Who Was Worse . . . The Moslem Jew-Haters Or Joe Lieberman & Geraldo Rivera?


Jewish People like Joe Lieberman (One-Time Democrat), Part Time Independent, Vice Presidential Candidate on the Al Gore Ticket & Full-Time Political Opportunist was on Fox News, Immediately Following their “Mein Kampf” Press Conference of Jew Haters . . . Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar.

Lieberman was the Kind of Jew Referred to as a Judenrat, an Official Description of Elitist Jews during the European Nazi Reign, all of whom Wanted to be Philosopher-Kings, Convincing European Jews NOT to Fight-Back, but Rather to Follow Nazi Instructions to Surrender Everything they Own, Including their Property, Wealth, Freedoms & Ultimately the Very Lives of the Jewish People they Encouraged to Get on the Trains to HELL.

THE NAZIS WOULD NOT & COULD NOT . . . Have Done what they Did Without the Judenrat, who believed they were Smarter than Everyone Else, who Essentially were Aiders & Abettors to the Mass Extermination of Millions of European Jews.

And If You Don’t Like What I Just Wrote . . . Blow It Out Your Ass!

WHY IN A MILLION YEARS . . . Would an Arrogant Prick like Lieberman Begin his Conversation on Fox News, by CRITICIZING Israel for Keeping these two Congressional Jew-Haters Out, whose only Purpose to a Private Visit was to Stir the Anti-Semitic BDS Pot as much as they Could.

For Lieberman To Come Out Slamming Israeli Immigration Policy . . . Based upon Lieberman’s Own Ridiculous “Premise” – that these Two Anti-Semites would see for themselves, that Israel is Not Really as they See Israel – Is As Stupid . . . As Lieberman Is An Ass-Kissing Jerk.

Lieberman Wasn’t The Only Schmuck . . . Since Fox News’ Narcissistic Nut-Job Extraordinaire, Geraldo Rivera was just as Serious & Determined to make a Jackass of Himself as was Lieberman.

When it’s Convenient & Advantageous for Rivera, he’s Proud to Say that He’s Half Jewish. And every time Rivera is about to Screw-Over Israel, just as Rivera Screws-Over Most People, Rivera Lays-Out the Claim that “He Is A Good Friend Of Mine, Or How Much Rivera Loves Israel . . .“  And then Comes the Defamatory Criticism To Make Rivera Look So Much Better Than Everyone Else.

With Friends Like Geraldo Rivera, No One Needs Enemies.

I Detest It . . . When People who are Jewish, or who say they Have some Jewish Blood in them, think that Being Jewish or Saying that He or She is Jewish, somehow gives them some Moral Superiority & Right to Crap all over Israel.

All It Does Is Make these So-Called Jews . . . Jewish Anti-Semites.

These Two Anti-Semites (Tlaib & Omar’s) Strategy was Simple – Lie, Embarrass & Say Whatever They Could To Defame & Destroy The Jewish Nation Of Israel.

So Let Me Shower You With Some Truth:

1 – There are nearly 2-Million Arab (Palestinian) Israeli Citizens representing More than 20% of the Total Israeli Population.

2 – Israeli Arab/Moslems Have EVERY Freedom Enjoyed by Jewish/Christian Israelis, Including Freedom of Religion & Expression.

3 – Arabic is one of Israel’s Two Official Languages, which Includes Hebrew.

4 – Arab/Israelis Serve in the Knesset, Sit on the Supreme Court, Work as Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Accountants, Teachers, Civil Servants, First Responders . . . And Serve & Live In Israel Doing Anything They Want To Do.

3 – Israeli Jews & Israeli/Arabs Carry IDENTICAL Identification Cards, with ZERO Information or Reference to Religion or Culture.

4 – One Benefit Arab/Israelis have, which Jewish/Israelis DON’T have, is that Arab/Israelis CAN Serve in the Israeli Military . . . But Are Not Obligated To.

5 – Arab/Israelis are Free to Come & Go anywhere in Israel, Domestic or Foreign, without any State Interference, no less than the Rights of Travel for Israeli/Jews.

