The War Is On . . . And They’re Coming Hard


Make No Mistake About It . . . The LEFT are Coming, and they’re Coming Hard to Do whatever, and Say whatever they Possibly Can to Unseat the Presidency of Donald J Trump.

If it Means Tearing the American Social Fabric into Tatters, in order to Beat “Trump”, to the Point of Violent Confrontations (Antifa, Black Lives Matter – Etc), Pitting Americans AGAINST Americans, Families AGAINST Families . . . to the Extreme of Bankrupting the United States of America – THE LEFT WILL DO THAT & MORE!

The Rumor Mill . . . Is Suggesting that Tucker Carlson is either being Reprimanded or Kicked-Off Fox News for his Comment that if all the Organized American White Supremacists were Gathered Together in one Spot, there wouldn’t be enough White Supremacists to Fill a Soccer Stadium . . . I AGREE!

Tucker Carlson also Said that the Claim that there is some kind of Vast White Supremacist Movement in America is a “Hoax” . . . I AGREE WITH THAT TOO!

So . . . the Tale, is that Sponsors Of Fox News are Dropping the Tucker Carlson Show in Huge Numbers, to the Point that Fox News has Forced Carlson to take a One Week Vacation, Reportedly to go Fishing with his Son . . . Might Not Be Totally True, Or An Outright Lie.

Maybe That’s True, But I Don’t Believe It . . . since Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show is one of the Top-Rated Shows at his Time Slot on all Television Stations . . . Not Just Cable, and that’s what Attracts & Keeps Sponsors.

Here’s A Personal Story . . . When I was Hired to do a Live Radio Talk-Show on CIQC (Formerly CFCF Radio) Montreal, one of the Station’s & Sister Station’s LARGEST Advertiser . . . Stated, that if I’m on the Air of CIQC, this Huge Montreal Furniture Retail Chain (Brault & Martineau), run by Quebec-First (Ethnocentric) Owners, Threatened to Drop all their Advertising on Both Stations (CIQC AM-500 & CFQR 92.5-FM).

When being told of this by the Managing Vice President of Operations, I Volunteered NOT to Go On-Air & Absolved CIQC from any Contractual Obligations on their Part. CIQC Instead, Decided to give Brault & Martineau some Major Discounts on CIQC’S FM Sister Station CFQR, which was Montreal’s Most Listened to Radio Station at the Time.

So . . . Life Went-On.

I Started my most Unlikely Radio Career with Controversy, even before my First Show Aired. Brault & Martineau was able to Screw CIQC & CFQR for Considerable Advertising Dollars – And There Seemed To Be Peace In The Valley.

And Then A Very Unexpected Radio Industry Thing Happened . . . My Show, which was known as Galganov At High Noon – Doubled, Trebled and then Quadrupled our Listening Audience in just One Year – Which Was (is) Unheard-Of.

Talk About A Reversal Of Fortunes.

And Then . . . During a Commercial Break, while Sitting in my Studio Waiting for the Commercials to be Over, I Heard a Brault & Martineau Commercial on my Show – To which I Immediately Told the Program Director, during the Commercials, that if I Ever Heard another Brault & Martineau Commercial During any Part of my Broadcast, I QUIT!

There Was Never Another Brault & Martineau Commercial On Galganov At High Noon.

My Situation Was Unique, because I Didn’t Need the Radio “Job”, since Anne and I were Happily Managing our Advertising Agency, which Paid the Mortgage and Kept Food on the Table.

BUT IN THIS DAY & AGE . . . Things are Significantly Different, because now there’s the Internet, far more Cable TV Stations & IT Broadcasters on YouTube, Podcasts & on BLOGS like


The Simple Answer Yes – Yes – Yes! The Only Question I would Ask . . . whether in Canada, which goes to the National Polls on October 21, 2019, or the United States of America, which will go to the Polls on November 3, 2020 . . . Is To What Degree?

We Already Know Who The LEFTIST Players Are, who will Aid & Abet The Cheaters & Liars, which Includes Big Tech (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – Etc), the Mainstream Media (ABC, NBC, CBS – In Canada . . . CBC, CTV, Global), Cable Shows (CNN, HBO & MSNBC), IT Media (Netflix & Amazon) . . . And Major Print Media in Canada and the United States of America.

We Also Can’t Discount First-Time Voters Who’ve Been Inculcated By Academia.


