The LEFT Asked For It . . . They’ve Got It


The LEFT have been Utilizing the Sickness of Racism as a Political Tool for so Long, that it has now Reached the Reality, that they and their Communities . . . Are Being Hung By Their Own Petard.

When The Mayor Of Minneapolis (DEMOCRAT . . . Jacob Frey), tells the Rioters, who are Burning his City to the Ground, to Social Distance & Wear Masks, as if that was his Major Concern, which were Provided (Masks) to the Rioters by the City of Minneapolis as the “Protesters” were Preparing to Riot . . . We’ve Not Only Crossed The Rubicon – We’re Headed Full-Steam Towards Dystopia.

When The Governor Of Minnesota . . . Democrat Timothy Walz, Takes Time from his Press Conference (Today – May 29, 2020 At Noon) to Vehemently Apologize to CNN, because some of his Police Officers didn’t Handle the CNN People with Propriety, and then Goes-On to Congratulate the Demonstrators for Social Distancing & Wearing Masks During the Mayhem . . . My First Thought Is – Up His Ass. I won’t Write what my Second Thought was,

I Don’t know if President Trump’s Tweet About Sending-In the National Guard Meant that the Rioters Should be Shot, as the President is being Accused of Meaning . . . “When The Looting Starts The Shooting Starts” . . .

So Let Me Write This As Clearly As I Can – If President Trump Didn’t Mean That the Rioters Should Be Shot . . . HE SHOULD HAVE . . . And I Would Agree – Shoot The Bastards.

I Was Always Quick To Say That Police Run Into Danger . . . While Everyone Else Runs Away – But Not These Cops.

What Kind Of A Mayor (Jacob Frey) would Not Rush to Defend his City from Thugs Burning it Down? And What Kind of Police Department Runs Away from Confrontation?


The Murder Of George Floyd . . . at the Hands of Derek Chauvin & Three Other Disgraceful Minneapolis Police Officers – have Cursed Two Prominent Groups in America, which have Dragged-In every Innocent Bystander in LEFTIST Run Cities & States.


What The Four Police Officers Did . . . To Murder George Floyd, to me, Deserves One of Two Punishments . . . OneThe Death Penalty For Each Of Them. Or TwoLife Imprisonment With NO Chance Of Parole.

What These Four Cops Did . . . In Addition to Murdering a Subdued Person . . . Disgraced Police Officer Derek Chauvin & His Dirty Police Cohorts also Murdered the Reputation & Security of Almost – 1-Million American Police Officers & Their Support Staff.

Just As A Special Note . . . Derek Chauvin, who was One of the Four Police Murderers of George Floyd, who had his Knee on Floyd’s Neck, had a very Troubling 19-Year Bad History as a Cop with the Minneapolis Police Department.

When Derek Chauvin was Remanded For Punishment . . . County Attorney Amy Klobuchar Refused To Prosecute.

The LEFT . . . Have Already Made it Crystal Clear, that Police-Work should be Social Work, with the Police Always being in the Wrong when in Confrontation, even with Thugs, so much so, as we saw in New York City, that the Police are too Frightened of Discipline Against themselves, even to Defend themselves when they’re Attacked . . . as Thugs, Jerks & their Children Threw Water & Liquid Containers at them.

I Know There Are Bad Cops . . . But I Also Know that there are Really Good & Decent Men & Women of all Color, Ethnicity, & Religion – who Choose to Wear the Badge . . . Most if not all of Whom are just like you and Me.

What these Four Bad Cops Did was to give the LEFT (Antifa) and Race Baiters . . . all the Excuse they Needed to Riot & Cause Mayhem . . .

Understand This . . . No Police – Equals Full Dystopia.


There’s A Night & Day Difference To Demonstrating & Rioting.

There Is Discrimination & Racism . . . and as Unfortunate as it is, Racism will be With Us Most Probably Until the End of Time. Our Hope is that Somehow, we’ll Vanquish much of it in our Society. But Make no Mistake about it, There Will Always Be Haters Amongst Us . . . And there will Always be No Shortage of Hateful Race/Baiters & Political Hustlers (Like Sharpton, Tlaib & Omar) to Take as Much Advantage of Racism as Possible . . . Even To The Point Of Stoking It.