6 – Israeli/Arabs can Own Businesses, Properties & Homes with ZERO Restrictions As to What or Where.

7 – Israeli/Arabs have the Unhindered RIGHT to Vote in all Israeli Elections, Campaign in all Israeli Elections, Run in all Israeli Elections & Serve as an MK (Member Of The Israeli Knesset [Parliament]) if they should Win, which many do.

8 – Israel is a Tremendously Successful & Wealthy Country, which is Governed by the Secular Rule Of Law, where Regularly Scheduled Elections are Held Every 4-Years, or when a Government is Felled by a Non-Confidence Vote.

Israel Is The Historical & Religious Reincarnation Of The Original Exiled Nation.


“Palestine” Is Not A Nation & Never Was A Nation Of Any Kind – Full Stop!

And Before the Creation of the Description of Palestinian People, Created in the Year 1967, there NEVER Existed a Palestinian People.

Israel Has Existed As A True Nation With A National History For More Than 3,000-Years.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Before the Dreadful Oslo Accord (1993), and Before the ‘67-6 Day War, the Area Now Called Palestine was a Part of Jordan. The Vast Majority of Jordan’s Population (More Than 70%) Consider themselves to be Palestinians. The Part of Palestine known as Gaza Belonged to Egypt . . . Both Lost To Israel In The 6-Day Defensive War.

To Every Nation On The Planet – Except Israel . . . The Spoils Of War Belongs To The Victor.

1 – The “Palestinians” Have Never had a Fair Election, and haven’t had any Real Election (15-Years), since the Death of Arafat in the Year 2004,

2 – “Palestine” Survives on United Nations & Individual Nations’ Handouts. The “Palestinian” Economy is Built Entirely on International Charity.

3 – “Palestinian” Leaders have become Wealthy by Doing Nothing other than being “Palestinian” Leaders.

4 – “Palestinian” Hero-Worship is Reserved for “Palestinian” Arabs who Murder Jews.

5 – Scant Fiscal Resources are Paid to “Palestinian” Families whose Members are Either Dead or in Jail for Harming Jews.

6 – Jews Can’t Live in “Palestine”. Jews Can’t Own Property in “Palestine”. And if a Palestinian was to Sell Property to a Jew, He would be Charged at the Least . . . & Murdered at the Most.

7 – Gays & Lesbians are Persona Non-Grata in “Palestine”.

8 – “Palestinian” School Children are Taught at the Earliest Age to Hate Jews & Want to become Suicide Murderers.

And All of the Preceding is Just the Tip of the “Palestinian” Iceberg.

So Please . . . Let The LEFT Prove Equivalence Between Israel & “Palestine”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Hands down the worst of the bunch are the Leftists and Liberals. Arab jew-hatred is taught and forced from birth and people are uneducated and don’t know better. But everyone in the west who does fall into this category like Europeans, Leftists, Elites and especially progressive Jews are educated and should know better. There is no ignorance or forced coercion here in the modern West, there are only people who should know better acting like hateful and ignorant fools.

  2. To say you hit the nail on the head does not even come close to describe what you’ve said today, Howard! Even saying “outstanding” does not match how well you put it.

  3. WOW! A real eye opener, for many, I’m sure! So much damage has been done by Palestinians against Israel since its existence in 1948. The Palestinians have rejected every opportunity to make peace that has been negotiated. Arafat himself, could’ve been the first president or prime minister of Palestine, yet even on his death bed REJECTED the offer by Israel that provided agreement for over 90% of the Palestinians’ demands! Maybe it’s because the “poor Palestinians” won’t get handouts anymore!

  4. A vascillating or doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways. This is exactly Geraldo and Joe. You can never predict on which side of an issue they will be standing.

  5. Excellent analysis Howard. Everything you mentioned in this article is 100% correct. Keep up your excellent analysis!!

  6. You are so right to point out Rivera. This man is so arrogant and thinks he can be all things for all people. These are the symptoms of a brainwreck more than an anti-Semite, but then again, perhaps both.

