Tavor – How & Why He Came Into Our Home

30 Minutes Of Tavor - How & Why He Came Into Our Home
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  1. Howard, you and Ann and Tavor make quite a threesome! May God bless you all with happiness for many years to come. Dog-lovers are VERY special people. Our three-year-old Biewer is named Lady. She should give thanks to the heavens for her good fortune. So should Monique and I: When she entered our lives we were blessed.

  2. I love all dogs, including pit bulls. There are no bad dogs. Only bad pet parents.

  3. Thank you for your wonderful story about your new family member, Tavor. You are truly blessed to have him!

  4. Ringo. My dog from the past. Same as Travor, came over to me and cliimbed onto my lap. When I/we got him home, I put a wind up alarm clock in his bed beside mine to simulate his mothers heart beat. But, I did not check the alarm. In the middle of the night, the alarm sounded and chaos ensued. Ringo would never get close to a clock ever again. Anyways, good luck with your pup. I love your pod casts and your editorials. Jim Dean Oakville

    Thank You For The Great Laugh. Anne And I Really Appreciate Your Comment – HG:

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