Racism In America . . . Like We Haven’t Seen Since The 50’s


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS . . . Ken Davies of Cornwall Ontario, a Man who by Distance, is more or less 30-Miles from where Anne, Stryker, the Boys (Three Horses) & I Spend our Summers, has Generously Asked Readers & Listeners of Galganov.com to Help Contribute to the BLOG Because of what I Write, Say & Do, and Because it will Soon be my Birthday.

First Of All . . . My Sincere Gratitude for Ken Davies’ Support and his Suggestion that People Ante-Up to Support Galganov.com . . . It Is Very Much Appreciated.

However . . . I am always Grateful to the People who Help Me Financially with their Support of Galganov.com . . . But Everyone Should Know, that Sending Money is NOT a Requirement to Fully Participate in Reading What I Write, Listening to What I Say (Podcasts), And Sending Comments & Private Emails which I Read.

ALSO . . . MY SEVENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY – Is Coming this Friday, February 12, 2021, which is a Birthday I Share (Date Only) with Perhaps the Second Greatest President of the United States of America – Abraham Lincoln . . . After Donald J Trump, who I Believe has been America’s Greatest President.

To Help You From Doing The Math – I Was Born On February 12, 1950.

Anne & I Have For Years . . . Stopped Buying Each Other Birthday Presents (Even Though We Both Cheat A Little Bit), because at our Ages . . . And Closing-In on 50-Years (48-Years Of Marriage & Two Previous Years Of Knowing Each Other), We’ve Run Out of Things we Want to Buy, and there are Few if Anything we Really Need – Except for Each Other, Stryker, the Boys, Our Family, Friends & Our Health.


As My Texas Friends Like To Say . . . Anne & I Feel Blessed That We’re Able To Do What We Do & That we Have What We Have.

Thus Far . . . Anne & I Still Manage to Travel, We Eat Well & We Live in Comfortable Surroundings, So PLEASE Do Not Feel Compelled To Do Anything For My Birthday.


Being Born & Raised In Canada (Montreal), where there were Many Different Cultures, Languages & Religions . . . There Was Never an Issue Between Black & White People, because the Number of Black People in Montreal, Especially then, was Negligible to the Point of Hardly Any.

It Was Only As I Was Growing Older . . . That I Really Became Aware of Jim Crow Laws, the Insidiousness of the KKK & Racial Discrimination to the Extent that it Was. And Every time I Heard or Read about White People Taking-It-On-The-Chin, while Standing-Up for Black Civil Rights . . . It Stirred My Heart & Soul.

But Given Today’s Despicable Use Of Created Racial Issues By White Idiots & Black Bigger Idiots . . . To What Purpose?

America Will Never Be Great . . . as Long as People are Judged by the Color of their Skin, Rather than by the Content of their Character . . . To Paraphrase Martin Luther King, who Today, seeing How his Vision of Black People in America has Morphed Into Racial Hatred for White People . . . and the Moral Depravity which has Poisoned the Black Well of Humanity – I Am Convinced Martin Luther King Would Cringe In Utter Despair.


Rosa Parks . . . To the very Best of my Research NEVER Asked For – Nor Wanted to be Treated Better than White Folk. Neither did Martin Luther King. Neither did the Thousands of Black Civil Rights Protestors who Faced the Fury of White Supremacists (Mostly Democrats), Especially in the Deep South, Who were Met with White Policemen Wielding Clubs & Vicious Attack Dogs, while the Equal Rights Protestors Peacefully Marched (Demonstrated).

TODAY – IT’S BLACK RACISTS WIELDING THE CLUBS . . . As they Destroy Everything Great Black Civil Rights American Icons Accomplished over a Period of Many Painful Generations.


I Won’t Go Into The Litany . . . Of The Horror Show Of Failed Black America, Other than to Point My Finger at so Many Black Americans, Especially Amongst the Most Currently Famous & Wealthy . . . Athletes, Rappers, Actors, Politicians – Etc, who have become The Most Despicable Race-Baiters In America, Akin to the White Racists their Ancestors Faced Not all that Long Ago.

Let Me Make This Clear . . . In The End, the People Who will Pay the Greatest Price for this Black-On-White Racism, which is Seeing Wanton Violence Against Innocent White People and White Owned Properties & Businesses . . . Will be the Perpetrators of the Violence and the Social Stigma of the LEFTIST Cancel Culture.

In Short . . . When The Crazy Stops – The Biggest Losers Will Be Black America.


For All The Sports Franchises That Took A Knee To America – I & Tens Of Millions Have Taken A Knee To Them.

More to the Point, I’ve Taken A Knee . . . to all the Products, Retailers, Manufacturers, Actors, Singers & Endorsers of the Anti-White America-Last Movement.

As For The Current Impeachment Sham . . . The Three Ring Circus Has Started & The Clowns Are Running Wild.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Wow! I couldn’t agree with you more. I shudder to think of where all this hatred and foaming at the mouth is going to lead us.!!!!!!!