TO THE RIOTERS . . . The Action of the Rioters Did Long Term Damage to Race Relations, Specifically to the Black Community in the United States of America, where those who Cling to Personal Victimology as a Sick Socio/Political Means for whatever Benefit they Pursue, they just Threw Under The Bus, Because they Destroyed the Reason for the Demonstrations.

There’s No Question in my Mind, None Whatsoever, that the Four Bad Cops who Murdered George Floyd, will be Dealt With Appropriately. But now that seems Secondary, when you Tie what Happened to George Floyd for the Reason of Legitimate Demonstrations, which Subsequently led to the “Excuse” for Riots.


Yesterday (May 28, 2020) . . . It Became Public Knowledge, that because of the Lockdown, an Unattended Synagogue in Cote St Luc, which is Pretty Much a very Affluent (At Least 95% Jewish) Community of Montreal . . . Was Severely Desecrated.

Given The Fact – that the Entire World Jewish Community Began the Celebration of SHAVUOT, which Commemorates the Day when God Bequeathed upon the Nation of Israel – The Torah At Mount Sinai.

The Significance Of This Desecration Cannot Be Understated.

The Torah Is The Foundational Scripture Of The Jewish People, Commonly Referred to as the Five Books Of Moses, which is Considered to be the Holiest of the Holy, which is also to a Great Extent the Foundation of Christianity, since Christ – as a Jew Himself, lived his Life of Virtue by the Teachings of the Torah.

For Christian Believers . . . Shavuot Is Known As The Festival Of The Pentecost.


Each Torah is a Handwritten Scroll, Written on Kosher Parchment by a Life-Trained Scribe. A Torah Cannot be Blemished in any Way & Must be Without any Mistakes Whatsoever, in Diction or Spelling. And the Average Time to Handwrite a Torah Takes More than One Year of Daily Work to Complete.

During The Reign Of The Nazis, Torahs in Europe were Stomped-Upon, Burned & Desecrated in More Ways than I can Express.

Yesterday . . . in the Montreal (Cote Saint Luc), Synagogue, it was Discovered that Torahs were Unfurled & Strewn Upon the Floor, as Prayer Shawls & Religious Books were Used to Block the Toilets.

I Don’t Assume This Is A Precursor To Kristallnacht In Canada. But It Is Extremely Disheartening. Yet, as Egregious as this Nefarious Event Was (Is), Coupled to a Great Rise in Anti-Semitism Throughout the World, Including at Home (In Canada & The USA) . . . There will Most Likely be No Protests by the Jewish Community & Certainly No Riots.

Black People Have To Understand . . . Racism Isn’t Only Upon Them. It’s How They Handle It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It all makes me sick, the cops who did this deserve punishment and so do the rioters.

  2. One headline referred to “Protestors”; another called it “Civil Unrest” My ass! It’s looters, arsonists, criminals. It’s rioting, and should be dealt with with force. If that means dead and injured, so be it…it is their choice to act like rabid animals.

  3. Very well said Howard. The people supported the blacks until the riots. The thugs damaged the community with lost businesses and jobs that will remain for years The four officers should have been held immediately Just might have helped?.

  4. “When The Mayor Of Minneapolis tells the Rioters, who are Burning his City to the Ground, to Social Distance & Wear Masks, as if that was his Major Concern, which were Provided to the Rioters by the City of Minneapolis as the “Protesters” were Preparing to Riot . . . We’ve Not Only Crossed The Rubicon – We’re Headed Full-Steam Towards Dystopia.” It reminds me that when they execute a convict, they disinfect the needle before giving him (her) the lethal injection.

    Interesting Juxtaposition – HG

  5. I ran a small business all my life and I shudder to think what would have happened if rioters had tried to sack it.

  6. My first thought after reading today’s post were the words from Forrest Gump and my second was to add a few more that seemed appropriate: “‘Stupid is as stupid does’ – and proper charges and punishment should immediately follow!” Few pundits could say it better than you did today, Howard.

  7. RIOTERS already wear MASKS because they want to HIDE their faces during their RAMPAGE! The FOUR police officers who MURDERED George Floyd should get Life Imprisonment With NO Chance Of Parole vs. the Death Penalty. Let them live and endure their own pain! For the Mayor who ALLOWED this OUTRAGEOUS DISASTER & did NOT SUPPORT his POLICE DEPT., as PRES. TRUMP would say—YOU’RE FIRED!” AMY KLOBUCHAR refused to prosecute. She’s a DISASTER herself, but DARES to ATTACK & PASS JUDGMENT on Trump! AMEN!

