Battered & Bruised – Same Old-Same Old


In A Few Hours, More than a Million People will be Crammed into Times Square, while Millions More People all over the Civilized World will be Heralding-In 2020, Most of Whom will be Making New Year’s Resolutions they Won’t Keep.

The Media will be Recounting 2019, Laying-Out all they Perceive to have been Good, and all they Perceive to have been Bad.

I Count The Media . . . Particularly As Being On The Bad Side Of The Ledger.


In 1849 . . . French Author & Journalist – Jean-Baptist Alphonse Karr Wrote; “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same” (But In French).

We Start Every New Year almost Exactly like the New Year Before, Drinking a Glass of Bubbly (Champagne) or Beer, Eating an Expensive Restaurant Meal (Of which Anne & I’ll be Guilty of Partaking Tonight), Singing Auld Lang Syne & Kissing the One Closest to You. Then we’ll go Home if not already there, and Watch the Times Square Ball Drop at Midnight Eastern Time. Then Old Geezers like me will go to Bed, only if we were able Stay-Up that Late in the First Place.


2020 Will Begin Anew . . . But with the Same Challenges Left Over from 2019 with the Same Bad-Actor Politicians . . . who will All Mostly Be – In-Our-Face as the Liars, Thieves, Cheats & Incompetents they Mostly Are . . . Feeding off the Public Trough Fed with Our Tax-Dollars, Pretending to Serve Us – While In Reality . . . It Is Us Who Will Continue To Serve Them.

They Will All Talk-Talk-Talk, and Like Elizabeth Warren, or Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau, and all the other Incompetent Bastards Looking to Find the Right Phony Words to Propel Themselves to Power, Un-Earned Glory & Wealth, they Will all Claim to Have a Plan for Everything.

Truth Is . . . The Future & New Year Started Looking Up Globally In November 2016 – Not January 1st At Midnight 2016, which for Me & Millions Upon Millions of People like Me, November 8, 2016 Ushered-In Not a New Year, but Rather a New Epoch Of Hope through a Real Change in National (American) & Global Politics.

Much Like In School . . . we have Read & Learned about the Great Social Upheavals within Global Society, which have Changed the World, Ranging from the Invention of the Printing Press, to the Industrialization of our Industries, to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 . . .

But Not Since FDR’S Failed New Deal, have we ever Been Subjected to a Social Revolution the Likes of Which We Are Bearing Witness Today – Courtesy Of Donald J Trump, President & Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America & Leader of the Free World.

President Trump Saved Freedom From A One World-Government Ruled By Social Elitists & Captains Of Globalist Industries.

We are Bearing Witness to a Trumpian Revamp of the Global Social Order throughout the Planet . . . in Israel (Middle East), Arab Countries, England – where there Would Never have been a Brexit Without President Trump, South & Central America, Mexico, Eastern Europe and Beyond.

Without the November 2016 Election Of Donald J Trump . . . China would Now be the Predominant Global Financial Leader, Socialism (Communism) would be Destroying who we are as a Free People, the Politics of Climate Change would have Destroyed our Economies . . . And I Am All But Certain – By Now, Free Nations Would Have Erupted Into Some Level Of Civil War.

If You’re Thinking Of Making A Real New Year Resolution – Make One That’s Meaningful Which You Can Live By .

If You’re Already A Conservative Social Warrior . . . Stay As Active To The Cause As You Can Be. Ask For Nothing & Show No Quarter. Don’t Be Silent. Don’t Be Invisible. Speak-Out. Stand-Up & Show the LEFT (Communists) who You Are and What You Stand-For.

And If You’re Not Yet A Conservative Social Warrior . . . Now’s The Time.

Welcome To A New Decade . . . A New Chance To Retain Our Freedoms. And a New Opportunity to Be the Patriot you Always Knew you were or Wanted to Be.

SOMETIMES . . . The More That Changes Isn’t The More That Stays The Same.

I Assure You . . . In Spite of Everything we Think we Know . . . Pre-President Donald Trump did not Enter the Presidency Knowing he would Become the Most Consequential President in Modern History, who has been Ordained by God or by Fate, to Withstand the Arrows & Slings Launched Against Freedom – Relentlessly Flying at Himself, Family, Friends & Allies from All Directions.

My New Year Started November 8, 2016 . . . To Which I Celebrate Every Day.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Looking forward to next New Year, November 3, 2020. Marla & I wish you, Anne, Stryker (will the next dog be named “Hammer”?) and April the cat health, prosperity, and a Trump landslide in 2020!

