I Left High School In 1968 – Congress Is Still There


These People Are Destroying America . . . And In The Process – The Freedom Of The World.

So Let Me Understand This . . . They (Congress) Don’t Know who the Whistle Blower is, or who the Whistle Blowers are. Congress Knows that He, She, or They NEVER Heard the President-To-President Phone Call Between the President of the United States of America and the President of Ukraine, and ONLY Heard about the Phone Call Secondhand. Or Perhaps it was More than just Secondhand.

Yet . . . According to the Democrats and the Acting DNI – The Whistle Blower . . . He, She or They are Credible. How in a Million Years could they Know that? Or Come to that Conclusion?

The Anti-American Democrat Party Does Not Deserve To Survive.

When I was in High School, it might have been when I was in 9th Grade, I Ran to be President of the Student Council. My Opposition Ran on a Platform, which Included Promises of a Student Smoking Room, Longer Lunch Breaks & More Recess.

I Forget what I Ran-On – but was Nothing Akin to what my Opponent Promised.

Guess What? I Lost-Big Time. It Wasn’t Even Close . . . But I Learned My Lesson.

I Knew There Would Never Be . . . A Student Smoking Room in High School, or a Longer Lunch Break, or More Recess. And Probably Neither did anyone else Believe it. But the Students Voted for my Opponent’s Promises Anyway.

BUT THIS ISN’T HIGH SCHOOL . . . This is the Real Deal, where Decisions have Enormous Consequences. Where Promises & Facts Really Matter. And what you do once Elected, Especially to High Office, will Create Long Lasting Results, which can be the Cause of Good . . . Or Cause Incredible Harm.


We Are Overtaxed, Over Regulated & Underserved. We have over the Years Surrendered our Rights to the People we Trust & Pay Handsomely to Serve-Us . . . who have Instead Become our Masters.

I Watched The House-Hearing Today Of The Acting DNI . . . And what I saw was Democrat Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s Performance, which was by all Normal Standards Embarrassing at Best . . . & Disgraceful At Worst.

Because Our North American Politics . . . Especially American Politics, Have become Reality TV, where Good People, Neither Men Nor Women will Want to Run in Elections, where they will Suffer the Risks of Total Character Assassination . . . Whether the Assassination is Based on Truth – True or Not. I Know That I Wouldn’t Want To Run.


If A Person Has Nothing To Hide, or nothing to be Ashamed-of, or nothing he or she is Embarrassed for others to Know . . . Then That Person Has Done Nothing With His Or Her Life.

Everyone of Value has Skeletons in his or her Closet. And for the Opposition to use those Skeletons, or Create Lies to Present as Skeletons, to use to Campaign against his or her Opposition, Instead of Duking-It-Out on Real Issues . . . Guarantees That Good People Will Never Run For Office.

And it all But Guarantees that the Likes of Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib will Eventually Run our Governments and our Lives.

We’re Seeing Some Push-Back In Canada . . . As our Current Canadian Liberal Prime Minister, who Before being Anointed Leader of the Opposition, and then Winning the Majority in the House of Commons to become Canada’s Prime Minister . . . NEVER HAD A REAL JOB & NEVER FINISHED ANYTHING ACADEMICALLY THAT HE STARTED.

YET JUSTIN TRUDEAU . . . Beat-Out a Globally Respected, Accomplished & Financially Astute Conservative Prime Minister (Stephen Harper), who Guided Canada through the Obama Era Financial Crisis, as Brilliantly as one could have Imagined.


Because of an Ignorant Electorate, who Wanted Something for Nothing, who Bought into the Trudeau Socialist “Sunny Ways” Campaign Slogan, where Trudeau Promised that if he Won, “Canada Would Be Back”, and we could all Smoke Dope Legally from Sea To Shining Sea, never Promised to Run-Up the National Debt beyond all Reason & Make Canada Financially Unlivable for Many, which is what Trudeau did.

With The Help Of Some Voter Sanity . . . Trudeau Will Just Be A Bad Memory By The End Of The October 21, 2019 Election.


I Fear For America . . . That Unlike what it is That we Hope for in Canada, America will Not be this Lucky by the Time America Goes to the Next Presidential Election (November 3, 2020).