  8. Well said, Howard. Extremely well said. First, the Chief of Police should be sacked for dereliction of duty. Second, I would have defended my business by shooting the looters. Third, watch for the corrupt liberal media to portray the thugs and goons as social justice warriors.

  9. Great article on horrible situation- I so agree racism is much deeper than just blacks and it is very disappointing that people could not stick to a demonstration- hurts everyone and all causes to see people destroy. I remember on my ride from London to Jerusalem in 2017 with Jewish brothers – we actually seen some of the scrolls of the Torah – my – I hate to hear of the destruction-

  10. The rioters also ensured that businesses in their neighborhood will probably consider taking their insurance checks and leaving for less hostile pastures–sealing the loss of jobs and taxes they generated–just like Watts! Nice job idiots!

  11. I just tried to post your blog on Face Book and it came back with a message stating that this was unable to be posted as it was deemed hateful…..

  12. I don’t understand, at all, WHY police & officials continue to let this kind of behavior go, fester and become rampant at almost any civil unrest, usually from an incident considered racist in nature. Looters are opportunistic thieves. Yet they are left to loot, destroy, burn stores and anything else in their path. WHY? Likely 2 reasons: any crackdown will also be called racist, and perhaps officials figure Insurance will cover damages. Neither of those is reason to abandon law enforcement.

  13. Most of the time, I am on the side of the cops, but not this time, he murdered the guy, and he should pay, big time. You have to die for forging a cheque.

  14. Correct me if I am wrong. Back in the 1970’s there was a great riot in Mexico City. The military gave the rioters 24hrs to stop or they would be shot. After 24hrs, the riots continued. The military began shooting, killing approx. 50 rioters. The result was that the riot ceased to exist and everyone left. The military National Guard should have been in Minneapolis on the 2nd night of rioting. If the Mexico City solution had been engaged, no riots would exist today.

  15. It seems that the Riot Community, both black and white, look for any reason to destroy. Demonstration is legit, riot and destruction is not. Stealing everything in a store is simple theft no more no less. Persons doing so should be punished or shot as our President indicated. Why, rioting with destruction, breeds rioting with destruction. Put a few on the ground both black, brown, white, male and female and the BS will stop. We are on the verge of Civil War, all because for Washington BS Libs.

  16. in 1967 The Detroit RIOT destroyed businesses, homes, vehicles, people and the looted to their hearts content. However; just in the last few years has the area started to rebound. The same will be for Minneapolis. They have LOST more then they gained. The POLICE..shame on them, prosecute them to the letter of the law. But RIOTING….nah. I am aghast at the destruction of the Montreal Synagogue. Racial Tensions against ALL ethnic, etc are being INSTIGATED. MYPOV

  17. Protestors my ass. Shades of the Watts riots which I saw up close when I lived in CA. There is a useless segment of society that uses these situations as a free pass to loot. Shoot a few of them and things quiet down quickly. As to the worthless politicians you described, put the blame on the ignorant and careless voters that put them in office and then keep re-electing them. The dirty cops must be dealt with.

  18. These larger cities are sadly mistaken if they believe they can control their criminal element once that element realizes their collective power. Social media is a galvanizer of those people. Cities have cut their Law enforcement budgets, alienated the officers, and enabled the criminal elements. A recipe for certain disaster.

  19. My thoughts on it all Shame on all of it. Police are going to jail and have ruined their lives and families, the man they killed someone lost a son, a brother a family as well. Rioting in the city stealing burning only shows how the evil devil himself was at work with them. Once again it has made our police officers look bad, the people who rioted look bad it is all as I said shameful for it all. God have mercy on them all. Sad article Howard for all.

  20. Some cops know Martial Arts. One of the cops tried to take a pulse and said there wasn’t one. He told the cop with his knee on Floyds neck, but the pressure was maintained for almost another three minutes. That cop knew exactly what he was doing and has been rightly charged with murder. The other three should be equally charged as accomplices. Americans are paying a huge price for this crime.

  21. Excellent editorial. All this only shows how out of touch the Left is. Serious violence is going down with serious perps and serious victims and all they can do is praise for social distancing. What a mentally deficient stand to take. Like our own idiot PM who spews the same feel-goody, immature statements while masses suffer. As though we were all children in his kindergarten class..

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