The Patriots Are Few . . . The Traitors Are Many


William Barr, John Durham, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell – Etc, Etc, Etc . . . With Friends & Allies Like These . . . Who Needs Enemies?


Right Up to the Day this Past Week, when Lawyers Lin Wood & Sidney Powell Cajoled Republican Georgian Voters NOT to Vote in the January 5, 2020 Run-Off Elections for the Two Georgia (Washington) Senate Seats, which will 100% Decide whether America Can Survive as an Exceptional Constitutional Republic, based on Judeo/Christian Values . . . or Fall to the Despotism/Slavery of Socialism (Communism) – I Thought The Two Of Them Were Patriot Heroes.

If Barr & Durham Wanted . . . Dozens of American Traitors, Mostly Democrat, would have Long Ago been Indicted for at the Very Least – Lying To Congress, and for What Really Happened . . . Which was a Conspiracy to Overthrow the Duly Elected Presidency of the United States of America, with Many of Whom being Perp-Walked (Marched-Off) Wearing Handcuffs before the Cameras of the World.

Now I’m Wondering If Barr & Durham Should Be Perp-Walked?


But That Didn’t Happen . . . Because Barr & Durham Didn’t Want It To Happen.


The Forces Aligned Against President Trump . . . are Only Against President Trump, Because President Trump is Standing in their Way from Creating their One World Government, Designed to Bring the World Back to the Vassal System, where there were Rulers & Subservient Workers.

And As Incredulous As This Seems . . . Think about it. We the Workers, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Service Providers, Manufacturers, Limited Investors & Independent Thinkers have Already become as Dependent on the Whims & Largess of Big Government & Big Business (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon – Etc) than any of us Could have Imagined just Decades Ago.

America Was Created As A Free-Thinking Nation Where The Government Was To Serve All The People – Not The Other Way.


There Was A Time . . . When The Sun Never Set On The British Empire, when just Several Generations Ago, Great Britain (England) Survived the Worst the Nazis Could Throw at it . . . And Today, as England is Trying to Leave the One Europe Government Order Of The EU, That – Which used to be the Greatest Country on the Planet, is Now Groveling In Fear, as the European Union . . . Is Strangling England Into Submission.

Should That Be The Future Of America & Canada? . . . Because That’s What The Globalists Want.

We Don’t Have To Assume . . . that the November 3, 2020 Presidential (National) Election was Fixed, since there is More Direct & Personal Evidence (Not Speculation) by Sworn Testimony (Affidavits) of Every Manner of Fraud & Direct Cheating Imaginable – To Understand, that the LEFT (One World Government) Launched an All-Out Assault to Achieve their Victory – By All Means Necessary.


Make No Mistake About It . . . As I’ve Written Multiple Times – There are Two Obstacles to the Hard LEFTIST Drive for a Global Socialized Society . . . Donald Trump & An Independent Honest (Conservative) Media. And the LEFT will Do Whatever it Takes to Eliminate these Two Barriers to their Dream of a Fairy-Tale Communist One World Government Utopia.


If President Trump Is Denied His Lawful Second Term . . . If the LEFT Takes the Two Georgia Senate Seats, and if the Lords of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google – Etc), and if the Mainstream Media Continues to Wield their Power to Muzzle Free Independent Speech & Disseminate Propaganda . . . They Win – We Lose & Freedom Becomes A Memory.


We Are The Majority . . . It’s Time We Begin To Act Like The Majority – Stand-Up – Speak-Up – Shout-Out & Just Say No!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Barr must have done something in the past that compromises him. The left thrive on that.

  2. The late, great William F. Buckley, Jr. once said, “The trouble with fascism is that it always makes war on its own people first.” That was decades ago. He could have been referring to the USA today. The Demorrhoids, with their corporate media enablers and billionaire donors, are the new fascists. If we don’t face this reality and act upon it, we are doomed. I hope the Supreme Court is listening. In the end, five conservative justices may well be all that stands between freedom and tyranny.

  3. With all the Left’s efforts on Identity Politics, it’s truly amazing how little shame they have with all the lying and cheating they have done in this election. Just try and wrap my head around the fact that thousands of poll workers were willing and gleefully cheating and lying, to get rid of Trump. Funny isn’t it that all those poll workers in the battleground seem to all be black. I’m not a racist even though I’;m an old white guy, but, the obvious needs to be stated.

  4. Barr appointed Durham as a Special Counsel which makes it almost impossible for Biden to fire him. That’s a huge step for justice, but if we lose Trump we lose it all. I won’t be alive for the next election so this is it. I’m ready to go to war if it comes to that. I have nothing to lose and I’d rather go down fighting for freedom than in a hospice on a morphine drip.

  5. Trump needs to declare Martial Law, and declare the election null and void, because of all the fraud that took place. The Left will go nuts! It will be beautiful to see! Then he needs to fire Barr, appoint Flynn to Attorney General, and start charging and prosecuting. This will be even more beautiful to watch!

  6. American voters don’t appear to even know the Democrat policies. I mentioned a few of the things Biden/Harris have SAID they R going to do, & these ladies all said the Dems wudn’t allow that. But the Dems have been preaching the things I told them, since the Dem Debate. If all Americans R this MISinformed, the USA is finished.

