Let He Who Is Without Sin . . . Cast The First Stone


BEING 100% REPETITIVE . . . As-In – I Told You-So Umpteen Times – The Media Really does Suck. And the Media Pundits (Talking Heads) Suck Even More-So. And the Worst Offenders are the Media who Pretend to be Fair & Balanced, who are Otherwise Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.


I was Watching some Fox News with LEFTIST Leslie Marshall filling in on Friday, November 29, 2019, while the Regular Fox News Talking Heads were off Celebrating Thanksgiving; when it Came-Up about Political Violence & Intimidation against Republicans (O’Malley Versus Cuccinelli), when Marshall used the Media Age-Old Canard Of EQUIVALENCE – as in . . . Both Sides Have to Stop & Tone-It-Down.

Democrat O’Malley Started-It Unprovoked – Republican Cuccinelli Walked-Away, Yet Somehow, In The LEFT’S Sick Mind . . . There Was Equivalence.

Not Only Is This Statement An Outright Lie – About Both Sides. . . It is also Defamatory to the “Other Side, Which Would Be Our Conservative Side” . . . and a Total Insult to all the People who Hear such Trash, as the Talking Heads go Unchallenged about their Defamation of Equivalence, where None Exists.


To Add Insult To Fox News Injury . . . And to Rub some Salt in the Wounds of the LEFT’S Making, there’s no Shortage of Sick Pieces of Work on Fox News like Tarlov, Williams, Wallace & Company – Who Without Truth Denigrate Conservatives.


Don’t Necessarily Bet On the USMCA Deal (Revised NAFTA) Becoming a Fact. It Probably will be Passed in the House & Sent to the Senate, and then onto the President’s Desk for his CELEBRATORY Signature, if Pelosi can Squeeze-It-Into the House Agenda, and is Willing to Give President Trump such a Gargantuan Victory in the Foreshadow . . . Of The Coming 2020 Election Year.

It Might Happen . . . But Don’t Necessarily Take It To The Bank.


The Latest LEFTIST Propaganda . . . Is that Obama is a Centrist – Just Somewhat Leaning to the LEFT – What A Crock.

Calling Obama Anything Akin to being even Remotely Close to the Center . . . is like calling KARL MARX a Pseudo Capitalist & the Communist Manifesto a Suggestion.

The Misery Which America and the Rest of the World Lived With During the Eight Very Long Years of Obama’s Presidency . . . and the Hole America and the World has to Dig Itself out of as a Result – is as Deep as it is Wide, and Unimaginable in its Scope.

So – No Wonder . . . Obama is Laying Low, Coming-Out only Now & Then to Voice his Opinion, Instead of Pounding the Pavement (Campaign Trail) for all the Democrats, since, I imagine, the last Thing the Newly Minted Millionaire Obamas’ (Maybe Even Billionaire Obamas’) want is a One-On-One Confrontation with the Current President (Trump) Who is Taking the Obama Legacy . . . And Making Chopped Liver Out Of It.


CANADA . . . Did Itself Proud Like No Other Nation During WWII.  Canada went to War on December 10, 1939 with the Biggest Navy. We had the Bravest (Civilian) Merchant Marine (Navy), which Suffered More Losses than any other Member of the Canadian War Effort, and kept England Supplied & Alive until the United States of America Joined-In.

Half of all Eligible Canadian Men Voluntarily Signed-Up to Fight the Nazis and their Axis Allies. Canada was Front & Center at the British Caused Slaughter of Dieppe. Out of 6,000 Dieppe Troops, Canadians Accounted for 5,000. We Canadians were Flying our Flag on the Normandy Beaches at Juno Beach. And Before D-Day, we were Hitting the Beaches of Sicily, Fighting Alongside Patton’s Brigades . . . AND THEN CAME PEARSON AND HIS LIBERALS.

Since the End of WWII, and the Ceasefire at North Korea, the Canadian Liberals More or Less Disbanded Canada’s Unbelievable Military for the Designation of Canadian Peacekeepers, under the Auspices of the United Nations.

For the Past Number of Years . . . Canada hasn’t even come Close to Fulfilling our Written Commitment & Promise to Spend 2% Of Our GDP To Fund NATO. So here’s our Canadian BEGGAR Prime Minister Going To the NATO Meeting to Say What . . . ?

To Criticize . . . How the United States of America and Several other Countries which Meet their NATO Obligation Should Spend their Money?


There is Very Little Support for Canada’s National Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who is a Big-Time Liberal in Conservative Clothing, who Lost the October (2019) National Election because he was God-Awful Dreadful.

Scheer Lost to the Worst Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) in Modern (My Lifetime) Canadian History . . . And now Scheer wants a Second Kick at the Can and has more than Enough Blame for Everyone Else but Himself . . . For Scheer’s Disastrous Results.

How About Scheer Choosing A Woman . . . who was a Registered Liberal just Last Year, to be his Second in Command of the Conservtive Opposition this Year?  Is This Guy (Scheer) Not A Moron?

Next Canadian Federal Election . . . I Might As Well Vote For The Fairy-Pixie-Dust-Party.

The Bright Side . . . Is the Absolute Stupidity of the Democrat Party and the LEFTIST Media, who have Already Set Themselves up for an Ass-Kicking, which up ‘til Now, None of us Have ever Seen Before, as the LEFT’S Impeachment Disgrace will Blow-Up in their Face like an Exposed IED.

