It’s All Out War & Brexit Is The Battlefield


Anyone in North America (USA & Canada), who thinks that Brexit isn’t our Business, or is just a European Trade Squabble . . . Needs to Wake-Up & Smell the Coffee.

Brexit is at the Very Heart of the Quest for a One-World Socialist (Communist) Government. Brexit is the Essence of Modern-Day Socialism, which in all Honesty is Nothing More Nor Less than the Precursor to Communism and the Loss of our Freedoms.

“1984” Was Published In 1948 . . . Written by British Political Sociologist, Philosopher, Essayist & PROPHET – George Orwell, who Personally Experienced Imperialism, Fascism & Communism, all during the Same Era, between the Colonizing British in India & Burma, National Socialism (Nazism) in Franco’s Spain, and to the Normal Conclusion of Socialism, as the Russians Developed their Communist New World Order.


“He Who Controls The Past, Controls The Future; & He Who Controls The Present, Controls The Past”.

Think About This For A Second . . . The Nazis Burned Books & Rewrote History. The Communists had Re-Education Centers (and still do). And in the United States of America, the History of the South is being Destroyed by the LEFT (American Socialists), as Statues, Monuments and all Legacies to the South are Torn Down or Buried Away in Museums no one will Visit.

At BBC Headquarters in London, there’s a Statue Erected & Dedicated to George Orwell That Reads . . .

“If Liberty Means Anything At All, It Means The Right To Tell People What They Do Not Want To Hear”.


To Me, Now That I’m Old Enough To Appreciate It . . . “1984” Is Amongst The Most Important Books I’ve Ever Read – Not because it was So Well Written, Nor because it was such an Epic Drama, Nor because it was a Well Sourced Documentary, because it Wasn’t that at all . . . “1984” Was Prescient, Which Opened A Window To The Future.

It Was Such A Dystopic Novel At The Time . . . That its Premise was so Unbelievable & Anti-Government, that amongst Many Academics it was Banned. I Found it to be Depressing & Totally Un-Entertaining. But I didn’t Know Better then.

But It’s Not Unbelievable Anymore – We’re Living It & It’s Even More Depressing!

In the USA, as I just Previously Wrote . . . Monuments of Southern-State History are being Torn Asunder, which to me is Akin to the Nazis Burning Books.

In Today’s North America . . . Freedom of Speech in many LEFTIST Universities is Considered an Assault on the Human Condition amongst many Students & Academics, unless Speech is In-Line with the Opinions of those who Insist Speakers Must Agree with them.

In Canada . . . Today – Here & Now, Personal Criticism of the Race, Ethnicity, Customs, Gender, Language – Etc, of Anyone, Based-Upon the Opinions of Canada’s Appointed “Political Correctness Police” . . . AKAHuman Rights Commissions, have the Power & Authority to Decide what is Acceptable Speech & What is Not.

And They Have The Authority & Power To Impose  Punishment At Their Discretion.


Great Britain . . . Is in the Midst of a Do-Or-Die Battle to Leave the European Union. And Contrary to what the Media wants the People to Believe, Leaving or Staying in the EU Has very Little to do with Economics & Trade, but Everything to do with a One World Order, where Elitists will Decide the Course & Rights for what used to be Sovereign Nations.

If It Was Just All About Trade . . . That’s What Trade Deals Are All About. But It Isn’t Just About Trade.

The USA, Canada & Mexico . . . Are 3-Sovereign Nations, Free to make Deals with any other Country, other than just with each other, yet, between the USA, Canada & Mexico – there is the USMCA, which invites Free & Fair Trade & Competition Amongst the Three Participating Countries, with Neither Country Surrendering any Part of its Individual Autonomy to the Other.

So . . . What’s The Purpose Of The European Union If It’s Not Just About Free Trade?

THE EU IS NOT ABOUT FREE TRADE . . . It’s all about Creating a Socialist One World Government, where Political Elitists will Decide . . . WHO GETS TO RULE WHOM!

The LEFT like to Speak about Existential Threats (Nation-Ending Issues). But The LEFT Is The Existential Threat . . . The Socialist One World Government is an Existential Threat. And the very Concept of the EU, is a Pillar to the LEFTIST Dream of a One World Government.

And If Great Britain Leaves The EU . . . BREXIT will Remove the Most Important Structural Pillar to the LEFT’S One World Socialist Government. If England is for any Means Forced to Stay in the EU, all of Europe will Definitely become a Dystopian Society Ruled by Multinational Corporations, and Jeremy Corbin’s Communist Labor Party.

Make No Mistake About It . . . Everyone On The Planet Has A Stake In Brexit.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. EXCELLENT piece Sir….I posted it….so as many as possible could have the opportunity to understand what is going-on behind the curtain….

  2. HG your article really hit a nerve, however “sheeple” have no idea what they/us will lose until it’s too late. Freedom is taken for granted as the facts of history have been forgotten/rewritten by the left. God help us all.