Mega-Millionaire Entertainer – Talk-Show-Host Bill Maher of HBO, Recently Promoted the Possibility of an American Recession as being Something To Be Hoped For Because It Might Bring Down President Trump.


Imagine . . . Here’s a Major LEFTIST Entertainment Icon (Bill Maher), who is Hoping for an American Financial Collapse, which would Cause Unimaginable Pain & Suffering to MILLIONS of Americans of every Political Stripe, just to Bring Down a Duly Elected President?

Is Bill Maher and his LEFTIST Cadre Prepared to Feed the People and their Families (Children & Spouses) who will Lose their Jobs in a Recession? Will Maher Pay their Collective Rents & Mortgages because they will be out of Work?

This Is What Good People Are Up Against in 2019 (Canada) & 2020 (USA).

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Oooh! They can’t drop Tucker! Of the few shows I look forward to each evening, Tucker Carlson is at the top.

  2. Will the left cheat & lie? They’ve been doing both for many years; today it simply worse & brazenly out in the open. They were so emboldened by what Obama got away with & with Hillary as prez, they could FINALLY finish their agenda plan. Trump has put screeching halt to their plans & like spoiled brats they solution is to scream & pitch fit after fit. They are showing themselves for what they truly are & feel there are enough indoctrinated (graduates) now to succeed.

  3. Excellent thinking. The real issue is how to deal with the Lying Left???? And WIN.

  4. As usual, you are spot on Howard. Yes, they lie, they cheat and most of all, THEY ARE RELENTLESS. I hope enough rational people see what they are up to as we will be totally screwed if one of these Progressive American Socialists becomes the next POTUS.

  5. The right is right and the left is wrong – as wrong as wrong can be. Worse, they lie and cheat with impunity because the corrupt lapdog media are their allies. Tucker is my favorite show. If Fox drops him, they lose me. Tucker is the canary in the coal mine. If he goes, so does America.

  6. Why is it that people like you, me, your audience, people that listen to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Mark Levin, Ezra Levant, etc… get it and can figure the left’s diabolic intentions but a large majority of sheeples are too dumb to figure it out and these sheeples vote. Thank God that the listening audience of msnbc and cnn is about 500,000 each out of 330 million of population. I hope it is the same for the rest of the left listening audience’s numbers.

  7. Conservatives must as relentless as the Left or we lose. BTW, another ANTIFA war zone in Portland today. They harassed, a disabled Vet in a wheelchair, that’s how vile these scumbags are.

  8. Fox/Disney has been shadow banning or blocking thousands of comment contributors. Their next target is Hannity but ultimately President Trump.

  9. All the left wants is one BIG government, caring naught how it’s accomplished.

  10. If Tucker Carlson goes, then so do I. He and Judge Jenine are the only two worth listening to. It’s back to the radio for me! Barbara Brooke

  11. I understand that BIG BUSINESS relies on Big Bucks to make the wheel go around……BUT when Big Business HIRES the BEST but relinquishes/succumbs to Big Bucks…then who is actually HIRING these people? FOX has the largest following with THEIR commentators & yet ???????? Big Bucks wants to GET RID OF TRUMP. Perhaps Big Business should monitor who they take on as BIG BUCKS contributors or is it Big Business who is on the LEFT in ‘disquise’? MYPOV

  12. Lord have mercy we are living in a world up side down where and what do we do to live in a peaceful world once again? All this insanity because President Trump made it and Hillary did not. It is all madness just plain madness :(( :((

  13. The Progressive Agenda is very DANGEROUS & we must PROTECT ourselves from its DEVIOUS & DECEITFUL TACTICS.The LEFT wants to ROB us of our FREEDOM & to CONTROL us!They first attempt to do so with VERBAL ATTACKS & while trying to OUT-TALK their foes, won’t answer DIRECT questions, & ATTACK our views/beliefs as being RACIST!They PREACH a good game, but DON’T PLAY it! They CLAIM to be LOVING, CARING and SENSITIVE, but yet PROMOTE FULL-TERM ABORTIONS which is MURDER! PRAY & SUPPORT PRES. TRUMP! AMEN!

  14. I have met Tucker Carlson when he attended a GOP function in a Chicago suburb, November 2014. Tucker is the real deal! What you see on Fox News is exactly the way Tucker is in person.

  15. Think positive, negative thinking (as the left promotes) is and always has been the DEVIL’S instrument for self-destruction. Place yourself in our Lords hands and do whats right in your daily, civic and political life. It may be painful, but thru history this approach always prevails.

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