think slowly it is starting to take shape. A new web browser has emerged, “Brave” Web Browser, go check it out. Hope it grows to rival google !!!!

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