This Impeachment BS . . . is like Old-Time Wrestling, where the Bad Guys would Tag-Team to keep the Referee Busy Looking Elsewhere, while the Unencumbered Bad Guy would be Rubbing something Sinister in the Eyes of his Good-Guy Opponent, while the Entire Arena would see what was Happening, Screaming their Guts-Out for the Referee to Turn Around & Look, while the Referee was the Only Person in the Huge Arena, Who Didn’t know What Was Happening.

So Here’s News For The LEFT . . . In The Old Days, The Good Guys Won – Welcome To The Return Of The Good Old Days.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Let he who is with sin cast the first boomerang. They already did – I think and hope.

  2. So what’s the deal with Pelosi and her Dem enterage going to a COP25 conference? She’s saying “we’re still in this” which means absolutely nothing since she/they have no authority to act on behalf of the USA. Just another way to show the split in the USA and her willingness to spend taxpayer $$ for absolutely nothing more than a vacation to Europe.

  3. The Dems are so knee-deep in the crapola from this whole Ukraine money laundering fiasco, that when Trump called the new Ukrainian President, it set off an alarm at the DNC, and that’s why we have an Impeachment enquiry. There are a lot of Dems who are going to be chewing the poo when this is all over, but hey, they chose to go up that creek, but forgot their paddles. So now it looks like they are going to have to swim against the current for the rest of the way.

  4. IF ONLY, those casting the stones could be indicted and prosecuted!! That would be the quintessential beginning of the Deep Swamp meeting its demise. Excellent Editorial.

  5. Remember Howard that up to this point everything the demon rats accused Trump of doing, it is them that did it. Russia collusion, hellary and the dnc, Ukraine affair, again hellary and the dnc, obstruction of justice, the shifty schiff impeachment circus and for everything combined, the main culprit is obama who used the FBI, the CIA, the FISA courts etc… to try and destroy President Trump and after 3 years they are coming out with a big lemon of nothing.

  6. Who was Sheers mother? My mom taught me “Best to be thought a fool than to open ones mouth an remove all doubt” Scheer was not raised by a mother who taught him anything and the latest things he is saying and doing proves that. Scheer is a resurrection of the “RED TORIES” of Joe Clark, Flora MacDonald and a whole lot of “what’s in it for me Maoist(yes) Allison Redford.” Scheer is what Preston Manning and (we thought) Harper had thrown out of the party and Scheer is even anti Free Speech.

  7. You are absolutely correct on your assessment of Trudeau. A total Moron, but still PM. Scheer, another story, nice guy, good morals, lousy advisors, and should never have split with Bernier who is the most Conservative of all. Oh Canada! Where do we turn for real leadership.

  8. Continue DRAINING THE SWAMP! GOD, Family, Country. TRUMP 2020! Something For Nothing WILL ALWAYS ENTICE the Ignorant, the Naive, not to mention but I will, the Lazy.

  9. I can’t believe that there are so many idiot voters. I’m gladder than ever that I’m no young chicken. Makes me wonder what B.S. is being taught in our schools today (that I help pay for)!

  10. Most people, Liberals and NDP, who get something for nothing don’t care where it comes from or who pays. Same problem in the states, the Presidential hopefuls are trying to outdo each other to see who can give the most freebies. Try doing this at home, exceed your budget (if you have one) and unlike the government who digs into your pocket for more your pocket is empty once your money has gone and the government controls you – It’s called Liberalism, or Socialism by another name.

  11. I know libbies love to say that Disney did NOT buy Fox News. However, I’ve sure noticed a rapidly more-leftward leaning to FNC since Disney and Fox got into bed with each other financially.

  12. I can’t even watch the daily DC soap opera…As the Worm Turns!!! Schiff is beyond control & stupid as h*ll, to boot. I still worry where this USA is truly going??? I do believe this coming election in Nov. 2020 will be the telling tale. I pray daily that the people will see the injustice being done to Pres. Trump & vote accordingly!!! Time will tell, in 11 months. Great editorial, Howard!!!

  13. One America News (channel 347 on DirecTV) has replaced Fox as my new source of unbiased news for the last year. I find them credible, fair and honest. Graham Ledger is a hardcore conservative and Liz Wheeler is a blonde Judge Janine and takes no crap while calling out liars. They are SUPER journalists. Emerald Robinson is always good as well. FOX is dead to me, I only watch Tucker live, Hannity and Ingraham I watch on the web the next day. You’d like OANN Howard, check it out!

  14. Has ANYONE seen a news piece on Trump going to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving? Imagine the blatant hatred of the leftist media to sidestep this newsworthy information. Yes, One America News Network is worth your time; Verizon carries it, too. TRUMP 2020.

  15. Re: Hussein Obama–“Out of sight, out of mind!” There’s a very good reason why Obama is not VISIBLE! With HIS poor record as President, it’s very easy to understand. His so-called LEGACY is being CUT TO PIECES by Pres. Trump. Also, of the 20+ Liberal candidates, is there ANYONE whom he would deem WORTH supporting? Re: FOX–Juan Williams stated that Trump’s trip to Afghanistan was made just for a “PHOTO-OP”. Juan lives in LA-LA LAND, is annoying, and a complete DISGRACE to this Country! AMEN!

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