Ask Yourself This . . . Where’s Obama?


BEFORE . . . I Write the Meat & Potatoes of this Editorial, I Need to Explain why I Haven’t Broadcast  many Podcasts. The Reason is that there is so Much Happening in the World Media (Information Overload), that I Find Myself Struggling to know what to Talk (Podcast) About.


For the Longest time, I’ve Thought about Writing Another Book on things that I have Personally been Involved-In, but have Resisted for Several Reasons . . .

1 – It takes a Tremendous Amount of Work to Write a Book, Including the Edits.

2 – Chances are Better than Not the Market for such a Book Will be Limited.

3 – I Probably Wouldn’t be Able to Find a Publisher to Take the Risk.

4 – Self Publishing is very Expensive & Intensive Work.

Also . . . If I Decided to Spend the Time, Effort & Money Writing a Book, where will I find the Time & Wherewithal to Write

So I Found What I Believe To Be A Good Compromise, at Least to Me, where I will Speak (Podcast) about Real Issues, of which I have Been Personally Involved, which will Detail why I Write what I do, and why I’ve been an Impassioned Activist for the Things I Believe, Such As Freedom Of Expression, which we Should all be Interested In.

HERE’S A PROMISE . . . If you Decide to Listen to the Podcasts. Everything you will Hear will be 100% True – And None of It will be Embellished. And Instead of Giving you Background Information Portrayed by Someone Else – Or Based-On Second-Hand (Plus) Speculation . . . Everything I Will Say Will Be Firsthand.

And Each Podcast Will Be Somewhat Independent Of Each Other . . . In Other Words, Spontaneous, as per Whatever comes to my Fancy at the Time. There will be no Special Order of Events. Some Podcasts might be a Continuation of a Previous Podcast . . . But that Won’t be Based Upon any Set Structured Programming.


Doesn’t it Seem Rather Strange to you, how Silent Obama is, as the 2020 Election is Now on the Road & Starting to Build Steam? And what’s with Michelle Obama, who seems to Laugh-Off any Suggestion that she Run as a Democrat Convention Candidate?

HERE’S WHY I THINK THE OBAMA’S ARE SILENT . . . As the LEFT has Declared War on the Trumps, the Trump Team & Supporters, President Trump has Declared War on the Entire LEFT, Targeting his Best Attacks at the Top, Starting with Former Vice President Biden, who Ex-President (Obama), Not Only Won’t Endorse, but Won’t even Speak-Of.

I Personally Believe That Ex-President Barack Hussein Obama, and his Big Mouth Wife Michelle, who Wasn’t Proud to be an American, Until Barack Obama was Nominated to Head the Democrat Party in 2007Are Far More Worried Than Just Somewhat, that their Treachery as the “First Family” will be Made Public.


I Believe . . . the Obamas Committed Treason, in as much as Barack Obama, with his Pen & Cellphone Played Dangerously Fast & Loose with the American Constitution. I also Believe the Obamas were Behind the Nexus of the Trump Witch-Hunts, Starting with the Treachery of the Justice Department (Loretta Lynch), FBI (Comey Etc), CIA (Brennan), DNI (Clapper), NSA (Rice) and all the People Associated With Them.

AND I BELIEVE . . . That Unless the LEFT can Conjure-Up some BS Impeachment Story . . . that is Somewhat Real and even Marginally Believable, Besides the Hoaxes, which have been Presented to the American People as Facts, the LEFT Understands that When, Not If, but When Trump Re-Wins the White House – Keeps the Senate & Carries the House . . . President Trump Will Not Relent & Will Not Stop Going After all the People who Tried through Treachery & Nefarious Means to Destroy the Trump Presidency & Reduce America to becoming a Socialist State in a One World Government.

I AM UTTERLY CONVINCED . . . Unless Someone Can Prove to me Otherwise, that the LEFT, which Includes just about all the Insiders from BOTH PARTIES, the Bureaucracy, and the “Intelligence Community” . . . that they are Running Scared, More Scared than most People can Imagine.


If President Trump Keeps the White House (As He Will), Keeps the Senate (As He Will) and Wins Back the House (As He Will), there will be Little Space for Un-Americans to Hide, Let Alone Run.


I’m Proud To Say That Anne & I Voted Conservative, as did Several of our Friends, who like us, are Fed-Up with LEFTIST Socialist Policies, which are Making Simple Living Unaffordable and Far Too Controlled by the Government.


1 – Here’s a Lesson For the USA to Vote – Anne I Needed our Voting Registration Card and a Driver’s License, or some other PHOTO ID that Proved who we were and where we Lived, BEFORE we could even Enter the Polling Station.