Since by then, the American LEFT, Specifically because of the Democrat Party, America Will Be So Divided, even though I Believe the House will Become Republican, the Senate might become a Republican Super Majority & President Donald Trump will Win Even More Electoral College Votes . . . & Votes in General in 2020, than he did in 2016 that it will become Irrelevant to the American Dream and Reagan’s Vision of the “Shining City Upon A Hill”.

I Don’t See The LEFT (Democrats) Pulling Back, Slowing Down, or Reverting to Good Government Anytime Soon, since the Democrats are so Invested into Bad Government & Government of Personal Destruction & Character Assassination, that at this Juncture, Whatever it is the Democrats Will or Might Do, will be Insufficient to Win Much of Anything in 2020 . . . Allowing The LEFTIST Lunatic Fringe To Have-At-It.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Don’t despite, some of us in the states are calling the White House…just ask SIRI to dial the WH… And then offer your support. Going beyond that, call the Republican National Committee and make a donation for the 2020 election…. Speaking as a Yank and also a Yankee fan PM is a disgrace, what a weak-kneed performance last week…. Not of the stature of the brave Canadians who stormed Normandy 75 years ago with us Yanks, Brits, Aussies and Kiwi’s…. Backbone LOL…!

  2. I said it before about pie in the sky promises is a lesson that was given to the Canadian sheeples back in the ’70s with the Rhinoceros Party of Canada. Their promises were so beyond fiction, it was hoped that the sheeples would learn not to trust any politicians promises. Here we are in 2019 and the lesson as not been learned at all. Rhino promise in the ’70s, “We will move the Rockies to quebec !!!!” The sheeples learned nothing back then and still keep believing at pie in the sky promises !!!

  3. Correct as usual!! I watched The DNI Hearing as well. Schiff was his USUAL self. There is ONE PURPOSE & ONE PURPOSE ONLY….Bring Trump Down & to STOP his re-election. With all the LEAKS someone knows who the Whistle Blower is (my opinion) And the lawyer he/she has is a NEVER TRUMPER. That tells me all I need to know. MYPOV

  4. Seems your school election experience is the same for elections today. Does the definition of insanity ring a bell? I honestly believe this nation (USA at least) has been given over to strong delusion as prophesied in Biblical New Testament, because of our turning away from God. I honestly can’t think of anything else because it is so absolutely crazy the way people behave, & in Congress as you relate above. It borders on insanity & issues from greed & hate.

  5. Well Howard, Justin Trudeau may have nice hair, but I will NOT be voting for him. Even if he keeps on painting his face black. It’s OK, I happen to love Calypso music so if Trudeau wants to be Harry Belafonte, I’ll introduce him to The Kingston Trio. Who knew that when Leonard Cohen wrote the song “You Want It Darker”…. he was referring to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s face ??? !!! :>) (hahaha) ~ Brucester

  6. I watched the DNI too and couldn’t believe the despicable performance of Adam Schiff, it is he who should be charged for fabricating lies in his attempt to bring President Trump down. It’s incredible and hard to believe so called intelligent men and women can come together with no evidence and seek to bring down the leader of the worlds greatest economy – that is doing well BTW. Between Greta, Justin, Omar, Talaib, Schiff, Pelosi, May and a host of other dummies, N America is in trouble.

  7. Not much to say other than WHAT A MESS I believe chipmunks are more kinder and smarter than all of the Democrats .Lets vote for them. Just unreal all of it. When President Trump does win in 2020 they will still be after him for one thing or another. It all makes me sick to my stomach to watch any news today so I don’t do that much. They cannot tell the truth if God himself came down & told them to. Have a good Friday a lovely week end for you & Anne. Blessings to you both.

  8. After watching yesterday, and indeed this whole year while the Dems. “mourned” the loss of “lovely Hillary” they have done nothing but go after Trump. They’re a bunch of unforgiving, hard-hearted, small team soccer players who cry when they lost.

  9. Review your history on Hitler’s rise to power and what he did with the Socialist Democrats. Not advocating any violence but the 1930’s left wing and today’s left wing have similar issues?

  10. The Ukrraine controversy could only have been conceived by people who actually commit on a regular basis all of the crimes they attribute to Trump. Moreover, the text of the whistleblower letter was clearly written by a team of lawyers. It would not surprise me if Adam Schiff was the ringleader of the team of traitors including the indiscreet White House staff involved.

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