Tavor – How & Why He Came Into Our Home

30 Minutes Of Tavor - How & Why He Came Into Our Home


  • from a long time follower. Thank you for your support. Leigh

    Leigh Heflin, Lexington, SC 29073, US
  • Howard, you and Ann and Tavor make quite a threesome! May God bless you all with happiness for many years to come. Dog-lovers are VERY special people. Our three-year-old Biewer is named Lady. She should give thanks to the heavens for her good fortune. So should Monique and I: When she entered our lives we were blessed.

    Barry Jackson, St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada
  • Mozeltav, safe trip home with your new family member.

    Nick Zaferis GDC1, Montreal, Quebec,
  • I love all dogs, including pit bulls. There are no bad dogs. Only bad pet parents.

    Lawrence Kalman, Montreal QC, ,
  • Thank you for your wonderful story about your new family member, Tavor. You are truly blessed to have him!

    Dewey Barnes, Worden, Illinois, United States
  • Ringo. My dog from the past. Same as Travor, came over to me and cliimbed onto my lap. When I/we got him home, I put a wind up alarm clock in his bed beside mine to simulate his mothers heart beat. But, I did not check the alarm. In the middle of the night, the alarm sounded and chaos ensued. Ringo would never get close to a clock ever again. Anyways, good luck with your pup. I love your pod casts and your editorials. Jim Dean Oakville

    Thank You For The Great Laugh. Anne And I Really Appreciate Your Comment – HG:

    James Dean, Oakville Ontario, ,
  • I loved this story and enjoy Travor;-)

    John Dawson, Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

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