I Love Stryker, I Love April The Cat & I Love Our Horses


Stryker Doesn’t Lie. April The Cat Doesn’t Lie. And Neither Do Our Horses . . . But the Democrats, Media, the Supercilious “Employees” at the State Department, Justice Department & Sub-Departments of the Government . . . Lie Like Dirty Rugs.


Based on the Impeachment Inquisition (Sham) and the LEFTIST Media – I have Determined to Reinforce Several Facts I Already Didn’t Question:

1 – The LEFT are Notorious Liars of the Worst Kind.

2 – I Wouldn’t Trust any of Them to Clean Our Animals’ Poop.

3 – They are the Poster People (Men & Women) for Maximum Incompetence.

4 – The LEFTISTS Are Amongst the Most Entitled People on the Planet.

5 – By & Large – The Bureaucrats seem to Believe they are the most Important People in Government, who are, or should be, the Most Influential “Deciders” of Foreign & Domestic Policy.

From These Horrific Kangaroo Court Style “Hearings” . . . What Was Most Striking & Outstanding About The “Appointed” Bureaucrats, was their Belief, that Somehow, the People and the ELECTED President of the United States of America . . . Were Answerable & Worked for the Them, Opposed To Them Being Answerable & Working For The People.


I Don’t Care if you are American, Canadian, British, Australian . . . ETC – The Moment the Bureaucracy Decides to Answer to Themselves Instead of to the People and the Elected Government . . . It Is Indeed A Deep State & The Beginning Of The End To Freedom.

Or Worse . . . When The Elected Government Answers To The Bureaucracy.

When Thomas Jefferson Wrote . . . in His Letter from Paris (France), which has become Famously Penned as the “Tree Of Liberty”, (Paraphrased) that there will come a Time, when Patriots will have to Rise-Up and do Physical Battle with the Government in Power, for the Purpose of Maintaining Freedom & The US Constitution.


“The Tree Of Liberty Must Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots & Tyrants” . . . Thomas Jefferson.

The Letter Known as the Tree of Liberty was sent to the United States from Paris France, Dated November 13, 1787 by then American Ambassador to France (Thomas Jefferson), as France was just Beginning the Upheaval of the French Revolution (1789 – 1799).

Another Great Jefferson Quote Not Mentioned Much – (1802) . . .

“If We Can But Prevent The Government From Wasting The Labors Of The People, Under The Pretense Of Taking Care Of Them, They Must Become Happy”.

In Essence . . . What Thomas Jefferson Wrote In 1802 – was a Warning to the American People against Relying upon the Government, Instead of the Government Relying upon the People.

President Ronald Reagan Stated Emphatically . . . in one of his Most Famous Speeches (1961), that when the Government can Decide what’s Good for the People, and what the People should and should not be Entitled to, it Becomes the End of Freedom and the Beginning of Communism.

WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE . . . It’s Freedom. When The People Fear The Government – It’s Tyranny.


Life is Only as Complicated as What People Make of it. We are Born, we Struggle to Live and we Die. It is how we Struggle to Live, which Makes us the People we Become, as Most of us do all we can to Pass One Day to the Other, while Earning what we can in Freedom, with Hard Work, Honesty & Honor, as we Raise our Families to Teach them to do the Same.

“Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness” . . . Conservative Doctrine – American Promise.

Conservatives Learn How to Stand on our Own Feet. And we Teach our Children to also Stand on their Own Feet and ask Nothing in Return from Society, other than a Fair Shot at Earning Success & Enjoying the Fruit of our Labors.

“From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Needs” . . . Communist Manifesto (1875).


The Bottom Line Of Those Who Testified As Employees Of The People, Represented the Worst in American Civil Service, Where by Way of their own Introductions; they saw Themselves & Each Other as SELFLESS Servants of the People, to be Idolized for their “Sacrifice” to Cause & Duty, Where in all Truth, they were Self-Serving Narcissistic Employees of the People who Pay their Salaries . . . Who They In Turn Quietly Scorn.

It Was Thomas Jefferson Who Wrote “Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness” into America’s Declaration of Independence . . . Where the Pursuit of Happiness was up to the People (Individual).

