It’s All Coming Apart For The LEFT


It was very Refreshing to Read how Many People who Commented on the BLOG, and who sent me Private Emails are 100% For Freedom of Expression & 100% Against Political Correctness.

Also – I Never Complain . . . When After I Ask for Support During the Middle of Each Month, if the Level of Support I Receive is “Thin”, since I am Always Extremely Grateful for Whatever People Ante-Up.

And Even Though I Said Nothing . . . The Amount of Support that Came to on the 15th of this Month, which Didn’t Come Close to Covering the New Security Costs I had to Implement & Still Do, because of the Enormous Threats to . . . I Was Still Very Grateful For What I Got.

HOWEVER . . . After My Last Editorial (Wowser-Wowser-Wowser) – Showing my Disdain & Anger for the People who were Offended by my Choice of Words (Vagina), I Guess I Hit a Sensitive Spot with that Editorial, since Many of you all of a Sudden Anted-Up Enough Money to Really Help me Cover Much of the Costs.

So I Thank All Of You For The Money & The Moral Support.

Justin Trudeau Just Prorogued Parliament . . . until Sometime in October, which in Laymen’s Terms, Means Trudeau Suspended the Current Parliamentary Session, Literally Canceling all the Laws on the Books Until Trudeau’s Liberal Parliament Returns.

It also Means that the Opposition Parties Can’t Hold a Non-Confidence Vote, as the Separatist Bloc Quebecois has Promised to Do, which Would have Meant that the Majority of Members of Parliament Would Vote No Confidence in the Current Government, Which Would Immediately Have Forced A National Election.

So . . . What The Big Spender Trudeau Did – to Avoid Serious Investigations Of Inappropriate & Maybe Criminal Spending, was to Suspend Government for Several Months to Keep Himself and his Liberal Party from Getting Kicked out of Office & Forced Into an Election, where it is Most Likely Trudeau . . . the Bigtime Canadian Socialist Prime Minister Would have his Ass Handed to him by the Opposition on a Platter.


That Said . . . Trudeau Will Recall Parliament In September/October . . . And Will Read a Speech from the “Throne”, Detailing his New National Policy, which Will Almost Certainly be Defeated, Forcing a Fall Election to Run Almost Concurrently with the America Election (November 3, 2020), Putting A Heavy Emphasis On Canada Not Being Anything Like Trump’s America.


I Spent Several Painful Hours Watching The Democrats Self-Flagellate At Their Convention.

Where President Trump . . . is Promoting the Greatness of America and the American People, Constantly Talking about Real Success while Ginning-Up American Exceptionalism – The Democrats Are Selling A Vision Of Doom & Gloom.

If the Democrats Think that Having a Piece of Work like Michele Obama, who Before the Election of her Husband (Worst President Ever) Thought . . . “America Was A Downright Mean Country”, or Only After Barack Obama was Named as the Primary Candidate for the Democrats, Michele Obama Said That . . . “This Is The First Time In Her Adult Life That She Was Really Proud Of Her Country”.


If You Want To Know How Much Is Wrong With America – Tune into the Democrat Eulogy, which the LEFT Thinks Matters as Much as Black Lives Matter, but Not as Much as America & All Lives Matter.

The Only Thing Missing From This Staged Democrat Debacle . . . Is The Mentally Challenged Greta Thunberg.

At This Point, Even if the Republicans Under President Trump Only Hold an Acceptance Speech for Donald Trump to Continue Being the Leader of the Republican Party, It Will Be Immeasurably Better Than All The Cock-&-Bull Of The LEFT.

It’s Hard For Me To Fathom . . . How Utterly Incompetent & Ignorant the Democrats are at Understanding what the People of the United States of America Really Want & Need, Opposed To WHAT The Socialist LEFT WANTS The People To Want & Need.

It Is Equally Unfathomable . . . for me to Wrap Around my Head, how the Media is Playing Along with the LEFT, Pretending that the American LEFT (Democrats) is just Another Political Party that will Continue to Safeguard the Freedom Institutions of the United States of America – as are Prescribed in the Declaration of Independence & American Constitution, when in Truth, the LEFT is all About Tearing Down Everything that has Made America Great.

