How Much More Pandering & Virtue Signaling Can We Take?


Let Me Make This Abundantly Clear . . . The Way The Islamists Force Women To Cover Their Faces For The Islamists Own Purpose Of Control, Is No Different Than What Some Government Officials (Canada & Thee USA) Are Doing Right Here & Now, By “Legally” Forcing “Formerly Free People” To Wear Masks In Our Society –  With No Good Reason.

I Will Not Wear A Mask Unless 100% Necessary For My Own Personal Benefit.


Think About This . . . The Nazis Banned & Burned Books, Destroyed Jewish Religious Symbols & Freedom Icons of all Manner. The Taliban Destroyed Thousand (Plus) Year-Old Statues . . . and Now in the United States of America, Icons & Statues of the Confederate Southern States are Either Torn Down, Taken Down or Defaced?

The Statues of Columbus are Being Defaced – The Columbus Day Holiday Defamed. Even Abraham Lincoln’s Iconic Washington Monument was Not Spared – Nor were War Memorials. Even the Creator & Author of the Declaration Of Independence, Thomas Jefferson is being Seen by Academia as an American Villain.

But Why Stop There? . . . Iconic Movies like Gone With The Wind are Now Considered Racist & Inappropriate by Cable Movie Providers – Amongst So many Other Great American Works Of Art.

Even The Once Storied But Now Despicable NFL (National Football League) . . . Has Decided that Disparaging the American Flag & Anthem is the Right-Thing To Do.

What Happened To The Land Of The Free & The Home Of The Brave – Where Varying Opinion Was Not Only Expected – But Indeed Welcomed?

There Are More Than 330-Million Americans . . . Of Which, NOT even a Smattering of this Enormous Population were (are) Part of the “Protests” & Riots, which Have Torn a Hole through the Heart & Soul of the United States of America, that so Many of the People Ignorantly Watched This Insult . . . As If It Is (Was) A Realty TV Show.


In Spite Of The Phony Polls . . . Showing A Ne’er-Do-Well Joe Biden Leading Donald Trump By Double Digits – The Silent Majority Of American People Will Not Be Fooled . . . Just as the People Were Not Fooled In 2016, when the Polls Showed that Donald Trump had Zero Chance to Win the Presidency, Right-Up-To & Including Election Night.

The Majority Of The People Of The United States Of America . . . Do Not Want Their Police Defunded Or Abolished.

It Doesn’t Matter What the Democrats Throw Against President Trump, Including the Current Race Riots & Useless Insiders like Collin Powell, who always Stated he was a Republican, even though he Proudly Voted Twice for Obama & Once for Crooked Hillary. What kind of a Republican is that? And Mitt Romney, who at every Turn has Done all he Could to Diminish & Defame Donald Trump, before and even After Donald Trump Became President Trump. And Mad Dog Mattis, who has the Distinction of being Fired by Two Presidents.

The Gloves Are Off – The Gauntlet Has Been Dropped . . . And Now It’s Up To The People To Decide How To Answer The Call.

In Canada . . . My Home & Native Land – Our Politics & Academia Have Become So Abused, that we are Truly on the Precipice of Losing all of our Freedoms, Except for those Freedoms the Government will “Benevolently” Allow us to Maintain.

Our Conservative Parties . . . Much like the Republican Party in the United States of America have become Liberal in Conservative Clothing . . .

Which Is Why I Will Vote For & Support Derek Sloan To Become Leader Of The Conservative Party Of Canada.

Sloan Might Not Win – Probably Won’t . . . But at Least Derek Sloan Stands for Most of the Principles I Stand For, which his Party only Gives Short-Shrift to, Pretending to be Conservative, where in Truth, the Conservative Party of Canada Stands Only to be Elected to Carry-On Carrying-On the Same Failed Policies that have Brought us (Canadians) to the Brink of the Cubanization of Canada.

If Derek Sloan Goes Down . . . I’ll Go Down With Him.

As For The United States Of America . . . If President Donald Trump Does Not Win Re-Election this November, and if the House Stays Democrat, and if the Republicans Can’t Keep the Senate . . . It Will Mean One Of Two Things:

1 – The Democrats Were Able To Cheat Their Way To Victory.

2 – The American People Do Not Deserve To Keep The Country They Have.

If You Want To Stay Free . . . Answer The Call – Face The Challenge – And Be Prepared to Fight.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have been supporting you since “Galganov at High Noon”, the sit in at Office de la langue françise, the Fairview rally and still today in 2020. Therefore will also be supporting Derek Sloan in the upconning election.

    Thank You – HG

  2. I believe that if Trump loses then there will be actual civil war. People are prepared to die for their freedoms and dreams. Again the creation of the legacy of the democratic party as it was in 1860+. I think.

  3. I have never been arrested, quit college to serve my country, worked hard for 30 plus years that allowed me to partially retire at an early age. My first wife of 24 years died of MS complications at 45 after being in a care facility for 6 years. My 2 two children went to school, I gave some monies when they graduated high school and told the to work for the rest. My son is a Christian Firefighter, my daughter is a Christian School Teacher both have debt and have not asked for govt help. No Angel

  4. I’m with the poster above, Nick Zaferis. I, too, supported “Galganov at High Noon”, the sit-ins, the bus rides, etc…etc…truth be told: Howard Galganov rules !!! If Howard G is not running in the next Canadian election, I will support and vote for Derek Sloan. Bob Dylan asked the question back in 1962: “How many years must some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free? The answer, my friend, is Blowin’ In The Wind, the answer is Blowin’ In The Wind.” :>( – Brucester

    Thank You – HG.