It Was Karl Marx Who Wrote the Communist Manifesto . . . Where it was up to the State to Decide for the People, Opposed To The People Deciding For Themselves.

What we Witnessed – Were the Purveyors of State Government (DEMOCRATS & RINOS) Versus Conservative Republicans . . . and a Clear Metamorphosis from Where Thomas Jefferson Believed Freedom Should Be – At The New United States Of America, to What the LEFT are Pushing America to Become . . . “From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Needs”.

The Impeachment Hearings Were Not About The Impeachment Of The President. They were all About the Impeachment of Freedom.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. That is why in Canada to continue voting for the older established parties, CPC included, we will never have real change just the same thing over and over just under a different color. This is exactly why in the next election, which is hopefully soon, we have to vote for real change and smaller government and the only movement that builds their policies on principles of freedom, responsibility, fairness, and respect is the PPC. We have to squash the entitlement that lauds all over Ottawa.

  2. Recommend reading “Unmasking the Administrative State” by John Marini. Confirms everything you said today!

  3. The question remains when will the people rise up and face this tyranny and when are the sleeping sheeples finally wake-up and see what is actually going on because to most low informed and don’t care to be informed sheeples, they still think that life is Honky Dory. If they don’t wake up soon, we are doomed both in the U.S.A. and Canada.

  4. Good show old man, the people in the end will have the final say. Dark does not like light…

  5. A wonderful set of comments, Sir. I recently had this thought: Under capitalism, when you work, you eat. One is highly motivated to work. Under socialism, if someone will work, I can eat. There is little motivation to work. With no one working, the government must make them work and tell them exactly what to do. Tyranny!

  6. Would love your view as to why so many of our younger citizenry, and even a few of the elders like me, seem so enthralled with the socialist viewpoint. Academia? Family has ALWAYS been hard line Democrats? Promises of “free stuff?” Everything you write makes such good sense and I fail to understand how so many of us choose to be blind to that. Great column!

  7. No surprise here. The Democratic party was and is the party of slavery, lynching, segregation, the Jim Crow laws, discimination and , oh yah, racist to the core of advantage. Forgetting about history doesn’t cause its repetition. It just keeps repeating on and on. I do expect civil war – the bloody kind – and not only in the USA. _ I think

  8. So many people keep saying ‘it’s time the people wake up and do something about it’; & I keep asking what besides voting are we supposed to do? Voting doesn’t help because the ballot carries only establishment candidates in 99% of cases-Trump being the exception. We did something about it then. How do the people ban together to do something? Tea Party tried. They inspired many til infiltrators & MSM lies killed it. Responsible folks are working to provide for family. So what & how do we FIX it?

  9. Once agan we all seem to know what and where the problem is. And our elected Republican/conservative leaders know too and most know the laws and do nothing to stop the Leftist train of destruction. So are they with us conservatives or are they AFRAID of the LEFT? If so they are also the enemies of the people. VOTERS choose: VOTE THEM OUT or choose Cival War..This farce must END!

  10. Your BEST EVER! Wow! Loved it and it was so true……

  11. this one has me thinking deeply of how to be more involved to make Canada a stronger nation that will include all of our citizens and not be dictated by the two central provinces especially Quebec. Now with the CN strike on seems they are crying for Carbon(propane) and with there refineries in Montreal what is their problem with the Canada east pipeline must be contracts with the Saudi’s feeding justins trust fund

  12. Again, I say sure do miss a place on your website to click and print your articles for my husband.

  13. Thank God for pets; otherwise, some people would become DEPRESSED! We now live in an ANYTHING-GOES society where even the children have been LEAD to BELIEVE that they shouldn’t be PUNISHED for their WRONGS! Our Government(s) have become so CROOKED and our LAWS so LAX that it has ENCOURAGED wrongful conduct WITHOUT repercussions. As noted by the comments, it’s so hard for one to believe that he/she can do something to CHANGE the political climate, especially when VOTER FRAUD is so RAMPANT! AMEN!

  14. How does one talk and our concerns with Democrats. No one understands what is happening, there is no compression at all. Help.

  15. The obfuscation is the new law of the land, and Jefferson was right it will take blood to refresh the country!!

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