You Can De-List Us – We Can De-List You


  • Keep them coming Howard. There are a lot of us that need the encouragement to keep the faith. Things look bleak. No one in most any media tells the truth. Even the medicals have an agenda. How did we go from such a high to disaster so quickly. I am 77 years old. Cannot really do anything except complain. So, I try to be as factual as possible, but occasionally do rant. I will again contribute to to when I can and hope that when Google shuts you down, you can find an alternative.

    James Dean, Oakville Ontario, ,
  • You are right about the votes that Trump should of got from those who voted for him. However the Democrats added voter fraud with votes from dead people, people much too young to vote, people who are not citizens and truck loads of fake votes. Anyone with half of a brain can see voter fraud from the Democrats. Our Courts have gone to hell as they have Democrat leaning Judges. The Supreme Court of the United States was threatened or bribed and one of the Judges was blackmailed.

    Dale E. DuBois, Poland, Indiana,
  • Howard another great podcast, I’m 83 yrs old and don’t listen to any of the communist so called main stream media. I am getting rid of all the social media, I feel the same way they can put their social media where the the sun doesn’t shine. We have a governor who I call Adolph Inslee in the peoples republic of Washington. Thanks for all you do, you are more American than a lot of people born here, I’m sending a donation , wish I could do more keep up the good work.

    Bud Brown, Deer Park, Washington, United States
  • Just De-Listed Twitter. What a mess the States is in. It’s sickening. When people call me to throw mud in my face, I let them know they are naive and easily influenced it will bite them in the ass. I will always stand by President Trump, hopefully he will get his own media outlet.

    Tammy A. Hart, Newington, Ontario,
  • Time to fight Back!!!!!!! If not, North America will be a Communist’s Country and that is in Canada too! Trudeau is in Soros Back Pocket

    Carol Taylor, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • The Demorrhoids are monstrous villains. They have one thing in common with Black Lies Murder: They both hate America. Nazi Pelosi and her fellow fascists are acting with unusual haste to unseat the president, who is obliged to vacate the presidency in a few days. Hmmmmm. Wonder what he has up his sleeve?

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • I feel that President Trump is prepared to expose the evil deep state. Maybe that is why the democrats are moving so quickly to impeach him. If there was any way to assist him I would be by his side. I feel that a great portion of America would be there also. If Biden is verified it will be back to Obama as we all know Biden is a pawn.

    R.E.Ted Ross, Miramichi, N.B., 44, Canada
  • Looks like President Trump has yet to play his last Trump card. Apparently special forces went into the capitol building with the demonstrators and took Pelosi’s lap top. Stay tuned folks

    Michael Seery, Royal Oak MI, ,
  • amazing commends, keep up the good work. Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Ray Moscato, Calgary, Alberta,

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