The Challenge We Never Saw Coming


Is The 2020 Curse To Destroy Our Future – Mask By Mask . . . Lockdown By Lockdown?

I Truly Believe that we are Dealing with a Deadly Virus Originated in China. Whether it was a Deliberate Act on the Part of China? I don’t Know. But I’m Tending to Believe it Was.

And We Have To Take The China Virus Seriously.

I Also Believe that we Need Various Options (Prophylactics) to Deal with the Virus, which we Probably Already Have in the Name of Various Treatments, of which Several have Been Suppressed by Denizens of the Politically Charged Health Industry Swamp . . . And Perhaps a Vaccine (If It’s Really Necessary) . . . And Not Just a Snow-Job from Big Pharma to Capitalize upon Public Fear & Propaganda.

However . . . That Said – Whether this China Virus was a Purposefully Insidious Attack on our Economies, Culture & Freedoms or Not . . . At this Juncture it Almost Seems Irrelevant, Since what was at First a National (International) Medical Emergency, has Now Morphed into a Far More Deadly Political Tool – to Suppress the Freedoms & Determination in North America and the Rest of the World, by Men & Women we Elected & Pay – For them to Answer to Us – WE THE PEOPLE . . . .

. . . Opposed To We The People Answering To Them – The Politicians & Bureaucrats.


And This Coming New Year (2021) – Will Be No Different . . . Since I will Do No Less this Year, than I have Done in Many Years Past, to Battling the Dark Forces of Neo-Communism . . . In All Its Ugly Personifications . . . Than I Do Every Day – Day In & Day Out – to Promote the Voices of Freedom & Expose the Sounds of Tyranny through the Venue of their Censorship.


As I See It . . . 2021 Will Be The Year Of Our “Operation Overlord” . . . Where Unlike the Normandy Invasion Against the Nazis, We Will Have to Defeat The Neo-Communists on our own Shores and on our own Soil, just as our Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends & Neighbors Met the Nazis on the Beaches of Normandy – to Save the World From Despotism . . . They Did It – And So Can We.

My New Year’s Pledge Is To Keep Writing, Speaking & Advocating AGAINST The Thugs Challenging Our Freedoms.

I Will Do All That I Can . . . to Promote All Conservative Causes, Conservative Politicians & Conservative Bureaucrats . . . if any Conservative Bureaucrats even Exist.

I’ll Do Everything Possible To Inform As Many People As I Can About Where We’ve Come From & Where We Should Be Going.

In Conversation I Had Today, with a Good Friend Back Home, who is Old Enough to Remember the Hardships of the Very End of WWII . . . I had Mentioned How I was Always Aghast at how the World Traded with the Nazis Before, During & After the Holocaust, Knowing Exactly what the Nazi Monsters & their Willing Accomplices were Doing and had Done to Jews, Gypsies, the Mentally & Physically Infirmed, Opposition Members, Union Leaders, Communists & Free-Thinkers . . .

I Asked . . . What’s The Difference Between The Nazis Then & The Chinese Communists Today – And Today’s Profiteers?


I Would Prefer To Write & Say Otherwise . . . But if I were to Sugar-Coat What I Truly Believe, so I would be a More Socially Palatable Writer . . . I would be Lying to You & Myself . . . And Then What Value Would My Writing Have?

Whether the Republicans Keep the Senate after the New Year, and Whether the US Supreme Court Rules to Invoke the 12th Amendment, and Whether Biden is Sworn-In as America’s 46th President . . . Or President Trump Invokes the Insurrection Act, Declaring Martial Law, and has the Conspirators of their Attempted Coup D’état Arrested, and President Trump Orders a New Election to be Managed by the Military in the Contested States . . . 2021 Will Be A Challenge Like None Of Us Have Ever Imagined.

Our Parents Did It . . . Our Grandparents Did It . . . Our Great Grandparents Did It – WE CAN DO IT TOO!

But We Won’t Persevere . . . If we Pretend that We Aren’t Under Attack from Neo-Communists – Foreign & Domestic Enemies – who are Determined to Destroy our Societies & Values Akin to Unfettered (Non-Filtered) Freedom of Expression.


Any Society That Can Countenance Chinese Communist Tyranny In All Of China’s Deplorable Ways Can Accept Anything.

Just Like so Many of our Countries’ Industries Traded with the Nazis Throughout the War, and then did all they Could to Whitewash the Nazi Perpetrators In-Spite of all the Evidence of their GROSS INHUMANITY . . . What’s the Difference Today with the Way our Industries & Countries are Dealing with the Murdering & Torturous Regime of the Chinese Communist Party?

We Have Enemies To Fight & A Lot Worth Fighting For . . . That’s Our Future For 2021 – Like It Or Not.


Essentially . . . We Know Who & What We’re Up Against. The Question is Simple . . . Are we Going to Fight or Surrender? Do you Want to Hear about Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice, or Do you Want to Hear the Painful Truth? Are You Prepared to Stand & Be Counted In 2021 . . . Or Do You Want To Be Part Of A Blip In History?

YOU KNOW WHERE I STAND . . . If I Go Down – It Won’t Be With A Whimper.