2 – We had to Re-Present our Photo ID and Voting Registration Card at the Ballot Desk to be Checked-Off a Master List to Make Certain AGAIN . . . Who we Said we Were BEFORE they Gave us our Voting Ballot. It also Guaranteed that No One Else Could Vote in our Place or Vote a Second Time.

3 – All the Polling Shows a Minority Canadian Government to be Headed by the Liberal Party, WHICH I DO NOT BELIEVE, Especially Given the Dismal Trudeau Record and the Very Large Number of Advanced Voters, Mostly Over 50 Years Old.

Remember . . . Trump Had Zero Chance To Win In 2016 – So Much For The Polls.


As I See It . . . I am quite Confident the Conservatives will Win a Majority Government on October 21, 2019. So – If You’re A Canadian Conservative Get-Out & Vote, to Make Certain that I’m Right & Trudeau Becomes just a Bad Memory.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard keep up your comments. I send your comments to all my friends. Keep your thoughts and comments coming

  2. Howard I also went to the advanced polling station and voted conservative. I went there 15 minutes before the opening and I was the second one in line by the time the polls opened there were about 12 to 14 waiting in line. I hope they were all in a hurry to vote conservative to get rid of Trudeau. Concerning the USA I hope and pray that you are right and that trump will be in a position to clean up the swamp permanently

  3. Even dough I still find Scheer to be a big marshmallow even after the debates, I will still vote Conservative. I would have preferred a more fired up Scheer just like Pierre Poilièvre but I guess he just hasn’t got it in himself. turdgrope as lied on every promise he made in 2015 and is doing again. Just like the commercial, turdgrope not as advertised and he will say anything to get elected just like in 2015. Too bad too many sheeples still believe in him just because he’s cute.

  4. I’m pretty sure obama is somewhere that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the USA.

  5. I am surprised by the number of people I know, mostly women and Jewish who are going to be attending an appearance and speech by Michelle Obama. In fact the daughter of one of them is coming in from Florida just for this event. What could she possibly have to say that could be that important or useful? How did the Obamas ever become so popular? Perhaps it is because they were never ever criticized in the media for anything they did. They were always perfect.

  6. My husband and I have voted in the advanced poll for the conservative candidate in our riding with pleasure. I wish him well and hope for a conservative majority. Thank you for your marvelous site. You are almost the only one to bring us the truth about the political scene.

  7. Howard touched on a very good topic – Voter ID. The USA does not have voter ID – that is incredible for such an advanced country!! You have registration for just about everything else – what is the problem getting voter ID to ensure that the voters are legitimate? With so many illegal immigrants all voting for free stuff & who cannot even be identified, why is this allowed? ALL Americans should insist on this before 2020!! VOTER ID is an absolute necessity for a democracy!!!

  8. Topo Geigeo (Obama) is with Senor Wenses (Soros) in a box somewhere hiding , The Senor had an open door to the White House. Let me ask a simple question have you ever seen the Swampers trying everything as they are in a turmoil why because Illegal stuff. Keep in mind the trade tariffs 600 Billion agrivating Trump watch sand read him what he will slowly more of the truth. What scared people who are trying everything to stop him by . Trump is very bright with big balls

  9. No question that the transnational implant and coups leader, Hussein Obama, is taking the impending findings of the Barr and the US Attorney Mr.Durham very seriously. The squad is actively guiding antifa in preparation for their plan failure. The Telephone call spy network is exposed as a continued job after Mueller took a dive. Pelosi knows her headcount is marginal and has zero prob in the Senate. Terrible setting it is.

  10. I will be supporting Maxim Bernier leader of the new Peoples’s Party of Canada (PPC). “Remember . . . Trump Had Zero Chance To Win In 2016 – So Much For The Polls”. HG. I believe/hope PCP will elect 10-15 Members and carry a Balance of Power while the Progressive Conservatives (PC) win a minority government. It will be interesting to witness PC Leader Andrew Scheer and his former Conservative colleague Maxim Bernier dispute policies yet try to reach an accord.

  11. I had friends who were Mexican Nationals, Shelby & Mildred Longoria who lived i Matamoros, Texas acrosss the border. They voted in all our elections because they had a voter’s registration and acquired it by showing thie Texas Driver’s License with their daughter’s Brownsville, Texas address. All of northern Mexico, et al vote in our elections. We need Citizenship Cards like Switzerland, Photo, fingerprint, DNA, citizenship number (acquired onlly with papers), any health issues, etc.

