The Worm Is Starting To Turn


As I’m Writing this Editorial, I’m Comfortably Ensconced (Early this morning) in our RV at a Nice RV Park, Working-Off a Hot Spot from my iPhone in Knoxville Tennessee, not far from where we’re visiting Friends while we Journey to Texas.

There Are Several Elements To This Editorial.

As Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I Travel the Width & Length of the United States of America, we are Learning New things every Day, since both Anne & I are Gregarious & Love to Speak with People whom we’ve never Met before, for which with Stryker as a People Magnet . . . Stryker Makes The Start-Up Of A Conversation Real Easy.

Anne & I have Traveled the USA for as long as we’ve been Married (More than 46-Years), by Car, Plane & RV, whether it was for Business or Pleasure. We’ve even Traveled and Camped in the USA with our Horses.

We Don’t Just Travel . . . We Live With & Amongst The People & Try Not To Be “Just” Tourists.

The way we’ve been Traveling over the Last 6-Years. Living in the USA for 6-Months & Canada for 6-Months, has given us a Unique Perspective of both Countries & People, which most People will Never get to Fully Appreciate . . .

. . . Which Gives Me An Extremely Unique Viewpoint.

Within The Last 6-Years . . . What Anne & I Discovered, is that even though Canada & the USA are Distinctly Different Sovereign Countries . . . THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR PEOPLE.

And Anyone Who Says Differently Is Full Of Beans – Canadians & Americans are no Different from each other, than are People who live in Different States or Provinces . . . In EssenceWe In Both Countries . . . Share The Same Basic Values & Culture.


I Take Great Pride in Being an Extremely Observant – Observer. And What I’ve Discovered in all of our Travels, is that most People Want to Meet & Greet, and are usually Always Open to Telling their Personal Story & to Hear Yours. And once a Connection is Made, Most People Open-Up, and are only too Happy to Speak about all Issues, which Includes some Personal Matters and the way People Feel about Social & Political Realities.

So Let Me tell You What I’m Learning With Each Passing Day.

The Politicians have no Idea to how Little Respect the People have for the Men & Women who are Voted into Office. The Politicians think the People Aren’t Happy with the Politics, but not Necessarily with them . . . But I Assure You – The Politicians Don’t have a Clue as to the Extent of Derision the People Hold for Virtually All our Law-Makers on both sides of the Border.

If the Politicians Really Knew & Understood how Little the People think of them, I don’t Believe the Politician(s) would be willing to show their Face in Decent Company.

BUT I’M NOT DONE YET . . . The Media, the Judiciary, Hollywood & Academia are not Held in any Higher Esteem than are the Politicians.


The People LOVE President Donald J Trump . . . because President Trump Feels the Same Way about the Aforementioned as the People do . . . And President Trump Is The People’s Champion . . . And President Donald Trump Says Publicly & Loudly, what the People are Thinking and have Until Now Only Said to each Other

Just Like Ronald Reagan Put A Bounce Back into the Step of the American People after the Jimmy Carter Disaster – President Trump is doing the Same Thing after the Disasters of the Bushes, Clintons and the Obamas, but Magnified Many Times Greater.

Someone like Nancy Pelosi Thinks she’s Doing a Great Job, and Perhaps she Really Believes that she’s Working for the People. But in all Reality, the People Despise her, and given the Opportunity, the People would Kick Nancy Pelosi’s Best-Before-Due-Date-Ass . . . all the Way Back to California from the Washington DC Swamp & Forget they ever Knew of Her.


For Decades . . . The LEFT Have Been On The March – With Little to No Opposition. Where the Schoolboards have been Indoctrinating our Children & Ourselves through Generational Socialist Propaganda.

And Now The Big Push Is On . . . The LEFT Are Going for Gold. And Everything that has Made America & Canada the Great Countries we’ve Grown to Become Over the Centuries, are now Being Systematically Disassembled by the LEFT, because the LEFT is Terrified that Donald Trump will Wipe-Out all their Nefarious Successes.


Because of Academia, Hollywood, a Biased Judiciary and a Conspiratorial News Media, the LEFT have made Incredible Inroads to Destroying our Wonderful Free Countries on the Altar of Communism (Socialism) . . . MOSTLY BECAUSE WE DIDN’T FIGHT BACK. At Least Not Until Now.

In a Strategy Meeting Amongst a Group of Socio/Political Activists, which I really didn’t want to Attend, one of the Group Speakers said that the Quebec Separatists were Incredibly Smart, Really Well Organized & Nearly Impossible to Beat . . . His name was Tommy Schnurmacher, who was a Popular Montreal Radio Talk-Show Host.

