Should They? . . . Should They Not?


So We All Better Get Over-It.

MOST (Almost All) Political Liars, Abusers, Cheats, Thieves & Traitors will NOT be Indicted. They Will NOT face Trial. And they will NOT go to Jail . . . Because Whether you Like it or Not . . . That’s The Way It Is.

The Lawyers have so Padded the Judiciary with Bull-Shit Procedures & Precedents, that, with a Few Dollars and the Right Influence, any Malfeasance could be Tied-Up in Court Until the Court Loses Sight of What, Why or Who is Really on Trial.

And If You Think That Judges Will Make The Difference To See Through The Lawyer Act . . . REMEMBER THIS – JUDGES ARE ONLY LAWYERS WITH INFLUENCE. And every Judge, as a Lawyer, has Played the “Game”.

If You Don’t Have Faith In The System . . . Have Faith In This – The System is Corrupt, and Lady Justice is Only Blind to Some of the People Some of the Time.


I Too would Love to see the Bidens get Grilled in the Senate. I would also Love to see all of the other Bad Actors Pilloried before the People in the Senate for their Real Crimes & Misdemeanors . . . But This Blade Has Two Sides.

With all the Evidence Against Crooked Hillary . . . Where’s Hillary Now? Where’s Crooked Hillary’s Accused Rapist Husband? And Where’s Hillary’s Stupid “Professional” Daughter, who Literally Stole (Through Her Mother) a Small Fortune from the Clinton Fund Charity. For her to have a Royal-Type Wedding?

Once an Open Hearing (Trial) is Set in the Senate . . . Only God-Knows what Lies, Nonsense & Obfuscations will come Forward from the LEFT, with Direct Attacks on President Trump’s Character and the President’s Previous Lifestyle with all Warts once again Exposed.

As I Wrote Previously . . . to Quote WC Fields – “ If You Can’t Beat Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bull-Shit”.


If the Republican Senate can go after Joe & Hunter Biden, what will Stop the Democrats and their LEFTIST Cohorts from Going after the Entire Trump Family?

It’s not a Secret that the LEFT have been in Control for more than a Generation(s) of the Crooked FBI, Crooked CIA, Crooked State Department, Crooked Judicial System, Crooked NSA, Crooked IRS – Etc, Etc, Etc . . . with all Manner of Apparatus to Spy on Whomever they Wanted.

You would have to be a Thoroughly Trusting Nitwit to think These Bad Actors Don’t have the Equivalent of a Warship of Stuff with which to Sink President Trump and the Trump Family.

And If The Deep State Doesn’t Have The Goods On “Trump” – They’ll Just Make Them Up Promoted By A Willing Corrupt Media.

So . . . For What It’s Worth – Let the Senate Ring the Bell & End this Political Impeachment Inquisition as soon as, has been Strongly Suggested by Senators Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham, BEFORE THE LEFT has a Chance to Turn it into a Freak-Show . . . And let Attorney General William Barr & Special Counsel (Prosecutor) John Durham do the Real Fighting where it Belongs . . . Away from the President, His Family and the Republican Party.

If You’re Looking For A Judicial Comeuppance Against The Despicable LEFT . . . Forget-About-It – ‘Cause It Ain’t Going To Happen.

But – If You Really Want To Beat These Insider & Socialist Bastards Into The Ground . . . Let the Two Men Who Can Do It . . . Do It (Barr & Durham).

And Let the Republicans Do & Say all that Needs to be Done & Said to Keep & Increase Conservatives in the Senate, Win Back the House & Help President Trump Win both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote in 2020 by Equally Significant Numbers . . . That Will Be Real Comeuppance & Full Vindication For The President.

I Might Be Wrong . . . But I Don’t Think So. I think the Democrats are Less Worried Here & Now about Winning the 2020 Election, than they are about Surviving after 2020 as a Viable National Party.

I Believe the Democrats have Allowed themselves to Become so Political & Shamelessly Corrupt, and so Far Removed from Reality and the People they Purport to Represent, that the Democrats will be Lucky to Keep their Supporters Intact – Other than for the HARD LEFT, who Seem to have Already High-Jacked the Oldest National Political Party – Not Only America . . . But Indeed – The Oldest Voter Based Political Party In The Entire World.

When Your Mortal Enemy Is Drowning – Don’t Throw Him Or Her A Lifeline.


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By The Way . . . Even now as I’m Writing this Editorial, you might Notice that the Spacing is off Between the Sentences & Paragraphs. It’s in the Process of being Repaired, because I Endeavor 100% to Present this Blog as Professionally as I can. But even at that, there is a Real Cost. It Just Doesn’t Stop.


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Thank You In Advance.

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  1. Howard two issues: 1. Double spacing makes it easier for oldfarts like me to read your blog. May want to keep it. 2. The demonrat party falling apart??? Really? Non too soon. AND, you are right, Senate must keep things short and sweet.