  2. Your Editorial title brought back memories re: the French language.It’s nice to be able to read and understand it.One would think that if people are satisfied with their lifestyles, they wouldn’t feel they have to make New Year’s resolutions. Also, FACING REALITY is NOT CRAPPING on the New Year. The FAKE MEDIA will be “Recounting 2019” but of course, without giving Pres. Trump any CREDIT for his accomplishments. THE CONSERVATIVES MUST FIGHT BACK & STAND FOR THE TRUTH! Pray for Pres. Trump! AMEN!

  3. I really enjoyed this article, HOWARD… keep writing, and thank you for what you say…I hope you & Anne, and all your animals, a GREAT 2020

  4. Well said HG … BUT the downside for those of us Trapped in Canada is not looking good . For most of my life when the US did well , moved forward etc . it drug Canada along with it . This time around NOT SO. I welcome and admire the job Pres. Trump is doing and wish him and his Country well. Unfortunately most Canadians Do Not . Climate Change , Firearms , and UN bull dominate ALL OUR POLITICAL discussions . One world Gov. is upon us here and We Seem To Love It .

  5. Excellent Article. I wish EVERYONE a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year and a SPECIAL WISH that Donald J. Trump is re-elected. God Bless

  6. NOT Excited, WHY? Because the crap from the previous year is NEVER Taken care of? I’ve gone through 67 New Year’s Has Society gotten Better or Worse? Sure Technology has come a long way and has worked marvelously for the Medical Field “For Those Who Can Afford It”! For my Wife and I, we both Pray Come Lord Jesus. A Nice Dinner and a glass of wine sounds marvelous. Hoping ALL will have a Safe New Year’s evening. AND TRUMP 2020. Did you notice how fast the Marines got to OUR EMBASSY, THIS TIME?!

  7. Hey Galganov Keep up the fight! Never wrote ..but heartily agree with your mission. Here in Fla-La- La Land, it’s amazin’ how many folks who should know better ,otherwise bright folk are so stupidly Libs. Keeping the mouth shut at most social gatherings. Keep punching! ” Hog tied in Fla”

  8. Bang-on Howard, hope it continues pass November 3rd, 2020. What I don’t understand is why the articles of impeachment have to go to the senate before there can be a trial? Why can’t the Senate do like the demon rats and have their own star chamber proceedings and only call the witnesses they want? Let’s have a Senate demon rat impeachment process, same as the demon rats did in congress. Enough of this B.S., hope the Senate and House return to the Republicains with strong majorities, no rinos.

  9. Indeed, may Nov 2020 election be another Happy New FOUR Years w/President Trump continuing at the helm. Dear Lord, this nation has turned itself toward evil in the last 60 years as those of us who have accepted Jesus’ atoning blood for our sins have not risen up against removing prayer from schools, legalized abortions, same-sex marriage, now rebellion against a duly-elected president to oust him. We are a wretched people; I pray this nation seeks forgiveness & once again seeks You Lord. Amen

  10. Mr. Galganov, If only more Americans would open their hearts and eyes to the truths you present. Thanks for all you do and declare. Keep up the great work. Pray that more Americans stop looking through their belly button and come to the truth.

  11. AMEN! AMEN! Great editorial! Our dark world needs lots of prayers these days! Happy New Year to all of you!! Jan Clement, Ocala, FL

  12. Wishing all a happy New Year. You are right on November 2016 changed alot but with frustrations ,it is frustration watching the left trying to protect their wrong doings during Obamas Reign ,watching them trying to cover all misgivings but you did not mention another Trump in Britain that will really go along with Trump, Boris Johnson is similar and aggressive maybe Canada can fall into place and unite our country. Past election was awful it is a similar feeling like quebec separation

  13. Right on! Come November, let’s see how many people have awakened. People all over the world, get on the Trump Train, Trump Train! The next stop we make will be Iowa! ~ Love Train, O’Jay’s

  14. Thank you and the same to you. As always, I couldn’t agree with you more! Have a blessed 2020!

  15. HG excellent blog!!! For those in Canada. Our US Constitution requires that the US House of Reps be the ones to “indite” for Impeachment. The US Senate is responsible to have the trial, with the US Supreme Court Chief Justice, being the judge in the full-on trial. This is what our Founding Fathers built into the US Constitution. We are a 3-fold US Government, the Executive, Legislative & Judicial Branches of our US Government meaning the President, Congress & Supreme Court, “checks & balances.”

  16. Thank you, Howard, and may God grant you good health so you can continue the good work with your editorials in 2020.

  17. Many more editorials like this one and you may be encouraged to become a Baptist preacher, contingent on your relationship to a cousin from several generations ago. Keep up your unusual trait of telling the truth, it’s refreshing.

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