The Riots & Dystopia Belong To The LEFT . . . The Election Will Belong To The Right.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. “The election will belong to the Right”. I hope this is what we learn after Nov 3. The Left is so DISEASED that they are hemorrhaging members and don’t seem to know it. Fmr Ill gov Blagojevich just said he was “out of politics” for several years (prison) and now does not recognize his party–now calls himself a Trumpocrat. Fortunately, I see more black Americans realizing how Trump and repubs are now their best match. Economy improving, better informed electorate now, starting to look up!

  2. So you think Trudeau will get his ass handed to him on a platter by the opposition. Polls suggest if we had an election today, he would actually get a majority government. So what does that tell us about Canadian voters who would vote for him? They don’t care about corruption, bribery, rule of law, etc. And the Liberals are supported by a leftist media, just like in the US. The only solution for Western Canada, where I reside, is to separate and form our own Country. The sooner the better!

    Trudeau Needs Quebec & Ontario (Ottawa & Greater Toronto). In Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois is very Popular and would Win most of the Quebec Seats. Much of Ontario outside of Toronto & Ottawa would Vote Conservative. Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta would go Heavy to the Right. Without Quebec & Half of Ontario – It Would Be A Tory Government – HG.

  3. Oh please HC do not remember all that I said in the one that my fingers hit the wrong key for email. Know I think you are top knoche man if I spelled that correct. I think a lady or anyone cannot handle what a Dr. calls her thing can’t spell it but it did not bother me. Prudes they are or down right dumb. I hope an pray you can cross over the boarder this is such a mad world we are all sharing. My best to Anne and Kitty. You keep up being a strong man as you are and a honest one as you are. .

  4. Great editorials, Howard. I really look forward to each issue. Todays scene in the USA reminds me of the Canadian grade school story of the little Dutch boy with his finger stopping the breach in the dyke. Donald, keep your finger there and save us from the tsunami of liberal national suicide!

  5. I worry more about Senatorial and Congressional elections in November than the Presidential race–It won’t do much good to reelect DJT if we lose either the Senate-or fail to retake the House!

  6. What can one expect of a convention when their nominee is an addled brain moron.

  7. For your reader who commented on the down ballot’s, I have been systematically going through Facebook and supporting all of the black and brown candidates running as Republicans. There are many candidates of color running as conservatives who could use our help. I would suggest that to your readership. Even 50 or $100 could help these down ballot tickets.

  8. This is a repeat of 2016, on steroids as far as Dems are concerned. They truly are in the “whatever it takes” arena. BUT, more & more citizens are discerning the absolute idiocy & “no holes barred” frantic actions of the Dems and the wealthy elitists who support them & call the shots (i.e., Soros & others). Trump can’t get rid of the swamp soon enough; this will be so much better life and country when he does. God bless him & the USA–conservatives & all God-fearing citizens. God bless you too.

  9. The Dems at the convention stooped so low as to allow 2 uniformed Army soldiers into the delegation. This is illegal and is under investigation. They will do anything they can and do not care.

  10. Know what is wrong? Yesterday, my wife and I played golf with a friend and his son from San Diego. We were having a great time until we passed a group wearing masks. I made the comment that they were in the great outdoors away from everyone. The Lib School Teacher Son made a comment about that being the Law in our county. I said no that was a suggestion by Lib Idiots being pushed by idiots running for President, he became offended and his dad asked If I would not talk politics, we stayed quite.

  11. Pathetic is hardly the word to describe the speakers at DNC convention. Beyond belief that M.Obama. race baiter, could speak to America spewing blatant lies, does she believe what she says? KH didn’t say one word about her objectives, only hoping the nation would warm up to her with the story of her life, of no interest to anyone. I wish Fox would stop including Brazille, Wallace, and Williams who are so anti Trump, O and that damn annoying My Pillow Mike.

  12. I don’t know if things will get better, but I DO KNOW that God is looking down favorably on Donald J. Trump. I’d like to say “FOUR MORE YEARS”, but we might not have that long. Thanks for the memories, Howard.

  13. I pray the election result map looks like the 1984 election, 49 states going Republican, 1 state (Minnesota…duh?) going Democrat. Let’s shine the light on the leftist rats and run them into the sea or Potomac.

  14. Without Quebec & Half of Ontario – It Would Be A Tory Government – HG. I guess that includes Maritimes as well.

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