Win Or Lose – It’s Time To Fight Back


It Appears that all the Anticipated Riots once the Election is Over, are Going-To-Be Caused by Democrat Supporters (Antifa, Black Lives Matter & The Something For-Nothing Bunch) in Mismanaged Democrat Cities.

As much as I Would Like to Say, Let these Bastards Burn Down these Wanton Cities, it Wouldn’t be Fair to the Conservatives who Own Businesses & Properties there, who are on the Right-Side of the Debate – the Freedom Side – and by Extension, it Would be Dreadful for the Overall Good of the Entire Country of American.


Plywood is Expensive. So are Nails & Screws. And so is the Labor Cost to Board-Up & Disassemble Boarded-Up Windows & Doors. And even with Boarded-Up Properties, the Thugs Come Prepared with Wood Cutting Equipment, Crowbars, Hammers & Combustibles.

And In Spite Of Everyone’s Best Efforts To Defend From The Rioters & Thugs – They Still Loot & Destroy.


Bullets Are Far Cheaper To Buy, Need No Hard Work to Set-Up. Take Little Effort to Deploy. Don’t Need to be De-Constructed . . . And Make A 100% Impression As A Deterrent.


How Many More People Have to be Intimidated by Thugs while Minding their Own Business, while simply Walking Down the Street or Eating-Out? How Many More People have to be Beaten-Up by Simply & Peacefully Expressing their First Amendment Right? How Many More People Have to be Inconvenienced to Travel & Get to Wherever they Need to Go, because Mobs Block Roads, Bridges & Tunnels?

And How Many More People . . . Have to Die at the Hands of Domestic Terrorists, who Literally Terrorize the National Population with Impunity?

Isn’t It Curious How We All Know . . . that this Piece of Human Excrement – The BLACK Thug George Floyd, with a Heavy Emphasis on the Fact that he was Black, who Really Didn’t Deserve to Live for the Many Awful Things he Did to Other People . . . And to All the Other Black Thugs like George Floyd, who were also Weighted Anchors on the Humanity-Scale of Contributors, are the Propaganda Reason to Tear the Heart-Out of America & Condemn Honest People Only because their White?

I Say Black Thugs . . . Because This Is Exactly Who The LEFT Feature As Their Poster-Boys To Have Caused This Hatred.


1 – President Trump Wins Back The White House & Invokes The Insurrection Act.

2 – Biden Wins The White House & President Trump Invokes The Insurrection Act.

Remember This – No Matter Who Wins the White House Tonight . . . Donald J Trump Remains the President of the United States of America Until January 20, 2021, and the BS we keep Hearing, that Donald Trump will be a Lame-Duck President if “Trump” is Cheated from Victory, is Indeed just a Load of BS, since the President of the United States is the President of the United States from the Moment He or She Takes the Oath of Office Until He or She Officially Relinquishes Power or Passes-On the Baton after the Legitimate Transfer of Power.

Either Way . . . Win Or Lose – The Thugs Who Have Been Crippling America For More Than 6-Months Will Reap What They’ve Sown.

If President Trump Wins Tonight – He Won’t Have to Worry About Winning Again in 4-Years. If President Trump Loses Tonight – President Trump will Finish What the Thugs and the LEFT Started . . . What Will Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer & The Rest Of The Idiots Do – Impeach Him?


Make No Mistake About This . . . Amongst the President, his Insiders & the Police (All Law Enforcement), There Is No Shortage Of Pent-Up Payback Waiting To Be Unleashed.

In One Way Or Another . . . The Next 2-Months Will Be Worth Living.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are so right, again and again. But no matter which way it goes tonight……there will be riots in the streets……just because they can. And no one on the left will do a thing to stop it. I believe that this will be the first day of the revolution ……. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so…..there is so much anger out there and you can’t put the cork back in the bottle.

  2. Win or lose, the Liberal savages will be out rioting, undermining and destroying like always. Because that’s the only way they know to communicate. They are empty, meaningless, soulless people with no direction, no values, no purpose and no ability to think for themselves or create. So they mindlessly follow and destroy. Their ideas are garbage and their fanciful thinking is idiotic. They have no legitimate skills and no valid intelligence. This is what I’ve learned in the last few years.

  3. TONIGHT America will be pillaged…looted .. burned…NO THANKS to the Obama administration ..8 years…turning a blind eye…entitlement …Another shopping spree.. NO need to bring Cash or Credit Cards. The White House too will be targeted…! A sad situation…

  4. As usual Howard, you spot-on. It is time to slap hell out of these treasonous rioters. Most R’s are gut-less politicians afraid of their own shadow. President Trump calls “a spade a spade” —– to hell w/ PC’ness. It is time for martial law to protect America.

  5. I recall seeing a news bulletin in the 50’s where looters suspended thieving when the order “Shoot to Kill” was given to lawmen.

  6. I’m ever so happy to be living in a small rural town that so far has been safe from that mess. It’s the larger cities that are seeing this mess. I still find it really ODD that BLM is/was run by a white woman & almost all the marches/riots consist of nearly half young whites, at least from pics I’ve seen. Marxists using race to push their agenda to overthrow the country. I agree, it’s time the POLICE ARE ALLOWED TO DO THEIR JOB. If not, the rioters are more brazen & destruction gets worse.

  7. .45 ACP, 9mm, .380 ACP, 10 mm. Whatever you favor. “Don’t leave home without it.”

  8. Excellent Editorial. I don’t know how this election will end up, but I will say, should Trump win, the Squad, Deep State & the Pelosi crew are in for a rude awakening. Should Biden win, there will be more guns cleaned this coming week then ever before and the Ammo Stores will be inundated with customers. Because enough is enough. I pray Trump wins. God Bless

  9. I believe that with Pres. Trump’s win, he will squash any of the anarchist who “act up” – fast! He’ll put an end to this mess. And, like you state, he’ll have plenty of help from Law Enforcement and Military. If they come looking to burn down my business or residence, they WILL BE met with brutal force. We are pretty self-sufficient in SW MO.

  10. If we lose Trump, we will have lost America as well. I vote in a small town every 2 yrs and never a line. This morning at 6 am when they opened, the line was out into the parking lot–in 35 degree weather. If there was that kind of line in Grant Fork IL population 250, I can’t imagine what it will be like in heavily populated areas. I’ve done all I can, it’s up to my fellow Americans to re-elect President Trump–who has earned every vote–and then some. God Bless America.

  11. …….. 1830 Hours Texas Time: Early results look good but it “ain’t over till its over”

  12. I am praying for Priesdent Trump to win again God be with him to do so. Hope you and Anne are both doing well and having a nice time where ever you are in Canada. Take good care of one another. Be safe and well.

  13. You hit it on the nail. And when Los Angeles County is hyped up for civil unrest regardless of how the vote goes AND Beverly Hills forks up 4.8 million for extra security, that tells me me the left is scared. We will overcome . . . . if not this election, then the next because they will fail miserably.

  14. You are again right on target. Pres Trump doesn’t have to run in any more elections so he has free reign to take the toughest steps in the book to squash this vermin – the ones on the streets and the ones in Congress!!

  15. I am not a statistician but am certain that we all underestimated the turnout of young/ignorant, uneducated voters who vote based on emotions rather than considering history. I am no longer privy to the education process so I cannot offer my opinion but based on what I hear from youths, (those under 40), they have absolutely no understanding of socialism/Communism. They seem to think that money is unlimited and therefore should be shared among everybody, including illegal aliens and others

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