Tommy, who I knew well enough, was a Great Talk-Show Host & Editorialist, who was also an Overweight Marshmallow.

I Looked At Tommy & Spoke To The Group. “Tommy” I said . . . “How about if I Told you, that I could Teach you how to Fight & Win in a One-On-One Battle Against Mike Tyson”? Everyone Laughed, with a few Offering Snide Comments.

“No . . . I’m Serious Tommy” – And in an Angry Voice I Said . . . ”I Can Do That. All I Have to Do is Teach You how to Punch . . . & Then Convince Mike Tyson Not to Hit Back . . . Because that’s What We’ve been Doing for Several Generations Against the Quebec Separatists”. At That . . . No One Was Laughing.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I have Spent the Last 5-Winters at a Gorgeous RV Resort on the Outskirts of Austin. And over the Past Two Years, we began to see Druggies & Vagrants of all Kinds, living in Tents under the Overpasses, and Begging at the Crossroads of Popularly Traveled Streets & Highways, to the Point where Anne & I Decided that Enough was Enough.

We’ve Cancelled all of our Reservations at the RV Park we used to Call our Winter Home, and have Reserved at a Brand-New RV Park about 40-Minutes away from Austin. And to my Understanding, More than a Dozen other People from the Austin Area RV Park have Decided to do the Same.

If People Want to Live in their Own Excrement, like Savages on the Sidewalks and Underpasses, and the “Authorities” think that’s OK . . . It might be OK for them, but it sure isn’t OK for Me & Mine.

MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS – will be Lost to Austin, because a Schmuck LEFTIST Mayor (Steve Adler), Decided that it was OK-By-Him . . . to Make the People’s Beautiful City of Austin – Into A Shit-Hole.

So Now . . . to the Great Credit of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Street Vermin are being Driven-Out. And also to the Credit of some Austin Rate Payers, a Recall for Austin Mayor Adler . . . is in the Process of getting Under Way.

In The Meantime . . . Anne, Stryker, April the Cat & I are Moving to a New Pasture, which is far More Conservative & Less Expensive, where we will have to Tread Carefully so as not to Step on a Rattlesnake . . . Opposed to Human Waste on the Sidewalk.


1 – If Conservatives Don’t Fight-Back With All The People’s Means Possible – The People Can’t Win.

2 – The LEFT Are On The Run – And Conservatives Can’t Stop Now!

3 – The People Can Undo In The 2020 Election . . . What Has Taken The LEFT Generations Of Lies & Deceit To Create.

Remember Schnurmacher . . . All We Have To Do To Lose – Is To Not Fight Back.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Here’s another thing the politicians don’t know–we are on the brink of Civil War. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.

  2. Safe travels to you and your family. I am so encouraged when I listen to my President at his rallies!! Then, if I make a mistake, and turn on CNN, MSNBC, etc, they sure try to stick a needle in my balloon of optimism!! I sure do appreciate your editorials!

  3. I agree. the people are fighting back. We have had enough of our children being educated in which sex they choose to be and how to do oral and anal sex, our cities turned into disease riddle s**t holes, electricity turned off during forest fires, our trillions of tax dollars disappearing/laundered through vrious banks and accounts never to be seen to the benefit of the taxpayer, illegals gaining by out voting us with their voter IDs, etc. This is our last chance to get our country back

  4. The sillier the leftists get, the more the citizens realize what is happening, and the less likely a civil war becomes. The people are awakening, becoming enlightened, and we’re now seeing a marked increase in resistance to the resistance. Outright combat becomes less likely despite the small skirmishes we might see as the USA election draws closer. May God be with us!

  5. Thanks again Howard for your devotion to sanity. Keep telling “IT” the way “IT” is. Our two Great counties need to hear “IT” till we feel “IT” again. We are honored to have you, and yours back across the border – Enjoy.

  6. Your paragraph about the way to lose a battle/war is to NOT fight back – so very true!! You have fought the good fight in Quebec but such a fight cannot be conducted alone. The support given by the English-speakers in Quebec is too little, too late. The Quebecois have used every trick in the book & the non-French have consistently stepped back. You took your battle to Ontario where the 3.69% Mother-tongue French-speakers are getting very strong for the same reason – we’re not fighting back.

  7. We somehow got disconnected. I am trying to re-subscribe. Great editorial. Hope you really, really enjoy your new location.

