We Pay Them . . . They Screw-Us


I have no Idea if Justin Trudeau is any More of a Racist or Bigot than the Rest of Us. How could I know, since I can’t Read his Mind or Feel what’s in his Heart?

And Because I DON’T Know . . . would NOT be a Reason for me NOT to Vote for Trudeau, for doing Several STUPID & Racially Insensitive things over the Years, such as Appearing in Black Face, or Dressing-Up & Acting-Out in Cartoon-Like Indian Garb, while Representing Canada in India?


Only A Stupid Person Would Play Mr Insensitive Dress-Up As An Adult. Not Once, Not Twice – But at Least Three Times & Possibly More, since Trudeau can Neither State Nor Promise that there Aren’t More & Other Incriminating Stupid Pictures of him Pretending to be part of Another Culture of Color.

Which Brings Me To A Much Greater Point For Americans As Well As Canadians.

The Possibility that Justin Trudeau Might or Might Not be a Racist is one thing. That Trudeau Might be a Con-Man Pretending to have a Legitimate Grasp of Multiculturalism, and his own Often Professed Self-Feminism is Another.

I Don’t Know what’s In Trudeau’s Mind Or Heart . . . So I Can’t Say – But what I can say with 100% Conviction, is that the People who Support & Vote for Trudeau are Functioning Idiots And/Or Fools.

I don’t Worry about the Jerks, Liars, Con-Artists & Hangers-On, who Want to Lead us, or Pretend to Represent us . . . I Worry About The Ignorance & Stupidity Of People Who Support & Vote For These Blights On Our Modern Society.

I’m Going To Set The Stage By Writing . . . Unless Proven Otherwise – I will Believe that every Person Collecting Public Money (The Takers), who we (The Makers) Entrust to Manage our Affairs is either a Crook or Incompetent . . . And I’ll Never Be Disappointed.

I Am Aghast . . . Watching the Democrat Reality Show – AKA Leadership Debates, as a Large Group of Political Con-Artists Compete to See which one of them can Best Convince Other Democrats and the American People, that he or she, Without the Skills nor the Experience, nor any Real Management & Entrepreneurial Success(es), Should Lead The World’s Single Largest Economy & Military as the President of the United States of America.

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong . . . This isn’t just about Democrats, since the Republicans are just as Replete with Liars, Cheaters and Con-Men. Just look at the Likes of Former Republican House Speakers John Boehner & Paul Ryan. And I’m Really not so Sure about Mitch McConnell – Amongst Many More.

I Can’t Write This Often Enough . . . And God Knows I Will Write This In Perpetuity. The Greatest Threat We Have As Free Citizens Is Academia, Which Teaches Nonsense, Lies, Slanted History, Innuendoes & Socialism.

The Second Greatest Threat We Have . . . is a Complicit Media which Promotes Half-Truths, Un-Truths & Is Selective in what it Reports.


The Only Thing That Can Take Away Our Freedoms . . .

The Abuse of our Freedoms Themselves. Freedom of Expression DOESN’T Mean the Media should have the Right to Broadcast or Publish Fake News. Nor Participate in Character Assassination. But That’s What It’s Come Down To.

Freedoms & Rights Don’t Mean . . . that White Men (Women Too), Whether of Privilege or Not, should be Targeted for Discrimination, any more than Men & Women of Color should be Targeted.

NOT WANTING . . . to Individually Believe or Participate in the Religion, Color, Ethnicity, Gender – Etc . . . of anyone other than who You Wish to Bring into your Circle, SHOULD NOT BE AGAINST THE LAW.


I Watched In Horror & Near Disbelief . . . as we Bore Witness to Many Millions of People (Adults), Leading “Children” through the Streets, Market-Places and Community-Squares Worldwide, but Specifically in North America, and perhaps More-So in the United States of America, AGAINST Climate Change & FOR Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.


I Will Only Say This Much . . . The Earth is Estimated to be as Old as 4.5-Billion Years. And Surprise, the Climate on Earth has been Changing for as Long as the World has been in Existence.

Only an Ignorant, Arrogant or Deceitful Person, who is in it for Personal Gain, like Al Gore, who’s Scored Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on the Climate Change Scam, or someone who is Personally Stupid and easily Open to be Propagandized, would Promote such an Entirely Egregious Con-Job. Or Who Is A Politician In Need Of A Trick-Pony To Ride For Electability.

I’M NOT GOING TO GO INTO THE NUMBERS . . . You Can Check Them Yourself. But the Hysteria of Climate Change, which is Based on Temperature Swings, Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods, Droughts, Melting Glaciers, Dying-Off Polar Bears – Etc, are Based on Lies & Distortions, which Favor Alarmists, Incompetent Scientist & Weak Minded People.


For As Long As We Can Remember . . . And Longer Than That – there have been Purveyors of the World is Coming to an End. Or the Species are Dying-Out and are Becoming Extinct, while Real Science Brings-To-Light Millions of Newly Discovered Species & Newly Created Species Every Year.


We The People . . . are being Swamped with Outright Lies & Distortions by Our “Leaders” (Politicians), not Because we want to be Controlled by Morons, Liars, Cheats & Thieves . . . But Rather, Because Of Stupid & Ill-Informed People Who Weren’t Properly Educated, Who Vote For Our Politicians.