Best Regards . . .  Howard Galganov


  • Bravo, Howard. I would have expected nothing less than your commitment to keep on keeping on. We will continue reading your messages as long as we receive them. KUYGW!

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • The ruling class is giving “stimulus packages” with the tax payers money while limiting small businesses to operate at 25% capacity. Tax payers should insist on equal treatment for all, thus limiting all government workers to 25% of their salaries. This way we will all feel the pain the same way! Maybe than the democrat governors would rethink their draconian lockdowns.

    Amalia Segall, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Howard, I wholly concur…Freedom is not Free…Thank You for your Continued Motivation and info…as a Viet Nam vet…don’t tell the enemy what you are contemplating…..

    Luke Stetson, Dahlonega, Ga, USA
  • Yes, Howard, there is little if anything I can do other than share your editorials and voice my opinions which are remarkably like yours. I am 90 and partially cripp;ed but I do what I can.

    Van D Kleiner, Corinth, TX, United States
  • Hey Howard. China is the only country whose economy grew in 2020. I think the virus was an attack not a mistake. China is still blocking efforts to track its origin. A Biden phone call with civil rights leaders was leaked. He asked them to cool the “Defund the Police” campaign until after the Georgia Senate race as he has plans for Federal legislation. America is in for tough times unless Trump can work a miracle.

    James Moffat, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
  • I just saw a report from a doctor today that did a study with 2800 patients using Ivermectin as a Prophylactic. It worked 100% on the patients. He stated “if you take it, you won’t get sick.” He sited another study of 1200 front line workers where 800 took Ivermectin and 400 did not. None of the 800 got sick 58 of the 400 did. He also stated it works for early symptom cases as well. Keep writing. We are staring Communism in the face if President Trump’s last ditch efforts fail.

    Robert Stalcup, Copan, Oklahoma, United States
  • May be the virus got out of hand in China. But China always intended to use it the way it turned out, and especially in the USA but without a Trump in office. How do I know. A Chinese general said so circa 2013 – I’m guessing the date – to an audience of soldiers. I saw it on tape.

    R. Anthony Crane, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada
  • Thank you for shouting the truth for all to hear. May God bless you as you stand, like a watchman on the wall, in defense of justice and righteousness. Have you read “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy” by Eric Metaxas? It’s an excellent book and I highly recommend it. I’m reading through it right now and it’s like walking through “present-day history.”

    Galynne Matichuk, Issaquah, Washington, United States
  • Right on Howard! I’ve been thru a few years of incredible emotional, financial and physical challenges but I survived and became a better person. And now 2020? This was a piece of cake by comparison. Apparently my Creator made me a fighter so bring it on 2021!! I refuse to turn my back on this country. You keep telling OUR TRUTH and I will keep fighting.

    Sharron Hetheriton, Dewey, AZ, United States
  • I agree with you completely Howard. I’m not the “sugar and spice” type so I’m sticking to listening and figuring out the truth. I wish President Trump had of won; regardless he sure exposed the corruption. The Chinese virus is worrisome but not nearly as scary as losing our freedom. God help us all.

    Tammy A. Hart, Newington, Ontario,
  • Tell the hard cold truth… We will pass it on and hopefully we can stop this madness before destruction occurs…. Thanks for your words and strong voice…

    Mack Karnes, Pewaukee, WI, United States
  • Agreed- China virus is performing as designed : killing off the old and ill . Gets rid of all those old guys and their old world ideas, while freeing up all that wealth they control so the Gov. can tax it. Also saves on free medical and pensions . Unfortunately the “type” of people who fought the Nazis on Normandy’s beaches no longer exist and we have not made any in the past 40 years . 2021’s Truth will be painful and WE let it happen .

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
  • My brother went too Vet Nam four times and came home I to this day see a person who has been in our military I cross my heart & say thank U for serving out country sir. I am 79 yrs old live on a small pension & if we have to go to war I will fight to my dying day fighting for this country. Keep writing to us HG love what you write the Holy Gods truth. Thank you for that. Wishing you and your darling Anne a Happy New Year may it be better than this one. God save us. May Trump somehow win yet.

    Jacquline Turley, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
  • From day one, I never bought the story that the CCP virus started in some market in Wuhan because some guy at bad fish or bat soup!! It was created in a lab in Wuhan, funded by the Obama administration, and was let loose on the world exactly at the specific time. It was a well-timed attack. The CCP wasn’t the only group involved in this. The Democrats had a hand in it as well, and nobody will convince me otherwise. I also think our PM, Justin Trudeau, the poster-boy for the CCP, was complicit!

    Hal Trachtenberg, DDO (Montreal), Quebec, Canada
  • Excellent Editorial. I plan to Stand and be counted. I will do my level best to work with those of like mind. God and Country and Family. Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Blessed New Year of 2021.

    Kathy West, Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • On the virus…no one has isolated it (i.e. proved it exists). We now have a vaccine for an unproven virus. This is not about “neo-Communists”. The enemy is much more lethal and generally not even recognized. However, with the evidence of 2 World Wars and the Great Depression all initiated by the global cabal of bankers who own the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve and other select industrialist billionaires they have admitted to their cabal (World Economic Forum) they pull the strings.

    Gordon D Miller, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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