  8. What a great editorial today! You virtually hit many nails right on their heads. Yes, the recall is for the mayor but also includes five of the ten city council members.Note: many of us in Austin will miss you, Howard, but we truly understand.

  9. Howard, they must have heard you in Austin? They are cleaning the place up!

  10. The question. What are Canadians? Canadians are a people who live north of the 49th parallel and think they are not Americans. I saw this over and over again in a career spanning both sides of the Canada US border. Canadians are also a people realizing that words will not stop the Socialists from enslaving them – in fact words are being made illegal unless coming from socialists in the MSM on both sides of the border.

  11. My girl & I went out to vote today where we always go, sign saying no voting, Went to another place no voting went to a store asked people where did you go vote.? They said have not could not find a place to vote. I think that is rather odd. Do you? Sorry you had to move from your spot you and Anne like so much to another place. Were U serious about snakes? Gosh I hope not. I am sick of the Democrats and all their sick ways of doing away with Pres. Trump what a mess this has been a costly one to

  12. Great commentary once again! Welcome back to the U.S. for the winter, stay warm. But speaking of Congress and the law-writing liberal judges, I witnessed a staunch Republican Congressman who promised not to be enticed by the payola and outright bribes ending up guilty of all those things and deciding not to run for another term for “family reasons”. Hogwash! They knew they would be beaten in the 2020 election for failing to follow through on their campaign promises. This happens over and over.

  13. This Austin mayor is proving to be like many others – Spineless, ineffective, weak and full of excuses. They mask it in justifications for socialist and leftist principles, but in the end they are just poor leaders with terrible and useless practices.

  14. My wife is In Calgary with my daughter’s family and she is giving birth to their third child, I am in South Carolina with my son and his family enjoying my stay here which I wish we could make permanent and have them all live here. I’ll be leaving here next Wednesday and back home to fight for a conservative government and remove the liberals from power. It makes me extremely sad that the parents of this generation have cattered to their babies whims

  15. A great editorial today. I fear that a civil war is pending, too. It will not be between the Far Left & Conservatives, I am afraid that it will be a racial war. What the Bushes & Clintons did was nothing compared to what Obummer did. He divided the races when things were finally coming together. Of course, there are bad guys on all sides of the issue, but there was finally a good, solid blending that was paramount. I am praying daily that the Conservatives DO stand up fighting, by voting!!

  16. Wish we’d known you were in Knoxville, would have loved to shake your hand and meet your family! Maybe another time? BTW, I wrote you a few months back and told you I went to school with Lanny Davis…not proud of that at all. Keep up the great work Sir! PAX, Gary Chambers, Knoxville, Tennessee

  17. You are so right about the view of Politicians and Actors, they are money and power grabbers. Who care less about folks that work for a living. Different Topic- Yesterday my wife and I stopped to pick up her COPD prescription. She is now on Medicare and a part B program. She almost had a heart attack when the gal told her the cost was $654 for a 1 month supply, said it was no longer covered by her insurance. I confronted her to check again, she was mistaken, it cost $37, what the hell.

  18. There are worse things than rattlesnakes–you could run across some Antifa lunatics–They’re much worse in that they bite because they believe they have the right to, instead of because they are fearful!

  19. We better make sure our voting Polls are ran by both Dems & Republicans because that is the way the Dems always wins they cheat. They stuff the boxes or the machines are set to always vote Dems. That is the way they took the house. Soros is behind of all this he and his family are trying to destroy our great America & we will not let them. We are at war & they woke up the Giant & with God’s help we will take back our Country! I have children in Canada & they will not stand up to the Government!

  20. WOW !!! I love what you told CJAD talk show host Tommy about being able to fight Mike Tyson. Sure Tommy could beat him…all we gotta do is convince Mike Tyson not to hit back !!! Fantastic analogy about how these Quebec ethnocentric nationalist separatists can make English (ie: “Anglos”) and minorities feel invisible and unwanted. Speaking of worms: It is the early bird who catches the worm….but it is the early worm who gets caught. :>) – Brucester

  21. Well, my state, Virginia, went total Democrat yesterday; so we’re in for Calif-type legislation. I’m not all that surprised as the area around DC has been Dem for some time & Richmond is also now Dem. As influx of northerners grows to areas along eastern part of state, Dems are dominating; also in all areas that have colleges. I read Bloomberg funded groups to turn VA & other swing states that voted for Trump in effort to stop his reelection. Am sad & angry that outside $$ influence is allowed.

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