We Can Easily Fix The Problem By Not Voting For Cads . . . But How Do We Fix The Problem Of Stupid & Un-Informed Voters?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Environment Canada was just caught scrapping a century of climate data collected in Canada because their computer simulations could not generate the same results. Because 24 iterations of the simulation could not generate the same numbers that actual data presented, they threw out actual recorded temperatures from all around Canada.

  2. I could not agree more. It is time that we the people take charge of the politicians and politics. Like the USA we have a potential leader that tells it AS IT IS. President Trump has surprised many people world wide and we have the opportunity to elect a new party ‘Peoples Party of Canada’ (PPC) lead by a dynamic and intelligent MAXIM BERNIER. PPC will carry the balance of power next month and he will be our next Prime Minister following the 2023 election.

  3. People are so busy trying to SATISFY their own SELFISH DESIRES that very LITTLE ATTENTION is being paid to GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS, especially when the PEOPLE are getting ALL THAT FREE STUFF! FREE STUFF WORKS! Hence, that’s EXACTLY what the RADICALS use to BRAINWASH & CHARM their FOLLOWERS! Both Progressives & Conservatives CON the people, thus CAUSING a LACK of TRUST in our Government! Wake up, PEOPLE, before it’s TOO LATE! Trump MUST be RE-ELECTED in 2020! PRAY FOR TRUMP! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Howard, Your title to this editorial is ‘ right on ” they are CONGRESSIONAL PROSTITUTES !!!

  5. So how would Al Gore or any of the climate fanatics explain the ice age? Like you say, climate has been changing since the dawn of time for earth & will continue to do so. Sure humankind & animals produce/emit things into the atmosphere that are considered harmful, but the earth & it’s atmosphere seem to take care of it all, one way or the other. God purposed it that way when He created it. It will continue to care for itself until He changes things, not us. People need to get a grip – on God.

  6. It has been proven *but the idiots don’t listen) that the Paris Accord and all other climate control programs are all about controlling the people, the countries, the money and the power. All the rules and regulations give them total control over everything and everyone. All Bore never had a real job in his life (like Dad) and has been at the tax payers dole, but thinks he can take over the world and money and power by geeding us this falso diatribe about controlling cllimate.

  7. Another great editorial. You enrich your readers lives. G-d Bless you and yours. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  8. Before political correctness robbed millions of their ability to reason, if you claimed that humans could change the weather you were laughed out of the room. That was when common sense was in fashion. Today idiocy and ignorance reign.

  9. what is scary is now the young people marching and thinking that the world is about to end and they seem too young to really know that is going on with our world climatically facebook and the other things are more important to them than trying research on their own.

  10. SPOT ON! Sometimes I feel as if I am the ONLY ONE who sees these THINGS. You captured my thoughts PERFECTLY. I have a habit, taught to me by my Father & Grandfather, that YOU must always delve for TRUTH & FACT. This makes me INFORMED. And this is exactly what ALL voters & readers & watchers of the NEWS should do. We now have a bunch of lemmings following the Pied Piper to what end?

  11. 11,000 to 12,000 years ago the last ice age terminated. There were about 5 Million humans on earth in that period. If man is responsible for climate change, was it these 5 Million humans doing campfires and cooking fires that ended the last ice age? Or was it mammoth or sabertooth tiger farts? Maybe it was dodo birds farts! I’ll keep saying it, sheeples will wake up when it’s too late !!!!

  12. 1282 -1289 Edward 1 built Harlech Castle in Wales, the sea came right up to the walls. Today the beach is a long way from the castle. Watching a programme this evening about Pompei, the sea used to come up to the protective walls, evidenced by holes in buttresses for tying up ships. Just two simple examples of where the sea once was, so where did it go, maybe N & S poles . Wow, the N is melting and we will be flooded, NYC will disappear ???????????? Children believe AOC, not history.

  13. One of your very best Howard. It seems very clear that your “average” voter considers the whole exercise as a popularity contest without any regard for intelligence of capabilities of the candidates.

  14. The new leadership that in the process of inheriting the world. Do not have a concept of the sacrifices made so they can make decisions that are stupid to us. They are after all inheriting a large mess, at least here in the U.S. A decade or two has made us soft. The reluctance of the media to share examples of what we do well and instead to focus all their energy on somebody they don’t like is appalling to me. And, listen carefully, everybody’s view of others is biased and racist by nature.

  15. Who was it that said “Give me one generation and I can change the world”? Our education has been”Stealthy”taken from the parents, back in 1974 I remember Dr. James Dobson {Focus on the Family} eluding to that possibility.It was always the Parents responsibility to raise their own Children, governing the public school system!With both parents now having to work that’s not done anymore! PC rules, Early Day Care etc. Our Children are now basically wards of the”State”hard to cage that animal again!

  16. They are professional liars, all of them. Lawyers, I took some law classes in college, are taught to distort the truth to win their case, period. Most of the Politicians are lawyers. The Earth has been changing forever, look how the land masses have moved all on their own. Most Teachers are liberals and teach that way, so our children learn that way. I have seen the decline of education in the US. We do have young people that can think on their own with common sense, thank God.

  17. Howard, I want to mail you a letter. Not because I have all that much to say, but it will give me a chance to use my new “Leonard Cohen” Canadian Postage Stamps, I just bought (Sept 21). Funny, there was a time (back in 70’s) Leonard considered getting into politics. One could only dream: “Prime Minister Cohen” !!! But Leonard did in fact write: “They locked up a man because he wanted to rule the world. The fools – they locked up the wrong man.” :>( – Brucester

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