  12. Excellent Editorial!! Obama & Michelle asked Biden NOT TO RUN. So they distanced themselves from the FALL OUT! The Obama Administration is Corrupted up to its EYE TEETH with the DEEP STATE, SWAMP, etc. HOWEVER; there isn’t ONE of them that has been indicted and prosecuted. It seems they are the UNTOUCHABLES. Some of us have LONG MEMORIES..we WON’T forget come voting time.

  13. You can tell a person’s character by who they hang out with. Obama is an Alinsky devotee, as is Hillary. Trudeau 1& 2 both love (d) the Castros. Enough said. We voted Conservative strategically, although our hearts are PPC. If Liberals get back in with NDP or Green support, this actually might be the best result, because I believe AB, SK, Man, & the East part of BC will secede.

  14. People who LOVE POWER cannot live WITHOUT it!Are the OBAMAS planning another COUP against Trump?Obama’s lack of the ENDORSEMENT of Biden MAY be very simple in that MICHELLE WILL RUN as a Democrat Convention Candidate!Obama was viewed as the FIRST Black president; he WASN’T because he’s HALF WHITE! Wow! Picture this–“the FIRST BLACK WOMAN as a presidential candidate!”However, I DON’T BELIEVE she would beat Trump because he is DRAINING the SWAMP and they (Obamas) are part of it!GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  15. I could have sworn Julie & I saw Obama two nights ago at the Bell Centre during our Montreal Canadiens home opener against the visiting Detroit Red Wings. The opening ceremony included a choir on the rink singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”….joined by all of us spectators at the game !!! Seems to me Obama was sitting just a few rows ahead of Julie & me. OK, so maybe Obama knows nothing about being a President or running a country….but he’s sure got a great voice. :>) – Brucester

  16. Hey Howard. Same. Voted Conservative yesterday and now I have to keep fingers et al crossed till the 22nd. I do not want Trudeau to realize Butts’ dream of killing Alberta oil for no reason. I have seen the forecast Apocalypse probably six times since the 60’s. Al Gore has missed his best before forecast every time. Each one has been verified by reputable scientists as is this one and challenged by reputable scientists vilified as climate deniers. I don’t believe the hysterical ones or Greta.

  17. election Our son who is a Canadian Citizen went to vote in Ancaster Ontario when he came back he was all upset said his wife who is an Australian and not a Citizen of Canada, her name was on the voters list…is this like the DemocRATs in USA stacking the voters List?

  18. Reckon they left the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. for Martha’s Vineyard to buy a $15 million house there. I didn’t think former presidents got THAT MUCH ‘retirement’; or is his name getting on published books so he’s making a mint on sales? Or is his income part of a deal from Soros to fundamentally change America as president? Perhaps all the above. Eisenhower sure couldn’t afford such extravagance since being president cost him his military retirement.

  19. Howard, all that matters to me is that I get your thoughts as often as possible, be it Podcast or written. I agree that Obama has been “hiding” in the background since he left the White House. I do think he has been behind most of Trump’s troubles, & by sending Michwitch out to talk, he can get his message out that he is alive & well. As for Voter IDs go, Georgia has it & goes by the DHS guidelines to achieve this goal. We do not have problems with any of Voter ID in Georgia.

  20. There was lots of money missing during Obama’s time as President. Obama was groomed to be President by the Democrats as most everything about Obama was fake. Big let down when Hillary lost as the Democrats had the same plans for Hillary. I believe the Democrats paid well to Obama after they divided up the money that them and Obama stole. Trump will win again as the American people have woke up to the fact that most Democrats are crooks. Trump’s plans are to jail these crooks as time goes by.

  21. I have always said Obama was the trojan horse. They are all in it to destroy our America but the true Americans will not let that happen. You are right on about the voting polls. The only way the dems won the house they stuff the boxes and they let people vote that were not Americans! We need to make sure that the polls is ran by both parties if we want to have a legal election. Old Hillary is out with daughter Chelsea doing a book tour trying to promote her privilege daughter to run for office!

  22. An article a few weeks back said that Obama was soaking the U.S. taxpayers and is the most expensive ex-president ever. Because he can!

  23. Hello, thank you for your articles and info. Very much valued and appreciated, indeed. My husband and I also voted today in the advance polls. WE proudly voted FOR Canada, with Andrew Scheer for PM! The socialists parties (liberals, ndp and greens), ALONG WITH Bernier have already announced they will COLLUDE against a Andrew Scheer minority government. This is disgusting, disgraceful and despicable at the same time. They are willing to subvert the will of the People. ??????????

  24. I’m hoping the Obama’s are just a faded memory like the Clintons. The media shouldn’t give them a second thought.

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