  2. Don’t hold your breath for indictments of anybody, or even anyone being held accountable is some other way. Everyone in Washington has everyone else’s back, regardless of party. I hate being so negative and pessimistic, but I have yet to see anything to even suggest otherwise, let alone convince me.

  3. So you’re saying top gov’t people ARE ABOVE THE LAW? Oh that’s right, Democrats are; no one else is. Bold corruption seems to be rampant in gov’t & likely every other place of business. What do we expect when We allowed minorities to throw God out of schools, to reinterpret Constitution to mean separation of church & state (when it’s not even in Constitution), THEN approve abortions even to time of birth, & legalize homosexuality – a total IN YOUR FACE to God & Christians. We are already at WAR.

  4. Brilliant Howard, it has been my thoughts all along that nothing will happen to the scumbags from the left side. As you so put it, money,conniving , cheating, whatever will only serve them.

  5. Patricia nailed it. We are in a war for America’s soul. If Satan wanted to take total control of the country, all he would have to do is implement the agenda of the Democrat Party. Wait a minute……

  6. I remember 45 years ago, a many named James Dobson was saying then, that the public School System is and will make a turn from Sound Moral Teachings, History will be sanitized, Patriotism will be compromised, schools will be a place of indoctrination, day care will be superseded by early day care. My wife and I were debating Home Schooling, we made the choice to be a one income family, sacrificing the toys we could have had rather than Our Children. Thank God, we did!

  7. Howard, I just read your ‘about me’ at the end you write – WHY I FOCUS ON THE USA: As for my interest in the USA – As America goes . . . so goes the world. I’m a Christian and growing up I always heard – ‘As Israel goes – so goes the world’ That is why it was so important to support Israel in the world affairs… Another great article! Go figure – A Jewish, Canadian knows more about the Constitution and out government than many (supposed) Americans… Keep up the good fight Howard!

  8. I think this column looks better and reads easier than your previous ones. Consider leaving it as is. I agree about the leftists…only the peons in the group are liable for any prosecution. The uppity-ups are too powerful, too entrenched to be legally held to accounts. The best way to defeat them is to vote them out. Give the USA back to the Republicans. KAGA!

  9. I want to see the FBI SWAT do to Hillery, Comey and all the rest, the same thing they did to Roger Stone. Break down the doors in the middle of the night and have CNN there to film everything. This sure would be the icing on the cake. Too bad it probably won’t happen.

  10. If what you say will happen then it will happen again and again. Thusly the concept of this USA, as founded, is doomed. On one hand It’s simply a matter of numbers. There are just too many culprits to process through the justice system, assuming that there are enough honest lawyers and judges – there aren’t – or gallows to do the justice. I think.

  11. Keep it short & sweet. Cannot trust the LEFT to allow anythig to be fair to TRUMP. Schumer already flapping his sanctimonius mouth setting terms for the Republican side. Their TERMS? I call BS..Get it over and done and get our payback by killing them in the 2020. Everyone needs to vote out any and all dems and lefties. Even if you do not like a candidate go conservative…if you want to make a difference!

  12. Howard, your statement that “JUDGES ARE ONLY LAWYERS WITH INFLUENCE,” reminded me of an old joke; “What is the person who graduated last in their MEDICAL school class called? Answer: Doctor. What is the person called who graduated last in their LAW school class called? Answer: “Your Honor.”

  13. I tried two different credit cards to send in support for your website. Neither one went through. Transaction was denied.

  14. I wish to contribute by personal check to support GALGANOV DOT COM INC, but I cannot get the instructions (i.e., mailing address) to come up from anywhere on your support page. Please fix the page and/or advise me how to send support contribution by personal check. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

  15. Yes, the BLADE has TWO sides & nothing would be gained by REHASHING the whole Democrat scenario, except but to IRRITATE people even more! The LEFT have LOST and they KNOW it! Let BARR & DURHAM do their jobs. We still DON’T know what THEY have DISCOVERED, but COMEY didn’t admit he was WRONG for nothing! Of note is that HILLARIOUS PAID for the DOSSIER which was the MOTIF for the DEM’S ATTACKS! BIDEN openly HIS “quid pro quo”. What better evidence could that be? “It ain’t done yet!” GO TRUMP! AMEN!

  16. After watching the Articles of Impeachment today I have to say……….You are CORRECT. The Dems are above the law….no that’s not right…..they are making up their own law. How any one, after watching these debacles could think otherwise is beyond me. BUT…..until I see law suits, indictments & trials….I won’t hold my breath on the outcome. Now How Sad Is That?

  17. I have tried two times to donate each time they want my expiration date.on my card.I type it in correctly several times. To no avail. If I had your address in Texas I could sent a check. Maybe send by email. Thank you for all you do. Billie Very

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