An Academic Disgrace – The Extension Of The Elitist Coup D’état


Watching & Listening to 3-Academics (Law Professors) Spew their Guts Demeaning the Little People who Actually Vote for Politicians who Appoint Bureaucrats, who Comprise the Swamp and the Deep State, is a Recipe for Social Disaster & Only God Knows What Else.


What The Democrats Are Doing Is Akin To Pouring Gasoline On The Republic of America, While Standing Over It With A Lit Match.

If there ever was a Reason to Dislike & Distrust the Political & Academic Elite, the Pelosi/Schiff & Nadler Inquisition is Outstanding Reason Enough.

But Going Forward Today (December 4, 2019) . . . with the Nadler “Hearing”, Featuring Three Self-Centered Eggheads, who have Determined SOLELY on the Factless Testimony of Anti-Trump Bureaucrats, who were Cheesed-Off Against President Trump for one Reason or Another – Other than for an Impeachable Offense . . . Shines the Brightness of a Klieg Light – On What’s Wrong With Government & Academia.

Education & Understanding of History & Law are Critical to Where we’re At & Where we’re Going, which is what Jonathan Turley, who without Incentive Made Clear, that he (Turley) was not a Trump Supporter & Indeed Did Not Vote For Trump in 2016, and that in Previous Elections, Turley Voted for Obama & Hillary Clinton, but Nonetheless made a Compelling Argument – NOT – for President Trump to be Impeached because of Factless Testimony, but Rather . . . For The Lack Of Evidence To Impeach.


In Essence . . . Jonathan Turley (Constitutional Law Professor Witness For The Truth), who Self-Admittedly Doesn’t like Trump . . . Didn’t Suggest that Trump was Innocent and should Not be Impeached . . . But Rather – that President Trump SHOULD NOT BE IMPEACHED, because – There Was No Evidence That President Trump Was Guilty . . . of any of the Crimes & Misdemeanors of which President Trump has been Accused.

If I Have Any Objections To What I Heard From Jonathan Turley . . .

1 – Turley Repeatedly Spoke about how MAD he and Everyone Including his Dog were Politically on both Sides of the Aisle. It Really Rankles me when People, Especially Well-Educated People use the Term MAD to Describe Anger.

Madness Defines Insanity.

Maybe Turley is Right and they’re all Insane. But Being MAD Does Not Make them Angry.

2 – I also Rankle at the Calling of Ukraine – THE UKRAINE . . . which is Tantamount to Referring to America as THE AMERICA. The Current Word for the Country of Ukraine is Simply UKRAINE. There is no THE in the Name of Ukraine, anymore then there is the Word THE before the Name of America.

Learned & Educated People Should Really Know Better.

And My Final Critique Of Jonathan Turley’s Testimony . . . was how Turley Defined, or Rather Described EQUIVALENCE between the Democrats and the Republicans, which Extends to the People who Support the Rule of Law (Conservatives) . . . Compared to the People who Prefer to Play Fast & Loose with the Rule of Law (Democrats).

In 2002 . . . I was so Outraged by the Equivalence Argument, which was Flooding all the Mainstream Media, to Describe how the Israelis were just as Guilty as their Arab Neighbors, for Defending themselves (Jews) as the Arabs Murdered Israeli Jews during the Intifada.

The Official News Definition For This Outrage – Was A Cycle Of Violence . . . Which Made The Israelis No Less Culpable Than Their Arab Murderers In The Minds & Reporting Of The Media.

I was so Furious with this Canard of Equivalence Between Murderers (Arabs) with Defenders (Jews) and the Defamation of Jewish Israelis trying to Survive the Bombings, Shootings, Stabbings and Murders by Vehicle, that I took it Upon Myself 17-Years Ago, to get a Passport, Make Arrangements with Two Top North American Radio Stations (Networks – Canada & the USA) to Broadcast the Truth – LIVE . . . back to Canada and the United States of America at a Personal Cost of $10,000.00.

What I Heard Today . . . Could Only Be Described as Narcissistic BS, Listening to THREE TRUMP HATING ACADEMICS Posturing like Cheshire Cats, Lecturing the People from On-High, from their Ivory Academic Towers – to let us Mere Mortals Understand how Smart they are, and how Much we Need the Academics to Tell us how Much the People are  Ignorant.


The Democrats are Digging an Insurmountable Hole for Which they will Suffer Greatly. The Democrats are Creating a Perfect Storm by which they will Lose the House, the Senate and the Presidency in 2020. And the Damage the Democrats have Already Caused Right Up Till Now, To The Fabric Of The United States Of America . . . Might Never Be Repairable.

What We Witnessed Today As The Inquisition Continues . . . Was The Worst Reflection Possible For The American Academic & Political LEFT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. LOVE IT! Yes, I’m shouting! I refuse to watch it so they will see how angry we are and that we don’t believe them. The posts after were great. Gaetz was magnificent! IMPEACH THE DEMOCRATS!

  2. I didn’t know there were still Democrats left with the integrity that John Turley showed today with this testimony. This impeachment kangaroo court is a downright disgrace! If these clowns can attack a sitting US President – the most powerful man in the nation – like this, just imagine what they could do to us average Americans when we get in their way. If Trump gets impeached, then we are no longer a nation that reveres the rule of law. This is a God-awful disgrace!

