Panic & Incrimination Are Not The Answers


I am Scouring the Internet Every Way I Can Think-Of to Find all the Information that I Can about the Coronavirus. And in Spite of much of the Hysteria, It Doesn’t Appear To Me That The World Is About To Come To An End.


Yesterday – I Essentially Wrote that there will be Plenty of Time to Lay the Blame. But First . . . We Have To Do All We Can For All Of Us To Survive.

I Am 100% Confident . . . that the World’s Scientists – The Best Of The Best, are Working Non-Stop to Come-Up with a Vaccine and a Treatment to Deal with this Viral Misery.

And Until The Scientists Figure A Way To Beat This Enemy . . . It is us who Have to do our Best to Become The Solution & Not The Problem.


2013 Nobel Prize Winning Biophysicist (Israeli, American, British) Michael Levitt), Just Predicted . . . That by the End of March, there will be No New Cases Of COVID-19 In China. Levitt also Predicted that the Up-Swing for New Cases in Italy will Soon Peak & Italy will Soon See the Downturn.

So – If I Am Going To Trust Any Information – It won’t be Information from some Yahoo on Facebook, who Heard it from Someone who Heard it from Someone Else, who Happily Passes on Fear through Misinformation to the Masses.

Preaching Doom & Gloom Does Nothing To Help Any Of Us.

We Will Only Survive This Nightmare . . . by Each & Every One of Us Helping those who Need Help. And Not by Making things Worse through Misinformation.

I Was Recently Castigated, by someone Close to Me, because Anne & I are Trying to Work-Out how we Can Take Care of Ourselves While Helping Others. I Realize that in this Day & Age, there are Many People, who Believe it Should be Every Man & Woman for Himself or Herself.

But – If We All Thought That Way . . . We Would Be Doomed.


We’ve All Been Inculcated For Far Too Long . . . Even those Amongst us who Claim to be Conservatives, that the Government will Take-Care of all that Ails us when the Chips are Down – Not True. The Government Can Only Do So Much . . . But in the Final Analysis – It Is We The People Who Will Get Us Out Of This Mess With The Least Amount Of Damage, As Long As We Don’t Panic & We Look-Out For One Another.

I Don’t Like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. I Also Don’t Like California Governor Gavin Newsom . . . But I Really Like How These Two Circled The Wagons & Have Rallied Behind President Trump.


Is There No Decency Or Commonsense Amongst Our Politicians?

I Have Never Couched My Opinion Of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But Now is Not the Time for me or anyone to be Taking Potshots at Canada’s Leader. He’s Who We Have as Our National Canadian Leader, and whether I like him or Not . .  . If Canadians Don’t Get Behind Trudeau – Who Do We Get Behind?

Schumer Had No Right To Spread Fear, Hell & Damnation.

It Aggravated Me Enormously . . . At What & How Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Said In The Senate Today (March 18, 2020), Ragging All Over President Trump. As if this Coronavirus is Somehow the Fault of the President.

It Also Pissed-Me-Off . . . that Nancy Pelosi Tried to Shove (Sneak) Pro-Abortion Stuff into the Coronavirus House Legislation Bill.

As I See It . . . Especially since Anne & I Are Now Hunkered Down in the United States of America . . . If I Wasn’t On President Trump’s Band Wagon Before – I’m Certainly On The Trump Team Now.

Just Like All Of You . . . I Too Am Nervous & Not Sleeping Too Well At Night. And like you, as You’re Worried about You & Yours . . . I too am Worried about Anne, Stryker, April The Cat & Myself. BUT I’M ALSO WORRIED ABOUT YOU.

I’m Worried About All Of Us . . . This Is The Time For All Of Us To Come Together.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Not to rain on PM Trudeau but the Canadian Government has allowed that out of Canada Health Care Insurance be cancelled and if Canadians want coverage they have a week to return.

    David – Healthcare in Canada is Controlled by each Province Individually . . . Not by the Federal Government.