  2. Ditto re: sports..all sports including paraphernalia, sports bars, etc. I haven’t watched a Super Bowl or football game in a decade or more. I watched baseball until it to became “woke.” My wife is 10 days older than you. The Ground Hog gives you Lincolner a happy birthday.

  3. Growing up in Montreal I Never met a black person. My first exposure to American racism was after enlisting in the US Navy. In the spring of 1965 my aircraft carrier was at Norfolk naval station taking on an ammo load. I went ashore with a fella from Spartanburg, SC. We went into a supermarket to buy some chewing tobacco. Being thirsty I went to the first drinking fountain I saw. Before I could take a sip he pulled me away pointing to a sign saying Coloreds Only. I was shocked.

  4. re: “. . . I’ve Taken A Knee . . . to all the Products, Retailers, Manufacturers, Actors, Singers & Endorsers of the Anti-White America-Last Movement.” AMEN Howard!!!

  5. Exactly Howard, I met my first Black man near Cisco, Texas when I was about 10 (1940). He was an excellent Cowboy and a perfect gentleman. He was tending cattle for a local Rancher where we lived. My parents invited him to eat dinner, (lunch) with us but he would not enter the house, so we all ate with him out in the yard. Later, I found that Dink was well respected by many other citizens in and around Cisco. I experienced racism first about 1942 in Graham, Texas where separate water & toilet..

  6. Many happy returns Howard. I, too, share the birthday with you and Abraham Lincoln. Robert Lincoln Smith, Kresgeville, PA, USA

  7. I share my Birthday with Elvis Presley. Happy 17th Birthday Howard. Ah to be young again. I will follow the suggestion of Ken Davies and give you $5 towards Galganov.com for your Birthday and I will give you my usual support on the 15th. Racism got started again by obummer and the demon rats and will get worse with obiden that will continue the path of obummer because we all know that it is still obummer pulling the strings.

  8. Another great issue! I am really saddened by the way some persons with different skin color are claiming to be disadvantaged. I am sure that many of us could find some point or situation in life that we have been shunned or abused or taken advantage of. the news media has caused the issue to explode by giving those situations too much attention. There are times when life just isn’t fair. One needs to “pick the hill you wish to die on”!

  9. Well Happy Birthday Young Man, On March 1st I will be 75, and spending it in my 5th wheel in Gila Bend Arizona were I grew up. I am a 30 year combat veteran of the Army, test pilot in the UH1 and the Blackhawk, also at the same time a medevac pilot, made it through Viet Nam and Desert Storm, I have also been a staunch Republican Conservative. I have been reading and listening to your blog for many years now. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to a much younger patriot that I am.

  10. What’s more important ? The colour of a persons skin or the content of their character ? Too choose colour over content is racist in itself. Identity politics led by groups like BLM is killing the USA and Canada. When was the last time anyone saw a KKK rally ??

  11. Happy Birthday!!! My 79th comes in less than a month as well. If I make it to the next (80th) one, my granddaughter says she’s taking me sky-diving!! As for BLM participants, I continue to note that an awful lot of them are white. With what it’s all based on (white privilege/racism), I find that a strange and a fundamental oxymoron. Mike Lindell did a documentary of forensic data on the Nov 3 election; quite informative. Dems’ real impeachment purpose is so Trump can’t hold office in future.

  12. Howard, we are Jewish. Throughout history no people has been more persecuted than Jews. But never, EVER, did we become a grievance group. Even after WWII when 6,000,000 of us left earth as smoke and ash through chimneys, we painfully took responsibility for ourselves and rebuilt lives and families. We did not spend one nanosecond blaming others for our own failures. And because of this, we succeeded spectacularly. If only America’s blacks could make use of this example… Bonne fete mon chum!

  13. I grew up in the South, being “Poor White Trash” we lived next too the Black District. Played with kids of color for many years and any one that was hungary was welcome at our table. In High School in CA I played sports with kids of color and enjoyed it. In 71, I joined the Army, boy life changed. I was mugged and robbed twice, by Blacks. I was exposed to a different culture, Blacks Hated Whites. I have no White Previleged Card, I worked many long days to gain what I have. I will not give it up

  14. Happy Birthday…Your gift is being able to read and comprehend what this note means! It’s better than anything else that can be given to you. All the best to you and yours… I have seen first-hand how discrimination of all types exposes the ignorance of those who condone it. But to cast racial discrimination on all Americans who are white as some sort of sin is just as insidious. One of my liberal friends said, well if one of the oppressed group does it, it’s not as bad. No, it’s worse.

  15. No one knows better than Trump HOW the SWAMP operates! He did TRY to CLEAN it out, but it was too DEEP! AMERICA will be BLACKENED by the LEFT in the next TWO years! However, A TRUMP SHALL RETURN and have a PLAN to CLEAR the CLUTTER! Trump may not run again, but his son, “YOUNG” DONALD, JR. MAY run…WHO KNOWS? He is a true IMAGE of his father and has already EXPERIENCED his father’s political tragedies! If so, “hold on to your hats!” because the LEFT will be in for a VERY RUDE AWAKENING! AMEN!

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