  5. Sloan is an excellent candidate. So is Leslyn Lewis. We know that in the real world factors such as race and gender do not matter; during these turbulent times, however, we must unfortunately take into account that Lewis is female and she is black. She is also a highly principled (small-c) conservative. And she’s as sharp as a tack. Running Lewis as the pro-freedom candidate against the fascist clown Turdeau will steal the Liberals’ thunder and increase the odds of a CPC victory.

    We’ve Had Enough Small “C” Conservatives – HG.

  6. Keep telling it like it is and just maybe something might sink into some meatheads!

  7. People all over need to OPEN their eyes. Moves to Defund police & now calls to defund military are INSANE. Anyone in right mind Knows the riots would increase & enlarge til no business left; then they come to your HOMES. These calls are so obviously coming from Communists within our midst. How much more out-in-the open do they need to be. I say FBI, etc., needs to round up all Communist org members, arrest, try for treason & issue death penalty. Guaranteed they are all democrats or rinos.

  8. Thank you for voicing your support for Derek Sloan – our message going out next week will carry the link to this message + reasons why Eric O’Toole should not get our vote. Sloan or Lewis may not win the leadership contest but with our help, they’ll stick around. They have to overcome their fear of the French extremists & speak out for the majority English-speakers. The French activists are strong, well-funded & very organized so they are a formidable force. The Fear Factor is still at play!

  9. I hope Trump is successful in November, and steps are taken to drain the swamp and flush Barak’s toilet once and for all.

  10. I think we need to DEFUND the Media particularly in Canada . Cubanization has been accomplished in Canada. We have not Noticed yet because the Gov, has not run out of Our Money and Credit yet. When they do run out and bring in Guarantied Income for all , the Teachers , Police , Fire Depts., Paramedics, et al may in fact not think it quite so Wanted when they realize what Part Time wages at Walmart really are now that they are working for the equivalent.

  11. The progressives have also taken away Elmer Fudd’s and Yosemite Sam’s guns! No joke. The remake of loonie tunes.

  12. Not saying this was the intention, just pointing out that every single policy, action and consequence of this whole corona deal is something that benefits totalitarian govt. Not a single action in the last 3 months benefits the people. It all only took away rights, freedoms and humanity. Just food for thought.

  13. The Conservative Party of Canada needs a big overhaul. They have been trending left unimpeded for some years now and have always filled the void created as the Liberals moved into deep socialism. I think Leslyn Lewis is the person to bring common sense back to badly listing party. In regard to the NFL, I will never watch another game. Some bad apples and the cowardly socialist commissioner are the last straws for me. They deserve nothing, and hopefully get nothing, from all football fans!

  14. Recent subscriber. I support all you’ve had to say, well lets say 99-44/100%; but your remark at the beginning; “I Will Not Wear A Mask Unless 100% Necessary For My Own Personal Benefit. ” show’s a good deal of ignorance on your part. It ain’t all about you, forget the lack luster CDC and others, until absolutely known your a potential carrier and thus a danger including to me. It ain’t about you.

  15. Everything depends on the vote in November—FREEDOM ITSELF IS AT STAKE! For God and Country!!!

  16. If the democrats assume power in November, you can kiss America goodby.

  17. If you support Derek Sloan than he must be a good man. He seems Conservative enough so I will vote for him also. Just hope he’s not another patrick brown. Décarie and Karahalios were true social Conservatives and that’s why they were kicked out. The best leader would have been Pierre Poilièvre but he left the race early probably elbowed by the committee to withdraw. The committee is red tory and they want a red tory leader so they can lose the next election just like with scheer did in 2019 !!!!

  18. I believe by hiding past like “Gone With Wind” & various statues opens a door for it to happen again. Frankly I don’t believe you can bury past if you don’t want possibility of potential repeat.

  19. Howard this is so true. I am 89 and an army veteran who took an oath in 1953 to protect the USA and my Commanding officer. The person has changed several times but the office remains. I have never been relieved of that oath and am willing to try to fulfil if called to active duty.

  20. On the mask: A prominent doctor just recently said it was NOT good for us to wear the masks and breathe in our own carbon dioxide. This can cause palpitations, confusion and other negative effects on the human system. Medical docs use them in surgery to prevent drooling, sweating or anything dropping onto the patient. I’m with you Howard!

  21. Donald Trump for USA, Derek Sloan for Canada. Leslyn Lewis has indicated she would do more for the Black people and that promise for me is a racial bias. A front runner O’Toole is a Liberal in PC clothing and more aligned to Trudeau like a true kiss ass. Corona, Pandemic and Lockdown have been a world disaster and destroyed more lives than the disease. Rioters; I anticipate more vigilante groups forming.

  22. If not Jim which it appears not then Leslyn Lewis for me she will do an awesome job with the conservative agenda and policies.

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