Royal Orr And Daniel Turpe – The CJAD Gang Of Fools

As I listened to this verbal vomit for about 15 minutes, I realized just how lucky I was not to be living amongst scum such as these two. And an army of others just like them.

I drove into Montreal on Wednesday, January 2; and during the one hour trip, I tuned in CJAD to hear what Schnurmacher had to say. Being in Alexandria, Ontario, I sort of lose touch and interest in the going-ons of Montreal. But; every now and then, other than through friends and relatives, I like to get updated.

But; Tommy wasn’t on-air, and in his place was the giggling idiot who used to be the president of Alliance Quebec, Royal “Kiss-Ass” Orr. The defender of appeasement.

In addition to this inept fool, was yet another inept fool; Daniel Turpe, the Separatist’s Separatist was on-air with Orr, giggling like a prepubescent at his first social event. As a matter of fact. They both carried on as if it was their first date. And neither wanted to make a bad impression on the other. The only thing missing was the awkward first kiss.

I listened to their humorous and good natured parry and thrusts as they “debated” sovereignty and nationalism, the Euro and the EEC, and a new economic association with Canada; with the same mantra that a Separate Quebec would still maintain the best of Canada. And on, and on, and on, ad nauseam.

This was no less than the same sickening, tired, worn out, out dated, faded and stupid argument that seems to have been around for as long as Québécois ethnocentric nationalists had learned how to wine. ENOUGH ALREADY!

As I listened to this verbal vomit for about 15 minutes, I realized just how lucky I was not to be living amongst scum such as these two. And an army of others just like them.

The rest of Canada is far from perfect; but take my word for it, it is nothing like Quebec.

Bernard Landry, recently made a speech, where he uttered that there was rationalization for what happened on 9/11. And in this same speech, he covertly threatened Canada. And by extension, unwilling Quebec participants to his Separatist “project”.

What he effectively said was; Canada could expect a similar occurrence as 9/11; because, this is what happens when a people are denied their rights, and have nowhere else to turn.

If Landry’s logic can be carried forward. I am shocked that he and others like him are at all safe. And that the offices of the Language Police (OLF) have never been attacked, since the minority communities have virtually exhausted every peaceful and legal option available to them in terms of being accepted as equal, and equally visible people within the province of Quebec.

After listening to this obscenity between the two pipsqueaks on CJAD the other day; I have to wonder how the majority of right-thinking people within Quebec can take it in stride. I couldn’t. And take my word for it. I had to leave. For my sanity, staying was not an option.

This seditious, racist and perverse “debate” had become more than I could handle. Especially since the majority of people who are victims, and who are fundamentally against what is happening, choose silence opposed to visible opposition and support for those who stand up for equal rights in the province.

The world has seen, time and time again, what happens when ethnocentric or religious nationalists are appeased. Ultimately, it ends up in a nightmare disease of the human social condition. A disease that could have been averted right from the beginning. But; when allowed to fester, the remedy for this disease, is subsequently far more painful than the preventative medicine would ever have been.

Hitler could not have taken most of Europe if it wasn’t for Chamberlain and his weak-kneed pals. Stalin and Communist Russia would have been stopped in their tracks had the world listened to Churchill and General Patton right after the fall of Germany.

And the only reason the Soviet Union, with its malicious politics and human rights abuses died, was not because the USA made nice. But rather; because President Ronald Reagan put their feet to the fire, and let the Soviets know that he was more than prepared to go the distance if necessary.

And to prove his point, he embarked upon an enormous build up of the US military, including “Star Wars”, in spite of the lily-livered appeasers who shouted that the sky was going to fall down if Reagan continued to build up the military.

The sky didn’t fall down. The only things that came crashing down were the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain.

Even the Iranians fell over themselves to release the US hostages the day after Regan came to power. They clearly understood the consequences of what would happen if they did not set the Americans free.

In Israel; since the government of Ariel Sharon decided that enough is enough. All of a sudden, Arafat wants peace. The Intifada has grown cold. And the suicide bombings have stopped, for the time-being.

Funny what happens when you stand up for yourself, and for what is right and honorable. Now the Palestinian leaders are falling all over themselves pointing fingers of blame at each other for a failed enterprise of terror.

Had the Israelis continued to appease, the terror would have continued with a just peace agreement always beyond reach.

Now at least, there might be a chance for real peace and justice, simply because the Israeli appeasers were finally shut up, and shut out of the decision making process.

There is no honor in being an appeaser, moderate, coward or a nice guy when confronting a challenge against basic human rights, freedom for all, and democracy.

The only reason the USA was attacked on 9/11, was because the terrorists thought they could get away with it. Now they know better. Now, all of a sudden everyone knows better, and the world seems to becoming a much safer place.

And as long as the United States of America continues to crush their enemy and the enemies to freedom, the world will be yet even safer.

Back to Quebec. Once Canada found a modicum of courage to pass the feeble “Clarity Bill”, telling the Separatists that Separation would not be quite as easy as they thought. All of a sudden, support for Separation became far more anemic.

Imagine what would happen if the federal government ever went to the people with an outright statement, that condemned those who would destroy the country, and are responsible for suspending and eradicating civil rights and equality?

Quebec has got away with what it has, because of idiots like Royal Orr and company, who want to be the “intellectual good-guys”, and be seen by everyone as the ultra fair-minded moderates, who want to take in everyone’s side of the argument.

Here is a news flash. Victory against any form of tyranny has never been won by appeasement, moderates or cowards. Appeasement has only been a catalyst for more demands from the obscene. Quebec is no different.

Every time a leader of the minority communities within Quebec surrendered a right, it led to a new demand for yet another right to be surrendered by the ethnocentric Québécois nationalist government.

Every time the federal government conceded another jurisdiction to the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists, it led to more demands for more power to Quebec.

Ultimately; the message was clearly understood by many Québécois. Canada was not interested in protecting its sovereignty. And Quebec could get anything it wanted, without ever having to pay a price, including “sovereignty Association”. The absolute have your cake and eat it too policy of Quebec.

As a matter of fact: as payback for Québécois ethnocentric nationalism, endemic Quebec government induced racism against its minorities, especially the “English” community, and its constant bellyaching. The Canadian government surrendered more powers to Quebec. Transferred more money in equalization payments to Quebec. Has given Quebec a hugely disproportionate slice of the national economic pie. And has maintained a very low profile within the province. For fear of “provoking” an anti Canada sentiment.

Canada should take a look at history and understand that appeasement only serves to beg for more demands. Even the federal government’s own pathetic Clarity Bill, which was induced by an even more pathetic Supreme Court finding on Quebec’s right to Separation, has had a dramatic impact. And now is the time to press on.

Listening to Orr kissing Turpe’s ass on CJAD, while debating what is an incredibly serious matter, as if it were no more important, than whether they should have chocolate or vanilla cake after they went off-air, reminded me of what has always been the greatest threat to peace, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Appeasement, moderates, and cowards.

The time is long past due, when Quebec should be put in its place, and forced to either put up or shut up. Appeasers, moderates, and cowards included.

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