  7. I love your 2 PODCASTS!!! This Editorial lays it out for ANY person to understand. There were MULTIPLE families (all related) living together in our home, during WWII & one thing I learned is…You Live By The Golden Rule. I NEVER heard an anti-sematic remark…EVER. So I had no ‘leanings’ toward disliking someone JUST BECAUSE of their Religious backgrounds or ethnicity nor color. People learn to HATE what they are TAUGHT. I will NEVER understand it.

  8. I share your feelings about the American Jews, Jewish myself, am questioned very often by non Jewish friends about their behavior, love Obama, most anti-Israel and Jews and so anti Trump, most pro Israel and defender of the Jews, moved embassy to Jerusalem and recognized the Golan as part of Israel. Has exposed the Palestinians for what they are, not interested in peace but complete destruction of Israel. Geraldo must remove the star on his hand and rather replace it by the Palestinian flag.

  9. Howard, thanks for laying things out so clearly. I’ve never been a fan of either of those jerks for obvious reasons and yes, Judenrat are in it for themselves clear and simple. The one thing I have trouble understanding is why people of Jewish faith tend to be Democrats. It looks like many “blacks” are finally beginning to understand that Democrat’s are just using them for votes and are joining the #BlackExit movement. Hopefully, Democrat support for BDS will cause Jews to bail too.


  11. Geraldo Revera is the most arrogant person out there. He made me sick with his rant trying to support Tlaib and Omar. One of the few times I must change the channel.

  12. I am overwhelmed. Speechless. You have made me personally proud to help sponsor your monthly Galganov.com column. I have 63 people in my address book. I’ll be sharing. Count on it. Arnold Charitan, Los Angeles

  13. Rivera takes the cake. His claim to being half Jewish is as relevant as Obama being half white. Rivera is a verbal abuser of civility and the facts. Liar or woefully uneducated… Likely both. Lieberman is utterly irrelevant. gauchos me

  14. I am a caucasian Christian. I know all this. Why don’t other Christians know that there NEVER was a country named Palestine. The Aarabs fight each other – tribe against tribe – clan against clan. The koran is all about hate and killing. Arab children are spoon fed this hatred of “infidels” from childhood. They have NEVER assimilated with another culture. When do we wake up before they out number us and slaughter all of us? As a Christian, I wowrship a Jew!!! These two Arab women are anti-

  15. Another top-notch excellent Editorial, Howard. You always tell it like it is and the unfortunate part is…..the TRUTH hurts !!! Anyhow, ALL Jew haters are BAD…no matter what religion (“Judenrats” etc..) or where these bastardly antisemites come from….they’re ALL BAD !!!! As a Protestant, I worked on a Kibbutz in Israel in 1973 (G’var Am) for 6 months. I can’t get over the beautiful prosperous Country of Israel and the accomplishments of the Jewish People. !!! FANTASTIC !!! – Brucester

  16. Now I hope all know why Salman Rushdie’s book about the qu’ran was called the satanic verses. mohammed was the only one contacted by divinity, more likely visited by satan himself. The qu’ran is all about hate and kill this and kill that. I hate geraldo rivera. No wonder Sean Hannity refers to him as guest commentator at large. The guy is always sitting on a fence and you never know which side he’ll fall on. Everything you said Howard is bang “ON” as usual.

  17. As the Jewish sages of old have said, “If I am not for myself, WHO will be for me?” The Liberal Jews need to think about that saying fo they are not just denying there own but THEMSELVES. It is very sad, really. Hopefully some will realize this. I blame Sarte’ for this attitude as he said assimilation is best so that there are no Jews left to persecute…. Unfortunately Sarte was very wrong.

  18. Howard, your history lesson from my prospective and first hand visits to Israel, is accurate and complete. You hit it on the HEAD. The World is in a state of LEFT (democratic, half truths and down-right lies) and most persons are so stupid and self serving, not to recognize the danger we are all in. Their are political rotten apples on both sides, but the most evil are in the Demo. camp. LORD save us ALL.

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