  2. Monique and I entered Canada yesterday at the Thousand Islands crossing. It was 1 pm. We were astonished to see that ours was the only car there. The agent looked at our passports and simply said, “I see that you’re returning from Florida. Do you have a fever or a cough? No? Welcome to Canada.” Do not believe a word that the government is telling you.

  3. “Is There No Decency Or Commonsense Amongst Our Politicians?” No. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been for quite a while now.

  4. For what its worth: I believe that the coronavirus is a biological agent developed by the Chinese with an intent for use in warfare which escaped from their lab. The emphasis is against the USA. The evidence, if authenticated, is a video (about 10 years old) in which a Chinese general is so stating to a conference of troops. This is my view and I so thin !!!

  5. I sleep well at night trying not to think that I am on a forced work holiday and not knowing how and if I am going to get paid. I have $400 left and very little left on my credit line. This crisis should not have been a crisis, to begin with. Heard a person working from Hong Kong stating that china is almost back to 100% of people working. I still hear experts stating that more people die of the yearly flu and pneumonia. Why now just after Trump signed a new fair trade deal with china, Strange !

  6. According to the current information I get in the media, a vaccine for the Coronavirus will take at least a year to build. In the meantime, it seems that schools, libraries and all kinds of public places will remain closed.

  7. ALL Governments , worldwide , have been aware for the past 20 years that a Pandemic was in our future . Seemingly even N. America is scrambling to catch up and panicking it’s population . I guess all that time and money spent on Gay Rights , Native Issues , Promoting Liberalism , Climate Change Feel Good Crap COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER ALLOCATED. and I will never cut a “leader” who cannot even keep the trains running any slack ! A POX on them all.

    Absolutely – A Pox On Them All!

  8. I was listening to some comments on the radio on the way back to the farm. That person said they had worked in a lab in the sixties on a virus called coronas. Apparently our natural body white blood cells will attack and destroy this by themselves. It just takes time to overtake the virus. This virus appears to be about a 3-month duration if one looks at how China seems to be recovering. What do I know? I’m just a farmer! Oh yes, the boarder crossings are mainly concerned with snowbirds health.

  9. This IS the time for ALL of us to come TOGETHER! Both Governors, Cuomo [N.Y.] & Gavin [California] are to be commended for having rallied behind Pres. Trump, but their cooperation is still questionable. Cuomo has been lax re: his leadership with N.Y.’s legal system, especially re: policemen, and Gavin has been negligent in addressing his “TENT CITY” issues. They will, no doubt, NEED Trump to help RECTIFY their problems in the future. Meanwhile, yes, the CORONAVIRUS FOCUS must come FIRST! AMEN!

  10. Agree with you 100%. Like you I am pleased to see CA and NY supporting President Trump! When this is over those left hating loons in WA will find themselves out of a job. People have to see, in the end, just how much damage their hate did to this country. They should be bringing all together, not separating. God Bless America and all countries struggling with this virus. God Bless you and Anne stay safe, well and blessed!

  11. Dr. Sircus said if you feel like you are coming down with something flu like take lots of C vitamin, D or as much sun as possible, selinum, magnesium, and bicarbonate (soda). Praying for you and am sure this will pass soon. Stay safe and bless you for helping anyone you can.

  12. In our neighborhood, we gathered yesterday. We aireated 6 yards, drank a few beers and visited. We range in age from 16 to 78, all walks of life. We were not being foolish, it was a spring like day and all wanted to do yard work. We kept a decent separation, and talked about many good thing, like who had what and needed what. I will be shopping for all the next couple days at a store that is still open 24 hours at 3 in the morning. Most of us have seen hard times in our lives so we will live

  13. Unable to support Trudeau, he’ s like Wyerton Wille, comes out at Rideau Hall daily 11.00am, doesn’t see the sun, indicates six more weeks of the same. This morning he emphasised the government is making sure the Indigenous people are well taken care of – the same people who were blockading the railway and shutting the country down ??? Roxham Rd. still open and not all people being screened at airports.

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