  3. I wish there was more we could do to stop this crazy madness mess in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia etc…. If it wasn’t for the leftist, socialist, communist lamestream media brainwashing sheeples making them believe that life is still honky dory, they would have risen up by now and arrest all those demon rats and put them in jail for life with no parole.

  4. Perfect! And this is why, I will NEVER vote for an ATTORNEY/LAWYER for any & all elected offices. They THINK they are GOD. There is only ONE GOD. These are despicable, destructive, vile human beings with absolutely NO conscience with only their eye on what outcome THEY want. The whole dang bunch of them need to be ousted. NOW. And to think these ‘academics’ are teaching. They are exactly what is wrong with our total educational system today.

  5. These law professors need to go back to law school. This was disgusting BS and it makes me sick as how the left has destroyed academia in all its forms. Not only is the law gone off the rails, add to that the Leftist MSM and crazy Leftist Dimms who have done nothing since DJT was elected but try to take him out I hope and pray the Dimms get their butts kicked in 2020.

  6. The Democrats – all of them – , the party of slavery, lynching, Jim Crow laws, segregation, and the rest deserve the complete destruction of the Democratic party. To take its place, as a start, would be the Libertarian Party and let it evolve into a proper opposition party. This my only hope for America and by obvious inference Canada – I think.

  7. Wish there was a way to decertify the democrat party and the dnc (all lower case) ….

  8. You know the “Old Saying”, Howard — “Give’um ‘Nuff Rope, and They’ll…” I don’t have any “Leftist-Democrat Friends” anymore… They either see the “LIGHT”, or I’m gone. I DO have a couple of “Middle Road Democrat Friends” though, and they are really starting to lean a little to the “Right”, because of you and your posts. Thank you for all you’ve done, to “bring people around”!

  9. Until Obama, the left hid in closets….then they came out but still claimed they were American. After 8 years of Obama they do not know who they are but only that they want everyone else to be as hateful of America as they are. Notice that already there are hysterical liberals saying they will commit suicide if Trump wins again. Query” Liberals threatening to commit suicide if Trump wins again”. Yes Howard “Mad” is the right word, and they are insane and they are declaring it. Query it.

  10. Did not watch a minute of this nonsense, spent more productive time dealing with two storm Rhode Island storms. You seem to have reflected the sentiments of nearly all that I speak with, that this witch hunt, will boomerang into a stunning defeat for the left! And you are spot on, about academia, now nearly totally dominated by the lefties!

  11. Education in the law or the Constitution does not equal wisdom–or even common sense! It does, however, seem to imbibe these academics with a superior elitist attitude similar to the Dem’s being convinced that only their viewpoint is correct–while the rest of us conservative idiots are simply too stupid to pound sand and must be led to our eventual conversion for our own good! I resent having my beliefs vilified by these jerks, and I think the rest of America is becoming as angry as I am!

  12. I have known and know many highly educated people, I am not one of them. For the most part they a vast majority seem to lack a basic element that is essential in being a reasonable person, COMMON SENSE. If it were not for common folks who choose not to go to college or lack of funds to go to college they would not survive, they hire us to do their basics of life. If you do not have a sheep skin you are not able to think for yourself but are to be used by them for the dirty work…..

  13. Academics and such have shown themselves to be nothing more than power-hungry, subversive elitists. They offer nothing to ‘progress’ other than regression. They are in fact enemies of all values and conservatism because they these principles are against their control. They common man means nothing to them other than being pawns to manipulate and serve their personal, egotistical, greater good.

  14. It galls me WE citizens Pay their salaries to then stab us in the back with such shams. Public show & airing of their Hatred & abuse of power is cause for their being recalled. Your equivalency topic gave me cause to wonder if hatred for Israel has spread to hatred for American conservatives, since both promote what is best for their country rather than globalism under elitist power. Also answers why all of a sudden “Nationalism” is under attack, thereby Trump who won via MAGA. Clear now?

  15. The RINOS are responsible for allowing this witch hunt to happen. Many Republicans(RINOS) are just as despicable as the dirty insane Dems. 90% of congress don’t give dam about this country, they only care about being reelected.

  16. One of your best…….. I can only hope that this circus will backfire on the Dems and we will win by a landslide. I have just about stopped watching anything that is now going on, just a few minutes of FOX and I start to feel sick!!!!!! All I can do is vote…

  17. With professors like these three nit-wits is it any wonder college graduates are so stupid.

  18. Pretty ridiculous eh. When Gaetz asked them to hold up their hand if they had one fact to support impeachment and nobody held up a hand, it pretty well summed up the whole case for impeachment. Just an attempted political coup by Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler. Go Trump 2020.

  19. Howard, IMHO, academia have convinced themselves that their opinions are unquestionable laws, not to be challenged in any way, that we mere mortals have no brainpower to rule ourselves. Therefore it is their obligation to rule over us with an iron fist. To them, democracy is a nasty word and we should have no voice in our elections.

  20. Now the Dems have stooped so low as to get a sitting Republican’s telephone records from AT&T (who owns CNN) w/o a court order! Think I will drop AT&T and go with Verizon!

  21. The Woman Professor was the worst Had to turn the TV off do to the craziness of it all!

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