  7. The editorial title caught my attention. Reminds me of my biblical teachings, “Your enemies will come from your own house”. Personally, I remain faithful for the outcome of this wretched time and feel that Trump does have a couple aces in the hole & is fully aware of friends & foes surrounding him. There is much we don’t know & more that we can’t know…but Trump does. His GA voter rally tonight convinces me of how strong his support is. We The People continue to fight on with prayer. YAY!!

  8. Barr & Durham are both Big time “Players Of The Swamp” Go Trump Go

  9. Spot on commentary as usual Howard. To chime in with G. Anderson’s comment, that is indeed the problem with at least 75% of the US population. They know nothing, are misinformed, do not do any research, pay attention or dig for what a candidate has done in the past, positions taken, or policies supported. Hence, we end up with idiots being elected by idiot citizens. Just my humble opinion.

  10. Donald Trump is exactly what people asked for. Someone not a politician, to expose corruption, put incompetent politicians in their place, build an economy, stand up to world terrorists and bullies and so on. Then when they have him, instead of getting behind him and questioning why these forces were so against him, they mindlessly and spinelessly got on board with all his detractors to take him out. There won’t be another like him. The people blew it. They want status quo politics, they got it.

  11. The play of Nazism is and has been in the making – The media is controlled by the liberals, the education system has been controlled by the liberals, Hollywood is adored by the masses and next is the entire government, cheats, liars, commi’s and socialist is controllling everything. The next step is the entrance of the antiChrist.

  12. I totally agree with Karen Smith but with one twist. The problem she mentions is present in every democratic country on this planet including and especially Canada.

  13. Many people have become spineless wimps who complain but wait, expecting others to do something. I will not wear a mask, hoping to be challenged so that I can do some educating – doesn’t happen. I have a bumper sticker that says “COVID 1984” and people ask, “What is 1984? I recently acquired one “TRUMP 2020” but must admit hesitant to put it on the car, someone might demonstrate their hateful dislike. Strong opinions by the lemmings as they walk over the cliff in Canada & USA

  14. I can’t help but believe that China was not the only culprit in the start of Covid-19. We all know this was no accident, and I believe the Demonrats had a hand in it. Some catalyst was needed to get the ball rolling for “The Great Reset”, and voila, in comes the coronavirus (Covid-19). Trump stood in the way of this. He was the “Wall” standing between freedom and tyranny. This is why they spent 4 years trying to get him out, with the help of the MSM, which will soon become a State-Run media.

  15. Barr, Durham and the head of the FBI should be fired, they are a large part of the swamp no different then Comey. Durham has had more then enough time to investigate the Russian hoax, Barr held back the FBI from investigating election fraud ,hoping Trump would run out of time, and the A-hole running the FBI is right in w/the swamp. There is no time limit on winning the election. Martial Law can be invoked by the Prez, and he can order a new election, because that cancels out the Cinstitution,

  16. I am at a lost for words. H.G. My heart is broiken for our planet with such evil in it. God forgive us. Take care be safe and well you and Anne.

  17. President Trump has indeed stepped out front. One of best Presidents we’ve had in Years! That said, With Our President who has stepped out front, Falsely Accused, Him & Family Demonized, Ostracized. What is/was needed was The MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of those that Rightly Elected Him, to Rise Up, Gather Around Him, To Show Him His Sacrifice, His Family’s Sacrifice was not in Vain! how can that be done to that magnitude, I don’t know BUT It Should be. TRUMP 2020!

  18. Howard, your words should scare the daylights out of enough people that maybe there would be a rising up of the masses to stand with President Trump. Now, how to motivate the masses in Canada to change our corrupt government!

  19. Howard, you’ve got it wrong on Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. General Flynn would be in jail but for Ms. Powell’s efforts. Wood has been solely responsible for slapping down CNN etal over the Covington kids affair and secured counsel for the IL kid charged with murder in the Wisconsin BLM riots. Cut them slack! They’re working for the good guys! The two Georgia senators are RINO flakes. The lady was appointed by asshat GA gov to fill a vacancy probably at Mitch’s Direction.

  20. Sidney Powel and lin Wood don’t think you can have a repeat of Nov 3 and expect a different result.Trump could have gotten 80 million votes and Biden would have 85 million.Sure we are told if the republicans hold the senate we can hold back the flood of evil that is coming till Trump runs in 24.I like to read fairytales to the grandkids but adults should know better.The big corps are getting richer while small buisness are going under by the thousands.This has been the plan for decades.

  21. Alabama born and bred. Un-reconstructed Southern Caucasian male and proud of it. I have been flying the Third National for as long as I can remember. If you are afraid to wear a trump hat or bumper sticker, Brother you need to grow some balls. I travel for a living and have been stopped and reminded that that is ‘hateful’. My response is, “Piss off”! GROW A PAIR!

  22. I have a son. great Christian leader, Firefighter, who watches no news and is so uninformed but a Trump supporter. I was telling him about the election fraud, he said he heard about it at the firehouse. The Gen X people are uninformed or listen the Lib news and believe it. My sister in law when told about Antifa and MS 13 asked my what were we talking about as she wears her mask in her own home, Sheepel watches CNN. I am ready for what ever comes next, are you all?

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