The UN Has Got To Go – Along With The Useless Elitists

I contend that the "peacenik/pacifists" are more responsible for war, than they are for peace.

Now that a new year is soon upon us, I would love to see some fundamental changes in the way we look at the world, and how we behave within it.

The other day, I watched a BBC special which showcased several Nobel Peace Prize Laureates who were not household names. And in this special, they spoke of their perception towards the troubles with which the world must live.

They spoke of many things. And in a commonality that has become a “peacenik” trademark, they all appeared to be carrying the weight of the world upon their shoulders, as they articulated so passionately from their “empty” hearts.

They spoke of “ROOT CAUSE”; the new catch-all that describes why some people resort to violence. The type of violence, that at best leads to destruction of property. And at worst, the loss of life. They condemned what they saw as the worst in America, and especially in Israel. And they spoke of all manner of reasons why some “desperate” people are “driven” to violence, since countries such as the USA and Israel have taken away all hope and most alternatives.

One of these “peace-prize-pacifists” even found rationalization for the 9/11 attacks on the USA. While others said they could not condone the attack under any circumstances. But; could very well understand the forces that drive people to carry out such atrocities. The “root cause”. And then it hit me.

I detest these useless blood sucking “peaceniks”, just as much as the “poor frustrated” terrorists who destroy and kill. With people such as these pacifists, there is no winning. Ever!

No matter how hard one debates against them. No matter what evidence you present to illustrate your point, that the West is fundamentally good, and those who condone terror against civilian targets are bad. You can’t win with these people.

You can’t convince them that the free market (capitalism) system is equitable. And produces the kind of wealth that benefits research, growth and humanity. You can’t convince them that even though democracy is not perfect, it is the best “imperfect” system of government we have. You can’t convince them that many of the poor people around the world are victims of themselves, and victims of the bad actor leaders the “peaceniks” either support or conveniently choose to “overlook”.

We never see the “peaceniks” walking in protest in the fundamentalist nations that have schools which teach religious, gender and cultural hatred. But you see them bravely standing their ground in countries where freedom of speech and protest are part of the culture. And a safe thing to do.

These pacifists are people who more or less make an “exceptional” living for what they do, by existing on the international “gravy-train”.

They are members of NGO’s; non government organizations which are paid exclusively with tax dollars collected by governments, who tax the hard working people in the Free World, in order to pay the salaries of people such as these, who then use the money to criticize the hard working people who created the original wealth.

And in one way or another, all of these “pariah-do-gooders” seem to find a home at the UN, which is the bastion of USA and Israel bashing. What is really not all that strange, is that the pacifists would never deem to live in any of the countries they so passionately defend. They know better. And this bothers me to ne end.

It also bothers me that I never hear any of these “paragons of good” going into countries such as Rwanda, Somalia or Sudan, to teach the genocidal killers a thing or two.

I didn’t see them in the former Yugoslavia. Where Moslems, Catholics and Christian Orthodox were slaughtering each other.

Where are they in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States fighting for the rights of women?

Some 35,000 people have been killed in about 12 years of fighting between the democratic country of India and the Islamic dictatorship of Pakistan over Kashmir. Where have they been as the honest mediators in this dispute?

It’s funny how these wonderful “humanitarians” can hold their tongues when Jewish kids are butchered in Israel, at the hands of Islamic terrorists. But; when Israel calls ahead to warn the Arabs when a building will be blown-up in retaliation, to make certain there are no casualties; the “peaceniks” work in overtime to condemn Israel.

I contend that the “peacenik/pacifists” are more responsible for war, than they are for peace. I also believe there has been an inestimable amount of suffering in the world as a direct result of the cowardice, not to do what is necessary by these pacifists, than by the bravery of those who are prepared to fight the forces of evil.

To be influenced by the pacifists is to believe that there is no inherent evil in the world. And it is an easy way for cowards and opportunists to avoid the inevitable.

All the pacifism in the world did not stop Adolph Hitler. It did however, give him time to build an enormous military, strategically position his armies throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and carry out his “final solution”.

While the “peaceniks” are busy being so nice, people die. While “peaceniks” skip through life on their NGO, tax-payer income, thuggery rules the day. If you want peace. Be prepared to fight for it. If you want security. Show the thugs what they can expect when they decide to live beyond the pale of acceptable international behavior.

My solution for the “peaceniks” is simple. Send the lot of them to live in the countries which give them nothing. Least of all: freedoms of speech, association, religion, gender, and the press.

And then let them leave the rest of the hard-working Free World alone.

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  1. Obama was born a Muslim. Once a Muslim, always a Muslim. A Muslim cannot quit being a Muslim.
    His most recent international trip was to Saudi Arabia. He’s President of the most powerful nation on the planet.
    How did he become President, takes a lot of money, go figure it out.

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