  3. I’ve read “Atlas Shrugged” 4 times. It’s frightening how close we came to living Ayn Rand’s book, and could yet still easily come to pass. Although lengthy, it’s well worth the read and should be read by all……

  4. Where is John Galt? 1984 is already here and the one world order Britain is fighting is Islam, for control over immigration. Canada has a PM who is unwittingly promoting it. Islam will outbreed Socialism, a.k. Communism. I’m happy to be 83 and not very sorry for the younger generation who have allowed this to happen and will have to live with it.

  5. Ayn Rand was SPOT ON many years ago and is STILL Current. Great Editorial. I sincerely hope Great Britain ‘LEAVES THE UNION’ This would be the TURNING POINT! I pray to God it happens.

  6. I have had many discussions with my wife about the One World Order. I have said that it is European elitism and arrogance. There are others in the world competing for domination: Turkey, China, Iran, and most of all radical Islam. The EU is driving off the cliff by letting in so many immigrants who don’t want to become Europeans. They are defeating Europe by birth numbers, not swords. Hail the Brexit supporters for they understand this and don’t want to be part of it.

  7. Am reminded of the frog in cool water over heat who doesn’t realize what’s happening until the point of boiling him to death, & by then it’s too late. That is example of complacency. What of those of us who feel gov’t is so big that we as individuals cannot fight it; only those with lots of $$ behind them would be able to make their voices heard to enough to make a difference. It isn’t just gov’t we fight tho, it’s also media who can drown out voices not their own. Makes one feel helpless.

  8. It is said that “History repeats itself.” One would think that instead of repeating the SAME MISTAKES that people would LEARN to NOT repeat them! Past SIMILAR STEPS are being taken by the LEFT to CHANGE AMERICA to a SOCIALIST Country. They are SLOWLY ACCOMPLISHING this task via offering VARIOUS FREE STUFF. Very sadly, it’s working with the MILLENNIALS! Again, thank GOD for Trump who’s not afraid to CONFRONT the LEFT! HE MUST BE RE-ELECTED! “Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)” is RAMPANT! AMEN!

  9. We’re reading Atlas Shrugged aloud with our teenagers, and we’re making very slow progress because we keep stopping to compare real world events to what’s being described in the novel. It’s shocking. We need take the education of our kids very seriously and make sure that we’re teaching wisdom, common sense and discernment at home.

  10. Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid people do not know they are stupid. That’s the definition of stupidity. You can’t argue with them. My only hope is that there are more of us than of them. That’s a comment about myself – I think.

  11. “He who controls the present…controls the past”. Welcome to our ‘Neo-Nazi’ Province of Quebec, led by fuhrer Premier Legault & his racist anti-Anglo (English) + anti-Minorities (Jews + Muslims, etc…) parti CAQ (Coalition Avenir Quebec. These Neo-Nazis would love to have their own ethnocentric Quebec State (white French only) WITHIN CANADA so Quebec could collect $22 billion a year from the Feds. Premier Legault & his racist a**holes (excuse my French) keep saying “English is a threat” :>(

  12. An incredible message. It should be published in the New York Times and all newspapers that still exist in America. It simply says what everyone needs to know and digest in their heart and soul. Thank you, Howard. Christie Smith

  13. I would suggest adding “Animal Farm”, “Education for Death”, and “Gulliver’s Travels” to our collective reading list!

  14. The story Watership Down made into a cartoon movie in the late 1970s was about rabbits facing a take over and have to deal with big fat Elite Rabbits who refuse to listen. Some finally escape to another place as the danger looms closer and closer. The adult cartoon movie,Is very revealing. The problem is we cannot escape to a better place of peace and sunshine. We must fight the coming evil with all we have!

  15. Shadow banning and deplatforming are the new book-burning. Corporate liberalism, as exemplified by Silicon Valley, is the new Nazism.

  16. I did not understand “1984” when I saw the movie in 1984 but now I truly do and if the sleeping sheeples don’t wake soon, we are doomed to live in this dystopian society if we are not already. I was 22 in 1984 and 3 years already serving in the Canadian Air Force at the end of the cold war. I know all about communism and socialism is the same, just a different word meaning the same thing. I will share this blog on my facebook page and hope my friends read-it unless facebook silences me.

  17. We in the U.S. are very concerned about Brexit. I feel it is Britain’s last chance to have any autonomy. I pray they stand firm and persist. I read today that many of the old Conservatives are the greatest impediment and must be removed. also: I didn’t used to have to put my email address in each time I posted… something different? I hate to take the time….

  18. I’m looking forward to the “New World Order”. The one where Jesus Christ rules for 1,000 years.

  19. GOOD ARTICLE ! The ONE World order is a socialist/communist sham. It can not work. The world is made up of too many (sometime powerful) persons, filled with greed and desiring limitless power over other people. This will allow these people to be in control. I am not smart enough to know the solution to our world problems, but smart enough to desire my personal and corporate freedoms be safe. The “ONE WORLD ORDER” will in no way satisfy this.

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